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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • I couldn't get a residual that high nor a money factor that low (don't have the paperwork for the 24 month lease), but my selling price was $41,316 for a $47,115 car, and I think I can squeeze another $1,000 out of them. Keep working on that net cap.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 988
    The coupes are not being discontinued this year, so its going to be harder to get a great deal on them compared to the sedan.
  • I don't think that's true. As I mentioned, dealers I have seen around here are discounting coupes $5,000-$8,000 from MSRP, and the interest rates are mostly under 1%. Of course, it is the end of May.
  • Can you explain how to get the $1000 rebate? I'm an existing lease customer of infiniti and am looking to get into another lease soon.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 68
    FYI we picked up a 24mo lease with 12k miles using the 68% and .00015,

    MSRP $45,305
    SALE $38,025

    Payment with fees = $0 down $407/mo
  • Comments on leases completed are really useful, but I would like to see all the basics. Indicate whether you're leasing a coupe or sedan, MSRP, Selling Price, Term, Interest Rate, Drive-off fees, and Residual.
  • nypayznypayz Posts: 8
    dnk the MF + residual but a long island dealer is offering a loaded coupe
    49m car for 319 zero down....only tax title fees at signing
  • radtraxradtrax Posts: 19
    edited May 2013
    Hi Carman,

    Could you post the latest lease numbers for the G Journey, AWD & IPL Coupe over 24 months w/ 12,000 miles/year? I'm getting ready to pull the trigger either in June or July. Thanks in advance!
  • I am looking for one too. is this 407/mo inclusive of tax?
  • lam337lam337 Posts: 1
    I just leased a G37x sedan premium with nav, 39 months, 15k miles per year, taxes (8.25%) rolled in. No money down, just 1st payment and couple hundred bucks in plates/fees due at signing. Payment is $445 monthly.

    Did I get a fair deal?

  • john1013john1013 Posts: 1
    does anyone know if there is room for negotiating the current g37 lease.$299 a month with $2700 down for the sedan. Is this already a good deal?
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 68
    It was definitely possible to do that with tax, but regardless off any deals people posted in May, it is now June. This means (potentially) different rebates, interest rates, and residuals. Maybe car_man can post the June numbers once he/she gets them.
  • It may be June, but the standard deals are still available, e.g., $299/mo with $2,499 plus whatever, until July 1. I expect that you'll still be able to do better than that.
  • jim_321jim_321 Posts: 9 wife is happy. Atlantic Infinity in Jax....great service, completely satisfied.
  • Car_Man,

    Could you post the June Lease MF and residuals for the 2013 G37X sedan. Both at 10k and 12k per year. Also could you confirm the $2500 man to dealer lease support.

    Thank You,

  • jschulz79jschulz79 Posts: 2
    Has anyone heard how much longer the G37s are going to be on the showroom floors? Just got offered a great deal (at least I think so) on a G37x with premium package. Sticker - $42,355. Cap cost - $36,657. $332 per month for 24 months (10,000 miles) with $1,300 due at signing (first payment, aquisition fee, doc fees, etc). Only problem is that I still have three months left on my BMW lease at $585 per month. Rolling in those last three payments will turn a great deal into just an okay one. Was hoping to wait until September and then decide between G37x and the new MB CLA...but I'm afraid the G37s will all be gone by then. Any thoughts?
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 988
    I doubt that dealers are getting any new stock of G sedans. So what you see on the lots is what you get.
  • bp124bp124 Posts: 2
    Nav, AWD, 39 months, 12k mi per year. 418 per month. Did a MSD of 3 payments (Current max). Money factor .00013. Is this a good deal?
  • user111user111 Posts: 8
    Hi Car Man. What are the June lease rates for a coupe journey awd for 24mo/12k? Any dealer incentives being offered? Thank you.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 988
    You cannot evaluate a lease without knowing what you are actually paying for the car.
  • Maybe it's the way the sales rep ran the figures but damn, $5k down to get into a 24 month 10k per year lease on a 2013 G37x with a 6 month buyout? Granted the payment is $75/month cheaper but no thanks, I'll ride the lease out and walk.

    I got into my 2012 G37x for $1115 down, 15k per year 18 month lease at $325/month.

    Here's what I was quoted
    $995 down + $249 (1st payment) + $1268 (taxes) + 110.75 (Tags) + $700 (IFS acquisition fee) + $995 (destination fee) + $495 (dealer processing fee) = $4,812.75 total down for the $249 lease.
  • bp124bp124 Posts: 2
    Sticker 44,390 Lease price 38600
  • kvl1027kvl1027 Posts: 17
    Any idea what the current rates are for June on the G37? I had a salesman tell me .00046 and 57%, but I just cant see the numbers getting worse with the New Q50 about to drop and the need to eliminate inventory on the G.
  • shadiouzshadiouz Posts: 3
    Hey guys what are these residual numbers for? I am looking at getting a G37 Coupe on Lease. 24 months $999 down, $279/mo with Premium and Navigation.

    I used to own a G35 Coupe and want to get back to Infiniti.
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 68
    That's a pretty good deal, I am guess it is before tax though. If it includes all your fees (tag, acq, etc.) then still pretty decent even before tax. Is this something you were able to get?
  • npurvisnpurvis Posts: 13
    Car_Man -

    Can you provide the June incentives, money factor, and residual(s) for 24 and 36/39 month lease for the following vehicle:
    G37s Journey Sedan - FWD - Premium/Nav/Sport. 12K and 15K miles/year. Thank You!!!

    Also, dealer is trying to charge $995 destination and $895 dealer fee, are these separately negotiable? Thanks!
  • kvl1027kvl1027 Posts: 17
    June 2013 on G Sedan
    MF - 0.00046
    Residual - 57%
    for a 15K Mile 36 Month Lease
    Add ~2% to residual for 12K mile Lease.

    I can't believe they decreased residuals and increased MF with the new Q50 dropping this summer. I suppose you could still get a pretty good lease this month of the dealer is very aggressive with the sale price.

    Typically Destination and Dealer fees are non-negotiable. You may be able to sway them a little on the dealer fee, but don't expect any movement on the destination fee.

    They Are Giving $2000 incentive for marketing support and $1500 loyalty for current leases with IFS.

    Hope this helps. I'm looking to move out of my current G25 Lease into a 2013 G37, I'll let you know what terms I get, but it is looking like there may be a better deal next month, although the available selection of 2013 G's may be slim.
  • kvl1027kvl1027 Posts: 17
    edited June 2013
    The rebate is typically applied to reduce the net Capitalized cost of the lease. So negotiate your selling price first and foremost, then take $1000 off of that.
  • npurvisnpurvis Posts: 13
    Thanks so much kvl. Do you happen to have the same numbers for the 24 mo lease? Same incentives/loyalty? Thanks!!!
  • kvl1027kvl1027 Posts: 17
    The actually lease rate should stay the same, but the residual will be higher. I honestly can say I dont know by how much, probably 5%-6% maybe a little more????

    The incentives should be the same regardless of the lease term, unless it is a special lease, like the ones advertised on tv (these are not good deals btw), these cannot be combined with some incentives.
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