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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Actually, I classify trolling as saying stuff about a product/car/whatever that is not true. I have not made any false statements about said car.

    I have not really been here in awhile, because the roommate I used to have left anyway, and took his Neon with him. We don't really speak anymre, so that's another reason why I have not been here.

    I was just really surprised and let down by the quality of the car. Bad cars happen though. I am sure there are Neons out there that are perfect, or near so. My ex-roommate's ex-wife had a 1996 Expresso that ran perfectly.
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    One bad Neon and the entire US indusry is damned?

    There are alot of US makes that have satifies owners. I don't see anyone saying "I hate all imports" if they have to take their Kia or Saab back for repairs.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    We ordered a new Neon R/T 2 months ago and took delivery last Friday. The car is flawless. This is the 3rd Neon in our fleet along with a Dodge Dakota Quad Cab. We traded in a Nissan Altima Se that we had since we bought it new in 1995. We have had good luck with Neons and suspect that we are part of the Majority. Most people who post are posting because they have a problem and are not really representative of most owners experience. I just posted to let others interested know that there are happy Neon owners out there. For those interested we have a 1999 Plymouth Neon Expresso 2 dr, a 1999 Dodge R/T 2dr and the new 2002 Neon R/T 4dr. They all have the 150 HP engines. The 2 1999 Neons have had no serious problems and the small ones they did have were taken care of on the first trip to the dealer. Rick
  • Hello!
    I have a 95 neon 2dr, automatic. When it is raining the car waits to shift to 3rd gear at 50mph (!) Needless to say, the sound is spine tingling, and kind of scared me. The car also has problems downshifting during wet weather. But, when it is not raining, the car runs fine (at least i think so). I know of one other car (a 97 auto) that this happens to... anyone have a suggestion, or does this happen to you??
  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    Well, the problem with your car is that it's a mini-Viper. It's a compact exotic, so it's fun, don't get that wrong, but it's a little quirky.
    The Detroit area has a ton of these little sports cars. Very durable, this is obvious. Don't worry, your transmission is up to the highest level of quality available from the world-class Detroit automakers. And remember, it's a mini-Viper that you're driving. Let er rip, no fear!
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Your computer might be getting moisture. Try to locate it and inspect the surrounding components (carpet, plastic housing etc). It happened to my 87 Dodge Aries when I was in college. The car was acting weird when it was rainy, later I discovered that the computer was located right behind the right fender and of course fender was completely rotten and sucking water from street. Just an idea, good luck.
  • jlvjlv Posts: 14
    I have a 2000 Neon that I bought in March 1999. There is a squeaking sound coming from the steering (heard when the wheel is turned right or left) that sounds like a squeegee tool being pulled across wet glass. Has anyone else had or heard about this?

    Also, the back brakes have a high-pitched squeak. You will only hear it the first couple of times the brakes are used after the car sits for a while. Anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

    Thanks for your help.
  • My car has that noise too. I think it is common on Dodge cars.
  • Well, I realized that if I wanted my Neon to be happy, I had to take it to a dealer (that and I am all thumbs when diagnosing a car). I learned something that surprised me, maybe not everyone reading this would be equally surprised but... The dealer said that the Neon 3 speed auto transmission has no electronic control, nothing to do with the computer, etc. It was just like the "auto transmission of yore." Go figure!

    Anyway, the reason for all of the stutter stepping on the road during the rain, apparently really didn't have much to do with the rain. It was the throttle valve working with the transmission... that was the problem. They freed up the valve, and all seems to be OK... for now.

    Just for the record I really do like my Neon. I just have annoying little problems. Probably a Lemon car, but I like it just the same. Here is a web site some of you might enjoy. (I found this website, and it will at least cause you to smile... it is not funny throughout, but there are some good parts)

    The Tao of Neons:

