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  • pst2424pst2424 Member Posts: 3
    What are current residual percentages for 15k miles per year leases for 36 and 39 month terms and what is fords current lease rate this month? I am trying to lease a Ford Flex and cannot get a straight answer from anyone about those two items. Thanks!
  • madlockmadlock Member Posts: 42
    They're going to vary depending upon what promotion and when they happen to be offered. And with the Flex being so new, there's little historical data to work from. You can call almost any credit union who engages in vehicle leasing and ask them. Most have no problem sharing. I wouldn't expect a 39 month 15K residual to exceed 50% though. I figure 45% to be safe.
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  • chen4813chen4813 Member Posts: 7
    It's interesting how there have been no posts regarding 2010 Flex purchases on this or any other automobile forum in the past several weeks. Nobody buying the Flex these days?
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    Oh I don't know, the current 1.9% for 60 months is tempting. I currently have a 2008 Veracruz FWD Limited, and although I love the vehicle, the FWD this morning in the snow has made me wish it was AWD. I started looking at the Flex, and depending on trade and such, if I could get what I want at the price I want, it would knock $100 off my monthly payments. It is tempting, but the Veracruz has a lot going for it that the Flex wouldn't have.

    Tempting tempting tempting, damned temptations are a killer eh?

    The one I would be interested in is the SEL AWD with the 207A and tow package. The goal would be to get it for $34k after TTL, financed for [email protected]% $500 down and trade of the VC. Very tempting. I just recently, last September traded an 09 Camry Hybrid for a 2010 Fusion Sport, and although I went from 38MPG to 22 MPG, I knocked my monthly down $44, and the fun factor up 100%. I love the Fusion Sport, and if I were to go with the Flex, my stable would be 100% Ford once again, right now it is 4 Fords and a Hyundai. ;)
  • cbear4cbear4 Member Posts: 1
    Wondering what people think about future incentives. I'm new to thinking about a Flex and with the current incentives expiring on 3/1, while I could get a deal done in time I don't really need to. I have X-plan.

    What do people think about the possibility of future good incentives? My gut is that there will be good deals in the near future and I can wait at this point. I'm sure that if I start talking to the dealer the pressure to buy quick will be deafening.
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    Dealers are dealing now on the Flex, they want to move them. I just picked up an SEL AWD Ecoboost for under invoice + incentives. Sad part, day I got it I received in the mail a $750 additional coupon if I buy new 2/15, I bought 2/13, :cry: :mad:

    Not only did I get close to what I wanted, didn't have the tow package, but I saved $114 a month over the Veracruz I traded in on it.
  • flexmax1flexmax1 Member Posts: 1
    Purchased a new 2010 Flex Limited w/ Ecoboost, Vista Moonroof, Park Assist, and Tow Package for ~$40K (includes $3000 in rebates). Price also includes 6 yr/100K Ford PremiumCare ESP. Good deal?

    So far it's everything I expected: fun to drive, handles well, and plenty of storage. Haven't yet learned all that Sync can do.

    I am surprised at not seeing more of them on the road here in the Northeast.
  • ttwebttweb Member Posts: 17
    Hi Flexmax,
    I am >< this close to purchasing an Eco Flex too. Would love to know the exact options list you had on yours and more.
    Which dealer you used? and how you got the ESP included in the deal.
    Could you send an email offline so we can chat further?

  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    I was going to say, maybe a bit high, but reread, you got the Limited, sounds like a good deal to me. The only reason I didn't go with the Limited, I don't care for Nav in a car, and didn't like the steering wheel. Otherwise, except for the second row having heated seats, they are pretty much the same. These really are nice cars, the more I use it, the more I like it. Now its hard to decide which car to drive, it's a toss up between the Flex and my Fusion Sport.
  • dmbfn41dmbfn41 Member Posts: 8

    1. Could you give a breakdown of the options on your Flex and what you paid before ttl?

    2. How does the Flex compare to the Veracruz? These two vehicles are currently our top 3rd row choices.

    Thanks for your time,
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753

    1. Could you give a breakdown of the options on your Flex and what you paid before ttl?

    I will need to wait until I get home to get the prices, but the options on this were the SEL Ecoboost with Park assist, white roof, and second row 40/40 seating. The cost was roughly $2000 under sticker after everything was said and done and before the cash backs were applied. I got $2500 in cash backs and put $799 down.

