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Volkswagen GTI Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Anyone have a ballpark price for a 2006 GTI pkg #1 with 4,900 miles? Sticker is $26,200...I saw an earlier post for a similar pkg for $23,500. How much will they come off a demo? Is it even worth looking at a demo - can you be sure they haven't been driven into the ground?

    Thanks - headjoog
  • sox_443sox_443 Posts: 15
    I was quoted 100 over invoice on an 07 GTI 4-door at a Washington State dealer. However, their invoice price included about 400 dollars for "advertising fees and interest reserve" My gut tells me that those aren't legitimate fees to pass on to a buyer. Anyone have any opinions?
  • I would love to know which tristate dealer offered 36k free service. Incidentally, did you buy a GTI and if so, what are your impressions and experience to date. Thanks.
  • imontoyaimontoya Posts: 29
    Which dealership? The $400 is lame - so $500 over invoice - still not bad for a relatively new model.
  • gtigalgtigal Posts: 2
    My loaded 1.8T took about a month to arrive in the U.S. from South America. I got the green one with the leather...

    It had 2 miles on it when I left the dealership. At my 5k service the mechanic told me to call him if I ever wanted to sell it.

    I can't imagine driving or parking another car. It's fast, small and easy to spot.

    What's better?
  • sox_443sox_443 Posts: 15
    It was at the Edmund's recommended Pignataro VW in Everett. Would you haggle over that 400 for advertising and interest reserve?
  • I was quoted $25,388 for a 2007 red, Pkg 2 with the 18" wheels by a dealership in Seattle.

    To be honest, I have no idea if this is a good price, or...

    Feedback appreciated.
  • It seems very good - I paid 27K which was $900 below MSRP. Mine: pkg 2, 18" wheels, DSG and the rubber mat/cargo tray add-on. DSG is super nice BTW.
  • As an update, I received a better price at another Seattle dealership- University VW.

    Price of $24,893 for the Pkg 2, 2-door, manual with 18" Hufs.
  • Has anyone shopped for a 2007 4-door GTI in the DFW area? I'm looking for one with DSG, pkg#2, 18" Hufs, and rear side airbags - best offer is $500 above invoice ~$26,860 (MSRP $28,565). Thanks.
  • Chicago-$23,300 for a 2 door with DSG. Thought of upgrading to the 18" but with Chicago winters........thoughts??? :confuse: :confuse:
  • Even 17" All-Seasons may not be all that great. Get some 16" Steelies with some winter tires maybe.
  • jat307jat307 Posts: 1
    We picked up a 2007 GTI w/DSG & package #1 in Candy White OTD price including california tax & tags ($2300) was $25800, I also got 3 years of all my scheduled service included. So far the car is great. For any one in southern california, we shopped between Bozzani in Covina and Pasadena Volkswagen and ended up choosing Pasadena because they upped the deal with the service package.
  • geosamgeosam Posts: 18
    Jat, did you get a 2 or 4 dr? Just wondering how much lower than MSRP will they go. On Carsdirect the 2 dr target price is MSRP while on the 4 dr its about $800 under, which doesn't make sense since there's not too many 4 doors around. Also could you please tell me about the steering wheel buttons that I'm assuming control the audio volume and channels, what about the 4 buttons on the left what are they for? Cant find anything in the brochure.
    Thanks, just seriously thinking of purchasing one, it will be my 7th GTI.
  • I got my two-door $900 below MSRP. Volume control is on the left plus mute and a non-working bluetooth phone button - the right is menu control and channel change.
  • Picked up 2 dr Saturday, $1400 off MSRP plus TTL and $189 doc fee. Deal took 5 minutes.
  • Just an FYI for everyone - I bought a 2007 4 door GTI reflex silver, DSG, pkg 2, Hufs from Rusty Wallace VW in Dallas for invoice + $250 (to cover various dealer "fees" - advertising, floor plan, etc). Everything was done through the internet dept and very painless. Love the car so far. Best of luck!
  • I just bought a 2007 GTI Tornado Red, 4 door, DSG, Pk #2, 18" hufs & rear air bags - MSRP $28,565 paid $26,999 here in South Eastern Ct.
    I Love the strong engine and the DSG shifts sweet. The leather seats are wonderful and access to the rear seats with the 4 doors make this the perfect car :P
  • Ok so it's only 1 dollar below, guess it's a psychological thing. Capistrano VW mainly through emails. The TMV invoice is lower by about $300 though, weird. Anyways:

