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GMC Yukon / Yukon Denali



  • drb2002drb2002 Posts: 72
    One question.....Why would you sell a 2001 for a 2002?

    Is your 12 month lease up?

    Larry91 said he was "guessing" about the 2002 changes, but they don't sound too far off. You must have been skimming :)

    No one mentioned that there is a 45Hp (16%) increase going from your 2000 to the new 2002. This can help out in the absence of a 4-Low, but definitely will not replace it. I had a 93 Grand Cherokee for eight years before my XLDenali, and I spent several vacations 4-Wheeling down in Moab UT.

    My new ride will never take me too far off road, but this should be obvious to anyone here. It did however impress me this winter on some ice covered highways between Idaho and Utah. I witnessed 13 cars/trucks off the freeway in a 40 miles stretch. I was picking up my XLD in February, and had only 600 miles on the odometer, and was passing everything on the road. After driving my AWD Jeep (with 4-Low) for 8 years, I really thought it would be hard to replace, but the GMC AWD system really does work well. By the way, the ratio of power is not fixed "all the time" at 38F/62R as stated by larry91. The system applies the torque where it's needed.

  • drb2002drb2002 Posts: 72

    Apples and Oranges.... You can not directly compare the sound system in a LARGE sport ute to a small sedan! A larger cabin is much harder to design a quality sound system for. Exactly how many other LARGE sport utes did you compare your Denali's system to? I would guess a big doughnut! Try "driving" an Excursion at highway speeds and then compare the systems.

    My second vehicle is a Lexus GS300, and it sounds incredible, but it doesn't have the challenge of competing with a 6.0 Liter V-8 and 275/17 tires! Better yet, go drive a Ford Taurus and delight your ears :)

  • I'm glad you enjoyed my assesment of the Denali. The only other SUV stereo true comparisons were with an LX470 and a Land Cruiser. The Excursion to me wasn't even worth looking at given all the bad reviews I've read about its' driveability.I did listen to an Expy, but not while driving, so that doesn't count. I'm sorry you guessed wrong on the doughnut
    I compared the steering wheel 'controls' to my Bimmer if that's what you meant by the small sedan...We agree that a direct comparison between two different classes of vehicles doesn't do much good.
    BTW- The Lexus' sound is sweet isn't it? Do you have, or do they offer, the Nakamichi option in it? Our 99 LS400 has it and it is INCREDIBLE!
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    Hi Dave,
    I agree the ratio is not fixed, poor wording. However under normal driving circumstances, on clear roads, i believe the ratio remains at F38 / R62. If that is not correct, then i misunderstood the specs i read and will go back and read them again.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    rbenavides: just an FYI. My dealer made the following adjustment to the power seat adjustment that helped my personal situation out (I watched the changes).

    The mechanic removed the switch and after identifying all the connections reversed the controls so that the inflate and deflate for the lumbar and bolsters were opposite from the factory set-up. Unfortunately the switch cannot simply be flipped upside down. It can only be reversed by opening up the switch and flipping the four wire connections. (Be careful if you try to do it yourself as the mechanic shorted out the switch by connecting the wrong wires and needed to take a switch from another vehicle.)

    Since I am 6"3", I have kept the seat fully deflated. Now that the controls are reversed, when my leg strikes the controls on exit, it will only attempt to deflate and since it is already fully deflated the seat adjustment will not change. This switch adjustment has definitely resolved the issue for my situation, while allowing my wife and other drivers to still make adjustments for their own comfort.

    This change should be helpful to larger guys that are more likely to inadvertently activate the switch on exit and entry. I don't believe this is an issue for smaller drivers since their weight will not make the switch susceptible to activation on entry and exit.
  • When we take the truck in for the warranty stuff, I'll have them reverse the switch connections.
  • elgato88elgato88 Posts: 10
    Checkout this site "" for 2002 changes. In summary the changes are:

    - More efficient starter for Vortec 6000 V8 engine

    - More durable steering gear housing

    - New anchorage system for system for rear child seats - LATCH

    That's it..................