    2. How does the Flex compare to the Veracruz? These two vehicles are currently our top 3rd row choices.

    This is a tough question, both vehicles are VERY good, the only reason I got rid of the Veracruz was that it was not AWD, it had nothing to do with anything about the car itself, just that where I live I made a huge mistake not getting it in AWD. Had Hyundai had some really good incentives to bring the cost down on a 2010 AWD Limited, i would have gone with replacing it with the same car in AWD.

    Now with that being said, a few things about the Flex that make it a real winner. The Ecoboost power is just awesome, it is there when you need it, yet gives pretty darn good FE when you don't use it. I am getting about 1 MPG better than I did with the Hyundai, 19 vs 18. I haven't taken any long highway trips yet to get a feel for true Highway MPG, the Veracruz got between 24-26 MPG. I may not be able to get near that in the Flex since it is basically a brick on wheels, where the VC was pretty aerodynamic. There is more room in the Flex, especially with the 40/40 second row, they move forward so an adult can sit comfortably back there without being cramped. With the third row seats up, there is still storage space behind them, as there is a well under and behind the seats, and it is a little deeper than the VC. The ride between them I would say is fairly equal, the Flex being somewhat quieter, the VC has an annoying suspension noise over rough roads. The seats I feel are more comfortable in the Flex, but we have big butts, and they are bigger seats, so that is more of a personal thing. The Flex however has less front leg room, but you sit higher, so you are sitting more like in a chair than reclining in the VC, so leg comfort in the VC is better. For us that is a trade off, I was comfortable in the VC, but on a long trip the short seat bottom would get uncomfortable after a while. There is a bit more storage spage in the Flex, one of the gripes I had with the VC was the wasted space that could have been better thought out for storage, like the ashtray that never gets used, and that useless cooler under the armrest.

    A few things about the VC, it has options on it that rival Lexus, heated wipers(which mine was supposed to have, but it was an early MY, so it didn't), Rain sensing wipers, Sun roof, rear park assist, power lift gate, power front buckets, both sides, heated front seats, good quality leather on the seats and doors, a very good sound system( had the rear seat DVD). Everything except the DVD was standard, there really are no other options except maybe a hitch and roof rails, which are dealer installed. The VC has plenty of power, handles real well, is a great highway cruiser, and was trouble free for the two years we owned it with one minor exception.

    Between the two, we are finding the Flex fits our needs better than the VC did, we have 3 kids, 2, 4 and 15, and placement of car seats so we all sit comfortably was not easy in the VC, we had one in the second row, one in the third, and getting to the one in the rear was not easy, there wasn't enough room between the second row seat and the wheel opening in the door, the Flex though, the second row seats flip up and forward giving a lot of room, and both car seats fit back there in the third row just perfectly, so it is easy to get them in and out, and still have room in the second row for the 15 YO, and my wife when my mom goes with us, so it is a true 6 passenger car. If you don't have car seats though, the Veracruz has plenty of room and is very comfortable to ride in.

    The only issue I had with the Veracruz was the AM filter on the radio went byebye, everything else worked fine, it was just very noisy on AM. Hyundai replaced the radio, but did a horrible job at it. Took 3 attempts for them to get the correct radio, and damaged the steering wheel in the process, which they replaced, but when I got the car back, it just wasn't the same. I don't know what they did to it, but it developed a flat spot on take off that it never had before, and with the poor service I got, I was reluctant to take it back in. The Veracruz is a VERY good vehicle, too bad their service stinks.

