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Honda Odyssey 1999 - 2004



  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    I have no idea why you are only getting 12 MPG. Something is wrong. I get about 19 MPG in my comuting to work. Lots of stop and go but there is one stretch of 55 MPH. On trips on the open highway, with a fully loaded van, I get about 26. I set my cruise on 70 and frequently get up to 80 or over. Unlike you, I do have a lead foot.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    I took my 99 EX in for the 30K Service. AS you know the "maintenance required light" comes as a reminder every 7500 miles. I asked one of the guys at the service desk how to turn it off. He showed me.
    1) with the engine off, hold the reset button that resets the trip
    odometer in.
    2) turn ignition on to the accessories on position. (radio comes on)
    then turn ignition off
    3) turn engine on -the light goes out as engine starts

    This sure beats playing with fuses.
  • As a FNG (Fairly New Guy) I would like to say thank you all for the information you have shared here! A lot of my questions have been answered simply by lurking around. Also some questions I didnt even know that I wanted to know. For cash flow reasons I have placed a deposit for Feb. delivery of a '01 LX Granite Green. I am very impressed with -

    Two Questions - "Where can I get quality Seat Covers for the Front and Middle Row seats." My kids are hard on the seats and now that Honda has so conviently provided me with so many cup holders I will never make a full tank of gas with out a bathroom break! And the kids will need something to eat to go with all that soda or juice. What a mess! #424 by mojo66 12/22 you mentioned seat covers - any help here?

    Second - has any one had experience with "Hitch Hauler Carriers" (or something like it) for the tailor hitch such as advertised at Thank you!!!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Are you getting the 7500 mi. light mixed up with the check engine light that comes on when something is wrong. This one needs the fuse pulled.
  • slpmomslpmom Posts: 11
    just got back from a trip from ohio to chicago and the side windows on the sliding passenger door frosted over. there were passengers in both middle seats, so I am not sure why it would have frosted so on the one side. we tried everything that we could think on, running the windshield defroster, opening up the side vents, turning on the back ceiling vents..... nothing worked to clear the windows. any suggestions. it was very frustrating for my son to not be able to see out of the window. thanks
  • Can't go wrong with the Britax roundabout. Cost is $200 or so, but the seat has wonderful for us. They use a special tether that can be used both forward facing and rear facing.

    We have a '99 LX, and have used the roundabout facing rearward and now forward. Very easy to install, rock solid. The sites that others had noted are excellent. You may also find stuff on

  • Love our Odyssey. The book says we should use 5W-20 weight oil. Can we get this at Jiffy Lube or other service centers? The book says we can substitute 5W-30 if the other is unavailable. My Honda dealer charges $26.95 for oil change and lube. What do you think?
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    You are confusing the Maintenance Required Light and the Check Engine Light. The owner's manual, for those who read it, clearly spells out how to reset the Maintenance Required Light.

    The Check Engine Light requires the error code reader or pulling a fuse to reset; and these babies (lights) are two entirely different animals.
  • My 01 ody EX shifts gears from 1st to 2nd at approximately 3200 RPMS when coming off the line at normal acceleration. It seems high to me. Is this normal and has anyone else noticed the same thing with your ody?
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    It's normal. I think it's probably done to control (as in minimize) emissions.
  • I am experiencing a noise when I drive 40+ mph. My dealer says it's from the cross bars. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • billg7billg7 Posts: 342
    I have found that places like Jify Lube don't do the oil changes right. Their people are very young and not well trained and also don't know your car because they have to work on so many different kinds. I have had them miss grease fittings may times and once add a quart too much oil

