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Hyundai Genesis Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • carolinabobcarolinabob Posts: 576
    I have had salespeople offer from 3,000 to 5,000 off on V-6 with Tech package in the SC and GA areas. These were phone calls in response to e-mails, except for one at local dealership.
    It may be a regional supply thing as they do not seem to be moving very many aroundhere.
    Yes, bobad, I am still interested in purchasing a Genesis once I am confident the suspension/ride will not be an issue.
  • hjkhjk Posts: 1
    Would you post information of the dealer shop you got to me?
    Thank you.
  • The deal:

    $36,845 Purchase Price
    $ 2,580 NJ 7% Sales Tax
    $ 375 NJ 4 yr registration/plates/title
    $39,800 Total

    This car replaces an Acura RL. I am impressed with the fit and finish, smooth V8 power, incredible sound system, easy to use Nav, intuitive controls. I also like the firm ride that others seem to find uncomfortable. Hope it has the durability I have enjoyed from Honda.
  • Can I ask what dealer gave you that price? That is far and away the best price I have seen on a 4.6 with tech package........
  • msteammsteam Posts: 7
    Congradulations on your new car Hope you love it as much as I do mine ride is firm as you said but it softens over first 7000 miles or so mileage improves also getting 20+ in town 25 highway at 75mph Car just gets better and better
  • Brad Benson Hyundai (Princeton Area). This is a high volume dealership and they had about 15 Genesis cars on the lot. The buying experience was way above expectations. For crossover luxury car owners expecting a shoeshine and cappuccino during the buy, I recommend keeping focus on the value of the car. Personally, I was impressed by the training and discipline of the staff. They knew I had done my homework (thanks to all on this site) and just wanted to make a quick deal. That's what I got.
  • Thanks. The car is fabulous. I too am surprised by the good gas mileage. My daily commute is on winding country roads. I cruise at 50 mph and the engine hovers around 1250 rpms! That may seem like a waste to some, but it is silent and there when you need it. Speaking of silent, the Bluetooth phone connection is the quietest I have ever heard in any car at any price. With almost no wind or road noise, the experience for both caller and receiver is like having a conversation sitting next to one another. It is going to be very interesting to watch the success of this car over the coming months.
  • veragenveragen Posts: 34
    Congrats! 1976redmg, Thats the best price $36,845 for Genesis V8-Tech I've seen on this Genesis price & experience-thread! Would you share by telling the exterior & interior colors? Did you have the dealership install the Genesis wings enblem-pak on your new ride? And any other extras? ie: Hyundai-Assurance plus, free service loaner car or lite maintenance & life-time tires of car ownership. Some Hyundai dealerships but not all offer this dealership package.

  • The car is Platinum Metallic with Black interior (with Saddle leather dash insert). The car came with the usual unwanted window etching and the more useful trunk liner. No dealer installed wings but I did order the trunk emblem on EBAY for $15.99 (w/ free shipping from Korea!). No other extras. Hyundai Assurance requires that you accept financing, which I did not do. I wasn't smart enough to ask about any of the maintenance items you describe. Further, I forgot about the I-Pod cable, which was the first thing I heard about when I got home with the new car! I just filled up this morning and got 22 MPG on the first tank of gas in mixed driving. I haven't bought regular gas in ten years, what a pleasure! Great car.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Posts: 576
    I have heard that most dealers offering "life time tires" also require that you get rotations, balancing and other tire services from them on a frequent basis. This is how they make up the cost over time. May work the same way with other maintenance features.
  • hkyhky Posts: 71
    I have been offered a V6 with Tech, Tint, Cargo Tray for 36400 in Dallas area. Its slightly below invoice. Also, it doesn't seem to have a lots of choice in my area, mostly are white/red. Red seems to be better than white. A black on black seems to be sharp but may be a little dull. What do you think?
  • cpamancpaman Posts: 48
    Hey guys,

    I just picked up my 3.8 on April 30 and i am IN LOVE!!! I got a black on black 3.8 with tech package. I went to the Curry Hyundai in Peekskill, not too happy with the service though. Maybe someone can tell me who got a lease recently, did you get the run around where you go in and agree on a set of numbers with the salesman, then when you go to the finance manager a new set of numbers come out but the monthly payment stays the same?? When i question the differences they got an attitude telling me to focus on the monthly payments and the residual, if i did that i would not have noticed the selling price was increased by $1,500. I made them change the sales price and bottom line, i got my car for what i think it should be, check out my numbers

    MSRP - $40,100
    Selling Price - $37,600
    Rebate - $1,000
    Down Payment - $2,100
    Trade in - $3,000
    MF - .0006
    Residual - 49%
    Monthly - $370

