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Nissan Armada



  • With all due respect, I have posted the problem (Post #516).
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    I agree with most of your post, but take exception to the paint issues we are seeing here. That is something that is readily visible coming off of the assembly line.. Do they just run them off the line and onto a transport, with nobody looking at them...That is not a 1st year glitch, that is p@#$ poor quality control...But to add insult (as pfarmada brought up), it sounds like they want to do nothing about it.. You can compare with the Sienna, but you admitted in your own post that Toyota is taking care of the problem, no questions asked... There I find is the big difference.
  • The way I noticed the defects in the paint and other defects was that they left an arrow or marks with a light blue grease pencil indicating where most of the defects were. There are areas that are flat that look like primer coat or base coat without clearcoat. The dealer said the factory Quality Control was supposed to wipe these markings off after they fixed the defects. The dealer offered to wash off the grease pencil marks and that is all they offered.Would that be an acceptable resolution to any of you?
  • I test drove the Armada on two occasions and love it. I really think the interior space, huge engine, and standard equipment will be a huge selling point. Has anyone noticed that it is missing a locking fuel door/ gas cap? I can't believe that they would omit such a simple safety device on a totally new $40000 vehicle. The $12000 Sentra comes standard with a locking door. I think the Armada should too. Other than that I think it's great and will see what happens the next couple of months before I make up my decision on what SUV to buy.
  • bmwdougbmwdoug Posts: 248
    I too love the aspects of the Armada. But, have anyone of you looked at the specs of the new 04 Durango? The specs look great. I can't wait to compare the two in person.
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    Looks like a cross between a ford windstar minivan and a toaster.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    With the ever famous Chrysler reliability.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    and the incredibly fruitful chrysler resale value.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I have looked at the new dodge and would consider it. Before my Infiniti my last two new cars were DC (Stratus, 300M) I will not buy another chrysler product. The Stratus was pretty reliable just dull and boring. The 300M was a great car but the suspension is literally falling apart and it drives like it has 100k on it when it only has 45k. At the time this was the most expensive car Chrysler made. This ownership experience also prevents me from really considering the pacifica either along with the fact it looks like a station wagon. I agree with bowke the resale is just horrendous. in 30 months I have lost 60% of it's value. I'm betting the armada will hold it's value better than that.
  • Let's swing back to the Armada here, and we can talk about the Durango in the Dodge Durango Redesign for 2004 discussion. Thanks!

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  • bhana1bhana1 Posts: 12
    Test drove the Armada yesterday. Great engine, handles well but unimpressive interior and a very small and uncomfortable third row seat. Would probably keep my Sequoia (? add a supercharger) or wait for Nissan to make improvements for next year.
  • RE: Believe It or Not by pfarmada

    I went back to post #516 and didn't see a specific mention of your problem with the Armada, all it talks about is your lack of resolution with Nissan and the dealer.

    I saw greasemark pencil arrows on a Sedona colored Armada, at least one was pointing at the rubber stripping around the right rear passenger door/window, there was another mark pointing at something, but I couldn't tell what as the Armada was very dirty and had just been delivered to the dealer so hadn't been prepped. Could have been pointing at a paint flaw.

    As an aside, on a 1991 Nissan Pickup built in the Tennessee factory that I purchased brand new, I noticed rust around the rear pan area under the tailgate. Somehow they had gotten a very thin coat of paint on the truck, at least in that area, and it was showing. I took it to the dealer and it was fixed under warranty no questions asked. It is interesting to hear about Nissan paint problems 12 years later. I hadn't had any other paint issues on either the 1995 Truck or the 1998 PF I currently own.

    I do think it is good for people to get together and discuss the issues they are seeing on something as new as the Armada. It makes other potential Armada purchasers aware of the issues before they make the purchase.
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Did anyone purchase the extended warranty with their Armada? Just curious.. If so how much was it for how long of a term... Are there any reputable "aftermarket" warranty companies out there.. I've heard horror stories about some going bankrupt and not being there when you need them. Thanks
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    are just that. most of the time they are just stories, but sometimes it happens. the only way to be sure is to go with the manufacturers plan.
  • There was a mention of "Weird wind whine" with respect to the Nissan Armada on Auto Week on TV last night. These were the comments from their test driver's log book. Did anyone catch that? I beleive they were talking about the famous Resonance issue.

    Shair Khan
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Just went on their site and did a search under Armada in the vehicle reviews section and it reads "But if you hit a rut, the front end slams pretty hard. I also noticed weird wind buffeting. That aside, it’s one solid SUV with enough hip attitude to make a dent in the seven-passenger market."

