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GMC Yukon / Yukon Denali



  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    Quadrasteer available on 1/2 ton models late '03 early '04, incl DXL

    XM is an option on ALL models, not standard on DXL, and I would wait for the smaller antenna, like the one on the Grand Am/Sunfire. The current production antenna is HUGE and ugly, and is being replaced with the smaller unit as the big ones run out.

    6.0L engine avail. on 3/4 ton YXL ONLY - std on DXL

    95% of the rest of the options listed are included in the $4500 option pkg(full boat option pkg)

    Also - split 3rd row seat will be available for YXL and DXL in mid to late '03-it's just like the one in the regular Yukon/Denali.

    What's a cargo package? Do you mean towing?
  • y2kgtsy2kgts Posts: 48
    Whew! Sorry, I was still shoring up my columns when you replied (added the navigation system). Anyway, the XM Radio system is standard on the 2003 Denali - both the brochure and dealer support this claim (as do the window stickers). And yes, that antenna is butt-ugly, but how long would you have to wait? Could they swap them out later? And finally, the "cargo package" (which is in your $4500 full-boat option pkg) is the rear cargo net, retractable shade, and cargo mat.

    Now, for two of the more important options:

    1. Quadrasteer: The dealer (and the brochure) say it will NOT be available on the 2003. The dealer says it is likely for the 2004 DXL. Who knows?

    2. The navigation system: Even the brochure says "available mid-year" (which it does not for Quadrasteer). The dealer said their latest update on the navigation system says VERY late 2003 or not until 2004. Even though it is boldy depicted in the 2003 brochure.

    And please note: I am not defending the 2003 or anything else. Indeed, I don't drive ANY GM product right now (see "crash" above) and only hope to get into a 2003 at some point rather than a repaired 2002...

  • y2kgtsy2kgts Posts: 48
    VERY, VERY interesting read, and thanks for the link! Could it be that the body shops are unaware of how the airbags are triggered? Or is it because they are both GM shops? According to that article, it doesn't matter WHERE they are, as they are triggered by the sudden stop itself and not necessarily the impact. Having dropped that baby from 45-0 in a few feet, they should have blown. That is what both the cop at the scene and the flatbead operator suggested as well. Since the dealers seem to be "poo-pooing" this, I wonder who I should contact? Seems like it could be a legitimate issue for sure.

    Thanks for the tip!!

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    For the insurance companies, it's a matter of economics. Whichever is cheaper, that's what they will do. From what I've seen of your accident, the event of a new vehicle is highly unlikely. Course, you could sell it after it's repaired...or trade it.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    Well, something about the info you've been sharing doesn't "smell" right. You might want to make sure the parts don't "walk off" and think about filing a complaint with the NTHSB or talking to a <gasp!> lawyer.

    Steve, Host

  • y2kgtsy2kgts Posts: 48
    Steve - Thanks for the additional tip on the NTHSB. I have already chatted (briefly) with an attorney and am waiting to see what the insurance does first. I actually have a pretty good thing going (as far as additional help) and will detail below...

    obyone - I agree with you 100%. However, I am one of those guys that tends to fight the system, especially when I feel I have been wronged, and I most certainly do in this case. Ironically, my insurance (unofficially) suggested a third party that deals with these situations a lot. His company buys MANY of the damaged vehicles from the owner while the insurance company pays the damages and diminished value. The idea is that these three things will bring up enough money to replace the car at fair market value.

    I will be the very first to acknowledge that this is emotionally motivated. Nevertheless, here are a few points I made to the third party guy:

    1. The other party was clearly at fault and is 100% liable. This, according to both the police and the insurance company. They were ticketed for disobeying posted traffic laws.
    2. The car was NEW &#150; all of three months to be exact. I had just completed the entertainment system in it three days before the accident.
    3. The car will NEVER be the same, and the body shops and dealers acknowledge this. Not only is there at least $7,000 in diminished value (according to the GMC dealer), but also that very real satisfaction of owning a new car is GONE and cannot be repaired. The new car smell will be replaced by the smell of paint and glues. I am a car fanatic, as anyone that even knows me a little can attest. My cars are always spotless and perfectly maintained. This car will always have evidence of previous damage.
    4. All replacement mechanical parts are generally covered by a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty &#150; not the vehicle&#146;s original 3/36 or extended warranty coverage.
    5. The car may no longer eligible for the General Motors Protection Plan (extended warranty), as there will be permanent marks on the car&#146;s records of extensive damage. This will show up for any Carfax viewer or auto dealership.
    6. The car will be very difficult to sell, if it ever comes to that. Even with &#147;diminished value&#148;, there are enough SUV&#146;s on the market that a previously wrecked one will be difficult to sell. That, and just DRIVING a vehicle with extensive repairs when you had a BRAND NEW one three months earlier is simply not acceptable.

