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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • Q50a , more of a base model. Options of sunroof and weather.

    40800 msrp
    36 months
    420 a month
    420 due at signing.
    10000 miles a yeaR.

    Not sure this is a good deal being that it had pretty much no options. He said he was at invoice but never get me a number. What's your opinions
  • Dear kyfdx: do you know what the November residuals and money factors for a 2013 G37x are? I'm looking for 24 mos and 36 mos with 15,000 miles. I'm in the NY Metro area if that makes any difference. Thanks!

  • grigolgrigol Posts: 17
    On Edmunds Incentives and Rebates page I see ‘Dealer cash’:
    1. Dealer Cash is available towards leasing or retail purchases.
    2. Owner Loyalty Dealer Cash is available towards leasing to current Infiniti owners or lessees.
    3. IFS Lease Dealer Cash is available towards leasing. Must finance through Infiniti Financial Services.
    I contacted two dealers and was told that only Loyalty rebate for lease is available.

    Is anyone knows what is correct INFO – from Edmunds or from Dealers.

  • FYI, for November Infiniti is offering $3250 in lease loyalty cash on Q50s. This is simply amazing for a brand new model.
  • Oh that stinks since I just leased one two weeks ago with the $1000 loyalty!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 32,458
    2013 G37X Sedan 36mo, 15K miles
    .00075 MF and 60% residual

    24 month, 15K/yr
    .00020 and 69% residual


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  • ec1ec1 Posts: 9

    Do you know if the lease loyalty of $3,250 is correct for the Q50?
    Also, Do you have interest rate and residual for a Q50 w/Premium for 24 and 36 months - 12K miles? If the lease loyalty is correct - the Q50 could be a really good value this month.

  • I was at a dealer negotiating last night and the $3250 is correct for Q50s. Unfortunately the dealer refused to budge on $800 of dealer add-ons so no deal at that dealer for me. Luckily there are three more in the area.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 32,458
    I don't have incentive info for Infiniti, but as noted above, that seems to be accurate...

    2014 Q50 Premium RWD 36mo, 12K/yr lease
    .00104 MF and 61% residual.. 24 month residual is 70%


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  • ec1ec1 Posts: 9
    Thanks kyfdx! ec1
  • Here is the deal I made last night:
    Graphite Shadow/Graphite, RWD Premium, Deluxe, Nav, Leather, 19" Sport Tires, Illuminated Kick Plates, All Weather & Spare.

    39/10k Lease
    Residutal: 62%
    MF: .00104
    MSRP: 48,155
    Invoice: 44,449
    Selling Price: 44,949 = $500 over invoice (includes tint and nitrogen)
    Lease Loyalty Cash: $3,250
    Bank Fee: $700
    Doc Fee: $499
    Tags: $717
    Pre MSD payment $462 including 8.05% tax
    9 MSDs of $3,915 to drop MF to .00014
    Payment $399 including 8.05% tax

    Total cash at drive off was the first months payment of $399 and the MSDs of $3,915. By allowing Infiniti to hold my $3,915 for 39 months I am saving $63 a month. For a total savings during the lease term of $2,457. That is an amazing rate of return on savings. Dealers don't know about them is the problem. The dealership I went to had never done one and had to print instructions from the Infiniti web site. Of course the dealer I went to normally marks up the money factor so they don't want people to know how to reduce their interest.

    A payment under $400 for a $48,000 car is quite incredible.
  • grigolgrigol Posts: 17
    GS37x Premium 24M/10K.
    I need current MF, Residual and real sale price for states of NY, NJ and Delaware.
    Dealers told me that they can sell me a car for $33k but for lease they use $34.5 - $34.6k
    Is that usual practice?

    Please help
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 32,458
    2013 G37X Sedan 24mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00020 MF and 71% residual

    I'm not familiar with the incentives, but it's entirely possible that a purchase gives the dealer a bigger cash incentive than a lease..


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  • kyfdx…do you have the MF and residuals for the Q50 with and Without Nav for 15k miles per year on a 24 or 36 month basis?

  • With Infiniti Nav is an option, not a model. So lease factors do not vary whether the car has Nav or not.