    Had the VC been an AWD model, I would still be driving it, found a different dealer for service and had the flat spot fixed. It really is a nice car, in some ways nicer than the Flex, but the Flex is just such a cool car with the Ecoboost and fits our needs perfectly that I am very happy with it, now we have to flip a coin the decide what to drive, the Fusion Sport or the Flex!
  • memsanmemsan Member Posts: 1
    I am thinking about buying a flex but am concerned about it towing my 22' boat which weighs approximately 3500 lbs with trailer. I know if properly equpped with eco boost and 20 " tires and tow package it is rated to tow 4500 but I would like to know if anyone has actually towed a boat and if so what was the experience like. Thank you for any comments that may help me make this decision.
  • 4everyoung14everyoung1 Member Posts: 12
    I have got an offer my local dealer for the 2010 SEL AWD with Vista roof and 207A package and two tone roof for $35994.88 (Including Tax, registration fees OTD). This is based on the 0% APR for 36 months promo. Is this a good price. Let me know.
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    edited March 2010
    OK I grabbed the papers, the bottom line pricing I paid for the 2010 Flex Ecoboost with 208A, Two tone roof, park assist and 40/40 seating was $36097.62 before taxes and fees and after the incentives were taken off. Add taxes, title, license, doc fees, and $799 down it cost me $36608.36. Just checked dealer cost on it, it is $36783. The $2500 cash back incentives really do help knock the cost down without hurting the dealer too much.
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    I have an offer from my local dealer for the 2010 SEL AWD with Vista roof and 207A package and two tone roof for $35994.88 (Including Tax, registration fees OTD).

    Dealer invoice pre holdback on this is $35371. If you did not trade anything in, then it sounds like a very good deal. The dealer cost is ~ $33909 on the vehicle.
  • 4everyoung14everyoung1 Member Posts: 12
    Thanks!No i am not trading anything in. I am contemplating now as to either go with 0% APR or finance else where. If i do not go with 0% APR, i could get another 1500 knocked off the price.
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    Currently it looks like other financing rates are 3.9% and up, which will cost you more than $1500 if you finance the entire amount, the 0% finance would be the better route in that case. Plus every time you make a payment, you know what your payoff amount is.

    36K @ 3.9% = ~4K I took 0% for my Fusion Sport, got my payments down $40 over the other car, and every month I know exactly what is still owed on the car.
  • 4everyoung14everyoung1 Member Posts: 12
    True. But the 0% APR is for 36 months. The monthly payments are really hefty.
  • 4everyoung14everyoung1 Member Posts: 12
    I was just looking at the new rebates for Toyota and 2010 Highlander also has 0% APR. Is the Ford flex better than Highlander. I have not test driven the highlander but i see a lot of them on the road versus the flex as i have not seen one to date. I live in the DC suburbs.
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    The Flex is roomier and costs less. You really cannot fit 6 adults in a Highlander, but you can in the Flex, comfortably too. The Flex also handles more like a car than the Highlander, it has a lower center of gravity, and with AWD it is rock steady in any weather. If you have a decent music library, the Flex with Sync blows Toyota away! A $15 flash drive loaded with all your music plugged into the USB slot gives you instant access to all the music with the push of a button.

