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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • new_to_enew_to_e Posts: 11
    see the importance of that extended warranty!!! ...

    Ok, I think you are saying I should offer about $1200 now for another year extended warranty that will take effect at the end of the current factory warranty.

    And then at the end of the 1 yr extended warranty I could add a GMPP. I have a print out of the dealers IntelliRater GMPP quotes. I got a quote for a GMPP extended warranty 4 yr/48K add'l miles with $200 deductible for $3,035 that can be applied at the end of the factory or CPO warranty. But the price will probably change depending on the mileage I have on the car at that time.
  • hodoryhodory Posts: 1
    It sounds a good deal to me. Please let me know the dealership name. Thanks.
  • new_to_enew_to_e Posts: 11
    The dealership is Alderson Auto Group of Lubbock, TX. I actually had the most pleasant car-buying experience ever. I wish I could give you the name of my salesperson, but that isn't permitted on this forum. I hope it's ok if I tell you that he was a tall, nice young man who works in the new Lexus and used car lots. No hassles, not pushy, patient, polite and response to all my concerns.

    They also have a branch in Midland, TX.
  • new_to_enew_to_e Posts: 11
    This morning I went to the dealer when they were performing the final inspection for me. They took out the rear seat to expose the fuel sender unit. It looked as clean as new. I also saw them put on the new tire they promised and I have new floor mats on my "new" 2009 E-350.

    I had a really great car-buying experience and the service people bent over backward to go over every little detail and answer every question.

    To keep the fuel sender from going bad and to avoid asking for other problems I searched for "No ethanol gas" and got a list of stations that sell it. Be prepared to spend $1+ more per gallon, though.
  • vincent50vincent50 Posts: 20
    I traded in my 2010 Mercedes E350 4Matic on Feb. 13, 2012. My car had 8,900 miles on it. I got $38,000 for it. Hope this helps you.
  • gzq1gzq1 Posts: 1
    edited July 2012

    I am researching a new E350 coupe and have configured as the following: P1 package, 4Matic, wood trim, appearance package.

    All of it comes around MSRP $60,915 according to the MB official website.

    Since no one wants to pay MSRP, how do I negotiate? Edmunds says a TrueMarket price is around $56K as configured in my area, which is mid Virginia. also suggests a $56K real price with the packages. Should I take these reports when visiting the dealer? Is it a good idea to offer $1K over invoice as a starter? I own a BMW so maybe the Convert incentive applies?

  • Is this a 2013 or 2012 Model?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    You should qualify for the $3000 conquest cash, on top of that discounted price, at least on the 2012's.
  • I have seen a couple of people posting their ordering of the 2013 model. Do you know if the rebates would apply to the new model or only the 2012 model?

    Also, does anyone know if you would agree to a price with dealer before ordering or negotiate the price once the car arrives?
  • ibelieveibelieve Posts: 5
    My previously ordered 2013 E350 will be here within the next 3 - 5 days. My dealer is telling me the USAA pricing for 2013 E350's in the month of July is $2500 off of MSRP. They would like me to take a July delivery. Everything I have seen thus far with USAA pricing has been a reduction from the Invoice price not the MSRP. I am inclined to wait until August 1st in the hopes that USAA will publish a discount off the 2013 Invoice price. What are the thoughts of those of you who are familiar with USAA pricing? Do they ever only offer a discount off of the MSRP?
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 3,123
    In response to your inquiry regarding USAA, it is usually off invoice, however I have noticed that there has been a change lately to show off MSRP.

    I would wait until after Ugust 1st to see if they have a better incentive.

    2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 - best car ever! 2nd best car ever, my 1967 Corvette Stingray Coupe with 435 hp.

  • jdedmundsjdedmunds Posts: 13
    I am ready to buy a E350 within the next 2 weeks. I am in Houston. What dealer gave you the deal?
  • new_to_enew_to_e Posts: 11
    I had a great buying experience with Alderson MB of Lubbock, Tx last month. Lots of folks fly in to pick up their cars there. It was a smooth, easy experience for me.
  • buriatburiat Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    The August USAA incentive on the 2012 is $3500. The incentive on the 2013 is $2500. The July incentive on the 2012 was $4000.

