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Hyundai Genesis Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wgr3wgr3 Posts: 11
    So does Schaefer and Strohminger in Baltimore.
  • wgr3wgr3 Posts: 11
    So that leaves you with a price of...?
  • wgr3wgr3 Posts: 11
    and for your part, after agreeing on a price, decided to go elsewhere to see whether you could get a better deal. The dealership committed to a car and when it arrived, you said you'd get back to them. They sold it to someone else who did want it.

    And what if you had decided to take another deal, and if the Genesis were not selling as well as it is, the dealer would have been stuck with $35,000 in inventory cost he took on as a result of your original agreement. I am preetty sure you would object to a penalty if you declined to purchase. Agreements to purchase a car are not like a real estate agreement where thew deposit may be kept as liquidated damages.

    A dealer has as much right to expect a customer to keep their word as the customer has for a dealership to keep its word.
  • $56,750 plus $300 tax and =/-200 doc fees, etc. This included $4,000 Lexus to dealer special.
  • jeffreidjeffreid Posts: 162
    That is still $14750 from a V8 Genesis with tech MSRP. If you have a 5% state tax, then you are up to a $15487.50 difference. Then there is the other $1950 that you would pay in interest over 60 months at 5%. Or the $1950 that you would lose in interest on your money (assuming paying cash) if you could draw 5% over the next 60mo. That gets us to $17437.

    Then there is the extra cost of maintainence on the Lexus vs. the Genesis.

    From a dollars and cents perspective, I think that the Genesis is still providing a pretty strong argumment here. And that is assuming MSRP. If you get any discount, then it gets even more interesting.

    Just another side of the coin.
  • The sales tax in SC is $300 MAX on any vehicle. However, my intention was to show that Lexus was offering huge (for them) discounts. Genesis will always be cheaper than Lexus, but it might be time for Hyundai to begin considering discounts on the car. Plus the car already has a recall on the most complicated component - the computer.
    Add that the market is now in the toilet. Hyundai sales down 31% in October, Toyota Corp. sales down 23%.
  • jeffreidjeffreid Posts: 162
    One other thing to consider is this.

    If Hyundai wants the Genesis to be a tester for a lux brand, then they are going to have to keep the idea of improved residuals in mind as well. With no way to know what the market will look like in 5 years, it is in the best interests of resale value on this car to keep the incentives away. Just ask Honda about that approach.

    Anyway, one can always argue that the Genesis has a pretty reasonable "badge discount" applied straight from the factory!!
  • Interesting call from Lincoln/Hyundai salesman. He wants me to come test drive the V8 that just came in even though I told him that I prefer the Lincoln MKS over the Genesis V6 after test driving both with him and am not interested in a V8. Still asking MSRP, but he said people who bought V6's are trading them for V8's. Sales talk or fact? If V8 is so hot, why did he bother to call me?
  • Has anyone from this Genesis-sedan buying experience forum negotiate below-invoice of purchase or pre-order a Genesis V8 Tech-pak (Invoice)> $34,521 + (Tech-pak)> $3640 + (Des. chrg)> $750 a total: $38,911 or receive 0% financing? Myself search some Hyundai dealership for V8 engine but no dealers have received V8 yet. The dealership have to pre-order V8 Tech-pak for customers and with the US-economy downfall are the dealerships offering 0% ?

    Is possible yet to get Hyundai Genesis-sedan V8 Tech-pak at $35K ? I see some major Genesis-competitors going way below invoice!

    Adv. Thx.
  • Has anyone from this Genesis-sedan buying experience forum negotiate below-invoice of purchase

    Hi VeraGen

    Where I live, the current deal is only for the lease, I managed to get the 0% 24 month lease (before it went up on the 5th), I managed to get the least price down from $714 to $605 for a fully loaded V8, so indeed after all said and done I managed to get the price down by few $$.... (I could have done more, but I was tired of waiting and wanted one now with the right color combo)…

    However I do not believe the prices you mentioned would be possible for at least few months, where I live these vehicles do seem to move at very close to the MSRP...

    Good luck and hope you find a good deal...
  • Thx. Dav, For response & 0% for 24 mon. lease for a fully loaded Genesis V8 sound terrific w / getting the price down $714 to $605. Also what is the color-combo? Myself, preferly of 1st. color-combo: Red-Pearl / Premuim Saddle-Leather or 2nd. color-combo: Sterling Blue / Premuim Black-Leather.

