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Lexus IS 350 and IS 250



  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    na-ive-te 1: The quality or state of being naive...

    From Websters. ;)

    Honestly, you guys sound like a couple kids scared of going to the dentist! Well hey, they're your cars, and it's your money, but I've been a Lexus owner going on four years now, and I can tell you there isn't much more to recommend Lexus service over a good indy than the loaner.

    I take my car to them for warranty work and major services. As soon as the warranty's up, any good shop that handles Toyota can fix any Lexus. Just having the "L" on the hood doesn't mean there's anything unusual under it...

    No way I personally would buy rubber from a Lexus stand. That's basically like unloading your billfold directly into the barbecue! :sick:
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    wale_bate1, you brought up a good point...warranty. I will do all the services at the dealer as long as I am under warranty so Lexus won't have any execuses to void my warranty. I know you don't have to do everything at the dealer in order to retain the warranty but I am just being cautious, very cautious in this case. Me personally I just don't like any unpleasent surprises. Once the warranty's up then I'll have 2 choices:

    1. get my car served anywhere I like, or
    2. trade the car in for another IS (hopefully a redesigned one) ;)

    Again, that's just me though. And yes, I am naive.
  • acco20: Yes, I AM a service person. NO, I am not SHOUTING at you nor anyone else, nor am I asking that you obey me.
    I am simply stating that most people now a days are either too lazy or want someone else to do it for them. Now, I understand this is a B R O A D generalization, and I use the word "generalization" because their are exceptions to everything.
    But it really is annoying when you get someone who purchased their car elsewhere and comes in to ask questions that can be found 1) in the manual or 2) shown to them by a SALESPERSON.
    That does NOT mean that I will not help them, in most instances, I will because I am now building a rapport with the person and they will see ME for ALL their service needs. I have just WON a new client over.
    I was merely stating that it does become annoying when you have a demanding A &^&% who wants it all NOW, NOW, NOW!
    It's like this: would you bring a steak you bought at COSTCO to Ruth's Chris Or Smith & Wolensky's and ask then to cook it for you?
    OR you own a camera shop (or a widget store), a guy comes in with a camera from E-Bay, asks you all sorts of questions about the camera (picks your brain), doesn't buy anything and then has the local drug store sell & develop his film!
    How would that make you feel?
    Just MY .02 and there is NO charge
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    benzoservceguy, I agreed mostly with you on that people are lazy and they definitely should read the manual before asking for help. However I don't think customers should be treated differently just because they didn't purchase the car in your dealership.

    Since all Lexus dealers share vehicle's service history that meant the customer should have the freedom to choose the dealer of their convenience to the services done. Also, if a customer moves after purchased the car then he/she will have no choice but to find a different dealership for the services. Your steak and e-bay examples are totally irrelevant to this situation because customers are paying to get their services done.
  • No one should be treated differently, irregardless of where they purchased their car ... but they are .. unfortunately. I've worked at stores where the policy was "Our customers FIRST, all the rest come 2nd" And "loaner cars"... what's that? (unless of course, you bought it from that store) Count your blessings you don't own the German brand with 3 letters.
    As for our store, we don't care where you bought it. We would have PREFERRED you bought it from us but in the end, it really doesn't matter. Just as long as we get to service it. We have one motto: "make the customer happy"
    And we do!
    As for the steak & e-bay reference, it was meant more to show an example of how some people use others to get "FREE" advise and then spend their monies elsewhere. Similar to going to Nordstrom's, trying on a pair of shoes for the proper size and then going home and ordering the exact same stuff on-line.
    And yes, you, as the customer/end consumer have the choice to use ANY dealership that you feel most comfortable with since you are in fact PAYING for those services. But just to give a little edification, you really will be treated BETTER at the selling dealer. Unfortunately, "It's just the way it is, and some things will never change"
  • I do have a few questions to ask. They are in no way an attempt to attack you, simply they are to try & understand the thinking/reasoning behind the answers given.
    Do you currently take you car to the dealer for service/repair?
    If the car were not under warranty, would you continue to do so?
    If the dealer "recommends" that you perform a brake pad replacement would you let them do it or would you take it to an independent?
    Do you think independent shops are as qualified, have the training, the tools & the know how to work on "today's" cars?
    Do you not think the dealer has your best service interests at heart?
    Would you pay a little more knowing that you would get a warranty, know the job was done right & know that "factory" or OEM (original manufacturer equipment)was being used?
    I currently own 2 Import cars - one german & one japanese. Both have long been out of warranty. One has over 106K, the other has 95K. If I need more complicated repairs (clutch, tranz, a/c, oil leaks) rather than brakes & oil changes or fluid exchanges (which I do myself) I ALWAYS take it to the dealer .. and I'm IN THE BIZ.
    You all probably know what MY answers to the above questions are.
    But here is one thing to think about ... the dealer is NOT always the most expensive. The business has changed. They can be very competitive on things such as oil changes and tire replacement. Ask next time, you might be surprised at the answers you receive.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Actually ... before we get into too much trouble here ... the subject is the IS 250 and IS 350. Dealership and buyer behavior in general is better addressed in one of the discussions on our Smart Shopper board.

