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Volkswagen GTI Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rontamrontam Posts: 11
    I just got $76 above Edmunds invoice on 4dr GTI w/option 2.
    Is this what folks are getting for discounts these days?

    It just appeared too easy of a deal.
  • geosamgeosam Posts: 18
    I would be very satisfied with your deal. Did you have a trade-in vehicle? Thats one thing you never hear anyone mention. They're getting great prices on their GTI's but how much are they getting on their trade-ins.
    Anything you dont like about the car??

  • rontamrontam Posts: 11
    I actually do have a trade-in waiting to be appraised. It's not worth much anyway. However, if they offer a price that's not to my liking I may either elect to sell on my own or cancel the deal all together. I should know in a couple days what's going to happen.

    I guess I announced my numbers prematurely. Stay tuned...
  • rontamrontam Posts: 11

    Finally reporting back. Took delivery today UG + Nav + floormats + option2 = 25889 + TTL. So that's almost 2500 off msrp. Thought it was a good deal for the only car in the area.

    Got fair trade-in value for my trade-in so I was satified with that.
  • geosamgeosam Posts: 18
    Did you get the 4 dr or 2 dr. Either way seems like you got a great deal. I was thinking I'd be paying about that much without Navigation! Congrats to you..

  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 878
    yeah, that's a great deal. Their seems to be a pretty big gap between what some are paying, as opposed to others.
  • rontamrontam Posts: 11
    Thanks. It is a 4dr. I am from the north east (Boston) area -- perhaps the pricing (or discounts) is dictated by region.
    Anyway, just took a 400 mile trip today (couldn't wait :D ) - what a joy to drive.
  • Hi everyone,

    I've got my eye on a United Grey 2dr. / 6spd. w/ package 2.

    Up to this point I've been working with a salesmen at a local dealership (Parkcities VW), here in Dallas,Tx. I've been nego. my new purchase via email corespondance.

    They have it listed at $26,075, after plugging in options and what not thru Edmunds, it listed the car at $25,430 (TMV)

    After reading thru posts on this thread - I'm still a little weary about how to approach the salesmen for the "perfect" deal.

    Should I be nego. a price around what others are paying in my area? Its about a $650 price difference?

    Any pointers on how to handle the deal.

    This will be my second VW, I'll be trading in my 2003 GTi.

    I'm anxiously await my new car, but I don't want to make any mistakes or miss any opportunties to cash in on a great deal.

    BTW: how do I find out about dealership "hold-back" and whether or not I can use this as leverage in my nego.


    Bigkid :)
  • Hi everyone,
    I can t figure out what s the design of the standard 17" wheels. The 'ones with the circles' is shown on all the pictures, and on the free dvd offered by dealers, they say that they are available on 17" and 18". But my dealer seems not very knowledgeable about that. GTI of this stock have some other wheels. So questions are: 1 / what are the standard wheels ? 2/ can we get the 17" 'with the circles' as option? or only the 18" ? Thanks !
  • geosamgeosam Posts: 18
    The standard wheels on the GTI are the 17 in wheels.
    The "ones with the circles" aka "Hufs" are optional and are only available as 18 inch wheels ($750). If you go to and look up the GTI, you'll be able to see a good picture of the standard 17 in wheels.
    Hope this helps,

  • enekoeneko Posts: 16
    Hi there,

    I went to the VW dealer today. I found the car I was looking for, a GTI manual with package1. My only concern is that the car already has 170 miles. Do you guys think this is ok? Should I get a discount for that?
    Most of the cars at the dealer have 10 to 20 miles and, as you can imagine, that is what I will wish for mine.
  • geosamgeosam Posts: 18
    Eneko, If this is the car you really want and cannot find another one like it within 50 mi radius, then I would not worry about 170 mi. But you are entitled to a discount probably somwhere between 1 or 2 hundred dollars. Believe me if they think you will walk away from this car they will discount it. There are plenty of of GTI's with PKG 1.
    Just do a search from the site for dealers in your area, you can figure out the pkg and options on the car from the msrp listed for each car. If you cannot find another, 170 mi is not a big deal.
    BTW, I'm looking at a blk GTI at my dealer, manual, pkg 2, hufs, navigation, ground effects, AND 4500 mi!!, new never been titled. If the discount is right , I will buy it.
    take care and good luck.
  • enekoeneko Posts: 16
    Thanks for you advice and good luck with your deal.
  • enekoeneko Posts: 16
    Hi George,
    another question. When I was test driving that GTI I was talking about I saw a sticker on the windshield saying "Scheduled maintenance March 12". Do you know if new cars at dealers are subject to regular maintenance?
    It sounds weird to me.
  • Thanks George,
    just bought it today, with the 18'' hufs , summer hi perf tires. perfect.
  • 27040 + title + tax for a 4 doors, DSG, black, pack2, 18" wheels , floor mats . Was not able to get a better price.... In NJ.
  • calpbk91calpbk91 Posts: 1
    Purchased in Northern California in mid January 2007. Specially ordered with 18-inch Hufs, Interlagos, standard gear in and out and nothing else. I waited about 3.5 months to take delivery. Dealer experience less than satisfying. Was quoted $22,200 through the internet sales coordinator, and at time of delivery his "associate" tried to bump it up to $23,900. I headed for the door, and the quoted price was suddenly honored without argument. Paid ~$24,000 OTD. Have ~1000 miles on the clock 1 month in and no real complaints so far. Quick off the line, great overtaking abilities, solid roadholding with possibly a bit more body roll than I'd like (will look into lowering the car to Euro-spec), no rattles. 32/23 mpg estimate is inflated. Try 27/19 under moderately hard driving.
  • imontoyaimontoya Posts: 29
    I get about 24-25 combined now after 3400 miles. The rumour is it gets better after the first oil change. Body Roll can also be controlled by the thicker rear anti-sway bars they sell (Neuspeed is the name I can remember right now). I wish I had the Eurospec springs - 30mm lower would be just perfect for the car. I do have the center console rattle now that so many complain about, happened after the snow/ice storm here and the wonderful ruts they create. NOt too bad most of the time but noticable on freeways with the concrete joints. Still liking my car overall - super nice and everyone enjoys riding in it.
  • enekoeneko Posts: 16
    Hi there,

