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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • What was the transmission recall for?
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    I am not sure what was the problem, I think it was grinding and no down shifting.
  • Hello, I bought my desert metallic, ES, V6, FWD,
    Luxury package,tribute about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I
    absolutely LOVE it! I have had a problem fuel leak or wheel bearing
    recall...but.. As the weather has gotten cooler,
    my coolant light keeps coming on. I checked the
    fluid level, and it was at the full line,even added
    more....STILL the light comes on. I took her in
    for service and they tell me that it's a bad
    sensor. GET THIS...the service guy tells me that
    he checked the other Tribs on the lot to see if they
    could get the part there, but MINE IS DIFFERENT
    and has to be ordered. Has anyone else experienced
    the same situation?? Mine was manufactured in
    September. Also, it rained for the first time since
    I had it and I used both windsheild wipers (front
    and back) on the intermittent cycle...does anyone
    else notice that you can hear the slight "click" of
    the relay as the wipers go back and forth from
    your steering column?? I do and it bugs me to
    death. Please let me know if you've experienced
    the same and what your resolution was if
    so...thanks in advance!!
  • jayliujayliu Posts: 17
    Hi It's me again. Went to the dealship again this morning. Trying to get my car replaced or refunded. But no luck, they instist to check the car for the problems I stated with them two times ago.
    Anyway, just want to ask the Tri/Esp owner, do you guys notice a small noise coming from the engine compartment, (AC compressor)? The noise was not there , when I frist got my Tribute, do any of you have similar problems?

    It sounds like a gas leaking noises, and it will occur after an acceleration on the gas pedal, and continute at about 5-10 interval as long as you have the gas pedal depress or cruising. Very subtle noise, but it gets annoying.

    And the service center people told me it's NORMAL! (as usual) Please some one back me up here.
  • ii31ii31 Posts: 24
    Hi Jay,

    Yes, I can hear that subtle noise too.
    I took a service guy on a test drive. He
    couldn't figure it out. After 1700-1800 miles
    you will experiece a new "whistle" noise coming
    from the gas tank near real axel! My service
    guy has reported it to Mazda's engineers
    (or so he tells me :)

    Read the extended warranty booklet about
    Lemon Law protection. Make sure you follow
    that if you want to get the refund. I can't
    imagine that it would be easy or smooth.

    I don't intend to do that though. As long
    as car drives well and Mazda folks can eventually
    figure out the noises, I am ok.

    My car had noisier/weaker acceleration lately.
    Service guy suggested that I try gas with
    89 octane level. I did over the weekend. It
    has made a good difference in overall
    responsiveness. If you have same concern, try
    it too.

  • Do any other Tribute owners notice a rough transition in the gears when accelerating,plus occasional clunks. Also at 1100 miles there is a squeaking noise when slowing down, esp. in second gear. Also a Whirring noise when in gear that pulsates at 25 and 45 mph.
    The servicemen rode with me to hear the noises but the roads were too rough and the noise from the tires drowned the transmission noises. Another peeve is wind noise around both front windows.
  • More and more I read about problems,or even catastrophic failures,with the Tribute/Escape transmissions. Could it be that these transmissions are not rugged enough for this application and are being overstressed?

    I really thought the tribute was going to be my next vehicle, but it sounds like there are some serious inherent design problems that can not be resolved in the local service department.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    As I mentioned before, there was a recall for trannys already... There may be more recalled later. I guess that 800 recalled transmissions were traced to the parts, but some parts fail later, some sooner.
  • I think I'm the only one here driving Tribute with 5 speed transmission. I hated the idea of a shifter in a steering wheel console, so picked up one with Zetec engine. The mileage is better than on my Z24 (also 5 speed) - so far about 23 mpg in a city driving, and it still has adequate power - it is DOHC engine. I have no fuel leak, or any other problems with this car. It drives a lot like a car, and I love it - especially nose dives during cornering. But I still have to put more miles on it in order to see how it will behave then.
  • jayliujayliu Posts: 17
    Thanks for the reply. Does you sound only happen when the AC is turn on. Because the Service found the source of the noise is from the AC compressor, and he tested and everything is within spec. But the sound is just pure annoying.
    Try to shut off your AC and try that and see if the sound would go away, because, when I frist hear the noise I thought it is from the rear axel as well!!!
    P.S. My car is still in the Service center.
  • Will all these recalls that have been discussed here effect my Escape? I won't even be getting it until Nov 20th.
  • Does anybody know that the relability of the transmission?
  • a couple people posted that their tranny went very early (1800/2500miles) other posts have said there is a tranny recall. still others complain about noise and rough shifting....i thought this was essentially the same transmission that logged
    50 bazillion miles in the tarus, so you think they would have it right by now. ours seems to operate very smoothly/quietly, of course we just got it a few days ago, so only time will tell.
  • i was thinking of trading in my '95 honda accord V6 for a new tribute. After reading these posts, i've reconsidered. sorry you are all having so many problems... it sounds as if the mazda nameplate is more ford than japan.
  • kate5000kate5000 Posts: 1,264
    Escape/Tribute tranny is the same as used in V4 auto 626, not the Taurus tranny (but V6 engine is Duratec from Taurus)
  • I was also going to buy a Tribute but found out in time it's nothing but a Ford. I got myself a Hyundai Santa Fe. You might want to check one out.
  • Here is a techinical service bulletin for one of the tranny problems.

    FORD: 1994-97 PROBE
    1994-2000 CONTOUR
    2001 ESCAPE
    MERCURY: 1994-2000 MYSTIQUE
    1999-2001 COUGAR

    Some vehicles may exhibit no forward gear ranges due to the misalignment of the forward/coast clutch cylinder snap ring with respect to the legs of the forward clutch piston.

    During assembly of the forward/coast clutch cylinder, the gap in the select fit retaining ring should be located midway (i.e., 45 degrees) between adjacent legs of the forward clutch piston. Refer to the following Service Procedure for details.

    Prior to installing the forward and coast clutch plates into the cylinder, note the location of the four (4) forward piston legs (Figure 1).
    Mark the top of the cylinder with a felt tip marker midway between any two adjacent legs (i.e., 45 degrees or 4 external spline teeth from the center of any leg) (Figure 2).

    Following the Service or Workshop Manual procedure, install the clutch plates.
    Position the ends of the snap ring such that the gap is aligned with the mark on the top of the cylinder (the 45 degree mark) (Figure 3).
    Perform end clearance check as required.


  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    These problems and recall seem to be an extension of FORDs tranny problems in many of their vehicles including the WIndstar 3.6L which I own. While the tranny may be from a 626, everything has to fit and work together. Seems like that is not the case. I was considering a tribute because of all the hype it was getting before it came out. I decided against it and bought an Isuzu trooper. The trooper is a great all around vehicle for about the same price. MUCH more cargo room and better legroom in the rear although the tribute isn't bad. Also, with regard to post #11, the tribute is not really an offroad vehicle due to its unibody suspension. The unibody is liable to get bent under hard offroad terrain. But the unibody will likely or almost certainly do much better than a complete frame in crash tests.
  • I have the ford Escape and the Honda CRV in my
    mind. However, I am not sure to buy which one. I
    like the Escape because it has good handling; but
    love the reliability of Honda.
    Can anyone can give me some advise?
  • I am trying to find out how well the Escape performs while being towed. How hard is it to hook up to a tow bar. Any special things that have to be done in order to tow it. Like putting it in 2 gear if it is an automatic. I plan to use it to tow behind my motor home.
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