    Much as it pains me (and it really does), I fully understand what the laws are and my rights under those laws. I may be reluctantly singing that ol' tune: "I fought the law, and the law won..."

  • I am only familiar with Texas law, but it should be similar around the country. When someone else is clearly at fault and you are dealing with their insurance or your own uninsured coverage I have successfully put three options to the involved carrier as any one of the three is an acceptable measure of your damages. First, determine value of vehicle immediately prior to accident. In a very new car situation, I would try to put forth price you paid less 15-20 cents per mile. Then offer the insurance company these three options: 1) I sell the wrecked vehicle as it is now and insurance company writes a check for the difference between value in first step and proceeds of sale; 2) you fix the vehicle, provide me an COMPARABLE replacement during repairs and when the vehicle is fixed, I sell it and the difference between step 1 and the price I get is the diminution in value so write me a check for that amount; or 3) you buy the vehicle from me for the price in step 1 and do whatever you want with it. I've helped several friends and coworkers over the years and although it takes a little bit of stamina, we have been successful. Personally, I had an '88 Integra suffer a significant side impact and made the above offers to State Farm (will the appropriate cites to Texas law). The adjuster blew me off. I had the Integra taken the the local Honda dealer and told them I wanted to trade it for a V6 Accord for my wife. I got a great deal on the new car and they made up the difference on the trade in of the Integra. The next day I sent a letter to State Farm enclosing the purchase documents on the new car and comparable valuations on the Integra pre-accident and requested a check for the difference as the loss due to the accident. They wrote me a check for the approx $4,500 difference when their estimate on repairs for the Integra were only around $1,200. They knew in that if it went to court I had established the value of my loss according to the governing law. If it helps, I might have the letters on an old backup disc at home.
  • csi35csi35 Posts: 28
    Driving with cruise control on at 60mph my 02 Denali XL downshifted abruptly and then strange noise emitted from the front and then smoke. I pulled over, called Onstar who had a cop over in 5 minutes and watched as transmission fluid poured out from the tranny. Millage was 3896.

    Closed to the millage others who had tranny failure. Towed to the nearest GMC dealer. Called GMC who called dealer who hadn't had a chance to investigate the damage. GMC is supposed to call back to inform me of the damage and when to expect repairs to be finished.

    My only concern is that will the replacement fail at 4000 miles too?
  • Hi everyone

    Just purchased a 2003 denali and I have 400 miles on it. Love the truck but noticed that there is a little clunk that feels like it is coming from the transmission when I am come to a stop from a 30+ MPH speed. Almost feels like it is downshifting to 1st gear too early when I am just about to come to a complete stop. Very noticable when I come to a quick stop from about 30 MPH+. Anyone have similar experiences and if so what have you done. Also--Seems like there is alot of concerns with this tranny!!
    Please give me your experiences if they are similar.

    Thank You
  • y2kgtsy2kgts Posts: 48
    That, my Texas friend, was one of the most refreshing posts I have read regarding my dilemma. My sincerest thanks!

    I have a little better idea of where I am at (and worse feeling because of it) since my last post. I spoke with my "third party" guy and here are the current numbers as we have them:

    Damage: $10,500
    "Salvage" value of vehicle: $18-$20,000
    Diminished value according to one GMC dealer: $7,000

    So, my problem is that this total doesn't come remotely close to replacing the vehicle, even if I could find a slightly used 2002 Denali XL. Now, your scenarios provide a much more interesting approach. As to a trade, I have no doubt that the insurance company would balk, as the GMC dealer said my repaired DXL is a $28,000 car. Will my insurance cough up another +/- $16,600. Probably not. Worse, I have learned that my insurance company is officially taking the hit as the other person's insurance. There was hope that the car owner's insurance would kick in, but apparently they were unsuccessful. The other driver and I have the same insurer.

    Now, if I were to try and sell the car IMMEDIATELY I *might* be able to get $35,000 or so for it. 7,000 miles, full warranty, and all the goodies. Well below the value pre-accident. So now they have to cough up an additional $9,600. Not ridiculous compared to the $7,000 they may or may not accept in the current scenario. I am assuming $0.20 per mile and a purchase price of $46,000. The problem (and certainly in my bride's eyes) is that the market is flush with late model used cars due to the 0% craze. Will somebody really want to pay even $35,000 for a used car that has been involved in a major collision? Or will I need to sit on the car for months in order to get a buyer?

    Perhaps I try to find another buyer for the wrecked car besides my third party guy. Mind you, he has been going to bat for me (even paid to flatbed it to a better repair shop for a more realistic estimate) and I told him I would give him first shot at the car if we went this route. Unfortunately, I think his estimate of $18-20K wrecked value is "the weakest link" of the three pieces. But then again, if the dealer says it is worth $28,000 trade-in "fixed", maybe he is right on. Ugh, I need more Tylenol...

    Thanks again for your very detailed reply. It makes a lot of sense and gave me a fresh perspective. If you have any of those documents and wouldn't mind forwarding them, my e-mail is listed in my profile. Thanks yet again!

