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Hyundai Genesis Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Purchased in Central Alabama. Dealer did not have the color I wanted so had to wait several days.

    Final price $39.265
    Doc fee $500

    plus any other taxes you might have to pay. I tried the USAA and they found one about 100 miles away in GA for about $700 less. BUT, I know the guys at the local dealership and had good experience before. So, I paid the difference by buying locally.

    Love the car. I have driven the BMW 7 series and this rides just as smoothly. May not have the agility, but I am more for the on ramp/passing acceleration than zig-zagging through a row of cones.

    Worth the price and plan to keep the car 8 to 10 years.

    Good luck to all.
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    Didn't price one, but I was at my Hyundai dealer for service, and noticed a lof of Genesisisiszzzz on the lot with big pink writing on the windshields. IIRC, it was $3000 discount and $1000 off for something else. I assme those prices are national. I sat in a beautiful 3.8 tech package and pushed all the buttons, but resisted the offer to drive it. Must resist... must resist... must resist...
  • as anyone out there gotten a deal on the genesis base model 3.8 without a ton of options, hard to consider car when all one finds are fully loaded, at least here in florida.It seems like a great car but 38k or 41k is too much for the wallet,at least in these economic times , thanks .
  • Just leased an 09 Genesis (black/black) w/ Prem Plus + wing package/center caps at Napleton in West Palm Beach this weekend, details below:
    MSRP $36,130 (incl. trunk tray, IPod cable, excludes wing pkg)
    Net Cap Cost $32,708 (after $1200 down pmt and $1000 lease cash)
    Term 36
    Miles 15k/yr
    Resid 45%
    MF .00019
    Total O-O-P $2,700 ($1200 down+dealer fee+tag+1st pmt)
    Pmt $467 + tax

    Thought it was a good deal, any feedback?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A reporter is looking to see if you were looking to purchase a Toyota or Honda vehicle but after doing some comparison shopping, purchase a Hyundai or Kia because of price/value . Please send your daytime phone number to [email protected] by Friday, October 9, 2009.
  • shkskyshksky Posts: 3
    I am contemplating between G37 Coupe and Genesis Coupe. Anyone who purchased Geneis Coupe 3.8 GT(auto), how do you like your cars so far?
    What's a good price for Genesis coupe? At Invoice?
    As for G37 coupe it can be had for invoice-3K cash incentive.
  • based on prices I got from dealers in MA & PA, you should be able to get at least $1600 below invoice. This was a month ago so possibly even better pricing available now.
  • Actually G37 coupes can be had for invoice - $5000 (if you negotiate hard enough). Edmunds shows the $3000 and $1500 incentives but not the addtional $500 which started last week. The $500 was posted in the Edmunds "Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience" forum, post #8637. The addtional $500 was confirmed by my Philadelphia area dealer.
  • Picked up my 2010 Genesis 4.6 with the tech package today from Toms River NJ. Got it for $500 under invoice (Costco program), and the dealer was great. Last time I had a decent dealer experience was when I bought an Infiniti in 1996, so it was a nice change.

    Dealer got the color I wanted from a PA dealer. Time from first call to driving off the lot a little over 48 hours. Sweet!
  • al09al09 Posts: 4
    That is what I'm exactly looking for. Did you buy or lease? Terms?
  • I bought, paid cash. Invoice was $40,835 and had everything. They even put a wing badge on the trunk for me (hate the look of it on the hood). Cargo net included. The out the door price was 43,785 (taxes, license, NJ fees, doc fee).

    The next nice surprise was the extended warranty. Whn someone starts spinning an extended warranty to me, I turn off. But to extend te warranty to 10/100 bumper to bumper (i.e., not just powertrain) was only $1290. In my experience with cars, you'll pay that much easy between 5 and 10 years out. I opted for it.

    Another dealer told me no 2010 leases, but that was probably just for their smaller dealership.
  • I just got my 2010 3.8. It has the premium package and premium nav, for $36375 before tax/tags. By the way, has anyone noticed that TMV=BS? The TMV on this car was essentially sticker.
  • yong5yong5 Posts: 1
    I purchased 2009 genesis 4.6 with tech package and paid 36.5K cash before tax and fees. Is it a good deal?
    Your're darn right that's a good deal. Have fun with your new purchase.
  • sure sounds like a great deal to me, I paid 37.5K for the 6cyl with tech package a year ago
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    Just shopped for a V8 Genesis. The 2010 4.6 model (NOT 2009) can be purchased here in Northern Virginia for $1,500 - $2,000 under invoice. And that's without any incentives available from the manufacturer (at least as far as I know). Check out Fairfax Hyundai dealership Web site for example for their "Internet" prices.
  • cards28cards28 Posts: 145
    I just got a quote from a Hyundai dealer in Dallas, TX for a 3.8 Track V6 MT w/Nav coupe for $28,588? Does that sound like a good deal? I'm new to the forum. Thanks............ :)
  • That's still a little over invoice from what I can see. You should be able to shave off another $500 if you really want.
  • Genesis sedans can be purchased all day long for $28k (base but still nicely equipped), just as I predicted last year.