  • elgato88elgato88 Posts: 10
    Checkout this site "" for 2002 changes. In summary the changes are:

    - More efficient starter for Vortec 6000 V8 engine

    - More durable steering gear housing

    - New anchorage system for system for rear child seats - LATCH

    That's it..................

  • lalanelalane Posts: 39
    Has anyone taken their Denali into the dealer for this scheduled 7500 mi maintenance? If so, what did they actually do to the truck?? Or would it be more cost effective to take it to the mechanic of your choice????
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    around as compared to a local mechanic shop. If you know of a good one, I'd definitely take it to a local mechanic vs. the dealer.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    I am definitely of the opinion, that taking the vehicle back to the dealer for service, is the way to go. In spite of the slightly higher hourly rate, it may be worth the xtra cost in the long run. The dealer would be more knowledgeable regarding the problems your vehicle has, they get service bulletins, even tho they don't always read them, and if there is a major problem, i believe the dealer gives u the best odds on getting it resolved to your satisfaction...

    The Independent Shop "May Not" be as cooperative in getting your problem resolved, and i believe they work by trial and error much of the time, and u pay for it, that can get real costly FAST

    I just think u have a little more leverage with the dealer.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    That's why I qualified the statement with "If you know of a good one". They often have working relationships with the dealerships. Reason being, jobs like R/R a motor more often than not will not be done at a dealer rather sublet the job to a mechanic shop with qualified personnel. I have two good friends who own shops. When the newer vehicles come in, they are often referred back to the dealer to fix under warranty. You'd be surprised how many owners prefer to pay for it rather than return to the dealer and get "the" run around.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    I have some friends that swear by independent mechanics, i had a bad experience many years ago with one, and have never forgotten it.

    Personally, i will take my chances with the dealer, tho not always satisified, i personally feel more comfortable in that situation.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    In normal conditions with normal amounts of resistance, I believe the torque split ratio is 38/62. However, the system has the ability to redistribute power as necessary when slippage occurs (i.e. less resistance at certain wheels).

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • Larry91 & heatwave3: I read the order specs for placing an order for a 2002 and did not see anything listed about signals on the side mirrors or warning back-up signals. I don't know what other upgrades were stated since I don't have a 2001 ordfer sheet for comparisons. Color options were not yet available but sales mgr said colors would remain the same as in 01'. I appreciate both of responding to my inquiries, however, I am a little nervous about installing an aftermarket sunroof (ASC). I definetly would prefer to have rear climate controls and auto close option but am concerned about quality control regarding installation. Who installed your windows, the dealership and if so was it top-notch? I freak-out thinking about them cutting a hole in my roof and have heard that after market sunroofs tend to leak. Also don't they have to remove the entire overhead lining and mess with electronics thus opening up the dashboard. Will this lead to increased vibration sounds or possibly screwing something else up? Lots of woories. If I'm going to spend big $ I want it right. Please let me know what you think. Think I will be placving my order next week for a 2002 Denali, Black with sand/shale interior. Only option I'm toying with is the sunroof. Would like to hear more about the aluminum billet GMC emblem......

  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    Don't I repeat, Don't worry about having aftermarket sunroofs installed. What I did was let the dealer sub it out, most have the same or better warranty, and by letting the dealer handle the installation, they are responsible for it. These guys are pro's and know what they are doing, but, once again, let the dealer handle the subcontracting to a shop they trust.

    The factory does not install the sunroofs themselves, they also subcontract the installation out to speciality shops.

    I have always had sunroofs installed aftermarket, under dealer supervision and have NEVER had a problem. The ultimate decision rests with u, and u are the one that has to be comfortable...

