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Nissan Altima



  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Like Cayennered1 stated, it is not standard.

    But the aftermarket leather is WAY WAY better than the factory stuff found in the 2.5SL and 3.5SE. I plan on getting a 2.5s with aftermarket leather if the interior gets updated.

    While on the topic of updating. I read on that the Altima will be getting the climate control and screen display that the Maxima has for 2004. I don't know how true this is, but I am eager to find out.
  • malibu_jackmalibu_jack Posts: 75
    What is the website? I tried and it came up with a french internet provider site.
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341 thats the site... you forgot the s...

  • malibu_jackmalibu_jack Posts: 75
    Hi there

    I have seen the new 2004 Sentra, and was wondering if there are any news on updates to the Altima for 2004? Any possible changes to the look (i.e the taillamps, headlamps or grill)?

    I heard a rumour that the 2004 will sport the bucktooth grill that the 2004 Maxima has...
  • stebustebu Posts: 204
    Geeez, I hope not. That is the one design cue of the new Maxima that I don't find attactive at all. I think Mitsubishi is using a similiar front end theme in their vehicles. IMO, the Mitsu look is a bit more stylish with a narrower tip on the snaggle tooth.
  • ultimaultima Posts: 96
    Everyone, including Nissan salespeople, are saying the 2004 Altima will have that ugly grille.

    No biggie... There are some GREAT aftermarket grilles out there now that look good -- just sucks that idiots at Nissan don't read these boards and can't grasp that WE ALL HATE THAT GRILLE.

    When I got my 2002 Altima, I was really disappointed that the dash didn't have the platinum trim like in the pre-production photos. I e-mailed Nissan and told them they should at least add that as an option... They guy emailed me back somewhat "condescendingly" something like, "Oh... Ok... I'll suggest at the next meeting that ONE guy out there wants the pre-production dash..."

    The 2003 model is released -- and behold -- it has the platinum dash. Am I saying I was responsible for this? No... But I'll bet the guy brought it up and several others commented that they too heard it from others.

    My point: While these boards are great, if you want the company to know how you feel, CONTACT THEM!!!

    Here's the link:,- - - 9375,,00.html

  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    yello... my mom baught my altima off of me, yet she wants me to put in the HID lights which I didn't opt for when I baught the car... where can I get them, and whats a good brand, or set, and brightest I can get... thanx
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I recently and abruptly found myself in the market again when some little jerk burned the interior of my 02 Jetta up. Anyway, I test drove an 02 Altima 2.5S at Hertz Car Sales (it was a rental), and I really liked it (the car had the Convenience Pkg., ABS, and automatic). The price was $15,595 and it had 27K miles on it. Do you think the price is worth it? Thanks.
  • ultimaultima Posts: 96
    Hmmm... I've bought cars from "rental" places before, but they usually had less than 15,000 miles on them.

    I guess I'd just be a little concerned about buying a rental with almost 30,000 miles on it just because some (not all) people have a tendency to sometimes abuse rentals.

    Good price on the car though... You drove it, so you'd have to be the judge if you felt the car was abused or not. Maybe if they went for a flat $15,500 OUT THE DOOR and I "believe" there are ways to get additional coverage on the car beyond the maufacturers 3year/36k mile warranty.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    Sorry to hear about what happened to your Jetta. I just visited the Jetta forums and saw the pictures. Made me upset just looking at them, so I can imagine how you feel.

    In regards to the Altima, I would be wary of the early-production '02 Altimas. Mine was built in November 2001 and I have had several small teething problems with it, such as a squeaking clutch pedal, a staticky radio, and clunky rear shocks. Nothing terrible, just annoying. More importantly, the 4-cylinder engine in the '02s is prone to burn oil if it isn't properly broken in (which as a rental it probably wasn't). This issue was fixed in the '03s.

    If you can afford it, I think the '03 model is a safer bet.
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    if you haven't already, post your message about the Altima in the "Real World Trade-In Values" thread. Terry (rroyce) can help you there.
  • paula0612paula0612 Posts: 12
    Hello, I will be purchasing a new 04 Nissan Altima when they come out this summer. I have been wanting the Altima in the Super Black. I just found out today(from another Consumer)that Nissan does NOT put a clear coat on the black or white color cars. I would like to know if this is true and if it is true, should i go for another color. I did have my heart set on black. please help. thank you Paula
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Thanks for your opinions. The car's brake rotors were warped, I could feel it in the pedal. They said they would take care of that though.