    I just got the windows tinted - 20% on the side windows and 35% in the rear (non metallic). A friend of mine came out with me to get the tints and to look at the car, i told him a couple of weeks ago i was gettin a hyundai genesis, he said A HY-UNDAI, YOUR GETTIN A HY-UNDAI????lol i said just wait until you see it. Well, he saw it this Saturday and he said, hmmmm this is a hyundai,lol he was very impressed as were the guys at the installation place, they said it feels like sitting inside a Mercedes Benz. I intend to do some more subtle changes, i want to get the wing emblems for the hood and trunk (i purchased some from ebay but not sure if they are legit) i want to get the wheel caps with the emblem and the door sills (they don't come standard on the 3.8) does anyone know where i can get these parts and where i can get them installed, i asked their service department about these parts and they had no clue. Other then that, i am looking forward to a great time with my new car

    GO GENESIS!!!!!
  • adamjmankadamjmank Posts: 10
    I finally got the Genesis 2 weeks back. and put on 1500 miles on it.
    very disappointed with the interior color choices.
    I got white genesis, the dealer had only black interior in the bottom.
    no matter what ever interior color i pick up for the dash and seats the floor is black.
    the mats also look cheapish for a well built car like this.
    I got it since i liked the car and the price.

    i found the ride very bumpy and took it back to the dealer and they reduced the air pressure from 41 to 32, its still a lot bumpy for a luxury car -my camry drives smoother. and then I had to order an additional accessory for my ipod.

    By ipod ready hyundai only means compatible not really ready.

    My car is fully loaded with nav, backup cam, parking sensors in front/back etc.

    if only the ride was smoother. the dealer says it will get less bumpy over time ???

    has anyone else got the bouncy ride problem resolved ?
    my dealer is clueless
  • rhyxrhyx Posts: 7
    I have an offer from the dealer for the following:

    2009 Genesis 3.8 Premium Plus (18" wheels, 14 speaker Lexicon system, leather trim, etc)

    $29,000 out the door (includes taxes, tags, registration, everything).

    The car does have 200 miles on it which I can only assume is from numerous test drives.

    Is this a good deal?
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,051
    Out the door means something different in every state since we all pay different fees. Its better you quote the actual selling price along with the out the door price.
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    2007 G35 Sedan
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  • carolinabobcarolinabob Posts: 576
    Taxes are the biggest fluctuation. In SC, it is a flat $300, no matter how much the vehicle (car, boat, plane) costs. Also, dealer "charges" are some times real wild.
  • vgettysvgettys Posts: 2
    Just leased a Blk/Blk 4.6 Genesis with Tech package from Glendora Hyundai in Los Angeles. Only paod $365 to drive off. I am Tier 1 credit.Here's the deal I got. $615.90 per month.

    12K milage would have been $603 per month

    Term 36 Months
    Milage Limit 45K

    Total MSRP $42,180.00
    Residual $18,981.00
    Cap Cost $37,865.00
    Cap Reduction $ 12.07
    Net Cap $37,843.93

    Base Payment $563.75
    Monthly Tax/Fee $52.15
    Total Payment $615.00

    Due on Delivery
    1st payment $615.90
    Deposit $0.00
    Cap Reduction $12.07
    Taxes and fees $987.03
    Total Drive Off $1615.00

    Drive Off Paid
    Rebate $1250.00
    Cash $365.00

    Taxes and Fees
    Aquisition $595.00
    CA Tire Fee $8.75
    CAP Tax 9.25% $1.12
    DOC Fee $45.00
    Lease Tax 9.25% $4.16
    CA DMV Fees $313.00
    Smog Abatement $20.00

    Total $987.03

    I dealt with the Internet manager Pierce Caine. The deal was straight forward and he gave me his best price off the bat and didn't really budge. I checked around LA. No one could touch it. I accepted and was in and out in a little over an hour. The car compares well to the BMW 335i. The V8 is great and much more juice than my Acura RL which is 300 hp. Great car so far.
  • cpamancpaman Posts: 48

    Congrats on the new car, i just got my Black on black V6 on 4/30 and i'm loving it. The only issue i have with your numbers is the residual, it seems your residual is 45%, around here in NY most are doing 49 or 48% for 15K mileage, it might be the region you're in but i think that's a big difference in percentage. Other then that congrats on the car and i hope you have great joy like i have had for a couple of weeks.
  • vgettysvgettys Posts: 2
    I have a copy of HMFC Marketing Bulletin MB# 2009-075 effective May 1 through June 1, 09. National excluding South Central Region

