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Buick Enclave Power Steering Noise

gungagunga Posts: 16
In the last few weeks my power steering seems to have gotten a lot louder. Only have about 8k miles.

Fairly loud gronning during low speed turns. I can hear it over the radio.

Have yet to take it to dealer.


  • chumsterchumster Posts: 3
    I had the same problem.

    After 3 steering pumps were replaced, GM finally recommended to change the whole steering rack. That seem to take care of the noise, at least 95% of it.

    Good luck!
  • gungagunga Posts: 16
    Well the dealer found the following:
    1. Fluid was low
    2. Had a small leak of PS fluid
    3. There was a bracket loose

    Dealer did not explain what was the cause of the bracket being loose and if this
    caused the fluid loss.

    Everything seams to be OK now.
  • Sorry for the dumb question but where is the power steering fluid reservoir?? Im not new to working on cars, I've rebuilt a few engines and done multiple engine swaps and countless hours of other repairs, but when I look under the hood of my moms Enclave Im just confused, it doesnt look like there is a real engine under there, it definitely makes me thankful for how easy my BMW 3-series is to work on! (and the build quality lol)

    Oh also makes me even happier to have a manual transmission, what a piece of crap auto in the Enclave! :lemon:
  • I've got a 2010 Enclave with 400 miles on it. I've been enjoying the quiteness of the vehicle riding around with the A/C and radio on. The other day I turned both of those off and wow! did that allow me to hear the circus noises going on from the clanking and clicking and popping in the front end to the hissing noise coming from the steering wheel when turning it left or right. When it's centered it's quiet. I'm not going to say it's very loud, but once you hear it your ear is tuned into it. Has anyone experienced this issue? I'd like to know what I'm up against before I take it to the dealer. I had a 1993 Regal for 16 years and never heard a peep from the suspension or the power steering. In fact I never had to take it in for warranty work ever. I checked the fluid level and it was full.
  • murano6murano6 Posts: 1
    I bought 2010 Buick Enclave and was surprise fine out that the Gas Compartment didn't lock. An as, of this date there is not a after market Locking Gas Cap. Does anyone know where I can find one? :confuse:
  • mondial1mondial1 Posts: 3
    I had a 2008 GMC Acadia (turned it in early on lease and bought a 2008 BMW 328i)and still have a 2008 Buick Enclave. Both vehicles have the steering noises. Last week the power steering pump went bad and the vehicle was taken to GMC dealership to be repaired. It is still there a week later as the gearbox was also bad and GM cannot get one to the dealer and may not for another week.

    To inlinesicks, the power steering fluid filler is under the engine cover, You have to take off the oil fill cap and pull the plastic cover up from snap in pins in 3 places. The fill unit is to the middle left.

    The dealer told me that the noises from the Acadia and Enclave were "normal" and could not be gotten rid of! I had an Escalade for 5 years and traded it in with 140,000 miles and NEVER had these type of noises nor any problems with the power steering. I should have spent the extra $30,000 and got a new Escalade (the main reasen we didn't was because we thought we would get better gas milegae with the Enclave...don't get me started there!) and avaided these problems.
  • washington2washington2 Posts: 10
    edited October 2010
    I am on my 2nd power steering rack at 66,000 and seem as tho I need another one now. I took it to the dealer a month ago because of whining and knocking noise going on under the front end. They said that my power steering pump was leaking and the control arms under the front needed replacing. I paid them almost $700 to replace the power steering pump, and the whining noise is still there worse than before. Have not replaced the control arms yet. Trying to get the steering noise straight. I sounds like a little 1980 honda civic with 200k. I ordered this vehicle new I can't believe Buick is letting this type of quality represent them. Lets don't mentioned the Navigation been freezing the whole radio system for a couple of months now and the dealer said I need to replace the radio unit at a price of $1600. Not Good. I have a Used 2005 Jaguar XJ8 L the nav is still working fine a matter of fact it gives me less problems than the Buick as a whole with 50k miles. Oh I forgot the Transmission went out 2 times as well this year alone.
  • buckb4buckb4 Posts: 2
    I took my 2009 Enclave to the dealer today with the same type of noises that all of you are talking about. My power steering pump was replaced 18 months ago. After telling the dealer this he told me that there have been lots of complaints of this nature the last couple of weeks, and that GM does not have a fix for this problem yet. Replacing the power steering rack will do nothing to help this problem, and may even make the noises louder if the pump and rack are not a match or synchronized.

    Bottom line: have your dealer open up a "case number" for your problem with GM. GM places a high importance on the case numbers, so the more case numbers that are opened for this problem; hopefully the faster GM will fine a solution to the problem.
  • I have a 2008 AWD Enclave, that has a strange problem.When it rains and I drive the vehicule, the steering wheel seems to lock up, and stays this way for a few seconds. The vehicule cannot be turned. It has happened to me a few times and my wife just had the same experience. I have mentionned this problem last time I was in for service, and nothing was found wrong. I have seen on another forum that the inside wheel wells were replaced for a redesigned model. I've mentionned this to the dealer and they have never heard of this solution. I love my Enclave, but do not want anyone getting killed by it, especially my loved ones for whom I bought the vehicule. It is a scary feeling driving a car that does not turn, just think of the results if this should happen in a curve at highway speeds.
  • Most likely if it only does it when its raining its probably due to water getting on the belt and causing it to slip and lose power steering.
  • With the engine off I can turn the front wheels without any problems, but when running, I cannot. I have a good set of arms, and up to now I have always been able to turn a steering wheel without any problems, even when the belt is slipping. This car is very dangerous and I just hope that GM will be able to find their problem. I am not the only one with this problem. Many cases with NHTSA.
  • We've owned GMC products and have never had the whinning noise which sounds like it's coming for the power steering. Only have 7K miles on the Enclave. Just doesn't seem right. Noise happens mostly driving slowing through subdivisions. It happens when we turn the wheel and even when we are not turning but just excelerating at speeds from 10-30 mph.
    First time the dealer said it was a little low on the steering fluid. Fluid and a special additive were suppose to fix it but it didn't. Please add my observation to those others already posted. Are others losing fluid at such low mileage?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Can we follow up with you through email? We’d like to work with you and yoru dealer towards resolving concerns like yours. Please email Christina with your name, VIN, involved dealership, and contact information.

    GM Customer Service
  • Yes you can, I'll give you the info when I receive your E-mail.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001

    GM Customer Service
  • Last month we had the transmission replaced (under warranty) on our 2008 60k miles Enclave. Immediately after that the windshield washer transmission for variable speed wipers went and needed to be replaced costing us between $300-$400. Today we found that the power steering pump/rack is leaking and is expected to cost $1000 to repair/replace as we are now out of warranty. Three major problems within a few short weeks at around 60k miles does not give those trying to stick with American autos lots to be impressed with. I caution those approaching this mileage threshold to be aware of issues. I expect more than this from a car that cost over $42k new 4 years ago.
  • Can we follow up on you with your vehicle concerns? Please email us your name and contact information along with the last 8 digits of your vehicle’s VIN.

    GM Customer Service
  • Yes I would appreciate any assistance in followup. Where do I find an email address for you? We are picking up the vehicle today as they have repaired it. I am anxious to see what the cost of this repair will total.
  • You can find an email address under my profile.

    Look forward to hearing from you,
    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2008 Buick Enclave. The vehicle has always had a high pitch noise in the steering (worse when a/c is on) and now I have knocking when turning the wheel. The dealer says no danger in the noise but it would take $700.00 to fix. I have been so disappointed in this car. Many noises, problems with stabilitrack, brakes, etc. and when I take it to a dealership there are no answers for the problems.
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