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Nissan Pathfinder



  • bgritzbgritz Posts: 139
    Try this other forum, they have been bouncing the HID question around for some time.

    Looking for info-dakmaybe,
    Coming from a family that has driven Honda's, 2 Jeeps, 2 VW's and a a Volvo. they Pathy is a close tie with the Volvo in terms of build quality, and it is MUCH better than the Jeeps. The 250hp on our 01'SE pull a utility trailer w/2k lbs. like a jetski. Don't go drive one unless you are serious about buying it, cause you might loose the interest you have in other vehicles ;-)

    Yeah I know the pain. I about died when I found out that they were running better than $160 a corner. I was also dissapointed that due to their softer compound, users only were getting 35k-45k out of them. good luck. You also should hit the above mentioned forum, I occasionally see postings about personal sales of items in there.

    Excessive wind Noise-cmerhy,
    Try moving the top rack crossbars back a bit, that should help. The line down the center of the windshield is a "Diversity Antenna". It helps filter out noise and weak signals from FM band broadcasts-especially in crowded downtown metropolitan areas w/large buildings
  • kmrqkmrq Posts: 50
    I have 99.5 PF. I've just changed my tires and still I'm getting shimmy from braking. So I guess my rotors need to be changed. Warped rotor only happens to the front brakes right? Anyone know how much do they cost? plus the installation. Place to get or get an OEM rotors?
  • Pretty sure roof rack cross bars are the problem. Mine are all the way back and noise isn't too bad till you get about 55/60MPH then it gets progressively worse. One solution; remove cross bars for extended high speed trips. (Easy to do with Canadian bars, not sure about US style.) Sure, it doesn't look as cool, so take your choice.
  • Hi,

    We just returned from a LONG drive Toronto - Florida and back, total 5400 km = 3200 miles.

    Lovely ride ... smooth powerful engine but:
    - high wind noise
    - 300 miles to the tank
    - dead on-center steering feel

    - Anyone try using the GE "Super Blue" headlights? I purchased a pair at Walmart and will be installing them this weekend.
    - Using 87 octane fuel "seemed" to make the engine run rougher and accelerate anemically; anyone else notice this?
    - Vibration is felt on the steering wheel at highway speeds of approx 60-70 mph ONLY when AUTO mode is selected (not 2 wheel drive).

    Thanks in advance!
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    The HID's from the QX4 won't fit the Pathfinder. Different size. But in New Zealand and Japan Nissan is selling a version of the Pathfinder (Terrano) with HID's. But they are right-hand drive of course. I've not found a LHD country with the HID's yet. Any suggestions? Also I've not seen the RHD units, so I have no idea if they can be converted.
  • I have happily owned 4 Nissans (still have three now) and am seriously considering buying an '02 pathfinder this spring or summer. I have followed earlier posts about LSD but wonder if I really need it for mainly on road midwest (chicago area Wisconsin) driving. I really want to buy a base LE with AWD but to get LSD you need leather pkg which I do not want. I am seriously thinking of buying an SE instead with the sunroof and popular package just to be able to get LSD but would rather get the same equipment and more in the base LE for a little more money (without LSD). Would this be a big mistake not having LSD for limited snow/gravel/rain driving (no moderate or serious off roading but may occasionally tow my 20' power boat). I would appreciate any and all comments and experiences as I do not want to make a $30k mistake. My goal is to get the Pathy experience but keep the cost down as I have two kids in college.

    Another question is how well does the pathy AWD/4wd work compared to a 4-runner (my second choice but they're very dated and way too expensive in my opinion for what you get compared to Pathy plus Nissan always deals).

  • yrideyride Posts: 21
    Am I missing something here? I have PIAA Extreme White bulbs in my headlamps and fogs. They work great! I have never been in a car with HID, but I have driven next to many. Seems like the same amount of light on the road. Why pay $1000 when you can get the same result for $100?
  • Awhile back there was a lot of interest about protecting the radiator. The interest is lukewarm now.

    Send me an email at I will just email the pics to you. If there was gtr interest, I'd build a website and post the pics to it.