    what do you think about

    4 door GTI, manual, package#1, 18' hufs for $24000+TL?

  • minchulminchul Posts: 2
    I have a plan to buy a new GTI within a month. I am looking for a 4-door w/DSG&Package #2. I just found the VW is providing a special offer like 3.9$ interest by this month, Mar. Is there anybody getting this nice interest? In the inventory of a VW dealer shop website, I found a GTI 4-door that I am looking for. The MSRP of this is $28,565, and the invoice is $26,757. If I get this b/w the msrp and invoice, is it good deal? This is the first time to buy a new car, so please give an advice.

    And, I have some questions about the terms.
    What does TTL stand for?
    What is the Hufeisen? Is it the brand name of Alloy?

    Thank you in advance.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 126,124

    Yes.. that is the name of the optional 18" alloys.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    its not really a brand name; you can't get other hufeisen's in different styles. In other words, its not like BBS or ENKEI, which have different rim styles; hufs are just the name given to that style of rim and i think its a special kind of alloy that they use for it.
  • imontoyaimontoya Posts: 29
    Hufweisen or Hufeisen (which means Horseshoe) by BBS 18" wheel - 18x7.5 et 51 - 29lbs

    It's not the "alloy" used it's the name of the model. They are also known as "Detroit". Most OEM wheels are cast aluminum alloy of some sort.

    Forged, spun cast, etc and all the more exotic, lighter, stronger wheels will cost a lot more.
  • minchul,
    I just purchased a 2-door, 6-speed, Pkg 1 3 days ago. I got the financing deal but the way it works (according to my salesman) is 3.9 percent for 36 months, 4.9 percent for 48 months, 5.9 percent for 60 months and 6.9 percent for 72 months. I ended up paying $22,300 pre TTL. Once I was ready to buy this car I priced it online using the Edmunds True Market Value pricing and then used the dealer quote feature to send it to 3 Volkswagen dealerships in my area. A few hours later my preferred dealership called me and sent me over a quote. I liked the price so I set up a test drive, negotiated my trade-in, did the paperwork and that was it.

    Hope this helps.
  • thatscowthatscow Posts: 1
    I got mine w/ invoice price w/o any B/S fee like dealer, adv. fee.. blah blah. take your time... don't be rush, email or fax to couple dealers to list what price u r looking for... tell them to call you if they could make it.
    Never let the saleman to add those B/S fee into ur car. Do more research on the pricing stuff. It took me for a month dealing w/ several dealers thru emails and phones (around 10 dealers) to get this deal. Good Luck!!

    Mine is C/W 4 door, w/ DSG, 18" Hufs, Pkg 1. w/ 3.9% for 3 yr.
    Total $ 24.4K
  • Hi, one question : what is this 'EuroSpec' ? Thanks
  • enekoeneko Posts: 16
    "total 24.4k"

    With or with out taxes?
  • razortbrazortb Posts: 8
    Went to local SoCAl VW dealer to check out GTI's and drove one. 2dr DSG cloth 18's body kit had MSRP near I believe 27k? plus a dealer mark of 2k. I wasn't buying just looking the mgr. offered 3k off msrp I said not buying right now okay 4k he says. So maybe some deals can be had? Good luck to everyone
  • enekoeneko Posts: 16
    Where in SoCal was that?
  • '07 united gray/anthracite w/18" & AS, Pkg. 2, ground effects kit, auto DSG, Nav. w/6 changer, floor mats and tinted windows.
    $29,740.00 OTD.

    Not sure how well I really did. I can't escape the feeling that I could have worked them down another $500 or so...but at the end of the day this was the exact car I wanted and I was getting tired of the back-and-forth w/Herb Tarlick Jr. I was told aftewards that invoice was $28,9xx...if that's the case I guess I came out alright.
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