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Volvo Maintenance and Repair



  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 18,684
    but does it still apply when you are actually braking? Again, isn't that what ABS is for?

    Also, how can it apply brakes to a particular wheel when you are hitting your brakes and applying them to all wheels?

    I really think (and I'm not saying I'm right, but this was my understanding) that DSC is implemented while driving and skidding. So your foot is on the gas, you slide, the system brakes at the appropriate wheels to get you under control.

    '14 CTS Vsport; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited. 40-car history and counting!

  • Rob,
    I see your point and it made me think, however, my understanding is (but I might be wrong), that once you have the DSTC on your car it takes over the ABS. The ABS becomes a sub-system that is used by DSTC.
    I would want to hear from the expert on this subject.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 18,684
    think we'll get one? ;)

    '14 CTS Vsport; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited. 40-car history and counting!

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 18,684
    interesting stuff.

    '14 CTS Vsport; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited. 40-car history and counting!

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 18,684
    STC only works for starting and accelerating while DSTC works for everything. Good to know.

    '14 CTS Vsport; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited. 40-car history and counting!

  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,055
    ...but the posts containing copyrighted material were removed. I've asked the member to post links to those articles.

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  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Use the same system, the brakes.
    DSTC only functions in spin-out situations.
    When driving thru a curve at high speeds for example, if the tail of the car starts to come around the DSTC system will activate the appropriate brake caliper to maintain the proper path.
    ABS on the other hand will modulate all the brakes simultaneously if you hit the brake pedal while driving on a less than perfect surface.
  • We apparently have different perspective to the copyright law.
    The law in general does not prohibit a quote from the source, when that source is clearly indicated, unless quoting is explicitly prohibited.

    The disclaimer on swedespeed says:
    No photos, news stories, graphics, or Swedespeed logos may be used or reproduced without written permission

    I have not done any of those.

    But it's all right, your are the boss...
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,055
    A quote, which is a brief passage or excerpt with proper acknowledgement, is okay. However, entire articles copy/pasted, even if acknowledging the source, is not okay. If you have any further questions concerning TH policy, please address them to me in email or you may also pose your questions in the "Ask the Hosts" topic in News & Views.

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  • Just re-read the Membership agreement and have a question:
    For the future reference, what would you consider as a reasonable length for the quotes?

    The agreement specifies 25 words limit for the "outgoing" quotes. What would be that number, in your mind, for the "incoming" quotes from other sources?
  • reneerenee Posts: 13
    Thanks for responding. I have not experiencd that weird feeeling again so I guess it was the DSTC.

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 18,684
    i thought having mult-channel ABS was so that they could be regulated independently? So the 4-channel ABS is one channel for each wheel.

    And according to that article, the DSTC works in both braking and driving situations. Is that not true?

    '14 CTS Vsport; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited. 40-car history and counting!

  • I think that volvomax just over simplified his answer. The DSTC works for both, just as it was described in the article. I have found a few other sources since then, all saying the same thing.

    And if you read the official Volvo site, the ABS is not even mentioned as a feature, only STS, DSTC and TRACS ( for AWD, where applicable).
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    DSTC won't operate if you are braking in a straight line for example. If you are braking while turning violently then it could.
    The 4 channel ABS system is designed to operate the 4 brakes independently in ABS mode, true.
    My DSTC explanation was simple, but I just wanted everyone to know what the system was designed to do w/out going into engineeringese.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 18,684

    '14 CTS Vsport; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited. 40-car history and counting!

  • "My DSTC explanation was simple, but I just wanted everyone to know what the system was designed to do w/out going into engineeringese."

    And as usual, when something is over simplified - the sense is gone too.

    The DSTC was designed to improve the safe handling of the car under all circumstances.

    The DSTC operates all the time, under all driving conditions, from the time you turn the ignition key on, till the time you remove the ignition key off the lock.

    Whether it interferes or not with your actions - that is a different story, but do not be confused - the sensors monitor the car's "behavior" constantly, and the system is ready to react in milliseconds, unless your turn it off.

    For instance, it even works when car is still stationary. In winter I was getting out of the snow pile and no matter how hard I will press on the gas pedal, the DSTC will not let my FWD to spin. Try it, and you will understand my amazement. The feeling is totally counter intuitive at first - the engine revs up, but the wheels are turning really slow, digging you out from the snow.
  • I am glad it did for you, because it did not for me.
    Volvomax is totally off mark contrasting the DSTC to the ABS. The ABS is a subsystem of the DSTC, but not an independent system, unless you turn DSTC off.

