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Nissan Pathfinder



  • austnpwr88austnpwr88 Posts: 3
    On the 2001 SE 4WD Automatic, what does the microfilter do/look like/where is it, what does the body color side molding look like/where is it, and lastly, what does the pattern exactly look like of the charcoal cloth? Thanx.
  • jci109jci109 Posts: 9
    Oh, don't get me started about gas prices. I live in N.CA and it is $2.15 for premium (I don't think that you can even buy propane for as little money as you are paying for premium gas in Jersey). We have not mixed gas octane only because we knew going into buying this $34,000 car we shouldn't skimp on the little things. We do not want to risk the potential knocking or pinging that might occur if we use the lower octane's. We have already had that experience after owning an Explorer that used Regular unleaded, but one day starting the noises and we had to switch to the higher Octane (never to hear the noises again). I think that I am willing to pay .20 more a gallon to avoid any problems.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    jci109, sorry that you're paying too much on gas. In Orlando, I filled up my tank yesterday at Costco for $1.699/gallon. However, I am still ticked off that the PF only requires premium. Oh well, I knew this going into the purchase of the PF. We don't use the PF very much, it's supposed to be the mommymobile. I bought my PF last July and I only have 8,000 miles on it. Sometimes, I wish I had bought a stationwagon or something similar. However, as soon as I get into that PF and let that engine go, I forget all these things. I truly enjoy the PF!
  • joe233joe233 Posts: 43
    I'm runnig mid-grade in my ' 01 LE, and haven't noticed any problems. Paying about 1.83/gal for mid-grade in Rochester, NY. I know the gas prices are about a nickle cheaper in Buffalo tho.
    I've got ~2200miles so far, and milage has consistantly been in the high 15's for city driving.
    Last year, one of the local news stations had a Lowest Gas Price board on their web site, but I haven't seen it start up again yet.
    Every now and then I'll run a tank of the Sunoco-Ultra, very peppy!
  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    Well I knew sooner or later I would get my first ding in a parking lot, but I didn't count on it happening so early into my ownership. The slime ball driver clipped my right side rear bumper and part of the fender flare, and then drove away. A witness told me she saw the whole thing but didn't have her glasses on to read the licsense plate. I now only approach my PF from the left so that I don't have to look at the damage on the right side until I get it repaired.
  • menswearmenswear Posts: 11
    Has anyone installed aftermarket wood trim kits for 01 PF? How did it come out? Which company did you get the woodkit from? What type wood did you use?
  • tivmiketivmike Posts: 7
    I have a questions about the Rear LSD option for the LE. I assume this is the same for Infiniti's so feel free to give your input if you're a QX4er.
    I am working with a dealer to get a LE 4x4 with rear LSD. He said that he cannot find this in Texas. He is telling me that the All-Mode LE's, when put into 4x4-Lo lock all diffs. Is it true that this locks both the center AND rear diff? Or does it just lock the center diff?
    I do plan on doing occasional (but sometimes fairly trying) 4x4 in this vehicle and LSD seems like an option I should NOT compromise on. If the diffs do indeed lock in 4x4-Lo, I will consider it, if they do not. I think I will hold out.
    What are your opinions on this? Is the dealer lying to me (*gasp* heaven forbid) about the locking diffs? He is trying to pressure me into this vehicle saying it is the only one in Texas with the rest of the features and the color that I want. LE - Sierra Silver - 4x4 - Rear LSD - Sunroof Deflector - Leather - Tow Hitch. We have also looked at ones w/o Tow Hitch w/ consideration he may install one after-market. Still no dice. I called another dealer and they confirmed that this model is indeed hard to come by in the entire state of Texas.
    I do not need the vehicle NOW. I can wait a month or even two. I just want to make sure that what I get is what I want.
    Any opinions? Thanks - Mike-
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    Well, here in NY (Long Island) I've gone from 1.65 a month ago to $2.00 last nite. As far as worrying...I don't worry but who would be happy paying $6 more for a fill-up? Not a killer but it stinks. Article in the NY Times today blames it under-capacity of refiners and increased demand (mostly from SUVs...haha).

    jc109: nismofreak was referring to mixing 89 & 93 (there was a thread on this a while back that I was in)...if you mix 89 & 93 octane (in equal amounts, of course) you get 91 octane...which is what the PF requires (minimum)unless you're at higher elevations. Where I buy gas, it's only a 5 cent diff between 89 and 93 so I would only save 90 cents on a fill-up...not worth the bother IMO.