    Regarding the new 2002 Denali options. I feel the GM people are poor marketers and are not in touch with what the people want on their vehicles, they don't care, I am not a General Motors fan. Ford has had the backup warning system on the Excursion since it was introduced, why GM can't keep up is a mystery to me.GM put the backup warning system on the Buick and several other cars,but not the Denali, go fiqure?
    Unfortunately, I have not read a review favorable to the Excursion, so i don't think one is in my future.
    Maybe since Lutz is going over to GM they will start developing some more modern vehicles.
  • Factory ordered sunroofs usually are not subcontracted out - only the dealer installed sunroofs are. You can tell which are the factory ordered sunroofs by looking at the opening when the glass is open, as there is no frame around the opening. The roof sheetmetal is folded down to accomodate the glass. Aftermarket sunroofs require a frame to be placed around the opening to "finish" the edges where the hole was cut. The frame will be evident when the sunroof is open. This is not to say whether one is better than the other. I opted for the factory roof in my 2001 YXL because of the cleaner look without the frame, the galvanized roof that came standard with it, and the internal drain passages for the water that seeps by the seals. All sunroofs leak, if not when new, they will in time. The internal drain passages prevent that leak from getting into the interior of the vehicle. My concern with the aftermarket sunroofs was that I don't know if the aftermarket guys install drain passages down the A-pillar with their sunroofs. I did lose the automatic climate control, but that was no biggie for me. The choice becomes a matter of priorities and preferences - as long as you go with a reputable aftermarket installer (or the dealer subcontracts a reputable aftermarket installer), you should be no worse off than the factory installed roof. ASC is probably the best aftermarket out there. For me, if I have the option, factory still would be the only way to go.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    debster72: Let me second larry91's assessment. The ASC sunroof is the exact same make and model that the factory installs. The only downside to the aftermarket sunroof is that GM only galvanizes the roof when they factory installs the sunroof. So you will sacrifice the galvanization.

    On the other hand, you'll get a lifetime warranty with the aftermarket ASC versus the 36 month on the factory sunroof. Have the install done through the dealer and they will take full responsibility for any issues.

    While the rear climate control may not be too big a deal (although I definitely wanted it), you will not regret the convenience of auto close in the aftermarket. This features ensures you'll never leave the roof inadvertently open in bad weather. Unfortunately the GM lawyers I suspect eliminated this electronic feature from the factory sunroof. For this reason alone I would have selected the aftermarket over the Factory.

    The headliner will look no different from the factory and in fact the material they cut out is used for the slide cover, when you prefer to block out the sunroof, just like the factory. You'll also much appreciate the one-touch close and open that is not available from the factory.

    I was equally nervous but others on this forum convinced me to go for it and I have absolutely no regrets. My comments are in appreciation for those that convinced me.
  • jasonrupjasonrup Posts: 13
    Just some observations by looking at pics of 2003 Hummer H2 which is based on GM full sized pickup platform. Interior pics show features that should be carried over to the Denali at least. Should have digital climate control system (as in Envoy), new steering wheel with radio/info centre/climate controls (as in Envoy), new info centre ( as in Envoy). These are just obsrvations, but it would not make any sense to offer them on just one model and not on the others - cost savings associated with duplication.
    These improvements would definitely move the truck up a notch because as it stands the auto climate controls are pretty cheesy for what you are paying, and the steering wheel is ugly as sin.... skinny, large, and ugly. Time will tell.
  • hey, thanks so much for all your input. Will have to ponder a little more about the sunroof. My sales mgr is on vacation for a week so I'll have at least that amount of time to think over my options. Would love to know if there will be any additional or changes in color options also.

    Thanks again, debster72
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    I agree with u 100% on the steering wheel.

    One would think, logically, that they would incorporate some of the new features that r available in the Envoy, in the Denali. BUT, I wouldn't want to bet on it. I thought they would have some of these options in the 2002, but it doesn't seem like they will put them in the Denali.

    My question, what r they waiting for??