    Thank you for your tips on the auto transmission

  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    I haven't been here in over a year and agree with mobay! What's up with that man, no neon and still here. For those who don't want to look up year old posts I sold my neon so my wife could have a AWD minivan for here work as a nanny. It was a custom ordered 98 sport that was basically flawless for 3 years and 38,000 miles. I paid about $11,000 for it brand new without a trade in and sold traded it in on the van for $8500, so I don't agree resale is bad. I came back now because I am thinking about getting a 3rd car and the Neon SRT is sounding good (looking not so good IMO, I still prefer the look of the first generation). My price on a SRT neon would be about $17,800 which is pretty awesome for something that should run low 14 sec 1/4 mile times. If a heavier WRX with more rotating mass can run a 14.1 pure stock with high rpm launch, then the lighter SRT neon with similar power should maybe even hit into the 13's. It looks like it is really set up to be the best handling neon ever and the old ACR's were pretty awesome. I was thinking about a Mini Cooper S but there is a big wait, big price gouging, and they are no where near as fast. (don't give me cooper=BMW crap, cause the motor was a joint project with Chrysler!) I don't think the SRT neon will classify as the 2nd quickest/fastest Dodge though. It will be a 2003 and there will be the viper and a pesky 2003 Dodge Ram SRT with the viper powertrain floating around. Though this neon will stack up pretty good for 1/2 the price of the ram, and the down payment on the viper!
  • caesarslegioncaesarslegion Posts: 109
    Any one know how the new neons are as far as reliability? I have heard the new neons have a new 4 speed auto transmission and have fixed the head gasket problem. Any good or bad stories? Any repeat buyers?
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    We have 3 Neons, A 99 Plymouth Espresso, a 99 Dodge R/T and a 2002 Dodge R/T. The 99s are 2 door models. All 3 have 5 speeds and the 150 HP motors. The plymouth had a oil leak that was the head gasket - replaced under warranty. The 99 R/T has had both power window motors replaced for being very noisy. Both 99s have had sunroof motors replaced. Everything was corrected 1st time under warranty. The 2002 is a totally different car. It is quieter and much more roomy inside. We ordered the 2002 so we could get leather and NO sunroof. There is no wind noise on the 2002 however the engine is still noisy over 4000 rpm. The 99s are more fun to drive but the 2002 is still as fast, just "different". The 2002 was also a really good bargain with the rebates and dealer discounts. It came with the 7 year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty and we got the Chrysler wrap around warranty which gives us basically the same warranty as the 3/36 out to 7 years/100,000 miles for $1040. (Maximum Care $100 deductable). I enjoy driving all 3 but my personal favorite is the 2002. Rick
  • caesarslegioncaesarslegion Posts: 109
    Do you know if this new 7/100 powertrain warranty costs extra or is the wrap around extra? Does this cover pretty much every thing? Like engine/gaskets/trans? I have to be able to get at least 100,000 miles out of my cars ,my poor trcaer is giving up the ghost at 144,000 miles.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    The powertrain warranty is no charge. The wraparound warranty was what cost $1040. If you look at the chrysler web site at extended warranties the retail price of the 7 year 100,000 warranty with $100 deductable is $2900.00. The powertrain warranty just covers the motor and transaxle. Doesn't cover high buck electronic components.
  • caesarslegioncaesarslegion Posts: 109
    Ok thanks for the info.
  • I owned 3 Hondas, 2 Nissan, and currently own 1 BMW M5, Porsche boxster (wife's) and a 2002 Neon SE (mainly used for Long D). I do not know how you guys compare Dodge Neon to those quality imports, but to me, Dodge is the worst American made brand. I do agree that the new Neons do look nice and that was the only reason I bought it, but its quality is just too far from Honda Civic and its performance is no where near Nissan Sentra SE-R. Sorry to say that people, who thinks Neon is a fun to drive car, is probably never own a decent car before. I totally agree with Edmund's small sedans comparision This car has a rough engine with excessive vibration and loud engine noise. The sound of engine ignition is terribly loud and embarrassing. The car really worth nothing, it is nothing but a junk. I really think Edmund's is being too nice to Dodge to give Neon higher scores than it deserves. There is no reliability on this car at all. My Neon has only 11k miles on it and it is problematic: problem with the manual transy, some electrical problems, and power steering problem. Neon is cheap when compared to other import cars, but its engine, transy, almost everything is cheap too.. Strongly not recommended. Furthermore, my friend who is an auto mechanic for 10+ years suggested me to sell my Neon asap since I still can get a good resale value within the first year, he said that Dodge cars have a lot of problems and not worth buying at all.

    Neon good??? I DO NOT THINK SO.