  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167
    Your dealer doesn't know what he's talking about. Surprised?

    Where are you located (Dallas? Houston?)? I've had good luck at Courtesy Nissan in Dallas on Hwy 75, I think, (service only) and Robbins Nissan/Chevy/Olds in Humble (NE of Houston on 59). If you go to Robbins, ask for Dewey (I can't remember his last name...he's a small, older gentleman). Tell Dewey that Jamey's son, Matt, sent you because you were looking for a straight shooter. We've purchased 3 Nissans from him (2 Altimas and a Maxima in '94 and '95). I talked to him there in '99, so I'm pretty sure he's still there. I would have purchased my Pathy from him, but it was on the move to Wisconsin that the JGC it replaced crapped out.

    Anyway, putting the transfer case in 4Lo only locks the center diff (as does putting the 'case in 4Hi). The Pathfinder doesn't offer a locking rear diff. I'd definitely hold out to get LSD. I didn't hold out and now I'm looking for a way to get it.

    Good luck!
  • austnpwr88austnpwr88 Posts: 3
    What exactly does this do, where is it located, is it visible and if so, what does it look like. Thanx...
  • sls666sls666 Posts: 10
    Pardon the pun. :-) I got my first scratch after only a few months & low miles (approx 2500K). Only, I didn't have a witness. I only found the scratch on the lower left rear panel (behind the tire), after I took it in to get the snow and salt washed off. I thought on of the guys washing the car did it (I only hand was my new baby!). Boy was I pissed!!!

    I know where it occurred, at my health club, which has a large number of elderly members, who don't seem to know what "parking between the yellow line" means. Now, even if I have to walk 3 blocks, I don't park in the lot anymore. I hope at least, your insurance is covering it. Me, I'm just gonna suck it up & pay for the job myself. :-(
  • sls666sls666 Posts: 10
    Who's the lucky dog that only paid $1.69/gal for gas?! I live in Chicago & right now the lowest price I've seen for premium is $2.18! Consider yourself lucky. Since I take the Expressway to/from work (better gas mileage), I'm only using premium. Ah, the price we pay to drive the best on the road.......
  • sls666sls666 Posts: 10
    Bimmer4me - don't feel too bad. About a month after I bought my new, shiny, 2001, sierra silver LE, I was loading up the back. I had a few things outside the garage, so I decided to pull the truck out & finish loading up. Well, stoopid me. In order to save time, I didn't close the rear window & instead drove out, thinking I would clear the door. Guess again!!

    Needless to say, I ended up with a busted rear wiper and a couple of really nice scratches along the top of the car. :-( Luckily I'm the only one who knows they're up there.
  • wcrolandwcroland Posts: 26
    That is very hard to come by in TX. I got LE with everything you want and LSD and only had to wait two days, but when the dealers knew my dealer found it, he had to go 200 miles, every dealer wanted the truck. Just factory order it, it might be 6 weeks, but that is better than compromising!
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    The in-cabin microfilter cleans the heater/A/C air. The air is drawn in at the cowl and may be dusty or contain pollen. The filter is in the air/fan duct behind the glovebox (yes, you have to remove the glovebox to change/install it). It isn't that hard. Scan previous messages and you'll find my postings on how I installed mine.
  • bgritzbgritz Posts: 139
    For all you Denver and Front Range people, here is a couple of databases for the cheapest gas in the area.

    I paid $1.99 last weekend for premium down south off Lincoln Ave.
    What kills me is that gas is anywhere between $.05-$.15 cheaper near where I work (Lakewood), than where I live (Highlands Ranch). Hmmmm...same gas, different demographics = gouging?

    I think so
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    With the all-mode 4wd system on the LE, there are 3 differentials - front, rear, and center (inside the transfer case). In auto mode, all 3 diffs are "unlocked", but in 4hi or 4lo, only the center (t-case) diff locks to ensure that the front and rear diffs receive the same amount of torque.

    The LSD option for the rear diff enhances vehicle stability and traction in any 4wd position, including 2wd. It essentially allows engine power from the rear propeller shaft (drive shaft) to be transferred to the tire that has more traction, up to a limited amount of slippage, hence "limited-slip differential".