    On all V6 models for 12K miles Tier 1 & 2 MF is .0004 and Residual 48% on the V* model standard or with tech 12K is MF .0007 and Res. 46%. The residual was dropped to .45 when I got to the dealer and asked for 15K instead of 12K. HMFC Bulletin says MF cannot be increased over published rate. I don't know if dealers can mess with the residual. My dealer went right along with the bulletin. I had the bulletin before I went in so I felt comfortable the deal was straight forward. So glad I got the V8.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,051
    Dealers cannot change the residual.
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  • cpamancpaman Posts: 48

    Ok, well as long as you are happy with the terms that's all that matters so again congrats. I suggest getting the emblems and have them installed as soon as possible,i just put mine on this week and it really makes the car look very different.
  • ejmmjmejmmjm Posts: 26
    I would love this price.of 29,000 out the door. So, I guess you got a good deal. Have been looking in Florida and can't find this price anywhere. Mine should be about the same as I think I want the same options. I do not mind if you email me so I can drive up to this dealer or at least call him and see if he has another to offer. Thanks. please put the name of the dealership in your post reply which is allowed by Edmunds. I just joined this group so not sure if my email is public or not. Please reply. Thanks again.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Have you test driven the car before you make the purchase? How was the ride compare to your car?
  • ejmmjmejmmjm Posts: 26
    Yes, we did test drive the car and found it great...not bumpy at all. and I presently own a Mercedes!!
    However, the other person on this forum who got an out the door price of 29 all inclusive has not replied to me...I really would like to know how/where he did that . Am willing to go to the Carolinas for Car as I live in Florida.
    Maybe you should try the lemon law if your state has one. Is the ride still so bumpy? Ask around or go to another dealer and test drive another car and see if it is bumpy. OUr friends who bought are used to really luxury cars and they have no problem.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Posts: 576
    Be careful when considering out the door prices to include sales tax. As I understand it, you pay the sales tax to the state where you register the car, not where you bought it.
    Lots of people from SC go to Georgia or NC for better deals and then register in SC because of $300 cap on sales taxes.
  • ejmmjmejmmjm Posts: 26
    Thank you for taking the time to reply. We know about that and we will register it in Florida, but still the price is way better than anything we have found. Thank you for your answer. Hope other person answers about who the dealer is.
  • rhyxrhyx Posts: 7
    Your email is private. That dealership ended up playing games and had already factored in my trade. So obviously I did not buy from them.

    I still ended up getting a good deal at another dealership. Call around to everyone within about 120 miles of you and ask for bids. That's how I got my lowest price.
  • ejmmjmejmmjm Posts: 26
    Do you think it can be gotten for 30 out the door. with V/6 moonroof.
    I have called around a lot. I think I need to wait for manufacturer rebate to come to Florida. Other states have it already.Is there a difference in price or just in tax between NC and SC. We have to pay the Florida tax anyway.
    Thanks for your help. :D
  • adamjmankadamjmank Posts: 10
    compared to the car i replaced the genesis ride is not even close.
    Of course I test drove it not once but three times.

    twice in a silver demo car, and once in a white demo car.

    the highway around the dealer is very smooth with black tar on the surface.

    where as the highways in my city are asphalt on the surface.
    you could actually see the drivers or passengers heads bobbing at highway speeds.

    the dealer tech drove it with me and agreed the ride is stiff ( too stiff).
    then we drove the demo car on a similar road at 45 mph and it had the same effect.

    the dealer said 2 other customers had the same problem and are trying to resolve it.
  • ejmmjmejmmjm Posts: 26
    Can someone out there please tell me (Come to think of it, it probably needs two someones) the pricing for:
    2009 Genesis V/6-- both with and without tech package
    2009 Genesis V/8 --both with and without tech package

    I need to know these prices"out the door" but without tax.
    I need to know where the dealer is...we are willing to travel to get it at a good price

    Please send dealer's name...Thank you very much.
  • newmedianewmedia Posts: 15
    Is 26K + Tax and fees good deal on 2010 coupe 3.8 base auto?

    MSRP $28,550

    30miles on OD.


