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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • I'm looking at buying a 98 Disco LE. I believe the warranty is 4yr/48K? Is this correct? I was looking at buying a 96 Disco several years back, but decided against it with all the problems I was hearing about. But, it seems that the 98 and up are much better on Reliability. This one has 28K miles on it and is at a dealer here in the Central Florida area. Any info on what I should check out before buying would be great. This will be a second vehicle for me, (offroading, mt. biking, camping), so I'm not to worried about braking down. I just love how these vehicles can go almost anywhere.

  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    Outstanding, I'll give Gord'n a call in January when I'm out there!

    Just got our first 1/2" of snow here - wishing for about 6-8 more so I can head up north with the Rover and prowl around a bit.

    Thanks, wasko
  • I'm looking at purchasing a Discovery II (most likely an SE with ACE). I was wondering about normal maintenace costs. Are they fairly comparable to Japanese SUVs? What are the maintenance intervals and what can I expect to spend? I've heard of 50 dollar windshield wipers, is this true? and are there in any other items are unique to the Disco II series?

    Thanks in Advance!

  • I posted a couple weeks ago regarding starting problems as well as Hill Descent and TC lights coming on. After working with LR technicians, my dealership seems to have fixed the problem, which turned out to be a faulty relay, which both lights and the fuel pump went thru. FYI.
  • Hi -- Does anyone know Specifically what Pssgr. Door Speaker is in my 1996 Disco. (I don't have cd. I have two tweeters by the windshield, two door speakers, two rear corner speakers, ad a rear door woofer). The stereo is a "LandRover" Pioneer. Does anyone know what the door speakers are?
  • I have a 1997 discovery SE that I'm getting ready to sell here in Phoenix, but I can't figure out how much to ask for it. It has just over 50K miles and is borderline flawless both mechanically and cosmetically. I have seen people asking anywhere from $18,500 to $24,000 for the same type of vehicle. I was going to ask $23,000; any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated!!
  • i am new to the rover experience and have just purchased a '96 discovery that did not have the owner's manual. i was just wondering if anyone knows the speed that i should not exceed when i have the differentials locked.
  • mobilmobil Posts: 2
    I've been looking at various SUVs, I presently own an Isuzu Trooper but have lately been looking at a Discovery. I am interesting in hearing from anyone recently buying a 2001 and also if you found any dealers willing to negotiate reasonably on your purchase. Also, would like to hear from any Discovery owners about your experiences with service and any maintenance problems as the nearest dealer is over 175 miles away. Thanks
  • tag7tag7 Posts: 2
    I am in search of an Owner's Manual for a 94 Discovery. Have tried everything to no avail. Land Rover says the manual is out of print and can not be ordered. I tried various club sites that they referred me to, but none had any. Is there an owner of a 94 Disco out there who would be willing to mail me their manual so I could photocopy and mail it back? I would of course reimburse for all postage charges.
    I can be reached at Thanks
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Have you tried

    yet? Those guys will bend over backward to help.

    Regards, -Bob
  • How many airbags does the 2001 have? I have heard that there are no side door or rear door airbags? If that is true, Ford should correct that immediately. LR needs to step up and include more technology in their products.
  • we are looking into buying a 2001 Discovery II and are wondering about how frequently they are involved in roll over accidents. We know that the disco is an SUV and therefore more prone to rolling over than a sedan, but we want to know if the discovery for instance is safer than a ford explorer or a lexus rx300 to name a few other suvs. If anyone knows any statistics or has personal advice to give that would be great!!
  • waskowasko Posts: 103
    Correct - only frontal airbags at this time. Thanks, wasko
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    Even though Discoverys look high and tippy, they're quite stable. This is due to their frame on frame construction (heavy box steel frame that centers the vehicle weight a couple inches above the tires then a top frame coupled to this base frame). That and the liberal use of aluminum panels makes the vehicle quite stable. Add ACE and you've got a great mix.

    In the past, I've driven Blazers and Jeeps. The Jeeps always felt relatively sure footed at higher speeds, but the Blazer felt 'whippy' and out of control when accelerating and passing someone. I don't get that feeling in the '96 Disco. And the times when I've driven a DII with ACE while mine was in for service, the feeling is even more sure footed.
    shows side by side crash data comparing the Explorer and Disco II while shows the Lexus and Disco II. This isn't rollover information, but it does show safety comparisons of the vehicles.

    Thanks - wasko
  • mobilmobil Posts: 2
    I posted on 12/19 about thinking of buying a Discovery and wanting to know if any buyers have been able to negotiate reasonably for one. I have called a couple of dealers and they, at least over the phone, weren't willing to negotiate. With some of the problems I've seen posted here and gas mileage I would think there should be some negotiation on the price. Also, has anyone heard anything about Ford talking about discontinuing the production of Discovers?
  • A Chicago area dealer has some 2000 DII's that they are advertising at $31,400 with a claimed list of $38,125. Is this a good price for a 2000? I saw on the Edmunds site that dealers have a $3500 incentive right now on DIIs. I usually keep cars 6-8 years so leasing isn't an option.

  • My father is seriously considering a new Land rover discovery series II (2001). The other cars that he is considering are:
    Jeep Grand cherokee laredo.
    Toyota 4Runner SR5 and Limited.
    GMC yukon.
    Cadilac Escalade.
    We really love the land rover, and want to get it, can you give us any reasons not to seeing the competition?
  • We are also considering te Infiniti Qx4.
  • In the vehicles you mentioned, only one of them is worth considering beyond the LR.
    For one, they are all too common, Secondly, they are all poor build quality except for the Four Runner. From all the research I've done in my quest to buy smart and capitalize on resale value and owner satisfaction, one can't go wrong with a Four-Runner or Disco II. The Infiniti QX4 is also a good option. The GrCherokeeis a Chrysler...nuff said. I had one.
    A real piece after 30K. The Yukon is butt-ugly and prone to alot of small annoyances says my neighbor, and the Escalade is an absolute joke-As tacky and pimpy as they come. I'd be embarrased to be seen in one. They sure cost alot for the "horriffic build quality" that I read about in an online review. I can find the link for you if you are interested. If dad has test driven all these, I'm sure the right choice will show itself. Good Luck
  • That was a big help thanks a bunch. One more question what about the Acura MDX. I know it is ot a real truck, but we like it. Any way thank you very much. we are now still between the three. We knew we wouldnt buy an americain one, just because we do not see any justification in spending this kind of money on a big piece of crap (pardonez mon francais). you are right they are ugly and tacky, also to common. my dad currently has a jeep cherokee, and we had a gc before that time fro a change.
    we are going to start shoping in January.
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