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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hamproofhamproof Posts: 241
    It is good that you negotiate on the Si before the tradein. But now that you have a relatively good price on the 02 Si, you'll probably get a poor trade in value on the 98 EX unless of course you have an 00 Si. They'll give you top dollar for that! Even more than what you paid for guaranteed.

    But since you have a 98 Civic EX, I expect you to not get more than $9k trade in. I assume it is a coupe since I believe EX Sedans come w/ ABS standard. And it comes loaded from the factory. Are the addons are the pinstripping and tinted glass, nose mask, moonroof visor etc? If so, they won't add value to the car much.

    Let me know how far off I am on the tradein value.

    At least at $15,300 w/ dest. included, you are $700 better than me and I bought it about a month ago. You are about $1200 better than a few that bought it in Sept/Oct timeframe. And at least $2k better than those who bought it early Fall and probably a whopping $3k better than those who bought it when it first came out. So when it comes time to sell, you'll definitely undercut their prices assuming of course someone will buy our cars since Honda has to give them away them (practically) for us to buy them. Average Civic EX prices are higher than Si.

    That's what Honda gets for pricing the car for $19k when competitors are offering more for less. Looks like Honda don't sell by themselves anymore.
  • Actually EX Coupes with an automatic transmission had standard ABS.
  • hamproof - I haven't been inside a dealers door yet to see the price, but the one who quoted me a range said 5800-7100, which I laughed at. I was looking for 8k for a trade in value, but would settle for 7,800, but doubt I will get either when the dealer knows how much he is losing in the sale of the car. Off the top of my head, the features the original owner had to pay extra for were the alloy wheels ($800), moonroof visor, 6 disk cd changer, rear spoiler, but I think they included the mats, splash guards and half nose mask when it was originally purchased. After that, the windows were tinted to I believe 35% (I asked for the darkest legal tint in CT). I will most likely sell the car privately, but plan on going to a couple of dealers to see how much they would give me for a trade in value on Wednesday.

    Anonymousposts - 4 door EX's came with ABS standard. 2 doors did not, at least in 1998.

    I was wondering if anyone thought if I waited until the end of the month I could haggle in a little better price. I figured that its the end of the year and they want to move as much as possible so that their end of year numbers look better.

    Also, I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to swap my exhaust from my 1998 civic ex to the 2002 civic si? I doubt it is possible, but I didnt know since it is just a catback exhaust. The exhaust is listed to fit in the 1992-2000 civic exhaust, but it Apexi, the manufacturer, does not state anything about 2001+ civics or any other car for that matter, on their website. It says it will work for "Civic Coupe 92-00 EX / Si, DX 92-95". I also have an AEM short ram air intake on the 1998 civic, but I figured because of the engine design on the 2002, it would not work out.

    The only thing that dissapoints me about the SI are the 15" wheels. I guess with the deals going around now, I can afford to put on some 16"'s or 17" lightweight wheels.
  • hamproofhamproof Posts: 241
    Looks like I was being overly generous. Yeah, I guess all dealerships are the same. The evil of this world but one that we must deal with each and every time we want to buy a car.

    Yeah, best is to sell the car to a college students. Most recent graduates do not think of buying Civics and Corollas anymore. In fact when I sold my 97 Civic EX Coupe WITH NO ABS, I sold it to a college student back in Dec 2000.

    It wasn't easy to find a buyer either coz' at that time was still the good times. era. Unfortunately, in just a month of two after that, things started to head downwards.

    Don't feel disappointed about the 15" rims. Anonymousposts will have you know that the Si never came with anything more than a 15" rims and the rims are more than enough for the car.

    Sure you can wait till the end of the month and try to save maybe a hundred or two more. But at that time you might be left a few that are not in the color of your liking or they have some miles on them etc.
  • tdattdat Posts: 27
    I've been trying to get dealers to go below invoice but the best I could manage is $200 above invoice.

    Anyone done better in San Diego area?

