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GMC Yukon / Yukon Denali



  • lalane,

    I had the same chirping sound that kept getting worse and worse. Finally, the vehicle would not start. The battery was dead. The chirping turned out to be a bad alternator bearing. The volt gauge was correct the entire time because the system was discharging to compensate for the overcharging and/or vice versa. It ended up destroying the battery.

    The dealer replaced the the alternator and the battery. They did not have the idler/tension pulley for the serpentine belt in stock to replace it before a trip we were taking. The chirping sound came back. The dealer replaced the pulley and no problems for the past 4,000 miles.

    I don't know if this had anything to do with it, but our head lights would dim and flicker periodically. The dealer contacted the tech. center and they replaced or installed some type of relay or surge switch between the alternator and the main power supply. There is no official TSB yet, just an unofficial alert. From what I gathered, some vehicles have the part and others don't. I guess this is GM's attempt to save another two bucks per vehicle.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    Unfortunately, that soundz like the General.
    But, is there any PERFECT vehicle? I think they all pull the same stunts to save money
  • I didn't mean for the end of my last comment to sound like a disgruntled consumer.

    Any vehicle is going to have a few glitches and a good dealer makes that only a minor inconvenience.

    This still is by far the best daily driver / tow vehicle there is!!! (Well, maybe if the Escalade came in an XL.) And I just keep saying no to my neighbor who wants to trade for his brand new Powerstroke Excursion.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    your neighbor for wanting to trade, I haven't read a favorable article about the Excursion anywhere. It looks Great, but rides and handles terribly. I drove two of them, one with a diesel, UGH!
  • 1st question... when changing the oil in the Denali XL, how many quarts should you put in? Can't find anywhere in the book where it tells you.

    2nd question... any of you find that you have to add a quart of oil every so often? We've had our DXL for 2 months, husband changed the oil a couple weeks ago. Drove from NJ to VA this weekend, day after we got there check engine oil light came on, it was down to the "add" mark. When my husband changed the oil it definitely was above the add mark. So we put a quart in, then checked it before the drive home, and it seemed to be lower than it was after we put the quart in, but not down to the "add" mark. Drove back from VA today, just checked it and it's still at the same spot as it was before we left. My husband thinks maybe he just didn't add enough oil when he changed it (he put 5 quarts in).

  • My Yukon XL 6.0L takes 6 QTS. Look it up in the owners manual in the index, it will be in the capacities section. I have not lost/used/burned any oil at all in the last six months, and have 13,000 miles on it. I change the oil every 3500 miles, and I am going to switch to synthetic on the next one later this week.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    if u change every 3500 miles?
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    After u change the oil, U should run the engine for a few seconds and let the oil settle, then check it again and add if necessary.
  • was the chiirping the tension adjuster or the alternator bearing?
  • Blackmagic1,
    Thanks for your inputs. I just got my DXL back from the dealer after leaving it with them over the weekend and claims that I had a defective serpentine belt, which was replaced. But your story is starting to give me concerns, because you said the problem seemed to have been the alternator bearing which was replaced, then you took your trip and the chirping came back!?! So the idler / tension pulley was replaced. And the chirping was eliminated?? So was it the idler/tension causing the problem. Please clarify.....Thanks

  • I think my problem my be the proverbial chicken and egg question. However, I believe the first chirping, which started out slowly and only when cold was the pulley. It was the exact same sound my GM truck was making just before we got the Denali. In the truck I replaced the pulley and the problem was solved immediately. (To test if it was the pulley I just sprayed some WD-40 on the pulley bearing and the squeak disappeared until the WD-40 wore off). In the Denali the sound kept getting worse and then the sound occurred whenever the engine was under load. The chirp evolved into a noise that had more of a grinding sound. That's when the battery started dying.

    I think the later noise was the alternator and the first chirping sounds were the pulley. The dealer replaced the alternator but did not have the pulley in stock. The noises disappeared. They still wanted to replace the pulley when we got back. Before we could schedule the pulley repair the chirping came back after towing our boat to Shasta and back (600 miles). This noise was fainter and internmitent in nature. The pulley was replaced and it has been fine ever since.

    I am not sure if the pulley caused the alternator to fail or if the alternator caused the pulley to fail. It may have just been a coincidence.