    Let's see if remaining 2009 leftovers hit 27k..
  • I am pricing a 2010 Genesis 4.6 with tech and got a quote of 38,725 any comments?
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    The best price I was able to find on 4.6 with Tech package was $38,500 with a $100 "documentation" junk fee for a total of $38,600. Did you ask the dealer if they have a similar junk fee? If they don't you got a great price.

    It's not clear to me how the Hyundai dealers can offer such low prices given that there don't appear to be any rebates or dealer incentives on the 2010 MY right now, and Hyundai dealer holdback is only 2%. I mean we're talking about close to $2,000 under invoice.
  • Thanks for the info I have a Azera and it gives me a 1500 rebate on the Genesis just not sure where the "real" price is. Down here in south Florida there seems to be lots around.
  • richt5richt5 Posts: 43
    A Hyundai dealer in the Tampa bay Fl. area is advertising $10000.00 off 2009 Genesis sedans. No other details in the advertisment. Must be v8 model loaded. but if you can get a $42,000 car for $32,000 , its not all that bad.
  • nl09nl09 Posts: 9
    Hi Rich, Would you mind providing the dealer in Tampa? I am looking to purchase in the next week. You can e-mail me at [email protected]
  • Can you please tell me which dealer gave you that pricing? I live in the NYC area, and best price i can find is $39,900.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    Fairfax Hyundai in Fairfax Virginia.
  • richt5richt5 Posts: 43
    I sent schoe [email protected] --see items before your post. I explained the whole thing to him------Its a high volume dealer in the Tampa area. Could be a demo or such I dont know--- didnt say . Post your e mail and I will send what info I have---- it could save you 8k-- your decision--- Thanks
  • How much is the 2010 Genesis sedan going for out the door in So. CA with usual options including the navagation package?
  • I called the Tampa dealership with the "up to $10,000 off" ad. It was for a Dealer Demo car with 5,000 miles on it, and it sold several weeks ago (yet they keep running the ad).

    I would think I could buy a 2010 for close to invoice. Wondering if they will heavily discount the 2009s soon. Otherwise, why not pay an extra $700 and get the 2010?
  • After a thorough search in the SF Bay Area (6 dealerships) I purchase this vehicle at Capitol Hyundai in San Jose. I can't tell you the price but it was well below any other dealer in the area. I purchase a Lime Rock Green 2.0T that had been in inventory for several months and needed to be unloaded before year end. The buying experience was good, even though they were quite busy on 12-29 and 12-30, the two days I was at the dealership negotiating for the Genesis Coupe.
    This car is certainly a better value than the Mazda 3, Kia Forte Koup, Scion TC, Volvo C30 and Honda Civic Coupe which I had been considering. Comparably equipped only the Kia was priced lower.
  • I purchased the genesis V6 in san diego and paid $34685 with $1500 rebate = $33185. It had premium and navigation packages only.
  • bwernbwern Posts: 1
    The best price/offer I have received for the 2010 Genesis V6 sedan with premium and Nav pkg only is 34,323.00. This does not include tax but does include destination. I'm wondering where you found your deal in San Diego and why the rebate??. We live in Las Vegas but are willing to travel to San Diego to buy. Thanks
  • lanleelanlee Posts: 1
    I was in the car business in Orlando a year ago--standard practice there is to advertise a ridiculous price like $10,000 off and hide a little tiny disclaimer that says something to the effect of "with $4,000 down in cash or trade equity". It is usually next to impossible to find the disclaimer and the dealership explains that it is a common practice in that market and if they didn't do like "everyone else, then their prices would seem much higher". I call them "Silly Car Games" and I don't know if that's the game the dealer in Tampa is playing, but I am extremely confident that they are playing some kind of game. I am the Internet Manager at a large volume Hyundai dealer in the Atlanta Metro area and I have about 15 2009 Genesis Sedans left in stock for $5,000 off MSRP or $2,500 behind Invoice. The reason why is that we usually keep about 60 Genesis in stock for our customers to have a great selection. A large portion of our Genesis buyers prefer leasing. Hyundai moved the lease from the 2009's to the 2010's, so we needed to sell the '09's we had to reinvest in 2010's. And even with that kind of compelling reason--we are not willing to go anywhere near $10,000 off. I can't imagine how any dealer would be willing to do that. I can imagine and I can list 10 other ways besides the one I mentioned how dealers might advertise that they will--reply to this thread and I'll list one for each reply until I reach 10. Google "Finding the Right Car Dealer on the Internet--How do you Know Who to Trust" "Part One and Part Two" for more on Silly Car Games and how to avoid them.
    Lanny Lee
  • I got the quotation of $38,800 including destination charge and documentation fee + tax from a dealer today. It's very tempting, but the fact that there is no rebate or incentive available at this moment makes me hesitate to get one right away.