    And yes, A Genesis V8 Tech-pak for $35K? I maybe possible in a few months of 2009 year.

    VeraGen :shades:
  • what is the color-combo? Myself, preferly of 1st. color-combo: Red-Pearl / Premuim Saddle-Leather

    One of the dealers I was working with had a nice Red-Pearl / Saddle-Leather V6 Tech and I must say the color combo looked sharp indeed..

    Where I live (South East) the V8s are just beginning to arrive, first I was looking at the Titanium, but the black interior with the saddle dash trim did not sit well with Mrs., not mention the dealer was very proud of being the first in town to have the V8 and would not play, so I switched dealers and they had a Champaign (the color is closer to being pearl than gold/Tan) with the cashmere interior and the black dash leather trim. Most people who have seen it agree that the color combo is both Elegant and stunning.(although the important thing is I like it :D )

    As far as 35k V8 Tech.. everything is possible.. then again sometimes life is just too short... :blush:
  • xxozxxoz Posts: 2
    I having been enjoying reading about the experiences everyone has had with the Hyundai Genesis so far. I drove one this weekend and it was a very nice vehicle.

    I am trying to figure out what kind of pricing I should be able to negotiate for a V6 w/Tech Pkg. I have not seen people talking about these much and I am definitely hoping I can negotiate under the invoice price. Anyone purchase V6 tech for below invoice yet? I have seen 1 dealer online offering the package for $34,499... Not sure if I could get it down further. Thanks for any insight!

  • where are u located?
    Best price i got for V6 w/ Tech was $ 36,350 plus TTL
  • We were asked to use this site, so my question again is.
    You paid $30,000 for a V6 with tech and premium plus packages. Is that correct? Which Atlanta dealer?
  • No response in 5 days, so I guess the 30,000 was a typo and Genesis9 really paid substantially more- 40,000 maybe.
  • snagssnags Posts: 27
    I went online to a local dealer here in Jersey and they came back with a 40k quote (last price).

    I dont understand this in view of the economy ,slow sales rtc. that they wouldnt even give 1k off .

    This dealer has had a red one on the lot for months and it hasnt moved and a black. one that hasnt moved.

    bryond that just trying to find the one you want is difficult if seeing it first is important.

    It seems that Hyundai has done a poor job of getting the hype ,advertising,and availability to coincide.
  • Now that USA officially announce Dec. 2008 the country economy is in a recession. Most automakers have 0% program. Hyundai has 0% program on their vehicles as well, Is this 0% program applied to 2009 Genesis - sedan? And possible a marked-off on MSRP.
  • gccmngccmn Posts: 11
    Give me $2K off the invoice and 0% APR and I will convince my wife to trade in her '08 Sonata for the V8 Genesis. :P
  • skylabskylab Posts: 37
    Wait a month or so. Hyundai's sales were down 40% in November as the ebbing economic tide lowered everyone's boat. Manufacturers and dealers are going to have to dig really deep to move metal in this environment.
  • The Hyundai TV ad I saw in North TX last night had fine print that excluded the Genesis. I believe the ad was for 0% financing. Hyundai is still too proud of their new baby to offer any deals, wait a few month.
  • Thus far I've gotten a quote from a Dealer in NJ of $36,500 for a Genesis 3.8 V6 with Tech Package. I've got other dealers in NJ willing to do better. I wondering if I should wait until next year to see if Hyundai will add any incentives on the Genesis.
  • cviz, Which NJ dealership is selling the Genesis V6 Tech-pak for a price-quote of $36,500? and who are the other NJ dealers willing to better than $36,500? Maybe you should try to get the dealership to invoice, below invoice, 0%, incentives.
  • All these dealers are in Central NJ. I believe I was able to get these offers because I did my research and know what the invoice is on the car. I was also pre-approved for a car loan and was open to allow the dealer to match or better my finance. Plus I have an excellent credit rating. The offers were on dealer stock, no pre-orders.

    I also know how many Genesis have been sold throughout the US since their release in August, surprisingly they are not flying off the lots.
  • Anyone willing to share what deals, if any, they received on a V8 with the tech package? I haven't read all of the posts, but I mostly see folks talking about lease deals. I am looking to get into a V8 prior to year end. But this would be a purchase and not a lease.