  • I'm not trying to start an debate here but I'm just tell you this to maybe help you sell your car. EX coupes with the manual transmission were not available with ABS. However EX coupes with an automatic transmission had standard ABS.
  • I thank you for your post. I still think you are mistaking the 2door with the 4door. I've driven the car since May 2000 and have driven it in the snow and ice but have not felt the pounding of the abs on the brake pedal. The original owner told me that he purchased every option besides ABS, so I doubt it has ABS. If I am wrong, I am, but for some reason I do not think it has ABS standard. Since I am no authority on this, I cannot say 100%, but it was to my recollection that while searching for a used civic, I found that the 4 doors had it standard, but with 2 door models it was an option. It was a big deal and still is and is actually one of the reasons why I want to sell this car.
  • I remember back in 97 when I wanted a Civic ... the EX sedans all had ABS and if I wanted ABS in a coupe I had to get an automatic. Closest thing I could find to clear this up was when Edmunds said that in 97 Honda deleted the ABS from the 5-speed coupe but all automatic Civic EX's still had it.
  • tdattdat Posts: 27
    Just came back from Cush Honda in Escondido, CA. Purcahse Civic LX 2Dr Coupe 5sp for $14000 including mud guards, floor mats and protection pkg.
  • check out edmunds for a 1998. It says price with options and shows ABS as an option. Also in the specs and safety page, go down to the safety part and it will say optional when it says anti lock brakes. I understand you looked for a 1997, but I've owned the 1998 for a few years, it doesn't have ABS standard. If you want a definitive answer, I will ask the Honda dealership when I go in on Thursday.
  • hamproofhamproof Posts: 241
    You are wrong. I had a 97 Coupe Auto and it doesn't have ABS. Not even as an option. Only 4 door EX has ABS standard. This hasn't change in 98 either. I'm not sure about 99 though.
  • sigirlsigirl Posts: 13
    I got my SI one week ago for 15,200 including sales tax and finace charges and EVERYTHING. no side air bags though. and im in STL Missouri
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    What was the sales price of your Si? I do not know what sales tax rate for MO is, or the finance charges, or doc fees. Was it under $14,000?
  • Oh well .. it doesn't really matter about the ABS. I just recall that being the case in 97.
  • I am also interested in hearing how much it cost you to purchase the SI for before sales tax and documentation fees. Also, if you could, please let us know the dealership, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I went to two Honda dealerships today looking at the 02' SI. Both of them online say that they have like 5-10 02' SI's in their inventory, but both of them told me they only had two left, conveniently one silver and one black (the two colors I told them I would be interested in). Is this just another scheme to make me try and purchase the car quick? I figure the ball is in my corner because it is Christmas and I am sure not many people have money to buy cars, rather buying presents for their family and relatives. The other thing was that the sales lady kept on saying what a great deal I haggled over the internet and she couldn't believe it (15,345). She actually went to the back to talk to the manager to make sure that he authorized that price. Is this just another scheme to make me feel that im getting a great deal and not get some freebies (I plan on trying to get either side air bags or fog lights added in, either that or a combo of side skirts, splash guards and floor mats).
  • hamproofhamproof Posts: 241
    I'm with the other people. It seems unlikely you got the car for $15,200 out the door. That would mean it cost you around $14,200 or so. Besides, finance charges I presume mean you are financing the car. So, I think you meant to say $15,200 PLUS not INCLUDE sales tax, finance charges etc.

    Either that or you have a tradein which you didn't disclose.
  • I think sigirl is in for a rude awakening once she figures out she still has to go down to a state license office and pay her sales tax - which is gonna probably be a little over a grand. Bummer for her if she hadn't planned on having to pay this.
  • njcar1njcar1 Posts: 16
    What they told you about availability of cars is a complete scam. A few weeks ago they told me the same thing, we have only one left in silver, however just browsing around the lot (before I met the salesperson)I counted three other Si's (the exact number that they had as inv. on their site)on the lot. Don't beleive them, pure BS.
  • Thanks for letting me know. It sounded like a big scam to me, the lady boldly told me that she wasn't high pressure, but after reflection, I see its all just a good act she puts on. I will have my game face on when I go back on Saturday for a test drive and to finalize on the price. I will also have a printout of their current inventory online as it changes everyday so I know it must be current. Unfortunately I cannot show them in person that they have more because they are in a crowded area of NY and after I asked, I found out that they have three different lots where they store the new cars.

    Does anyone have any advice on reasons to give the salesmen on why they should lower their price or include addons in my current price of $15345? I plan on writing all my ideas down so I can go in with an edge and not forget them. I thought one good reason is that this time of year is dead, especially in the northeast. I figure most everyone spends their money on presents and cannot afford a new car. Additionally, although it is not the end of the month yet, it is coming close to it and I am sure they want to sell as much as they can so they do not have to spend any more money on insurance and interest to the bank (I figure by now Honda is not covering any of the interest on the cars for 2002's). If there are any other good reasons, please let me know. I want to get at least floor mats and splash guards included.
  • I would offer $15,500 with the mats, splash guards, and cargo net installed. If you are at $15,345 that's as low as I think you might be able to go on the car unless you want to travel and the extra $150 would actually be a good deal for mats, guards, and cargo net installed.
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