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Honda Accord Accessories



  • Sorry if you took my summarized directions for taking off the door and almost busted your switch panel. Sorry about that. I didn't have the manual in front of me at the time and I was just trying to list the basics or different steps that I remembered.

     I havn't gotten to the doors yet, I'm still customizing the stereo wire harness to enable 2 stereos. Looking for the same adapters on the ends of the wires in the harness.

     I havn't decided exactly how I'm going to do the fronts\crossover\tweeters. I have a set of Diamond Audio S600a's and the crossovers are huge. I highly doubt it will even fit in my door. When I pulled off the center dash piece last night it looked like I might be able to feed wire to the tweeter from there. It's just another guess. If not, then I could try from underneath but I'm sure that's pretty well blocked with a bunch of crap that makes my car run.

    dust90 is right about taking out the speaker, there are 3 clips and the manual says to take off the top one first and then the others will come.

     - Kyle
  • I thank you for your directions - they gave me somewhere to start. I actually had skipped that step, as I wanted to see what was inside of the door before I began.

    I didn't shine a flashlight into the dash from behind the headunit. I should have. I would be nice to mount the crossovers right there.

    Thanks for the info on the 6.5s. I will be doing this myself now, even if I end up putting the tweeters in the a-frame of the door (if I can't route wire or access the wire to the tweeter).

    Someone in the main Accord thread just said that he installed 6.5s in his coupe. He installed the tweeters in the door frame instead of the dash.
  • has the speakers covered... cool =o) glad no one had to trim grille's or surface mount the speaker like I did... =o)
  • I don't think any of us have actually installed the front 6.5" speakers yet. Tweeter claims my MB Quart components will fit without mods.
  • dmertdmert Posts: 19
    Early in this section, someone started the reason for the poor sound was the location of the tweeters. If you mount the tweeter in the same location are you not continuing with this flaw? Any other suggestions for wear to mount the tweeter? Also, how was the speaker mounted in the door without having to replace the grill. Do the windows work properly?
  • The installers at my local Tweeter claim that in the dash, where Honda put them, is the best place for imaging.

    They could have just said that to make installation easier, but doing a mount on the frame of the door would be even easier.

    In my previous car, a 99 Grand Prix, the tweeters were located in the corner of the window (by the exterior mirror). It sound fine, but the left front tweeter is right in your face so it ends up being much louder than the other. Where Honda put them places them farther from you, so the imbalance I had in the Grand Prix should not exist.
  • There is nothing wrong with where the tweeters are. The tweeters on the dash or on the a-pillars sound exactly the same as long as the entire system is voiced for that location. And even though Mark Levinson or the late Henry Kloss didn't sit down and voice them personally, they have been optimized for that location in the Accord.

    There's really nothing wrong with the stock system in the Accord. However, just like everything in existence, there is always room for improvement.
  • yoribeyoribe Posts: 10
    Is anyone out there using a K&N filter in their 03 Accord? If so, have you noticed any improvement in fuel economy or performance?
  • Well I attempted to install my MB Quart 6.5" component speakers. They will not fit unless they are flush mounted with the front panel of the door (ie: trim off the factory grill).

    I am not opposed to a 'professional' doing it, but there is no way I will be doing it.

    The problem with the speakers is that their metal basket is too wide for the factory location. The factory 'woofer' magnet is about 1" in diameter (no joke). My MB Quart driver is about 3".

    I am going to have them professionally installed now.

    Another bad thing happened, the under-dash mounting harness broke. One of the clips that holds the harness into the dash broke off when I was removing it. They are designed to grip and never let go (they might, but mine didn't). Well, that cost me another $30. Grrr..
  • I'm still 50\50 on how mine will fit. I'm just assuming the worst. Maybe the window will hit the speaker or the magnet will get in the way somehow. I did put in my 6X9's and even used the same factory screwholes and screws. I did pull off all of the foam padding around the stock speaker grille. It would have been touching the surround of the new speaker.