  • jaymagicjaymagic Posts: 309
    Did anyone watch the 2 hour opener for the new season of 24? It was sponsored by Hyundai and some of the Washington characters were showcased in a new Genesis with the tech pkg. When it reappears in January, you may wnat to check it out.
  • Sales talk. Majority of Genesis' out there are V6.

    Desperate dealers I've seen have the V6 down at $29,888. Invoice is $30,243. So they are selling these Genesis' well below invoices to make sales numbers at the end of the month at some small dealers. Huge dealerships are harder to negotiate with.

    The V8 is just being hyped by the dealer. What matters is the 0-60mph.
    The V6 goes 6.1, the V8 does it in 5.6 seconds. The V8 just sounds better doing it a little bit slower. Is it worth 12K?
  • I've only emailed a dealer and mentioned that another dealer was going $1,000 below MSRP. He agreed to match it pretty quickly. Usually they want me to bring the ad in to verify it.

    The V6 though is a better story. I'm seeing nearly $400 below INVOICE at several dealers. If you wait a few months the dealers will sell the V8 at invoice once they realize they're sitting on the floor room too long. They know the V8 has demand and are holding out for those people who just have to have the newest product at MSRP.
  • Thanks for the reply lawstud. I picked up my V8 w/Tech package on Saturday in South Carolina. Paid $40,000. Probably not the best deal. But I think I did okay considering Edmunds is still saying folks are paying MSRP. The dealer actually had the car marked up to about $46,000. Not too sure what that was all about. But that was the price is I was initially quoted and also what was on the second dealer price sticker on the vehicle. I have no idea who they thought was going to pay that price. But it certainly wasn't me. Have already put about 450 miles on the car. I love it. Getting into this vehicle from a M35 Sport is quite the change. But so far, I am quite pleased. Stay tuned!
  • Hey msteam,
    Congrats on the purchase. I am glad I made the move as well. Everyone is "staying away from the Hyundai nameplate". A little afraid. They have come a long way and I am sure they didn't just throw this car out there. Too much to risk. I know they don't want to revert back to the Hyundai of old. Does the first Excel ring a bell? Just like you, I have had zero issues. I have had "luxury" vehicles in the past. This truely qualifies as one. My trade was a 2006 M35 Sport. I think I could have sold the car myself for more. But I just took the $21000 offer and moved on. Didn't want the hassel. Had to put up fight for the $21000. The original offer was $19000. That wasn't going to happen. So here I am!
  • Hi All

    I saw some postings on this site that indicated that some saw pricing as low as $1900 below invoice. I'm not finding that around here... South Jersey. Any one else doing any year end shopping and what are you finding. I am looking at the V6 with the Premium Package (no nav or upgraded wheels). Thanks.
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    Seems like people are not buying looking at the forum activity. Having owned a couple of BMW's and looking over the Genesis I will probably lease one as soon as the rates become attractive. Has anyone been given any good numbers?
  • cviz821cviz821 Posts: 12
    I purchased one

    Purchase Date: 1/1/09
    Model: 3.8L V6 with Tech Pkg
    Color: Titanium Grey Metallic with Jet Black Interior and Saddle dash inlay.
    Accessories: Rear Cargo Tray, iPod Cable, and Alloy Wheel Locks
    MSRP: $40,180
    Invoice: $37,758
    Price Paid: $36,575 plus TTL
  • msteammsteam Posts: 7
    Best of luck with your new addition many happy miles to you
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    Good for you, it's a pity the dealers in SW Florida cannot get to that price. Can I ask where you are and did you lease or pay cash.
  • msteammsteam Posts: 7
    I have tried to purchase cars many times with my local dealers usually I have needed to use plan B. I use the internet and the phone to find a dealer who is willing to sell at what I consider a reasonable price. I try to get hold of the sales manager on the phone first and discover how hungry he is, then I see how he feels about my offer.When I bought my 4.6 I went locally and the best I could do was $23000 plus my Lexus IS 250 I went on line and located a Hyundai dealer who also had a Lexus dealership he was 60 miles away but I got the car for $20500 . The dealer further away has only one shot at it so they usually are quicker to meet your price. I have bought 3 new cars on the phone this way. I still get my service done at my local dealer with zero issues from the service department .
  • cviz821cviz821 Posts: 12

    I purchased the car. I went to the dealership with a pre-approved loan at 4.74% for 60 months. The dealer gave me a rate of 4.65% so I financed the car through them.