    Consumer reviews are rating the Flex higher than the Highlander too. Best bet, go drive the Flex, go drive the Highlander, go drive the Flex again, and then decide. Really look both over, check out your daily activities and how each will handle the job. I have 3 kids, a 3, 5, and 15 YO, getting the kids into car seats in the Flex is a piece of cake, even in the third row. moving the car seats between rows also very easy, in fact, one seat I can install without even getting in the car, the rear seats flip backwards. I can put the kids in the seats, and buckle them in without getting in the car either, in the third row. Mine has the 40 40 seating in the second row, I highly recommend it, they adjust forward and backwards, so someone in the third row can have plenty of leg room. If I need to get anything, all the seats, including the front passenger fold flat, giving me a lot of cargo space. At first the looks of the car were not very pretty, but they kind of grow on you, and I am beginning to like the looks of it, but since I spend most of the time inside of it, the interior is what sold me on the car. Mine is also the Ecoboost, and it is a fast songun. I am getting 19 MPG daily driving in it, better than I did with the Veracruz, and better than what I see others are getting in the Highlander. I haven't cruised the highway yet, so I am not sure what the highway miles will be.
  • 4everyoung14everyoung1 Member Posts: 12
    Thanks! I am not sure if FLEX is cheaper than the Highlander. I have got quotes where like both of them are around the same price. I test drove the Flex and really like the interior. The exterior was OK. I live in the DC area and so far i have not seen even a single flex around here and i am not sure why it is not popular. Is there a chance that Flex does not sell well, then Ford might discontinue like what they did with Five Hundred. That is another thing which is causing some concern for me. I will test drive the Highlander too today and see the difference.
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    The Flex has only been out for two years, Highlander has a huge lead on it. Dealers are really pushing to sell the Flex, I got a great deal on mine. You may even be able to get a $750 coupon towards one by ordering the brochure online. I know a few people did that.
  • 4everyoung14everyoung1 Member Posts: 12
    True it is really kind of surprising to not even see one on the road in the past 2 years. Anyways it test drove both the Highlander and the Pilot and i did not like Highlander as you said. There is no room in that. But the pilot is kind of roomy and also handled well. Now i have to choose between Flex and Pilot. Really confused. Thanks for your help very much.
  • ttwebttweb Member Posts: 17
    One thing to think about that may, or may not, matter in your evaluation process. The front passenger seat can have some unexpected limitations. Both my wife and I have noticed how with many cars these days you cannot adjust the front passenger seat up and down, just back and forth. This became prevalent when they added the weight sensor for the passenger airbag. Honda's don't allow that up and down movement on their power seats but the Flex does.
    Also the lower leg room on the passenger side in both the Pilot and Odyssey is very limiting.
    We are 6'6" and 5'8" so it is much more noticeable to us than maybe others.
    Good luck in your evaluation.
    You may want to look at the GM triplets (Enclave, Acadia, Traverse) as well. More cargo (117 vs 87 vs 83) room but the second row seats may not be as nice. Depends on your needs.
  • 4everyoung14everyoung1 Member Posts: 12
    Thanks for your input. My wife is only 5'4" and mostly i will be driving the vehicle when we both go out, so the passenger legroom may not be an issue. I am going to go down again and test drive the Flex again and come to a conclusion tommorow.
  • needitquickneeditquick Member Posts: 10
    edited March 2010
    Limited w/ Eco Boost
    Cin Metallic
    Charcoal interior
    Bench Seat
    White Roof
    Headrest DVD players
    Roof Rails (No Vista roof)
    Park Assist
    Remote Start
    Floor Mats
    20 inch wheels

    44,300 (invoice, including FDAF assessment and fuel charge) + tax + MDV - incentives at time of delivery.
    Costco pricing.

    Supposed to arrive in 6-8 weeks. Can't wait.
    (Had to order, Limited w/ Eco boost + roof rails apparently doesn't exist!)
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    My wife is about the same height, and at first she thought the seat sat her too low on the passenger side, until she discovered that the seat is adjustable, and she no longer felt like a kid. You really don't realize how much that can make a difference until you have to sit there! :) I have nothing to say about the Pilot other than I think they are a wee bit on the pricey side when priced out with matching options.
  • ttwebttweb Member Posts: 17
    What City/State did you work through Costco on the invoice order?
  • 4everyoung14everyoung1 Member Posts: 12
    Pilot is not that expensive than Flex. As a matter of fact i am getting Pilot EX-L with DVD for 31000 before taxes which is actually lesser than my SEL AWD which i have been quoted for 32K. So the price is also really confusing me in this equation. I have never been so indecisive.
  • texana99texana99 Member Posts: 10
    I have a 2010 Flex Limited, cinamon with white roof. A friend just purchased a 2010 Pilot Touring ediition. Maybe because the Pilot is white, it just looks like every other SUV on the road. The Flex looks much more distinctive. I took a ride in the Pilot, and it is very nice and fully loaded, but the driving/riding experience is very different. I have had the Flex since late September, have about 4500 miles on it, and appreciate it more every day. Good luck with your choice!
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    For a family with little kids, the Flex is a better choice, access to the second and third rows is a LOT easier in the flex than the Pilot. It is easier than a lot of other makes too, short of a mini van. The only thing I have to say is watch your head, the door openings are lower than the others only due to it's height, it doesn't sit as high up as the others.
  • 4everyoung14everyoung1 Member Posts: 12
    The Resale value for Ford Flex is almost 7K lesser than the Honda Pilot looking at KBB. But if i look at, i only see cars advertised at 32K price range for like 13000 miles driven. So kind of misleading but i think everyone will base their asking price based on the KBB.
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    If you base buying a vehicle on what it's resale value is, then you aren't really buying something you really like. I bought a Prius and Camry hybrid knowing I can get a decent resale out of them, while getting good fuel economy. The downside was, we didn't like either one of them, so having the resale was a good thing. OTOH, we both love the Fusion and Flex that we bought, and unless they start to act up uncontrollably, which I doubt, since we have owned Fords for a very long time, we plan to keep them for quite a while. Sitting in our garage now is a 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis, the resale is about 1/10th of what it was new, but my mom likes the car so much she had me do a body restore on it with a complete new paint job, including a color change, its the only Dark Amethyst 1995 Grand Marquis you will see. Had she taken it somewhere, she would have paid at least $5000 to have it done.