    What's is a HID?
  • After owning a 1995 Pathfinder 4wd SE and enjoying the Vehicle, I made the mistake of selling it because it had 150K. I then had SUV withdrawal and purchased a 1997 Pathfinder 4wd XE with 78k.What a mistake!!!!!! I am getting 12/13 mpg in a mixture of city/highway in a suv that doesn't have much more power than the old model, the cd player is broken, and one of the driver seat tracks is broken, and the steering wheel vibrates at around 55 mph!.I want to unload this lemon and purchase a 2002 Honda CRV. They have just as much room as a Pathfinder, handles much better and gets 28 mpg on the highway with much more pick up than the older pathfinders. I definitely suggest if you don't plan on towing anything big, to go test drive the new CRV.They definitely don't have the "masculinity" of a Nissan, but gas can't stay cheap forever. Anyway, has anyone else had problems with gas rapings on their Pathfinders and what might be causing the problems? Also, I'm asking $9,900 for my Pathfinder which is $1000 less than internet private party pricing. Is that a fair price? Thanks in advance for your replies/comments.
  • "- Using 87 octane fuel "seemed" to make the engine run rougher and accelerate anemically; anyone else notice this?"

    I thought your engine was rated as "Premium Fuel Only". What do you expect? They don't put that on there because of a secret deal with the oil companies (although I'm sure that there are some people out there who think that). You do realize that there is special fuel for Jet engines, for Formula one engines, etc. And YOUR engine is designed to run on PREMIUM fuel, not 87 octane fuel.

    BTW - you better check your warranty too ballfire, if you get any engine damage due to excessive 'knocking' because you cheaped out to use a lower grade fuel, I'm almost certain Nissan will not honor the warranty.

    I guess the bottom line is if you buy a vehicle that requires PREMIUM fuel, well, why would you if you intend on being cheap and put regular gas in. My guess is either you're on a short lease or you do not intend on keeping your vehicle very long.
  • Hi, went back to the dealer and asked about the Maxima SE rim to see if it'll fit the Pathfinder. The parts dept guys just said it will not work. I asked him is it because it's different lugs pattern or the rims won't take the weight. He just keeps on saying it's for Maxima only. Can anyone confirm if this set of rims will works and take the weight of the Pathfinder? Thanks.

  • Being a Chicagoland 01 LE (with LSD) owner, I might be able to give you a little advise. It sounds like you have to chose between Limited slip vs. AWD. Unless you're looking at serious off-roading, stick with the AWD and the buy the LE. I would guess the number of days you'll want the LSD is less then 5, while the AWD you'll use more like 40-50 days a year. Not a scientific study here, just my opinion. The AWD is a great feature not just in snow, but in the rain as well. With the PF's power, I find it very easy to spin the rear wheels when it's wet, and the AWD basically eliminates that. Or just follow lofquist's advise and go to Canada for an SE with AWD.
  • Jeff most of the reasons why the Maxima wheel will not work is the design and offset of the wheel itself. The Maxima wheel was designed for a normal passenger car while the Pathfinder requires more of a truck style. Truck wheels generally have less of an offset and built with a truck in mind(beefier).

    BTW, for $275ea per wheel, you can get a pretty nice and better built wheel made by an aftermarket wheel company.

    my $.02

  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    HID stands for "High Intensity Discharge". It is basically an "arc" lamp, in a "noble" gas, usually zenon. They have a near-blue colour, hence all the look-alike bulbs you can buy to make it look like you have $2000 headlamps. HID lamps require special "ballasts" or electronic drivers - they run on very high voltages. They are very efficient, and draw much less current than equivalent brightness quartz halogen bulbs - around 3-4 Amps compared to 7-8 Amps for halogen. The big drawback is they are low beam only or high beam only. I haven't seen a vehicle with both. If you have HID low beams, what's the point of the halogen high beams? They would be much less effective (I believe this is the gripe of many Q45 owners).

    Lately, I've seen some states talking of banning them. I think they are not legal in some countries already.

    Check in the "accessories" list, as there is a topic on them there.
  • Any one who has a Sun Roof should install the Nissan Sun Roof Deflector.

    Also for the Windows, try the WeatherTech Wind & Rain Deflectors.(from,(800 441 6287).