     - Kyle
  • I have used a K&N Air filter since 8K miles (now at 23K).

    I also keep fairly meticulous mileage (mpg)records. My driving is pretty much the same all the time.

    Prior to K&N, avergae = 25.2 MPG
    Post K&N, next 8K miles, average = 26.1 MPG
    Post K&N, (to date), average = 25.7 MPG

    So, take the info for what it's worth. You could read it as variation, or you could read it at 1/2 to 1 more mpg with K&N.

    I mainly use them because they trap dirt better than OEM paper filters.

    I'm replacing mine soon (They do get dirty, and although they can be cleaned and oiled, I just like replacing them every year/25K miles)

    Hope that helps.
  • I just dropped off my car at Tweeter. It should be ready by the time I leave work.

    I questioned the installation guy before I committed to anything. He is NOT going to cut out my factory grills. He said that he will be able to attach the speaker to the plastic panel. I did a little reading before I left and some of the car install forums said the same thing. Something about using friction nuts (no idea what those are) and 'adapter rings' which cost me $15.

    So I still probably could have done it myself knowing that there is a way to fasten the speaker behind the factory grill, but I'm done messing with it.

    I will let everyone know how it goes.
  • I can agree with treoster. I've installed a K&N filter on both my 1999 Prelude 5M and 1999 Accord EX-L 5M. For $37, I wasnt expecting to be blown away, performance-wise. The effects were more dramatic in the Prelude. It revved slightly quicker, and mileage improved about 1mpg on average (I also keep good records, and that number is an overall average). The same happened with the Accord, but the wuicker revving was less noticeable and the mpg improved only about .5 mpg overall.
  • Is it possible to add an aux port to an '04
    Accord V6 EX with NAV/XM without disabling anything (XM radio, etc.)? What I've read in this form is a bit unclear in this area.
  • Anybody used the MP3 player with the Nav?
    Are there graphical onscreen controls?
    How about titles. Does it show only file names or the info from the MP3 ID tag?
  • The head unit does have an aux port, however it's used by the XM receiver. If you want to run an external MP3 player, you need to either disable XM or have some sort of A/B switch installed.

    Barry S.
  • I had no major issues with mine... simply used my dremel to carve out the grille. Carved out all of the grille looking part. Then simply surface mounted the speaker. Doesn't look too bad, haven't had anyone really notice except if I point it out since it only sticks out about 3/4"... it does make it much easier to adjust my tweeters for imaging, though....

    I tried to mount it in the existing hole even with modifications. Rolled the window down, slid the speaker in an "ka-thunk" the magnet grabs the window rail. so I would have needed about a 3/4" spacer or so, and wasn't worth it to me...
  • Hey tblazer503

    U don't by chance have any pictures of door speaker install after it was all done, do u? I am curious to see what it looks like. To be honest, I am trying to visualize what u are talking about, as i don't know. When u say factory grill, are u talking about the mesh grill that blends in with the door???? Sorry i sound like a retard, but can u get back to me..

    Thanks a lot
  • Tweeter was able to install my MB Quart speakers *without* having to cut out the factory grill or modify my car in any way.

    They didn't use the factory harness at all (I don't think anyone could - it is junk). They attached the speakers right behind the factory grills. It is a tight fit, but the window still goes down.

    It sounds pretty amazing compared to stock. I'm glad I replaced my system. I plan on having this car for a long time so it is a worthwhile 'investment' for me.

    Here is a rundown of costs:
    Alpine 9815 headunit: $350 online ($500 MSRP)
    MB Quart RCE216 Reference Series 6.5" speakers : $175 online ($350 MSRP)
    Alpine Type R 6x9s: $100 online ($200 MSRP)

    Total is $625 (MSRP of $1050). It is hard to justify buying locally when I saved $450.

    I *highly* recommend one of Alpine's new headunits with time correction (9813 and 9815). It makes a world of difference. It allows you to set the distance of each speaker so the sound reaches you at the same time. Once properly setup, turning it off and back on makes a dramatic difference.
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