  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    The 2 vehicles can be equiped much more equally in 03 than they could be in prior years. The major differences are the AWD, 6 liter engine, Trans temp guage, 17" wheels/tires, and trim for 03. Unfortunately the 03 Denalis have Goodyear tires instead of Michleins. The gas mileadge of the 03 DXL has improved over the 02. If you option the vehicles as closely as possible, the price difference has decreased from 02.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    I heard of the Nav system, but I have not seen a new brochure yet for the picture. The dealer only get one box at a time, and they fly out of there , so I keep missing them. Is it a different radio head unit or is it in the console? I have seen the smaller antennas trickling on to the lots near me. Most of them are on the trucks, but I did see one Denali with the small antenna. I have also seen '03 Denali and DXL w/o XM Radio so you must be able to delete the option like you can on the Yukon and YXL, XM radio is included in the full boat option pkg on the YXL. I do believe that the two antennas are interchangeable, but you would have to drop the headliner to do it.

    Quadrasteer should be available soon for the 1/2 ton models, my guess is that they are working out the final bugs on the 3/4 ton YXL and 1/2 ton trucks as well as the Sierra Denali and as soon as that is done I would expect it to be standard on the DXL, like it is on the Sierra Denali. As far as I have heard there are no plans on having Quadrasteer on Yukon/Tahoe/Denali, only the big boys get this toy.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    If i would want the quadrasteer the first year it is introduced, sounds like T R O U B L E to me.
    It seems to take GM many model years to get it right. I have a 2001 Denali XL and luckily have had no tranny problems with 17000 miles on the odo. When i think of getting something as high tech and complicated as 4 wheel steering from the General, I shutter to think of all the problems the first owners will have with the vehicle. My advise, Wait don't be the first on the block with this option..

    Just my opinion,
  • y2kgtsy2kgts Posts: 48
    Quadrasteer sounds exciting and I really do hope the dealer and brochure are wrong and that it appears on the '03 at some point. With my insurance up in the air and my Denali future still in limbo, I wouldn't mind being a "first year" guinea pig on it if it comes out relatively soon - especially as it has been out for a while on the Denali pickup.

    As to the navigation unit, it is indeed the radio head unit. Sorry that the picture was on the "fold" in the brochure, but here you go:


    (I had to fold it really flat to scan and thus the "tear" in the lower part of the nav unit)

    Thanks for the replies!


  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    Thanks! That looks really good! Is it a Denali/DXL option only or can you get it in the YXL too? I need the 3/4 ton model for my travel trailer and boat, this would be a great option to have, especially when I am on the way to a new camp ground.
  • csi35csi35 Posts: 28
    Just talked to the service manager regarding my Denali. It wasn't the transmission that went out. He said the drive shaft broke in the transmission and that's why the vehicle stopped and all the fluid drained out onto the highway. I just hope that the transmission wasn't damaged. FYI the drive shaft , which is on order, cost $2800. Its under warranty. Unbelievable.
  • y2kgtsy2kgts Posts: 48
    jgm - If the brochure is to be believed, then the navigation system is only available on the Denali. Luckily boating season is about over (at least up north), so you can wait out the winter to see what really happens. Again, the local dealership said their latest bulletin shows it for very late '03 - if not 2004.

    csi - Sorry to hear about your driveshaft! Interesting (and short) story on my 2000 YXL: Had a pretty big "clunk" everytime we would hit a dip or bump at low speeds, coming from underneath the car. The dealership ordered a new driveshaft (+/- $2500) and the clunk seemed to stop, but it vibrated at highway speeds instead. A panicked call from the dealer tells me it is not the right driveshaft for the truck and to come back IMMEDIATELY. A transmission yoke was the problem and was experienced on several other SUV's as well, according to GM. The only problem was that the replacement part was not only backordered, but had never even been BUILT yet! They would keep me posted, but I drove around with a clunking truck (which a LOT of grease would help if I didn't mind going in every few weeks) until I traded it in. Best of luck with yours, as it has GOT to be better than that...

  • bolkerbolker Posts: 30
    I know that the speedometer and some other components are different on the Escalade, but does the Escalade have a nicer looking interior trim? I've seen the Escalade and it has a lot of wood. I can't find a Denali, so how would you compare the two interiors?

  • y2kgtsy2kgts Posts: 48
    Well, I have yet to see the Escalade interior. As to the Denali, it has what they refer to as "black cherry" trim, which I prefer to call "plastic". Definitely not a micron of real wood in the interior. It looks a bit nicer than the standard Yukon/Yukon XL, but still looks like plastic no matter how you slice it. Hope that helps, but doubt it does!

  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    I liked the Escalade interior and the Denali exterior better. I wanted the XL version, so the Denali was the only choice. In addition, I felt the price jump to the Escalade was fairly big.
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