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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wendy24wendy24 Posts: 7
    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to all this, so please forgive me if I dont' have the right descriptions for everything. I'm interested in buying a RAV 4 with 4x4. I'd like to have seats that are not motorized (gives me so much more leg room that way). I live in South Florida (ft lauderdale) and I went and looked today around the area. The sales people just ignored the fact I was there. When I approached them to get a test drive, they were reluctant. They only had one 4x4 on the lot and after I drove it, I was curious about how I could get one of my own. Still no help. Is it just this area? Anyway, I was curious what dealership you used in west palm? And overall, how much should I look to pay for this vehicle? I have figured that it should be around $23996. Does this seem reasonable? How do I talk money with these guys (once I actually get some service)? Thank you so much for all your help! This thread has been very informative so far and you all give me hope that I will be able to get a nice car for a fair price. :)
  • godwheelgodwheel Posts: 25
    This is what I did and got a great deal on a Camry. Go to toyota web site, and go to to get a quote put your zipcode and email each dealer in South Florida (Dade, Broward, West Palm). Once you hear back from them, you will have a good idea of what they are asking. Take the lowest price, email every dealer and let them know you got that as your best offer, but you want much less. Email them a PDF of the Edmunds TMV and that will have them lower it further.

    Also, from experience, Toyota of Hollywood will send you a VERY LOW price from the get-go which will help you get started.

    Good luck!
  • wendy24wendy24 Posts: 7
    Thanks godwheel! That's great advice. I did email them and so far, Lehman looks the best (I think they are in Miami). The thing is, I'm here for school, so I'm not very familiar with the area, but I do think they are in Miami. You are right; Hollywood has low balled the others. I'm getting excited about possible getting a new car! My car now is a 1992 Toyota Paseo and I've bought driven it to death. ;)
  • lee72lee72 Posts: 1
    Blizzard Pearl White. Has every option excluding heated leather seats and remote start. It was a holdover only 144 miles on it. They wanted 26,754. Got them down to 26,000 with the Pro Pack (undercoat, paint treatment & upholstry treatment 699.00 cost) for free.
    Did get the JBL, Bluetooth
    Towing package
    Hood protector
    Carpeted floor mats
    Roof rails

    This price didn't include sale tax of 1820.00 Total 27,820.00 OTD
    Paid Cash

    Did I get a good deal?
  • godwheelgodwheel Posts: 25
    Lehman is not in the greatest area of Miami (I-95 exit US 441). Did you by any chance ask for price out the door? That will make a huge difference. Once you come to an agreement on price see what they can throw in free ;) Mats, Wheel Locks.. anything at all...

    Let us know what you end up getting since I will be in the market for a new Rav 4 in the next couple of months!

    Good luck.
  • wendy24wendy24 Posts: 7
    No, I didn't ask for the OTD price. But I'm getting ready to resend the query bc they are not quoting me 4x4 V6 prices. Or if they are, they are really cheap. I'll let you know how it all pans out, though!! :)
  • Yes, 23755 is OTD price includes DMV, holdback, etc etc whatever. That is the final check I wrote. Only extra is the $55 documentation fees added on top of it. I didn't notice it in first place otherwise I wouldn't have accepted it.

    It was not easy to negotiate but patience helps and so as shopping around. In fact sales person was ready for 22500 at one point, put numbers on papers but went inside and his manager refused. Finally settled down at above price. I took printouts from edmunds, fitzmall, consumer report and other websites with me. When sales person tried adding holdback above the edmunds invoice, I politely mentioned that holdback is already part of invoice and he should not add it on top of edmuds invoice.

    One factor helped me is that I was looking at 2WD with no options but dealer did not have that vehicle. Also it was last day of the month and I guess dealership was trying to meet some target. I took the stand that since these extra options are not those that I really wanted, I am not going to pay for it. I even mentioned that if dealer wants, he can remove extra options, which I knew he wouldn't.

    I have two friends who also bought vehicles from same dealership, same day, so I guess that helped a lot in negotiations.

    Also dealership was nice and considerate. I recommended them to my friends and family.

    Best luck to everyone.
  • jb347jb347 Posts: 7
    "My major hesitation is that I feel the cars kinda a chick/middle age women car. I'm a 23 year old guy fresh out of college and not sure its a good choice but maybe I'm just being thick...opinions???"