    Personally, I think the surging power demand on the alternator due to the lack of relay or surge switch destroyed the alternator, and the pulley was a coincidence or casualty thereof.

    I know this isn't of much help to isolate the problem, but make the dealer keep the car overnight so they can hear the noise themselves. My dealer didn't want to keep it at first and ended up having to pay to tow the vehicle and rent us a replacement vehicle to tow our boat with.
  • I want to increase the service intervals, I am planning on going 7000 miles on the oil and 3500 on the filter, unless I decide to go with Am Soil oil and Am Soil brand filter that lasts 10,000 miles, at least that is the claim.
  • larry91 - You missed the point on the board titled "2002 Danali" and my comments about the spelling "being changed". The person who started the thread spelled it wrong, that's what I was making fun of. He must be a huge fan of the vehicle if he can't even spell it correctly.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    now i understand, i did not see the earlier posts, mine started with your post. I don't understand why I did not have the earlier posts, Oh Well
  • Actually, the original post disappeared on my screen too, so it looks like I started the thread. Bummer.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    on websites, enjoy your vehicle
  • My DXL started chirping while cold May 25th, and my wife is tired of listening to it. It now chirps even while it is hot. I determined that it was the idler pulley way back in May, and I have just been waiting to take it in to have ALL the small details taken care of (ie. door lock trim, rear passenger heated seat, roof rack, cargo door switch, etc, etc...)

    I will report my dealers fix after I take it in...

  • I have a 2001 YXL with 1300 miles. After sitting at a light with left turn signal on for about 50 secs, I turned left and the power doors locks unlock by it self. I through maybe I hit the button, but when it happened a second time I knew that it did it by itself. My drivers door it set to open when I take the keys out. Has anyone experienced this problem? It did not happen again after I restarted.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    My door has not unlocked, but I sometimes hear a click after the door has locked automatically, that soundz like it is coming from the door lock. I never gave it a second thought until I read your question.

    Weird goings on..

    In your case it "Could" have been a computer glitch and reset itself when u turned the vehicle off. I had a problem with the tranny slipping on a 99 Tahoe, came home turned the vehicle off and called the dealer for an appt. Well, needless to say it never happened again.
  • Does anyone know of an after market kit that will look factory? And not void the factory warranty
  • Working on this myself.......I've looked at gibson's and borla's. I decided on Borla.....try and Also try and
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You could also check out Watch the gibson's as they increase in cab resonance and actually lose low end performance while gaining a little on the high end. This would be good if its what you want.
  • safe1safe1 Posts: 16
    This a follow-up to the previously reported radio/cd problems. I finally had a new and improved radio/receiver installed by the dealer and found that when the unit is turned off it will queue back where the cd left off. However, if you play the cd while in the accessory setting and turn the ignition on to start the engine guess what happens. You guessed it! The cd queues back to track one, not where it left off. Back to the drawing board!
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    I also had the same problem u had with the Bose radio. After 4 radio exchanges, the dealer and I took a cd, played it in a new Denali and it worked.He then checked with some division of GM and got the okay to switch the radio from the new car to mine. It has worked well ever since, and yes, i can play it in accessory mode and turn the ignition on and it goes back to where it was before. It seems to me Bose has some problems to correct, Really Frustrating. I don't like Bose anyway, had one in a corvette and it wasn't much better, the're Junk...
  • I was just quoted $42,800 for a Denali (not XL) w/sunroof. Southeast state. How does this sound? Is there GMC 1,500 cash back to dealer?
  • I live in Missouri and I bought a black '01 Denali w/sunroof,(not xl) for 41k in August. This included the 1500 cash back, but I signed it over to the dealer.

    If you can find more than one in your area with the color you want then I would push a little harder. If not, it's not a bad deal as the '01s are running out and you probably won't find an '02 for that price.

    Great truck!

  • Can anyone tell me the best place (brand) to get one of those GMC logo "plates" that slides into the trailer receiver in the back?

    Thanks for any help,
  • I got mines from the local Cadillac dealership's parts department........also try
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    I bought mine at Pep Boys, about $25.00.
  • Dropped DXL off yesterday to dealer. They're going to have my front and second row headrest sewn together by an upholstery shop. Service manager states the headrest coming undone is a common problem but not everyone complains about Will get it back today.......they even gave me a free rental.
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