  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    I had a 98 sport 150 HP 5-speed that cost all of $11,500 brand new, custom ordered with everything like power sunroof, aluminum, wheels, and windows, locks, etc. It got over 40 MPG on the highway (personal, and EPA rated), and I'm qutie sure it would beat a nissan of equal year in both handling, and acceleration. I had it 3 years and 37,000 miles and didn't have any problems. Then I traded it in on a minivan for $8500. Not bad resale either. I've owned Honda and Nissans as well, and when comparing the years the neon was a much, much better car. Look back to when the neon first came out in 95. Compare that to a 95 sentra and the nissan is very lacking. Now the neon does need some more improvements IMO as it's gotten heavier without increasing power, and it's suspension has gotten to "civic" like. All that ends with the neon SRT, which will surely beat the boxster in the 1/4 mile and probably handling as well, plus you can have 2 for the price of one boxster! Tough to compare a new M5 to a Neon, personally I'd rather retire at age 49 and still pay for my daughters college then drive a pretty quick for stock sedan, but if your giving them away I'll take 2!
  • Who is going to want to pay $20,000 for a Neon? Yeah, Dodge is claiming a 0-60 time of 5.9 seconds, but who's to say it'll turn out being 5.9? The new Mercury Marauder was claimed to have a 0-60 time in the mid 6s. Then when Speedvision tested it, it was getting times like 7.5 seconds. So, it's not like 5.9 is anything set in stone. And how loud is THIS neon going to be? WIth the bigger engine and a turbo AND the seems like it'd be unbearable.

    But there is probably an upside here. After Dodge realizes they're not going to sell a Neon for $20,000....they'll probably be massive rebates and you'll be able to pick one up for maybe $16,000 after a few months. But still, it is still a neon.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    Goodness gracious, comparing a lowly Neon with BMW M5s and Porsche Boxsters. Of course the Neon wont look as good. It is a compact ECONOMY car! Our family currently has 3 Neons. A 99 2 dr Plymouth Expresso 150 HP DOHC 5 speed with 34,000 miles (problems - sunroof motor replaced and headgasket replaced for an oil leak - warranty). A 99 Neon R/T with 26,000 miles (problems- sunroof motor replaced and both power window motors replaced - warranty). A 2002 Neon R/T Leather and side airbags (NO SUNROOF) with 1,000 miles. The cars handle well and get decent fuel mileage. The 2002 was special ordered and had a list price of just over $18,000. With discounts and rebates it cost about $14,500 and we purchased an additional warranty that gives maximum coverage with a $100 deductable covering the car out to 7 years or 100,000 miles (this cost $1040). How many Neon R/Ts can you buy for the purchase price of an M5 or a boxster? I agree the motors are noisy over 4,000 rpm, and there are Japanese vehicles that are more refined (and expensive) however the Neon fit our needs. We need reliable and economical transportation. The Neons fill the requirements. They start every time, go good in the snow, and give MPG in the high 20s to low 30s. They are cheap to insure. They are cheap to service (whats an oil change cost for a Beemer or Porsche, or better yet a tune up?). They are also fun to drive if your EGO doesn't require assistance from your vehicle. Don't care for Neons, don't buy them but keep things in perspective. They are economy cars first and foremost, reasonably well made for the price range they compete in. You can buy a well equiped 2002 SXT 5 speed for $10,588 based on ads in todays newspaper. Certainly not BMW or Porsce prices, so don't expect BMW or Porsche refinement. Rick
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    The SRT neon will have a MSRP of under $20,000. It will actually sell for closer to $18,500, and I bet many will end up in owners hands for about $18,000. They may apply the regular neon rebates to the car if sales don't take off which would mean they may go as low as $16,500. Now the SRT neon is just as powerful as a WRX but the neon is lighter. Even though it will have a traction deficit compared to the WRX it will be more then made up for by the end of the 1/4 mile. The AWD only helps briefly on the launch, and then it's all just extra rotating weight, which any drag racers knows is 10 times more damaging then static weight (like a fender). So if the WRX can run a 14.2 sec 1/4 mile (what Car&Driver, and Grass root Motor sports both got in tests) then it will be possible the new neon will break into the high 13's. Not to many cars running 13's stock, even fewer sedans, and none for around $19,000. Add to this a full suspension tweaking with serious rubber and it looks like a bargain.
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