    The best advice I can give you, don't worry about resale, find a vehicle you really like, and go with that. It sucks driving one that you don't like because you may be able to sell it for more than something you probably would have liked a lot better. When I get behind the wheel of either one and give it the gogo juice, I get a smile on my face, something I never got driving the Toyotas.
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    I am thinking about buying a flex but am concerned about it towing my 22' boat which weighs approximately 3500 lbs with trailer. I know if properly equpped with eco boost and 20 " tires and tow package it is rated to tow 4500 but I would like to know if anyone has actually towed a boat and if so what was the experience like. Thank you for any comments that may help me make this decision.

    I noticed no one replied to you, just the post. The Flex should be able to tow it just fine. If you get the towing package, it includes sway control which will help keep the trailer stable. My only recommendation would be a Weight Distribution hitch to help level out the car and trailer, I use one for my 7000# horse trailer even though I have an F350 Dually Crewcab. I used to pull it with a 97 explorer, it is nearly as long as what you are looking to tow, but twice the weight.
  • needitquickneeditquick Member Posts: 10
    New York, why?
  • ttwebttweb Member Posts: 17
    Just thought it may be different across the US. Different regions. Different local dealers.
  • ttwebttweb Member Posts: 17
    Looks like next week I will be purchasing a new Flex. The details:
    Ecoboost AWD, Ink Blue with White top
    Options: 40/40 2nd row seats, Vista Roof, Trailer Pkg, 2nd Row Console, White Roof

    Total MSRP: $46,945
    Price before rebates: $42,999
    With Rebates: $39,999 ($1,500 +1,000 + $500 college student)
    7/100k ESP Premium warranty with $100 deduct: $1350
    $75 Doc Fee
    = Total $41,424 before Tax, Title, License.

    Price was about $600 over cost (Invoice - Holdback). $200 of that was to transport the vehicle from another dealer.

    Will consummate the deal on Monday barring any last minute surprises.
  • madlockmadlock Member Posts: 42
    That's terrific. Congratulations. There's no shame in allowing dealers a little gravy, especially if a long distance dealer swap is involved. We often fail to remember we need profitable dealers too, and hopefully this weakest link in Ford's North American chain will improve.

    Dark Ink Blue is a sublime color; and the precise shade Fiord chose is truly unique. It's indeed almost two entirely different colors; a near-black in certain conditions, and one of the most dignified and elegant shades of what I describe as an "Executive" blue I've ever seen. It's at it's best when it appears near-black (like its namesake ink) and the blue lumanesces from beneath. It's the shade of my MKS; and we deliberately forwent a 2010 in favor of a 2009 as Ford dropped D.I.B. For MKS in 2019 in favor of Atlantis Green. The MKS in this shade is a true "CEO Special".

    You will love EcoBoost. Even as Mustang GT leaps beyond 400hp, Ford's dirtiest little secret is the EcoBoost V6. It's torque curve is SO broad and SO flat and SO stuck-to-the-ceiling that but not for its higher center if gravity, an EcoBoost Flex (and MKT and MKS/Taurus, for that matter continue to offer Ford's most satisfying throttle short of Shelby.

    Enjoy your Flex and welcome to the select community of owners. The total volume must have finally reached some point of critical mass recently as rather than being a "see one every week or so" rarity, I see almost at least one each day, which can only exponentially help sales as more people have the opportunity to "look 'n ask" whenever one appears in their corner of the world.