    I'm in Central NJ.
  • Bought White 4.6 w/tech at 3.5% over invoice and free oil changes for a year. Financed entire price + taxes/fees for 0.9% 36 months (entire finance charge a little over $600! A great deal from an attentive dealer (whole sales transaction took less than an hour!)
  • Just closed on 3.8 w. premium (17" wheels). List $35000 paid $31000 + TTT. They gave me $6500 for my GMC Envoy which was about $1500 more than anyone else offered. All and all I am please, will pick it up tomorrow. Sapphire blue w. beige interior.
  • frenafrena Posts: 2
    I just got a quote for a South Carolina dealer for invoice less $500 on any in-stock 3.8 or invoice if they have to order my color/option package. Assume they'll do the same on the 4.6 but haven't yet confirmed this as a fact.
  • elsi1elsi1 Posts: 2
    I have a Genesis with the Tech/Nav system. When there are more than one audio CD loaded the changer will not automatically advance to the next audio CD when the previous one is complete. The dealer said the player is designed to be advanced manually so that a DVD could not automatically be played while driving down the road. I do not find the logic or sense in that explanation. Is anyone else having this problem? Can anyone expain why the system would be designed so that the CDs would not automatically advance? Thanks
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A reporter is looking to talk with consumer who bought a Hyundai in January and was "assured" by the Hyundai Assurance program. Please send your email address and phone number to [email protected] today, February 4, 2008, if you fit the bill.
  • sgentsgent Posts: 3
    :shades: My wife bargained with 16 dealers at end of the month and negotiated a base Genesis 3.8 with Genesis wing emblem package and Tinted windows for 31,023.
    And I love it fantastic vehicle better than my BMW or MB ride was great and yet could still feel the road and love the blue tooth. I have enjoyed this car so much selling my german cars and going to buy the track coupe.
  • sgentsgent Posts: 3
    I live in Palm Beach and while my local dealer wouldn't deal shopped around and found a dealer who sold me a base 3.8 for 31023 w/ tint and genesis wing emblem package couldn't be happier thats excluding TTL total came to 33,500 :shades:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,104
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  • rk2469rk2469 Posts: 30
    It seems that V8 maybe redundant. if V6 does 6.1/6.2 seconds and V8 does 5.6/5.7 seconds... that's just .5 second difference.

    However, V8 only cost $2,000 more if you op for the whole thing. Also, V8 at 60mph will have lower rmp. I really like low rmp highway cruising. however, V6 probably cruises like that. My Azera 3.8 Limited does 2,400+ rpm at 73mph.

    I can't wait to get hands on Genesis. It seems like the winner. Either Genesis and G8 offers great value for the money. They both have very unique characteristics.
  • Well I am still deciding.
    I have an offer for Hyundai Genesis 3.8 w/ tech MSRP 40130
    for 36500 plus can still use the 1.9 or 2.9 financing.
    I loved alot of the options but man stiff ride! and it is a hyundai.
    torn between it Maxima & CTS gas mileage is my issue and ride.
    I drive alot of miles 25k last year. any advice appreciated. I am in Houston Texas.
  • I broke down and pulled the trigger and purchased the Genesis w/ tech for 36,500. I feel strongly about the deal got the 2.9 for 60 months and the sapphire blue/brown leather. so far so good....will keep everyone updated.
  • I test drove a 4.6 with tech the other day. Asked them to give me their best offer... Here is the garbage that I got back... First, they told me that their lease rates were horrible right now and there were no incentives on the car. Then they tell me that they'll give me the internet special for $1250 off MSRP. 72 months at 5% interest or some garbage like that for a payment of $720 per month.

    I proceeded to tell him that now that they are dealing with customers that are normal, Acura, BMW, Lexus, etc customers that we're a little more savvy than their normal customer. Told him to call me when he wanted to actual sell a car instead of trying to rape a customer. Talk about lies..... Give me a break.
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    That's what happens when cars get hot. If your dealer had a lot full of cars, I bet it would have been another story.
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