    The dealers people don't do that. I use the dealer for everything except things like, batteries,tires,shock absorbers,mufflers. For thoughs things you can get a better deal else where.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    Did you see the J.D. Powers ratings of the most reliable cars. Lexus was #1, Honda was #8 for the Accord and Odyssey. They were rated on fewest number of complaints per units sold. Chevy,GMC,Dodge,Chrysler, Volvo and VW were in the bottom of the list.
  • Several Honda Dealers have "Express Lube" programs set up to get you in and out of the dealership in minimal amounts of time. You have obviously spent a great deal of time researching and waiting for your Honda, why would you jepordize it by bringing it to someone who does not know or care about servicing it correctly?
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    Can you please provide a link? The JD Power dependability ratings I've seen did not break down reliability by model, only by manufacturer. They also didn't show the positions of any company below average. I know these ratings can be had if you are a subscriber (VERY costly), so I'd be interested to know if it's on the web somewhere. I do know that the initial quality ratings are often published by model, but Odyssey is behind a lot of its competition and barely above average there ( I also know Consumer Reports has dropped its reliability projection to just "Average" for Odyssey, based mostly on surveys that were much worse than average for the 1999 model year. It's my impression that recent-year Honda vehicles like Civic, Accord and CR-V are probably the ones balancing the lesser ratings for Passport and Odyssey. In any case, the difference from top to bottom these days in quality and reliability surveys isn't nearly as large as it used to be.

    Also, it's worthwhile to note that the most recent JD Power dependability rating is from surveys for 1996 model year vehicles, which would be the previous generation in the case of the Odyssey. The JD Power site does list the Odyssey as a top minivan in 1996, though it doesn't give a problem rate for it.
  • ktongktong Posts: 6
    To carguy1000,

    There is no guarantee that the Honda dealer will do the oil change right either!

    Once I took my car to have the "Express Change". When I was driving home I heard strange noises after
    the oil change. I got home and open the hood, the honda "tech" did not put the oil filter cap back on!!

    Luckily there was no damage, I called the dealer immediately and complained. At least they
    gave me two free subsequent oil changes.
  • doepeldoepel Posts: 20
    I have had success stopping the sliding doors from rattling by making adjustments for a tighter fit against the rubber door seals. Each sliding door has two black cone shaped posts (male ends). These are used the guide the doors into the proper close position for a good seal up front. A latch is used in the back of the door, but this does not need to be adjusted unless many miles of van.

    To adjust the doors for a tighter fit (less rattles and road noise), use a 10mm socket to untighten the female receivers of the cone shaped posts. Then slide them towards the van interior and retighten. When you close the doors, there will now be a tighter fit. Also it helps to lubricate the rubber door seals with silicone spray. To adjust the back of the sliding doors for rattles, there is a black rubber stop located towards the door bottom which has a cork screw thread. It can be turned counter-clockwise to make better contact with the interior post and keep the back of the sliders from bouncing over bumps.
  • siyasiya Posts: 5
    Just replaced the Freestone Affinity tires that came on '99. They seemed worn prematurely and in this year's snow were not confidence-inspiring. New Michelins made tremendous difference: much improved handling(of course,they're new)and much quitter. Good-bye for good to Firestone.
  • After 30K on my 99 Ody EX (2 years of commuter driving) and most everything is fine. Brakes need new pads and 2 tires have major tread wear. Seems a little premature to have to replace tires already. I think this is because of the high profile and weight of the vehicle.

    Other small things: new windshield needed after flying rock hit it. ($300 repair). Some early dashboards squeaks that worked themselves out. Roof rack part that has flown off twice. Occasionally the doors act up and won't close all the way. This has happened more that half dozen times and always goes away when you wipe the track with a cloth. Overall, I am pleased.
  • rlam1rlam1 Posts: 6
    I have a 01 OD with about 1K miles. I have been getting 20 - 22 mpg combined driving. I got 24 mpg (driving 65 - 80 mph) going up the mountains to keno NV from the SC Bay Area. This was using super unleaded. Coming back down the mountains, got 27 mpg (mostly downhill) use regular unleaded. There is a power difference when using super and regular. You could definitely feel the difference driving through the mountains.
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