    This is advantageous if one rear wheel is in mud or ice, and the other wheel is on pavement, for example. Without the LSD, the wheel on ice will spin and the wheel on pavement won't move at all. With the LSD, some engine power gets transferred to the wheel on pavement, so you won't be stuck.

    Note: even in 4wd-lo, if one rear tire and one front tire don't have sufficient traction, it's possible to get stuck without the LSD.

    See this link for a movie clip illustrating an extreme example of low traction in 4wd. This vehicle HAS a limited slip rear diff, but one rear tire is completely off the ground. With an open diff, no forward progress would have been possible.

  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    Just my opinion here not to get a war started!
    When someone goes to a McDonalds isn't the price usually the same at the locations around the same area? At least around here it is so this leads me to wonder why the same gas station chains will sell at different prices? I understand that each station is probably independently owned, but aren't most McDonalds independently owned as well? Just something to consider.

  • kashkdzkashkdz Posts: 1
    The driver and passenger side doors on my '97 Path Le are getting harder and harder to open/close. I've tried wd40 and some other lubricants to make opening/closing the doors better. It seems that the bar that controls the door swing, makes a slight grinding sound inside the door panel.
    Does anyone else have this problem and any recommendations. Thanks.
  • filodfilod Posts: 189
    Just got a call from my wife that her remote to open the doors is not functioning. She left the trunk door opened when she used the remote to lock the doors. When she came back, it will not work anymore.

    Anyone experienced the same? I will check the batteries when I come home but I think it has something to do with her leaving the door opened. Thanks.
  • bgritzbgritz Posts: 139
    I have used the remote to lock/arm the alarm while the tailgate was open w/o any sort of problems. Don't know what to tell ya. sorry.
  • aspenwhiteaspenwhite Posts: 39
    Have you tried the Costco station in HR? $1.89 for premium last Monday...
  • philipc1philipc1 Posts: 10
  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142
    Here in south-central British Columbia, 91 octane is about Canadian 80 cents/litre, which amounts to about Canadian $2.93 for a US gallon. At a 55% dollar exchange rate, I make this to be about the equivalent of $1.90 US for a US gallon.

  • poswaldposwald Posts: 38
    filod: I had that happen to me also. It took a little while to figure out what was going on. It also won't let you lock the doors with teh remote if a door is open. Most of the time it is the hatch that is the suspect. Like in the old days, you can always use the key to unlock though..just in case it happens to her again.
  • climber3climber3 Posts: 13
    I live in Pueblo, CO, and gas at Sam's Club was $1.69 for premium (listed as octane 91 on the pump). The gas station next door had premium for $1.99 a gallon. I feel some trepidation when I fill up, wondering if the octane is as advertised. Any thoughts or comments?
  • nismofreaknismofreak Posts: 120
    It is reasonable thing to worry about. But what you are more likely to run into are gas stations that report 1 gal of gas but it is really pumping less than 1 gal. A friend worked for the State inspecting random gas stations for this offense. It is scary how rampant it was (and maybe still is) in NJ.

  • joe233joe233 Posts: 43
    here's a dumb question - what kind of differential is in the front?
    In 4wd, do both front tires drive together, just one, or is it limited slip like the rear?
    I never see anything written about the front diff, just the rear.
    Sorry if this is one of those basics everyone already knows.
  • sr75sr75 Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 2001 pf le w/ all options. After getting it home, I noticed a dent towards the bottom of the front bumper that I hadn't noticed at the dealer (I should have inspected more closely). When I contacted them, they were pretty much aware of it and agreed to have the bumper replaced at a reputably body shop. I can live w/ that.

    Then last week my wife (she drives the pf) calls me w/ a flat tire. I took it in to have it patched and was told the tire had already been plugged (a temporary fix) and that was the cause of the leak.

    I'm growing very concerned about the condition of this "new" vehicle. Am I just being picky or does anyone else agree that my dealership owes me some explanations and a full inspection of the vehicle so that I don't run into any more "surprises"? Nothing pisses me off more that my wife being stranded w/ a 1 1/2 month "old" vehicle.
  • nismofreaknismofreak Posts: 120
    How many miles were on the vehicle when you bought it? Where did you buy it? (State and dealership) Did you test drive it before you signed the acceptance letter?
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