  • ejmmjmejmmjm Posts: 26
    I have no idea on coupe pricing. I am looking for price on Genesis Sedan 8 cyl. If anyoneknows great price in southeast, please let me know. thanks.
  • toasttoast Posts: 50
    Try, they provide some decent pricing info or Costco can also result in a fair no haggle price.
  • ejmmjmejmmjm Posts: 26
    I have gotten two relatively good prices. i have done overstock and costco..but have also contacted in Stuart Florida, is competitive and Lehman in Miami is competitive, but think prices will go down if manufacturer incentive comes out as they already have in Georgia. If anyone has gotten a really good price on Genesis Seden V8 with tech package please send price and dealer name. thanks. evelyn
    [email protected] : :)
  • i was in the market for a new car and test drove the genesis...its such a nice car on the exterior and interior...I took it for a test drive and found the ride a bit more stiff than i was wanting...i thought the ride of my 07 sonata was better...but thats all that was better, each their own i must say...but i went with a new veracruz which imo rides better....i like the wow factor and all the plushness of the genesis...the veracruz does not have a wow factor at all, lol...but is very nice inside...i decided to wait a year or so and maybe pick up the 2010/11 model when some incentives are out and maybe hyundai tweaks the suspension...other than the stiff ride imo only...everything else is bad back would have been hating me later..but my eyes were and are still in luv with the look of the genesis...congrats to all that purchased one........
  • ejmmjmejmmjm Posts: 26
    still looking for best price on a V8 tech package anyone willing to tell what they paid. thanks. you can email me privately at:emayblum anyone have idea when manufacturer incentives will be out...they are in some places, but not in florida
  • sunnynjsunnynj Posts: 2
    We just got (my FIL) the V8 with the tech package. Was $37,900 (not including tax). This was on Long Island, NY. Called many many dealers in the area and couldn't come close. Was actaully going to buy from a dealer that gave us a $38,500 price and they said if we got a lower price in writing they would beat it by $300. Got the $37,900 price and they said they couldn't even meet that price let alone beat it.
  • ejmmjmejmmjm Posts: 26
    Thanks for the info .....Please tell me what does FIL stand for in your note. We appreciate your help. We still are waiting for the Genesis V8 with tech package...may have to wait till manufacturer gives incentive in South East. Thanks again. We are in Florida.(Boca). Are you enjoying car. Any complaints? :) .
  • sunnynjsunnynj Posts: 2
    Sorry - FIL is Father-In-Law.

    He's had the car over a week now I think and he LOVES it. He is like a teenage 75 year old with this car. This is a guy who has never driven anything but BMWs his whole life. Never thought I'd see the day he would buy a Hundai. He was out here this weekend and I got to to drive it around as much as he would let me....I was also very impressed.

    Also - I think there were no dealer incentives when we bought. Maybe something on financing but he bought cash.

    Best of luck!
  • ejmmjmejmmjm Posts: 26
    sOUNDS Sjust like my husband...just sold his Mercedes. He loves this car can't wait to buy it!! If you every come to FL , look us up.
    Thanks for the answer.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A national reporter is looking to speak to consumers who purchased a Hyundai vehicle recently (within the past four months) because of the Hyundai Assurance Program. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to [email protected] by Friday, June 5, 2009.
    You may want to try Hilton Head Hyundai at the New River AutoMall in Hardeeville, SC just outside of Savannah, Ga. That's were I'll be getting my 2010 Genesis when they get their inventory. The Sales Manager is a real good friend of mine, he sold me my 06 Sonata.
  • ejmmjmejmmjm Posts: 26
    We go up there all the time. Do you know the Fox family from Charleston..that's my family. Anyhow, what do you mean by getting their inventory. Two dealers called us today. They had each gotten in 10 Genesis maybe that is what you mean by getting their inventory. Let me know. We've stayed at Hilton Head and had a good time there years ago. if you want, go to our website and contact us via there. We will be glad to talk to you. let me know what you me about getting inventory :)
    I mean when they get their 2010 models in inventory. I'm curious to see if Hyundai has made some adjustments to the Genesis like add to cooled seat option for passenger seat and power folding mirrors.
  • ejmmjmejmmjm Posts: 26
    We want a a 2009 V8 tech package, dark color. Curios about 2010 too, but rather buy 2009 at heavy discount. Tax in Forida is enorrmous. We do not care at all about ac on drivers seat etc..Power folding windows is nice,but we can livewithout it. Anyhow, if he has any amazing deals, he should email us via our website: [email protected] Thank you for your answer. We truly appreciate it.
    I've sent my friend the GM at Hilton Head Hyundai your email information so hey may be getting into contact with you soon. I'm sure that he'll make you a great offer. Let me know how it goes and tell me that Mickey sent you his way and that I'll be seeing him soon.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,051
    You need to stop putting in your company's web site, its is forum spam.
    2005 G35 Sedan
    2007 G35 Sedan
    2008 G37 Sedan
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  • ejmmjmejmmjm Posts: 26
    sorry did not know that
  • ejmmjmejmmjm Posts: 26
    Thank you very much. Evelyn
    Your very welcome.
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