    I live in LA area. Considering 10% sales tax, the total is going to be over $41,000, while I was targeting aroung $38,000 OTD. The sales tax is killing me. If only they come up with $1500~2000 manufacturers rebate, I would be able to get one at the price point I was looking for. but I don't know if there will be any rebate for the very beginning of the year. Should I go for 2009 Genesis to get the price I wanted?
  • swamybswamyb Posts: 27
    my wallet says, can't be done, but my heart says you only live once.. I am thinking about 2010 3.8 v6 with premium plus with navi, for 34k otd. Is it possible? I am in SF bay area.

    Its almost same as high end camry with all the bells and whistles. How does this compare with fully loaded camry or Lexus E350?
  • I am in the same situation, but my limit is 20K and i want a Camaro.
  • akibaakiba Posts: 1
    Got an offer today that seems to me to be about $610 over invoice. The dealer is offering a black 2010 genesis 4.6 without tech for 38k plus TTL. The price includes the dest charge already.

    invoice on 4.6 is 36,590
    dest normally 800
    = total invoice of 37,390

    Another offer he made was a rep demo 2009 genesis 4.6 with tech and 7000 miles on it for 35k plus TTL.

    What do you think?
  • hans000hans000 Posts: 19
    Got one just before new year for 37k out of door, including rebate. May do better if bargin harder. It feels better than top-line Camery. I was looking for premium package without navi but couldn't find one.

    The Navi itself is quite dismal: worse than $200 Garmin Nuvi. I-680 sounds like eye-six, (long pause) eighty. Any highways with 3 digits sound like that (CA2, 37), very annoying. The backup camera came with navi is nice though.
  • hans000hans000 Posts: 19
    SF Bay area dealers were offering well below invoice before rebate in late Dec. That's for 2010, both 4.6 and 3.8.
  • Hi guys, could you please get in touch with me if you recently purchase a V8 2010 Genesis in SFBA. I would like to know the selling price and the dealership where you purchased it.
  • swamybswamyb Posts: 27
    I got an offer for 36.2k OTD for 3.8 genesis with premium pkg. I am offering 35k, but the dealer in San Jose is not budging. Do u think my offer is reasonable?
  • A dealer offered me a 2009 V8, with tech package, for $35k. Is that a good deal?
  • You should be able to get a Coupe for invoice in the Bay Area. I purchased mine (2.0t premium auto) from a dealer in San Jose at well below invoice. The Dublin dealer promised a low price but wasn't able to deliver. You might give them a try though. They are a motivated new dealership. Shop around and you might even get 1500 under invoice.
  • I was in the local dealer today, and they have two 2009 used available. 3.8 with just the premium package with 6,900 miles asking for $31,000. 4.6 with all the options with 9,300 miles and ask for $36,000. What do you think the fair offering price for each? :)
  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    edited February 2010
    In this economy, I'd offer 10% below their asking price for the first car, 15% below for the second one, and make it firm. Make them come to you, they'll do it. Don't hesitate to walk out if they give you any crap.
  • cars57cars57 Posts: 3
    Just bought in Houston, Tx --

    MSRP 41,900
    My price: 37,500 + TTL
  • This is what I sent to a dealer looking to buy was given a price of 34300 plus TTL this price seems low? Any feedback would help before I go the the dealer.

    Year: 2010
    Model: Genesis
    Trim: 3.8
    Transmission: 3.8L V6 Aisin 6-Speed A/T SHIFTRONIC
    Package: Premium Package,Technology Package
    Exterior Color: Cabernet Red Pearl
    Interior Color: Cashmere
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    I'm considering a 2010 Genesis V8 with Tech package. I've heard them going for $38,000 + TTL. Does this sound realistic?
  • vikkvikk Posts: 2
    I am considering to buy a genesis v8 soon. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they paid for it out the door. if you brought it from the bay area/sacramento, please let me know what dealer. thanks.
  • oregonian9oregonian9 Posts: 1
    Did you buy the car? If you do, how much you paid for the car? My friend is going to buy a Geness 3.8 with navi pkg, but I have no idea how much he pays for that car.
    I went to the Hyundai Stevenson Creek dealer, and I realized that the price which the dealer mentioned to me is too high.
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