    As far as rentals, they stop service around 25K miles nowadays, around here in MD anyway. I just had a Suzuki XL7 with 23K on it, and had a car with 28K on it before as rentals (don't remember what the 2nd was though).

    I cannot afford an 03 and am not willing to take the initial hit in value either, so a low mileage used one would be the only option right now, especially since I didn't anticipate having to get a new car since I just bought one 18 months ago...
  • aftyafty Posts: 499

    I am about 80% certain that all Altimas are clearcoated. I was under the impression that all modern cars are clearcoated from the factory, but I could be wrong. If you want to be sure, try asking Nissan Consumer Affairs. I would not ask the dealer since they have a vested interest in telling you otherwise (so they can sell you the "paint protection package").
  • ultimaultima Posts: 96
    Anyone who buys a BLACK car is one BRAVE puppy in my book... I'd never be able to keep the car looking clean.

    I bought a Silver one cause it appears the easiest to keep clean -- surprisingly better than white or sand colored. You is one brave chickie Paula.

    By the way, I "heard" (don't know if it's true) that Nissan might be going to the RED (instead of clear) tail lights on the 2004 Altimas -- which I do think looks better on black.

    Might want to check out Active Tuning for a grille though, I hate that new "toothed" grille they'll most likely be putting on it now... I also like the Trenz or Precision grille if you like the "chrome" look.
  • cayennered1cayennered1 Posts: 193
    I've owned my 03 Super Black 2.5S for about seven months and couldn't be happier. With the exception of a minor seatbelt glitch and a rattle in the truck ((which I fixed mmyself) the car has been totally reliable. 22 city 30 highway.

    I don't know about clearcoat on the black but I would agree that it is most unlikely that it is not clearcoated.

    I've heard all the warnings about how difficult it is to keep a black car clean, but I frankly have had the opposite experience. Even when moderately dirty the car appears to shine and still look impressive. My feeling is that light metallic cars just look plain dull when dirty and aren't all that great looking when in that condition.

    Anyway, check out the clearcoat issue if you want but personally I'd grab the black. This is my first black car and I had mild trepidation about this issue. Now I feel that black would be a priorty choice for me on future cars unless of course I end up moving to a hot climate (desert southwest-Florida) where it might be a bit too uncomfortable to drive.
  • stebustebu Posts: 204
    Gotta agree with Ultima on the color thing. I've owned a couple of black vehicles. I also currently have a dark blue truck and it's almost as bad. The dark colors are super sharp when clean, but impossible to keep that way. Go with Silver (best) or White if you can't stand the sight of a dirty car or want to be able to occasionally skip the weekend washing.

    If you do go with black, invest in one of those California Duster's or whatever they're called. They do a fairly good job with dry road dust and pollen. Especially if you keep the surface nicely waxed and polished.

    Having said all that, I still would consider black for a vehicle color. Freshly detailed, it is irresistible looking on most vehicles.
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    I hope they don't change the tail lights... thats one of my favorite things on the altima it sets it apart from the rest of the crowd... I think if people don't like it they should just off replacement switch off covers... sortta like cell phones... but not... oh well... still lookin at cars againl.... IRK this time though I'm not having any fun.... dealors are begining to get under my skin... considering another 3.5se altima, a 04 CTS with the new 3.6 engine or a G35, but thats sortta last on my list.... oh well.
  • ultimaultima Posts: 96
    If you can swing the G35, I'd go for THAT!!!

    I absolutely LOVE that car -- and apparently so do many of the Magazine Editors.

    The CTS would probably be more "luxurious", but I doubt it would be as much FUN as the G35.

    One of my neighbors got a Silver G35 Coupe and sometimes parks it in front of my house -- drives me friggin CRAZY cause I keep wishing I could run outside and hop in it...

    Also road up on a new 350Z today -- man, that car is SWEEEEEEET to. Awesome, just plain awesome!!!
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