    Congratulations and welcome.
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    I take it you are getting a Limited, not an SEL. Sweet deal. I couldn't find a Limited without the Vista roof, or an SEL with a tow package. :confuse: I figured I could live without the NAV, and found the SEL EB. You will just LOVE being able to pull out into traffic and hit 60 MPH in seconds. It will open some eyes when you do.
  • ttwebttweb Member Posts: 17
    I have put 1700 miles on in one week. Love it!
    And yes it is a Limited. The Nav was a maybe for me but a must for her. It is a very good Nav. And having all the other functions (climate, radio, etc.) available via the touch screen is nice as well.
  • drewkcdrewkc Member Posts: 2
    Just curious, at 6'6" do you find the driver's footrest to be uncomfortable? I'm 6'4" with a 33" inseam and I find it really limits the legroom and makes it very difficult to extend or reposition your left leg on longer trips. I also wish the driver's seat went back an inch or two farther. However, it is my wife's everyday vehicle and it fits her great! But if I was my everyday car, the driver's side footrest/legroom would have probably been a dealbreaker. Otherwise, I've been very pleased with our new 2010 Flex SEL and am very comfortable riding in the passenger's seat.
  • ttwebttweb Member Posts: 17
    Good question on leg room. I thought the dead pedal might be problematic (36" inseam) but after 1800miles on mine, I seam to be doing fine. When I put it on cruise control I move my foot off the dead pedal and find space near or under the brake pedal. I also find taking my shoes off helps tremendously (assuming the feet are fairly freshly bathed. LOL.). I wouldn't mind if I could get another inch or two of seat movement but it doesn't feel critical.
    And really my choices for 3 row seating in my size are pretty limited. The Flex won out over the CX-9 (passenger seat comfort and narrower width), the Honda Odyssey Marginal leg room, no passenger leg room, and uncomfortable seat after 100 miles), the Suburban/Yukon XL (best leg room, but seats that didn't hold you in place). All other minivans are much worse for legroom.
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    This would be my only little gripe on the Flex. It could use a little more room between the brake and dead pedal, so you can stretch the legs out a bit. Considering the seating is upright, and not reclined like in a car, it isn't that big of a deal, I took a couple hour drive and found it comfortable enough for a long trip, but having just a little more room would have made it perfect.
  • drewkcdrewkc Member Posts: 2
    The dead pedal in the Flex just seems a bit larger and deeper than what I've experienced in other cars. I guess it's a convenient feature for average size drivers, but somewhat intrusive for taller people, IMO. Like you, though, I&#146;ve adapted on longer drives by removing my shoes and placing by left foot to the right of the footrest or under the brake. But if I&#146;m wearing boots or bulky shoes, it&#146;s hard for me to find a comfortable position. I have a bum left knee, so the dead pedal is probably more of an annoyance to me than other drivers...

    Did you get into a Traverse when you were shopping vehicles? I thought it was sufficiently roomy, but my wife and I weren't impressed with styling and felt the Flex offered much more bang for the buck.
  • ttwebttweb Member Posts: 17
    I did try the GM triplets. The front headrests did a great job of pressing against the base of my neck. Very annoying. The leg room was good. My wife was not impressed with fit and finish. The second row was not very suitable for adults. Sat too low and the headrests did not raise and lower and thus pressed against my upper back. I was raised in a GM family so it wasn't a bias against. Just too many things that didn't work.
    Yes the Flex's headrests lean forward, just not as far and don't make contact. That's a good thing Ford, if you are listening.
  • tslbmwtslbmw Member Posts: 172
    Just thought I'd share the details of my purchase:

    2010 Flex SEL 2WD w/Conv Pkg, Vista Roof & White Tri Coat paint
    MSRP $36,915
    Invoice $34,160
    Paid invoice minus $2500 rebate or $31,660 + tax (3% Va), tag & title
    OTD was $32,888
    Put $1500 down @ financed $31,388 @ 3.9 for 60 months. $530 per month

    Picking up the car tomorrow.
    They made money on the holdback and I felt like I was getting a good deal. No trade in involved.

    Hope this helps anyone buying a Flex. :)
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    Good Deal!
  • tslbmwtslbmw Member Posts: 172
    Thanks! I'm pretty excited to pick it up and again, was very happy with the deal. They had to go to NJ to get it cuz I wanted the White Tri Coat paint with the charcoal leather...which for some reason was hard to come by...most had the stone leather...but we thought our kids would really mark that up with their shoes/food/etc.

    We sold our 07 Honda Odyssey outright and my wife can't wait to get into a car she actually thinks is good looking...:)
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    The Stone does dirt up easily, but I choose it anyway only due to the black absorbing more heat in the summer. My Sport has black seats, and they do get hot. It just means I have to clean them more.
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