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Volkswagen GTI Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Trying to determine different dealer quotes for leasing a 09 GTI 4door, standard, sunroof option. One dealer quoted me MRSP 25,938 with selling price $24,520
    that comes to a $255 monthly payment ($2k down with $1K trade in)..a residual value of 56% or 14,525 buy out.

    A different dealer quoted my $338 monthly payment. Is the $255 a good deal for 39 monthly lease
  • Boost / Car_man...anyone!

    I'm in Miami and was looking at a GTI which is equipped identically to the one you leased. Where in Florida was this and who was your salesman? Does your payment of $350 include tax?

    I have an acquaintance who's the finance manager at a local dealer in Miami. We've been working on some preliminary numbers and with him giving me the car at invoice - the payments come out to $390-ish with tax. This is with zero out of pocket at inception. He is lumping in the dealer fee of $599 and claims his superiors won't let him remove it. This brings the sale price to $27,252 (sticker is $28,540).

    I can't recall the specifics at the moment but this is working off of the current MF and residuals for the sign-then-drive deal. I believe the MF is .00156. this was also for 12k miles - not the 15k you're getting!

    I would totally jump in if my payment were $350...we must talk!

    Here's my e-mail address:

  • I am in Boston... Here is my lease deal for the 09 GTI (4door) signed yesterday.

    MSRP 25,938
    Selling Price 24,520
    2k cash and 1K trade in
    monthly lease for 39 months = 255.53
  • Going to pick up my new White, 4-Door GTI w/DSG, 18'' Wheels and Sunroof, Cloth Seats tonight in Birmingham, Alabama. Here's the numbers:

    26640 = MSRP
    25193 = Selling Price
    149.50 = Doc Fee
    950.34 = Sales Tax
    16.50 = Title
    26309.34 = Out the Door

    Excited! Used Edmunds to get quotes from Birmingham and Atlanta and got the best deal in Birmingham. Good luck to others....
  • Hi, this is my first post! I am getting ready to negotiate a lease on a 2009 GTI, sticker $26,640 with an invoice of $25,293. This is also the price the dealer said he could sell it for, however another VW dealer said he could go 3% under invoice. VW just extended their "Sign and Drive" lease until Dec. 1. Does anybody know what the current money factor and residual % is? I'm looking at 12,000 miles/year. Thanks for your help in advance.
  • residual for mine was $14K based on same $25K price
  • Hello - Looking to purchase either a pre-owned GTI or new...depends on my trade-in. Anyway, I started the quote process through Edmunds and received a call from a dealer that told me GTI's are not currently in production for another 9 months? Everything that is available now is it. Anyone know if this is true? Also, this is one of those dealers that adds $3K in crap to the stripes, scotch guard interior, etc. I hate when they do that.
  • I was looking for a fun car and had a great experience at Jim Ellis VW of Marietta, GA. Has luxury pkg.,clean title, 23k miles, 3y/36k mi. ext. warranty and paid 19800 OTD. Love the moonson radio, will get ipod connector installed. Any suggestions on where to get VW accesories cheaper than dealer, like a bra, spoiler?
  • Wow, that seems like a lot for that car. I'm trying to sell my 2005 Mercedes C230 Kompressor, 4-door sedan, Supercharged, almost all options, for 17k. 37k miles.
  • There is a site called 'VW Vortex' that has links to all sorts of good VW sites. Other retailers like 'ECS' have decent prices.
  • I just leased a vehicle for a 2009 4dr GTI with Power Roof & 18" wheels with iPod adapter for $348.00 for 39\mo. with $0.00 down at SeaCoast VW in Portsmouth, NH(actually Greenland, NH). MSRP-$25,730, Purchase price $23,170 (OTD price including fees). All their cars are priced $1000 below invoice. Check out Don D'Orsay at the dealership if you are in the New England area. Great dealership!!!
    Lease payment would of been lower but i rolled over $1300 from payoff on trade.
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 34
    I'm looking at a 2009 GLI and I find it odd that everyone who gave numbers here for a similar GTI (auto trans, autobahn pkg etc) is getting approx 350 monthly pmt with 0 down. I have been told the car I want is about 29K MSRP, and I can get a pmt of 350/mo with 2500 down which to me is ridiculous for a 36 mo lease and 12k miles. Thoughts anyone?
  • Try posting in the Jetta Prices Paid forum, or the Jetta Lease Questions forum..

    Different models often have very different lease programs...

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • kmapkmap Posts: 2
    I'm negotiating for a 2008 used GTi, it has 9000 miles, DSG transmission, 4 doors, one owner. Currently my dealer is quoting $17,000.

    If you were in the market for a used 2008 GTi, would you buy it at this price?
  • geosamgeosam Posts: 18
    Hey, 17K doesn't seem too bad at all considering the MSRP for that car new in 2008 would have been around 24K. That is, assuming it hasn't been in a wreck and had some body work done. Its a great car, I've had 7 GTI's my current is an 06 Mark V, my favorite of all, I love this car. If there's something you don't like about the car ie. the color, try negotiating. If you absolutely love it the way it is (no leather, no sunroof...etc.) then go for it. You will love it. I can't wait to see the 2010s. Good Luck!
  • What package/options does it have? Dealers are pretty desperate to dump cars right now so you can get great deal on used vehicles. Just be sure to at least check Carfax (though it's not 100% accurate) and do a careful visual check under full light.
  • kmapkmap Posts: 2
    It has cold weather package (heated seats and heated windshield nozzle). No other extras. It has a clean Carfax one owner under a car fleet.

    I'm trying to get it with an extended warranty for the same price.
  • rayd8rayd8 Posts: 5
    I'm looking at a new 2009 GTI with the sunroof package (which comes with the 18" huffs).. $24,340 plus tax and tags at 0% financing for 60 months.
    Can i get much lower than $24,340 ?
    I'm looking to make a deal by Memorial Day weekend.
  • harriganharrigan Posts: 13
    Being offered a stock 09 GTI 6-spd four-door at invoice -$500, 0% APR for 60 months and $399 in dealer fees + taxes. Sound fair?
  • dromedariusdromedarius Posts: 307
    This is probably way late, but no. You shouldn't have to pay "dealer fees." That's COMPLETELY bogus. That would be like buying groceries and being charges a "shopping fee." Their costs are already provided for, hence you are getting $100 off invoice, not $500.
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