    Package 1, 4 door, DSG, Hufs, black magic - 24,781 before TTL

    Any opinions would be welcome.
  • The invoice the dealer shows you is rarely the invoice at which the dealership purchases the car from the manufacturer for. Dealerships add fees to their invoices so they can say "we're selling it to you for invoice" - meanwhile they are pocketing those fees. If you raise holy hell you can sometimes get them to take them off the invoice...

    That aside you still got a good deal. Enjoy your ride!
  • Just negotiated a deal for a 2-door 2007 United Gray GTI Package 0 w/ DSG. MSRP of $23,805, was out the door for 22,600 before TTL. I'd say it was a pretty good deal, especially considering that according to the dealer makes no money off the DSG transmission.

    Dealer was friendly enough and negotiations were smooth and quick.

    Can't wait to pick her up on Wednesday, boy am I pumped. ;)
  • Wow, good deal. Edmunds TMV has the GTI at MSRP. Seems to be off, inasmuch as CarsDirect is offering it for $400 below sticker.
  • Just read a post on (which seems to have all the latest news) the the 4 dr GTI will be coming to the US in 2007. I thought it was already here. Just checked the inventory of a local dealer and all 7 of their GTIs are 2dr. What gives?
  • geosamgeosam Posts: 18
    The 4 dr GTI's have been here since around Sept as 2007 models. I've checked the inventory at about 10 dealers in a 100 mi radius (Tampa area)and every dealer seems to have about 3 or 4 cars (4 dr), One dealer had about 8. I'm waiting to find one in blk, grey or silver with pkg #2 only,no hufs or DSG. Weird thing is that has the 4 dr discounted but the 2 dr right at MSRP. ???

  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 126,124
    I was at a dealer yesterday.... 7 GTIs.. all 2-doors.. But, at a different dealer in November... the inventory was about 50/50.. 2dr/4dr..

    Maybe I'm getting old, but the 4-door looks better to me..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • geosamgeosam Posts: 18
    I agree with you, the 4 dr does look better so much so that I even thought about the 4dr Rabbit for a while. But that was before i knew about the arrival of the 4dr GTI. I just hope I can get a decent deal, I'll be trading in an 06 GTI MkIV.

  • Thanks for all the quick responses. I owned an '87 GT which essentially was a 4dr GTI. That was the last year VW gave you four doors with a GTI motor, etc. If it weren't for the 4dr model, I wouldn't even be considering a GTI. I am retired and my retired friends probably wouldn't appreciate trying to get into the back seat of a 2dr.

    And speaking of prices, I purchased the '87 GT and also a '97 Passat GLX wagon at the same dealer in Oregon City, Oregon. I bought them both through the Costco program which was $200 over Edmunds invoice. Their current Costco deal is $500 over invoice but they have already told me they would give me the $200 over invoice deal since I would be a repeat customer. Probably a pretty good price.
  • Starting the negotiations for the best price possible.
    Any tips or last warnings?

    Also 17's vs 18's

    Is the navigation worth it?

  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 878
    My opinion is like.......well you have probably heard that one but, I would get a $500 Garmin. It's probably better, and for sure cheaper. And, you can take it with you, and put it in a rental car and such.
  • yea.... duhhh.... It's not like I couldn't use it when I am in my wifes car. Thhanx for waking me up!!
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