    And Debster, once again, I have had three vehicles with aftermarket sunroofs; a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee, kept it 5 1/2 years and the only problem i didn't have with the vehicle, was the sunroof, a 1999 Tahoe, kept it 3 years, still no problems of any kind, and i used it all year long.
  • Just wondering what color combination everybody has bought. I really like the garnet red metallic, but wonder what everybody else chose and why.


    Possible Future Denali buyer


    1999 Black Lexus GS 300
    2001 Black GMC Sierra C3
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    Kthomp100: I bought a Garnet Red Denali XL with the neutral interior. Really like the look. The only chnage I have made to the exterior is that I swapped out the Ruby Red GMC logo which really didn't look good against the Garnet. I replaced it with a billet aluminum GMC logo.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    I have asked this question before, and have not as yet received a definitive answer. If anyone experienced this same problem, and has had it resolved, I would really appreciate hearing from u and find out what the resolution was, thanks.

    Two senarios,
    #1.....I am listening to the cd player and turn it off by the use of the ON /OFF button on the radio, then I turn of the ignition. If I then turn the ignition on, turn the radio on, I get the last radio station I was listening to and not the CD I was just playing. This is not how my other radio's worked.

    #2..... I turn the radio off by shutting off the IGNITION, without turning the radio off using the ON / OFF button as in #1. When I return, it goes back to the CD I was listening to when i turned the vehicle off.

    Does anybody know which is the correct method. This is my second radio and if it is not designed to work as in #1, I want to stop bugging the dealer.

  • First of all, great forum. I t helped in my decison to buy an 01 Deanli (not XL)

    my radio will go back to the cd I was listening to in both of your scenarios.

  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    then I must still have the problem, this is my third radio...
    I appreciate the response.
  • dandeldandel Posts: 7
    We're currently looking very seriously at buying a Denali XL. What are people's opinions on the overall ride and cabin quietness of the Denali XL, particularly when compared to a Suburban. Does GM better noise insulate a "Denali-ized" Suburban? Are there any substantive differences in the Denali suspension, compared with an autoride equipped Suburban? Is the ride, particularly with respect to vibration, bounce, and jitter, better than that of a Suburban? Does the autoride actually make a palpable difference, either in ride or handling?

    Thanks in advance,

  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    dandel: I own a Denali XL and compared it to a higher end Sub. I think you'll find little difference in the handling if the Sub has autoride. IMO the autoride with self-leveling is a feature you would definitely want, particularly if you frequently load up the vehicle or do any towing.

    The nice thing about the DXL ride is that you make no sacrifices to gain the AWD such as turning radius while gaining alot of very nice benefits, such as the 6.0L engine, AWD, heated rear seats, radio controls on the steering wheel, 17 inch wheels, 250watt Bose sound system, a very attractive grill with focussed beam headlights, matching running boards, Michelin X-Terrain tires and a few other "goodies" that aren't even offered as options on a fully loaded Sub.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    Heatwave, don't forget the 6 disk cd changer and the on board computer, not available on the Sub.

    The ride is superb, no wind noise, feels like u are in a Luxury sedan, not a Truck. I had a 99 Tahoe that i sold to my daughter, wheneven she drives the Denali XL she raves about how much better it is than the Tahoe.

    I have some fit and finish complaints, but no vehicle is perfect and I guess these problems, tho a nuisance and time consuming, going back and forth to the dealer, are minor.

    I was originally going to buy the Sub 2500 because I wanted the 6.0 engine, when I looked at the Denali XL, it was love at first sight and I bought it on the spot, got a lot more than I bargained for and am happy.

    Would I buy it again, Yes. Good Luck
  • mbclk430mbclk430 Posts: 58
    I purchased my xl on Jan 30th. Ride is superb for a vehicle of this size (or a car for that matter). I traded in a '97 BMW 528i. I only miss it a little (lol). I love this big only complaint is that my headrests continue to come undone and my dealer has been mistakenly odering the replacement ones for the past 3 months. Good luck!
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