    According to all the sources the DSTC is a "marriage" of specifically enhanced ABS and ECU (electronic control unit).
  • esommeresommer Posts: 24
    Can anyone provide information pertaining to a malfunctioning speedometer on a 1989 240DL Wagon? I traced a brake light problem to the bulb failure sensor. After replacing the failure sensor the lights were working again but I noticed the speedometer and odometer had stopped working. I'm not sure if the problems are related or a coincidence... The car has about 145,000 miles on it.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
  • I use to have a 240DL sedan and I also had problems with the speedometer and an entire gauge combination. The reason was a poor contact in the mufti-prone plug connecting the combination with the electrical system. The solution was to spray the connector with the contact cleaner and wrap it with the duct tape to ensure the proper contact.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 18,684
    sorry, but volvomax's last post (102) makes perfect sense and does not, in fact, separate the 2 systems in reference to DSTC. You even said yourself that the ABS can operate without DSTC by turning the latter off. If the ABS were dependent on the DSTC, then that would not be possible. Since it is possible, the ABS is an independent system that is being utilized by DSTC. And the fact is, ABS can be activated in an emergency situation without activating DSTC.

    I think the confusion lies in reading articles such as you posted which only discuss DSTC. Everything in that article is true, I'm sure, but in relation to DSTC. For its part, yes, it utilizes the ABS and ECU. But the ABS does not, in turn, utilize the DSTC.

    '14 CTS Vsport; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited. 40-car history and counting!

  • We are getting off the subject of the discussion.
    The initial question was: Is the jolt in the steering wheel during the braking on the wet surface, while car maintains perfectly straight caused by DSTC?

    The answer is - Yes, and I do not think it is debatable.

    It is like saying that when someone intentionally touches something with his hand, that movement is not a product of that someone will, because, while sleeping, hands can move "independently" of that person consciences.

    Remember, that the person who asked the question has stated that the car has DSTC and it was on.

    And when thinking of dependency, remember your own body. The ECU is the "brains", the ABS is the "hand", the yaw sensor is the "eye", but DSTC is a whole body.
     Yes, you can detach the hand from the body, but will it be the same?
  • Honestly, Rob, I have only one concern - I am glad and you, by some reason is sorry.
    Please do not be.
    I am not confused.
    So, let's be happy :-)
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    DSTC had nothing to do w/ your straight line snow traction. That was the STC part of the system. Yes, DSTC incorporates STC. DSTC is a yaw control program. Sorry to be splitting hairs.
  • esommeresommer Posts: 24
    Thanks for the info. Can you give me more detail on this connection? Where is it located and what does it look like?
  • The connector is behind the gauge combination. You would have to pull the entire combination outward. I did figure out how to it two years but can not remember all the details now. It was not too difficult to do. Once the combination is out, you will see the connector. It's a "regular" mufti-prone automotive plug that connects the combination to the rest of the electrical system. It has a latch, and that latch is supposed to ensure some tension, that keeps the male/female contact groups together, but over the time, the latch loosens, and the electrical connectivity is lost or become not reliable.

    I had sprayed the contacts with the electronic contact cleaner - available in any hardware store - and then, tied the male and female part of the connector together, crisscrossed over the latch to ensure better connection. It did cure the problem.

    My problem was that once I start the car, the speedometer will work, but over sudden, the gauge will start oscillating from the read to zero, and eventually just fall to the zero mark. It would operate again, if you give the combination a nice kick with your fist. That drove me to the conclusion that the problem is electrical and is related to the loosen connection.
  • esommeresommer Posts: 24
    I have removed the instrument cluster and cleaned the contacts on the back of the speedometer. It still doesn't work. The odometer/tripmeter doesn't work either. It appears that the speedometer and odometer/tripmeter are electronic, since there isn't a cable from the trans to the instrument cluster. Can anyone give me more info on this? Can I use a volt ohm meter on the speedometer wires to see if there is a signal? If so, what should I see on the VOM? I would believe that if there were a signal on the wires that the instrument cluster was bad. If no signal on the wires what could it be and how can I test?
    Any info is greatly appreciated!
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 18,684
    Well, again, I'm not all too familiar with this vehicle in particular, but on other vehicles I've worked on with electronic units, the sender at the transmission can go bad.

    '14 CTS Vsport; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited. 40-car history and counting!

  • juliejulie Posts: 2
    Has anyone have problems with their top? I was putting my top down and I heard a loud CRACK sound. I looked over the right side of there is a flap that went down but as it was doing this it tore the leather on the panel. I took it back to the dealer and they said that they have never had this happen, only if I was trying to put the top down while I was driving. I told the service person, how is it possible to do that when you cleary have to put the brakes up before the top would go down. They said the hindge had to be replaced and that they would have to replace the panel, but since the vehicle is the latest model the panel is on back order for 4-5 wks. So I am still waiting.
  • chazmaticchazmatic Posts: 6
    Hello Volvo people. I have a 1994 960 Wagon w/82K on her. Everytime I start her up the lifters are loud. Most of the time, it goes away when the engine is warmed up. And sometimes one or two are still clicking softley. A friend of mine thinks it's the injectors. When you put your hand on the long bar where the injectors are under. It seens to becoming from them. Is this possible ? I've never heard of loud (clicking) injectors. The engine itself runs smooth as silk. Any help would be great. Chazmatic.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    its the lifters and its normal.

    The only injectors that I could ever hear were the Bosch electro-mechanical injectors that Mercedes and Porsche used to use.
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