    With Honda/Acura cars that have Nav are a different model and lease factors do change.
  • Got it. So I only need the lease info for the 15k mileage for 24 and 36/39 month
  • Currently leasing a 2012 g37x no navigation, 18 month lease at $285 per month, with two payments remaining. Went today to get an idea of options with the current 3250 loyalty incentive. Here's the offers that I got, and forgive me for not having much details (I'm a negotiating newbie):

    All at 12,000 miles per year

    2014 Q50 AWD Premium 39 month lease, $397 per month, $883 total out of pocket covering remaining costs (tax, title, etc.), including first month after $3250 applied
    2014 Q50 AWD Premium w navigation 39 month lease, $409 per month, $895.38 total out of pocket including first month
    2014 Q50 AWD base model (no heated seats, Bose, home link, nav) 24 month lease, $329 per month, $815 out of pocket incl first months payment
    2013 G37x with Navigation, 24 month lease, $376 per month, $620 out of pocket including first month

    How do these sound based on others experience? Are the features like navigation just being used to hike the for negotiating?
  • Hi, it will be my first time leasing a car. I've been quoted $249/month, $0 down on G37 sedan base model. 10k miles/yr, 24 months lease. Is this a good price? What information should I ask for to make sure there's no hidden cost?

    Thank you so much!
  • How does that work?

    You will only pay for 30 months lease (out of 39 months)? (as you paid 9 months in advance which drops the money factor considerably?)

    Lease for 39 months
    Here is my MSRP 47955 (including dest)
    Invoice = 44450
    I should negotiate it to = $44950 (if I try to get to $500 over invoice)
    Sec Deposit = 0
    Title/registeration= 125
    Doc Fee = 300
    Disposition Fee= 395
    Acquisition fee= 700
    State tax= 6.25%
    Rebate available= 3250

    Can you please explain how this works? How is this calculated?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 32,458
    Multiple Security Deposits aren't payments in advance.. It's a security deposit that the bank holds for the term of the lease, then returns to you at lease end. In exchange, they give you a lower money factor, which lowers your monthly payment.


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  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 990
    edited November 2013
    You want to try to negotiate as close to invoice as possible. When I started dealing they were at $1,300 over invoice. I agreed to $500 over invoice. There are some hard costs they have such as tint. There are many people claiming to get under invoice, but after 6 but Infiniti deals I have never been one of them. Might me an Arizona thing.

    One item on your list should not be there, the disposition fee. That fee is only paid at lease termination if you do not lease another Infiniti.
  • Do yourself a favor and educate yourself on leasing. is a great start.
  • I am in the same boat!

    I have 2 payments left on my 2012 G37x with nav. I am looking for either a 2013 G37x with nav or 2014 Q50 premium with nav. Do you like the Q as much as the G? I am unsure at this time.

    In my case I need a 15k mile per year lease. Where are you located. I am on Long Island. So far your numbers look very competitive. Please keep us posted and at what dealership you ended up doing yours business.
  • Hi,

    Could someone share the MF and RV for these:
    G37 Journey Coupe 24months and 12k/yr
    G37 Journey Coupe 36 or 39 months and 12k/yr
    G37 Convertible 24months and 12k/yr
    G37 Convertible 36 or 39 months and 12k/yr

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 32,458
    G37 Journey Coupe 24months and 12k/yr
    .00018 MF and 64% residual
    G37 Journey Coupe 36 months and 12k/yr
    .00051 MF and 55% residua
    G37 Convertible 24months and 12k/yr
    .00003 MF and 63% residual
    G37 Convertible 36 months and 12k/yr
    .00036 MF and 55% residual


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  • grigolgrigol Posts: 17
    On Friday, 08 I leased G37x in NY.
    Thank to you I tried to use MSD. Sale manager told me that he doesn’t know about it and have to contact Infiniti. In short while he told that in NY(?) I can use maximum of $702(?) which is less than 2 payments (my payment was set to $379). In order to use at least two payments I have to put something down to reduce my payment to $350. (I put 0 down, no loyalty).
    I called NMAC and was informed that MSD amount is up to dealer (??). So here I see a loop or game.
    Do you happen to know where to find a real information/instruction about MSD.
    Does it really depend on State/county?

    Your response really appreciated.
  • I seem to remember seeing on this forum or another that MSDs were not available in NY State. FYI the dealer has no say in the matter when it comes to MSDs, it is only an arrangement between you and IFS.
  • kyfdx,

    Could you tell me the MF and Residual of a 2013 G37x AWD at 10k miles per year for 36 and 39 months?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 32,458
    2013 G37x AWD 36mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00075 MF and 62% residual

    39 month
    .00081 MF and 61% residual


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  • Where are you getting the quote? THat would seem to me to be reasonable given my recent attempts to talk to dealers on the Q50 and G37. Would appreciate the dealer/city name.

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