    The story is, After installing the Above,on a trip from NYC to Ottawa, Canada, the noise level was just fine . Because I was averaging 80-100 mph. And my SE 5spd wanted more. So I reach the cut off point around 117mph on two occasions.

    The weathertech wind deflectors are very easy to install but the base which touches the outside window rubber, (the front windows only) is very sharp and it needs to be smooth out or put a small electric tape over it before installing .

    Also, All new drivers of an SUV do experience more than the normal wind noise, all because of the high ground clearance of the SUV than a normal car.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110

    The big drawback is they are low beam only or high beam only. I haven't seen a vehicle with both

    Another big drawback is that they are, at least, very annoying to many drivers when the HIDs are in oncoming traffic - which is why anyone would consider banning them!

  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    There's a 99% chance that the Max wheels won't fit on your 4500 lb. SUV. The Pathfinder has 6 lugs spaced at 5.5" apart (6-5.5" wheel), and wheel sizes range from 15x6.5 to 16x7, depending on what year and model you got. As mentioned in an earlier post, the wheel offset (how much the wheel sticks out past the lug nuts) is positive (meaning that the lugs are closer to the outboard side of the wheel rather than the inboard side).

    I dont know much about the Maxima wheel you saw, but I bet its probably a 5-lug wheel (which means it wont fit a 6-lug hub) and a different offset. I havent seen any passenger cars that have 6-lug wheels.

    Maybe you can find a wheel from American Racing, Eagle Alloy, etc. (visit ) that looks like the Max's wheel.

  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    The LSD is useful in slippery conditions, such as snow, rain, mud, or ice, where one wheel on each axle does not have sufficient traction to move the vehicle. Any 4WD that has 2 open differentials will be stuck if a front tire and a rear tire do not have traction, for instance 2 left wheels on pavement, 2 right wheels on solid ice. In this case, 4WD could be better defined as 2-axle drive, because not necessarily all 4 wheels can ALWAYS move the vehicle.
    The LSD allows a limited amount of engine power to be sent to the rear wheel that has traction (i.e. the one on pavement), so you kind of have 2 1/2 wheels spinning. That last 1/2 is what gets you going.
    You can pretty much get away with a non-LSD-euqipped truck if you remember to avoid situations in which one rear wheel and one front wheel have significantly reduced (read: ZERO) traction.
    Alternatively, you could visit the message board and see if any xterra owner is willing to sell you a 'lightly used' LSD for pennies on the dollar. (Several Xterra owners have replaced their LSDs with an aftermarket locking differential, and the X diff is the same as the PF diff.)
  • mmvommvo Posts: 3
    Just bought a 1998 Pathfinder SE, just off lease with a little over 36K miles on it. So far, I really like the vehicle. 19MPG highway on 87 octane gas with no knocks or pings. I almost made the mistake of buying a 1999 Jeep Cherokee, but after reading posts from angry owners and actually driving one, I quickly changed my mind. Put a deposit on a 2002 Honda CRV, which is a great vehicle, but it never came in when the dealer said it would (I was in a rental car, so the date mattered) so I moved on to the PF. Very glad it worked out this way.
  • 01path01path Posts: 5
    I love this message board! It has helped me out in the past and I am looking for some help again. I recently noticed some tiny reddish-orange "specks" on my 2001 Pathfinder SE (Sierra Silver). They look like "rust dust". I don't think there is a paint defect as the specks are on the molding as well as the doors, rear lift gate and bumper. It is extremely difficult to remove the spots. I have tried bug and tar remover but have found using my fingernail works better. However, I am not thrilled at doing this for what seems like 100 or more specks, and I don't want to risk damaging the paint. As a result, I have three primary questions:

    1) Does anyone know what caused this? I have owned the vehicle for 6 months (since new), but have never noticed this in the past. I live in Michigan where we have been getting a lot of snow, but I don't that snow (or the road salt) is the culprit. I also don't think any sort of acid rain fallout is responsible either as there are no spots on my hood or roof.

    2) Is there a product available that can remove these spots without harming the vehicle's finish? As I mentioned before, I have really only tried Bug & Tar remover so far.

    3) Is there a wax or polish available that can treat the painted surface to make it more difficult for the rust spots to adhere (or make it easier to remove them in the future)?

    Any comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the help!

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