    Thanks for the heads-up...
  • I have not had the wind noise that I have read about on this forum.The vehicle handles great for a full size SUV and feels very tight. It is very quiet in the cabin. The only thing I hear at idle (after warm up) is a sort of a ticking sound from the engine. Has any other owner noticed it?
  • First, just wanted to say this forum is helping me out a lot for when I make my purchase- I've already decided that the Armada is for me. After ten assorted GM trucks (pickups, suburbans) I am finally fed up with their horrible quality and reliability. I wish the problems I have had with my '00 Silverado were as simple as paint defects! Anyhoo...I drove both a Sequoia and an Armada within an hour of each other. It was the first Armada on the lot, the day it came in. I loved the way it handled and rode, and it's feature content for the price, and of course it's power! I went to the Toyota dealer, fully hoping the Sequoia would impress me, because of that Toyota reliability I was looking for, but I have to say it was a total letdown. Way underpowered, brake feel was hard and numb, and it shimmied over bumps. Sure the interior was ahead in the quality dept. but not worth the extra 5 grand (loaded Limited vs. LE 4x4)As far as harmonic complaints, I heard nothing I would not expect from a full sizer with 18 inch rubber. Much quieter and better handling than the Toyota, which had only 17's. Now I just need a couple months to sock money and pick a color!
  • I have test driven the Armada three times now, all LE 4X4 models. Two were fairly quick spins around the block with the salesman. On the last one I took a pretty long time to go over all the features on the vehicle and drive it home for a garage-fit test without the salesman breathing on me the whole time.
    Im looking at the Armada because we need an 8-seater with all the towing capacity possible. I hate the Tahoe and the Suburban is too large for my wife's comfort. Dont need a ton of behind-third-seat cargo space because if the cargo is more than groceries or golf clubs we usually either dont have more than 5 in the car or we can throw most of the crap in the boat being towed. My dad has an '03 Expy EB that Ive driven a ton and like quite a lot, but overall its pretty boring compared to the Armada and not nearly as fun to drive.
    The Armada engine and transmission are awesome- super smooth and easy to handle, a lot of power that is well tamed but immediately available when you stomp on it. The Armada's ride is very smooth with the tight-feeling firmness that I like. If you want something a little softer (with a little more roll) go with the Expy. Im also impressed by the torque band of the Armada- wont bore you with details, but low-end torque is what counts. Once you get the vehicle and towed load moving and up near cruising speed, torque diminishes greatly in importance.
    I have noticed the resonance that has been so extensively commented on but have test driven 3 different vehicles on enough varied roads to be satisfied that it only occurs on concrete, and gets more noticeable the wider the striations on the road are. "Striations" are the grooves that run perpendicular to the direction of travel on the surface of concrete roads. At worst (when driving on roads with the widest striations) the resonance is nothing that cant be overcome by turning up the radio- in my opinion the resonance heard is not the same reverb effect caused by driving with a window open. It is also not anything beyond what occurs with pretty much any other vehicle driving on striated concrete roads.
    I really like the interior styling of the Armada, but I agree with what seems to be the majority that the interior fit and finish (and color scheme) is a little weak. A lot of items are made of pretty thin, cheap plastic but IMO probably wont cause durability issues over time. What a shame to have to settle for the interior to "probably" not have durability problems on a vehicle in this price range- the quality should be much higher. The graphite interior seems to suffer the least from the "rubbermaid" effect. On one of my test drives, I fiddled with the passenger-side heated seat button and with absolutely no undue pressure ended up punching it down into the console. It had obviously not been snapped completely into place at the factory and would be very easy to fix, but it reinforced the unfortunate cheapness and poor fit and finish/quality control of the interior. Also, the fit and finish of the leather seats in a few (not all) of the Armadas Ive seen has been incredibly shoddy- kind of loose and unevenly sewn. Makes one a little nervous to place a factory order without being able to see the vehicle first. Ive checked paint jobs and door frames thoroughly on every Armada Ive seen, a few in both outdoor and indoor light, and havent spotted any problems or grease pencil arrows yet.
    I love the roominess of the front and 2nd row seats. The 3rd row seat lacks a little headroom for a 6'1" guy like me, but I cant think of a situation in which someone my size would have to ride there unless it was a short trip, in which case the 3rd row seat would be entirely comfortable enough for me. The leather seats are a little thinner that the Expedition, but I find them comfortable and they fit me well. The lack of a split 3rd-row seat is a downfall- dont know if it was a pretty blatant oversight, a way to lower costs, or a lame attempt to hold something back to use as a new-model-year upgrade later.
    As for pricing, all my local dealers are still parrotting the MSRP line. I agree with most that pricing will probably drop over time as exactly none (to my mild surprise) of the 9-10 Armadas that have shown up locally over the last two weeks have sold, other than one that a dealer finance manager special ordered for himself. I have offered 2 salesmen $1000 over invoice. One got a little touchy, almost offended, and told me to forget about it. The other surprised me by saying that his boss would kill him for selling the first one out the door at a discount, but by the time we're ready to make a decision in a couple of months the situation will probably be different. If anyone has bought at a significant discount under MSRP, you will win my undying appreciation if you will please shoot me an e-mail with your location as Im willing to cross a couple of states for a good deal and a nice drive home.
    Overall, I really like the Armada with strong but not deal-breaking reservations on the interior. However, being able to pick up a a good, used '03 Expy EB for $31-32k makes it a tough call and keeps me undecided for now.
    Sorry for such a long post, hope my input is useful for someone out there, and may God continue to bless America with the fortune that allows us to even consider buying vehicles like the Armada in the first place.
  • Sorry, I posted that entry without knowing if you can access a poster's e-mail address thru this site or not and I still dont know. If you cant, please post where you bought at a good discount under MSRP- I guess I dont know if you can actually name dealers by name, either. So if not just post your city and I'll stop bugging everyone!
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