    I don't know the history of USAA incentives but surprised there was very little difference between the 2012 and 2013 incentives in August. Of course the dealers are much more liberal with the non USAA discounts on the 2012.
  • alajralajr Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    I am evaluating upgrading my wife's 2008 C 300 for a 2010 E 350 Coupe. Located in Houston area and have located several in the range of $38,000 at non MB dealership, but a luxury car dealership, and some at local MB dealer for around $44,000. I know the new engine came in 2012, but not wanting to spend the extra at this time. Most of the cars mentioned above are below 28,000 miles.

    Wondering if the above pricing is fair, ask for a steeper discount, or if I should wait until the end of the year and see if the deals get better.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 3,123
    edited September 2012
    Just picked up my 2013 E350 Sport Sedan. Got it at Mercedes of Delray, same dealership I've purchased all my previous MB cars. Their service and pricing are the best in Southeast Florida. Car MSRP'd at $64,860.00 and is Diamond White with that Saddle leather interior.

    Options included:

    Premium 2 pkg.
    Lane Keeping / Blind Spot Monitor pkg.
    Comfort Box
    Diamond White Metallic Paint (extra cost option over metallic)
    Leather Seats
    Wood/Leather Steering Wheel for Sport
    AMG Wheel Package
    Wheel Locks
    Split/Folding Rear Seats

    Was able to get the USAA pricing at $2000 below invoice (USAA pricing is $500 over invoice less $2500). Never had a Diamond White car before, but it sure is beautiful.

    2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 - best car ever! 2nd best car ever, my 1967 Corvette Stingray Coupe with 435 hp.

  • hotwheels717hotwheels717 Posts: 5
    edited October 2012

    I was just considering the same car, color combo and options. Did you get the black roof on the diamond white which I believe is the panoramic roof?

    I've heard there are solid deals on this vehicle. What did you pay?

    Enjoy the new wheels.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 3,123
    I was just considering the same car, color combo and options. Did you get the black roof on the diamond white which I believe is the panoramic roof?

    I did not get the panorama roof - allows too much sunlight and glare into the car and does not have the strength integrity as the one without the panorama roof, in my opinion.

    Car MSRP was $64,869.00. I got USAA pricing which is a net of $2000 below invoice (must be a USAA member) and I am a member of the Mercedes Benz Club of America where I got additional incentive. My final price was $57,500 + tax and title/registration.

    You might want to compare Diamond White with Polar White - Diamond White costs $1550 more than Polar white, or $750 over regular metallic paint. I also got natural beige leather (saddle color) which set the car off beautifully.

    2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 - best car ever! 2nd best car ever, my 1967 Corvette Stingray Coupe with 435 hp.

  • It sounds like you purchased the car. I'm interested in a lease and it looks like there were some programs or incentives where others in this forum were leasing for 24 months. Do you know anything about this such as what the amount down and monthly payment would be as you're in S. Florida.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 3,123
    It sounds like you purchased the car.

    I saw an ad in today's paper (Ft. Lauderdale's Sun Sentinel) for $579+tax a month, 36 months, $4569 due at lease signing, 10,000 miles a year. Looks like an AutoNation Ad since it listed only the 6 autonation dealers down here in South Florida.

    I believe you can do much better than that. When you shop for a lease on a Mercedes, you are interested in several things - the money factor (or interest on the loan for the lease) and the residualized cap cost (selling price), miles per year, length of the lease in months, and MSRP of the vehicle you are leasing (to determine what kind of discount they are giving you when compared to the selling price or cap cost).

    I would think that if you went online to and clicked on "specials", I believe there is a lease there as well.

    A lot depends on where you lease the car. Here in South Florida, I recommend Mercedes Benz of Delray - best of all the Auto Nation dealerships. If you mention my name and my Diamaond White/Natural Beige leather E350 Sport to one of the sales managers or the general manager of the dealership, (abacomike), they will give you a sweet deal, believe me.

    But if you are not here in South Florida, I cannot help you. As a suggestion, go to at least 3 Benz dealerships, saving the biggest/largest for last, and get some pricing. Usually the bigger dealerships have the most to gain by making a lean deal whereas the smaller dealerships have more difficulty due to their lower sales volume.

    Good LUck!

    2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 - best car ever! 2nd best car ever, my 1967 Corvette Stingray Coupe with 435 hp.

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