  • from_flfrom_fl Posts: 113
    Thanks, host.

    Thanks all feedbacks regarding summer tire replacement.
    I need to think about all these when the time come.

    Back to IS,

    The car is a masterpiece of beauty. It triggers an emotional response that others cars just don't elicit. Seeing it in person didn't disappoint. Driving it was a most satisfying experience.
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    Pat, I'm thinking Maintenance would be a great spot for an Indy v. Dealer topic. I'd to shoot a quick answer here (since we're here) and then take the topic over there if anyone's interested.

    benzoservceguy: valid questions and no animosity experienced or intended.

    No dealership makes money selling new cars. Just doesn't happen. The margin is pitiful to begin with, the overhead enormous and the customer relations costs verging on malpractice insurance territory.

    There are three profit centers in any dealership, AFAIK. The first is the F&I guy's desk (sketchy), the second is the used car mgr's desk (solid), and the third and most profitable is the service bay.

    My thought is that any new car under warranty should go to the dealership for warranty work, obviously. In many cases, major scheduled service is probably best handled there as well. Minor services, which are mostly glorified oil changes with routine fluid and wear item inspections can go wherever a good independent can do them, unless a price benefit is available from the dealer. In my anecdotal experience, the price benefit has never been with the dealer.

    For major non-warranty mechanicals, I can't say I would automatically defer to a dealer shop for any good reason. Mechanical is mechanical. For brand-specific major electronic items in a luxury marque, OTOH, I think the dealership is probably the best place to go, but only if the car less than seven years old. Technological exclusivity has a remarkably short half-life.

    To the question first asked here: I would never buy tires from a dealership unless they price-matched the competition head-on. Now answer me honestly: would your parts mgr. go more than 10% off list for rubber, outside of extenuating circumstance? If so, your stand is unique in all the US! No dealer can do anything with rubber work that a good tire shop can't do, and the tire shops routinely do it for less. Far less, in my experience.

    There are components on a brand new S class or LS or A8 or 750i that I wouldn't let anyone but a dealer's service-tech touch for at least the first three years. After that, the tech is in the market and so are the tools. Then again, it's under warranty for the first three years, so why would I? ;)

    Aren't you glad I kept it short? :blush:
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,206
    Excellent stuff, Wale.

    If this discussion is taken elsewhere, I'll certainly follow. I do all of my routine maintenance (as does benzoservceguy) & use the dealer only when absolutely necessary. On our recently-sold 153K mile DC minivan, we used an independent to good advantage.

    I had a cooling fan (hydraulic -- go figure) issue a couple of years ago that I took to a dealer & had fixed. The car wasn't long out of warranty, so I got a price break (good thing, because it was an $800 job). Later, when I was replacing a fuel filter, I learned that they'd left off several (not quite half) of the LF inner fender fasteners. Earlier I'd seen that they also forgot to put the clips back on that hold the shift boot to the console.

    As I've told dealers (& independents too, for that matter) -- I can screw it up myself for free (and learn something in the process). Why should I pay you for that? That was when I had the time & inclination, both of which I have much less of these days.

    If I'm paying $60-100/hr, I expect a technician who isn't a flat-rate drone. Yeah, I'm a tooth fairy, Easter bunny & Santa Claus kinda guy as well. ;)
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986

    Prime reason not to go to most dealerships for non-warranty: book rate. If I've got two things wrong with my car, the dealer's tech writes them as two separate items and charges book for both, even if the operations have redundant steps! Charged twice for labor done once.