    LOL! 27/male here... I was wondering the same thing. I see a ton of women driving Ravs around my area. Not to mention a lot driving CR-Vs too. But in the end I bought a Rav...the hell with what people think.
  • daileyaddaileyad Posts: 20
    Hi, can you let me know what dealership this was in Oregon and how you negotiated down. This is more the price I'm looking at but none of the dealers I talk to seem to be coming anywhere close. Thanks!
  • :confuse: I just bought a 2008 Rav4 Base/4WD in Pacific Blue. The car won't be ready until Wednesday because I am having leather/heated seats put in a remote start and a moonroof. The MSRP on the sticker (before the extras) read $24,132 and after putting everything in it was $26,559...I am now looking at a lot of things online and I'm figuring the car must come with a lot because that's pretty high for a base MSRP. I looked at the inventory for Millenium Toyota which is where I am buying my car from and they have base models in so many different price ranges. They gave me a lot more for my trade then expected so that really took a big chunk off the amount due on delivery is $24,224. I was so busy working numbers out with the salesman that I forgot to ask important questions like am I getting floormats and things like that. I know I am getting the roof rack, ABS and 17 inch wheels. Does anyone have any idea of what else I might be getting? It's Easter Sunday and the dealer is not open...anyway Happy Easter to you all. Any info on what else the the car might have and comments on the price i paid would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    As for my experience I really could not stand the salesman he wasn't that knowledgable and he kind of had an attitude. I did work with the manager a lot and he was much better.
  • I messed up above, total due on delivery is $21,244.
  • mischamischa Posts: 16
    this is an unbelievable price.
    the invoice price without any options is $22,461
    you have so many options included but with such a low price.
    could you please tell me which dealership you was dealing with? Thanks alot
  • I went to Millennium Toyota in Hempstead, NY. Good luck with your search.
  • eynhteynht Posts: 3
    Looking for ideas of a descent price for Limited V6 Rav 4 4WD with Option "F" (JBL system with Bluetooth, heated leather seats, power moonroof, running headlights, tow package, floor/cargo mats)

    What's a good price and which dealership.

  • There was a trade in that was subtracted by the actual sale price. The post doesnt mention how much his trade was given and therefore how much the actual selling price was.

    He could have had a 5k trade which boosts his sale price to 27k!
  • mischamischa Posts: 16
    thank you for explaining this. it really help me out.
    Do you think it is possible that I can get an invoice price, or even below, for rav4 in NJ area?
    i 'll go and buy this Friday. So any input, any suggestion from anybody will be greatly appreciated.
  • wendy24wendy24 Posts: 7
    Hi guys,
    I'm still waiting for loans to buy, but here is the info I've gotten so far. This is all around the south florida area.

    Toyota of Hollywood 2008 4wd sport v4 for $24,873 OTD

    Maroone Toyota 2007 4x4 Limited V6 $27,518

    Al Hendrickson Toyota 2008 4x4 Limited V6 $27,500

    Lehman Toyota 2008 4wd Sport V6 $24,807.27

    I thought it was interesting that the 2007 was $18 more than the 2008! Anyway, I'm still looking, but until the loans, it's not a furious crusade for info. There are not many 4wd down here, that's for sure! Good luck to all you guys with your buys!
  • mischamischa Posts: 16
    hi wendy
    could you please what options are included for 2008 4x4 Limited V6 $27,500?
  • mspbrmhsmspbrmhs Posts: 1
    Like some of you, I'm looking for a 2008 RAV4, 4WD V6 Limited with leather seats, mats, Blizzard White, underbody sealant, no 3rd row seat, and the towing package. Is $26,500 too much to pay, not counting tax and title? It's hard to find a 4WD down here in Louisiana but I don't want to get taken advantage of. Any advice would be appreciated, and yes, I have read the postings...
  • frazerfrazer Posts: 1
    On 3/28/08 we purchased a Limited V6 4X4 for $27,700 plus tax and tags with the following options:

    FE Federal Emissions
    EJ JBL Radio
    HD Heated Seats
    LA Leather Seats
    RL Running Lights
    SR Moonroof
    TO Towing Package -- no hitch
    CF Mats

    SUV was purchased in the Valley Forge, PA area. My thanks to all for the information posted on this forum -- very helpful.
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