    My independents have always given me the breakdown, ganged tasks and saved my money where possible. That's why they're all still in business, I'm thinking.

    Shifty already has a thread in Maintenance and Repair: "Dealer vs. independent shop?" Let's us just relocate there, shall we?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
  • txcurtistxcurtis Posts: 7
    I would like a little input here. After lurking here for a few weeks and doing some other research I was about ready to head to the local Lexus dealer and test drive a 350 a probably make the purchase if I could find one to my liking. However, I just ran across the info on the 07 G35. Looks pretty interesting. I have never owned Infiniti but I have been a satisfied Lexus owner in the past. Any thoughts on the 07 G35 vs. the IS350. Thanks
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    Since I have been paying close attention on the new G35 as well, I guess I'll post my thoughts.

    Looks to me the '07 G35 won't get an all-new redesign instead it's like a minor facelift with a M35/45 style interior. The prototype indicated that the engine has a redline at 7500 RPM (comparing to 6500 RPM for the '06) so I am assuming that it'll receive a re-tuned VQ engine. The official words from Infiniti is that it'll come with "300+" horses and some say it'll have 330 HP under the hood. But whatever that'll come out to be I'll bet that it's going to overtake IS350 in this horsepower race.

    I predict the interior will move upscale quite a bit but still fall short comparing to the IS (probably will be better than E90's). By looking at the current G35, it's safe to say that the new one will have a stiffer suspension thus result in clearer road-feel than the IS which is good news for the so call "enthusiasts". Also expect to see both 5 speed AT and 6 speed MT on the new model. The coupe version will follow in 2008.

    Here are some pictures:

  • from_flfrom_fl Posts: 113
    You could buy an IS250 and put money saved as down-payment for the upcoming Son of Godzilla(Nissan Skyline GT-R). :shades:
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    G35 is as portly as a GS.

    Considering the porkification of this new IS over the old, going to a bigger car just means being even more detached, IMO.

    Still, for all those who feel a need to whine about rear seat leg room, G35 might be just the ticket! :P
  • adamsearadamsear Posts: 8
    I'm very close to deciding to purchase an IS250, but I had some remaining questions, especially after being able to rent one for a day:

    1) It seemed like the voice commands on the navigation were pretty lousy (computer often didn't understand my command even though I spoke clearly with the windows up, etc.) Have owners found this to be the case? Or are you able to be mostly understood and get the cooperation of the nav?

    2) The suspension seemed just a little "off" going over bumps and such--almost like the shocks weren't that good. Any thoughts on this? How would you say the 250 compares in this regard with the 300 from last year?

    3) Finally--I live in Los Angeles where it can get hot, and am planning on getting a black interior, but don't really know if it's worth it to spring for the cooled seats. How do others in warm climates do without having it? Also, if you do have it, do you really notice/appreciate the difference?

    Many thanks.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    I'll answer your third question...

    Mine has a black interior without the cooled seats and I live in Atlanta. I think the best way to go with a black interior is to get the ceramic window tint. Believe it or not it truly makes a difference. ;)
  • prime203prime203 Posts: 20
    just some input, i recently owned a 2004 infiniti FX35 and yea the transmission and engine were fantastic as were the tech packages but the service department was really bad at responding and fixing problems the car had (and there was always something such as malfunctioning cd player, navi, windows... list goes on) from what i have seen with my familys lexus experience (ls400, ls430, sc430) lexus service and lexus quality by far surpass infiniti and after owning an infiniti (now its sold and im working on getting an IS) i have to say in my opinion it is a truely lower tier luxury vehicle... i compare lexus with benz and bmw but now way would i compare infiniti with those 3.
  • lexusgirl1lexusgirl1 Posts: 27
    I just purchased my IS250 and haven't had a chance to sit down and figure out my Navi yet so I can't help with your 1st question.

    I haven't really noticed any problems with my suspension. I can tell you that I used to have a 2001 IS300 and this car blows it away! I LOVE my IS250!!!

    As far as the black interior goes I think the seat coolers (which I have) and the ceramic tint (I also have) do help but I think the exterior color has alot to do with how hot it gets inside. My IS250 is white and I think that helps keep it somewhat cooler. Darker colors (I believe) would tend to make the inside hotter. What color exterior are you considering?
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