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Hyundai Genesis Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 127,810
edited May 2015 in Hyundai
Current Genesis prices paid: 2015 Hyundai Genesis Prices Paid

For leasing info, go to 2015 Hyundai Genesis Lease Questions

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  • Test drove the Genesis at Salem New Hampshire Hyundai. Drove one with the technology package. The salesperson told me they are selling at Invoice. But this may be just the testers they have on the lot. I did not ask what the price would be to get one in the color and option set of my choosing.
  • Does anyone know how to make the DVD player work while not in Park which is required for you to see video.

    I know there is a way to bypass it ??
  • NOticed that my dealer still has the same three on the lot that have been there for about a month. 3 weeks ago, they were asking MSRP for them.
    With a $3,000 rebate on the Veracruz, maybe a rebate on the Genesis is around the corner. Rather than selling at MSRP, they should sell at invoice or less to get some on the road so people can see them out there.
    I would not pay anywhere near MSRP for any Hyundai. Never have for Nissan, Audi, Saab, Toyota, Mazda.
  • I am looking to lease a 09 genesis with 3.6 and premium plus package for 24 months. Does anyone know the finance rate and residual for this lease for 12,000 miles a year. I know they are currently running an incentive for 399 a month on the base model. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  • Hi member or guest, I was reading other Hyundai Genesis - thread: Hyundai Genesis Vs Lexus GS 350 / post# 118 > Genesis 3.8 base for a price-quote of $30,975 include Dest.charge this dealership located in Hyland Park, illinois. This $30,975 is dealer invoice-price no/ options for base-model. Edmunds report Genesis 3.8 base sedan TMV $33K, a savings of $2,025.

    Has anyone else received a Genesis sedan below $ invoice price-quote for other trims: base, premium (+) or tech-pak? and where is your location-area?

    Adv. Thx.
  • kenbtkenbt Posts: 33
    that is fair...

    but i received for both the V6 and V8 with Tech Pkg- Below Invoice
    on both cars from contacts at local Los Angeles Area Dealers.
  • Hey Kenbt, The Los Angeles Hyundai-Dealers gave you price-quotes, what was best below $ invoice-price on Genesis V6 Tech-Pkg?

    And the best below $ invoice-price on Genesis V8 Tech Pkg?

    2009 Hyundai Genesis sedan V6

    Trims TMV=(true market value) $ Invoice-price
    * Base $33K $30,993
    * Prem $35K $32,813
    * Prem+ $36K $33,723
    * Tech $40K $37,363

    2009 Hyundai Genesis sedan V8

    Trims TMV=(true market value) $ Invoice-price
    * Base $38K $35,271
    * Tech $42K $38,911
  • I got my delivery today of the New Genesis.
    WOW. The car is great.
    I was in the market for a new Maxima and almost got one.
    The dealers here quoted higher a week back now in the Saturday's Ad they had lease specials and special pricing deals.

    I think I got an awesome Deal for $ 30150.00 + TTL and ended up spending lesser that what I intended to on the maxima. Let me know what you guys think.

    what a Car guys its Huge compared to the maxima.

    the dealear experience is something I did not like at all.
    I was there for a full day on saturday and ended up getting the Car today. WTF.
    Although I signed all the papers the credit approved the dealer had said the car is not detailed??? Its a new Car.
    Initially the dealer acted as not knowing his own Ad and wanted to sell it for the earlier price quoted last week 4 thousand more .

    When I showed the Ad they were like surprised, however i saw a couple of asian families getting the same deal with the newspaper Ad in hand . BULL.

    After that they made me wait for like 4 hours at one point I wanted to leave before the finance guys called me and tried to sell me extras -Lot of Bull on the car. which I declined.

    I finally got the color I wanted. The Asian guys were still waiting at 3p.m. Did I mention there was no courtesy coffee except hot water and Tea bags ???
    I went in today again same bull wanted more for the extras I declined again and after 2 hours I got the car of my dreams. I am glad that I waited a week debating to buy the Maxima or the Accord.

    My only complain is the none of the 3 Hyundai dealers were as good as the Nissan or the Honda dealerships.
  • Hi I bought a 4.6 with all options list $42,100.00 traded Lexus IS 250 2006 with 61000 miles for $20500 they gave me $19250 for the IS and have been very happy with the car This car was purchased in Massachusetts. Purchased 2nd week in December. Zero issues so far, have driven in dry, rain, and snow. Very happy I made the purchase
  • zone4zone4 Posts: 46
    Were are you located? What's the name of the dealer who sold you the car?
  • Hey Ken, Thx. But I believe in time that Hyundai will hopefully gave the Genesis sedans incentives, rebates and low interest-rates (0.9% to 3.9%) like their SUV's (Tucson, Santa Fe and VeraCruz) due to high gas prices and our country poor economy. The Hyundai dealerships of southern / mid-west US states (AL, TN, MS, LA, OK, NM, AR & TX) are now receiving these incentives. soon throught-out the entire country.
  • Minnesota.

    I was able to bargain down by combining two purchases in the family.
    or you could also lease for $ 349.00 / month with $2199.00 down for 24 months.

    If you lease it you can try getting it for 36 months as well. Thats what a couple of Asian buyers were trying to lock it down for.
    This way probably you can stretch the initial down for three years of joyfilled drives.
    hope this helps.
  • 2009 Hyundai Genesis sedan V6

    Trims ~~~ TMV=(true market value) ~~~ $ Invoice-price
    * Base ~~~~~~~~~ $33K ~~~~~~~~~~~ $30,993
    * Prem ~~~~~~~~~ $35K ~~~~~~~~~~~ $32,813
    * Prem+ ~~~~~~~~ $36K ~~~~~~~~~~ $33,723
    * Tech ~~~~~~~~~~ $40K ~~~~~~~~~~~ $37,363

    2009 Hyundai Genesis sedan V8

    Trims ~~~ TMV=(true market value) ~~~ $ Invoice-price
    * Base ~~~~~~~~~ $38K ~~~~~~~~~~~ $35,271
    * Tech ~~~~~~~~~ $42K ~~~~~~~~~~~ $38,911
  • Has anyone received Genesis sedan below invoice-price quote and where is your dealership location?

  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    According to Edmunds True Market Value = MSRP.
    So Edmunds suggests that one should be paying MSRP for the car.
  • The southern region has these low APR incentives in place of the lease deals that are available throughout the rest of the country. It is not an "extra" incentive package.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Because there's not enough market data to get a TMV yet, and most dealers aren't dealing on the price of the Genesis.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Umm... What the hell is your fixation on "Asians?" What does it matter what their race was?
  • Umm... What the hell is your fixation on "Asians?" What does it matter what their race was?

    Around here Asians are considered Smart and being migrants to this great land they pick and choose their Investments wisely(money/ real estate/ Cars that retain value) thats the general perception, I have no intention to bring discredit to this forum or Asians or migrants living in my country.

    I am sorry if I hurt anyone.

    Please continue with contributing your opinions.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Below is the link to the original prices paid and buying experience thread for the Genesis. I see the reason it wasn't listed in the Genesis section, as that thread was started in the Prices Paid and Buying Experience section:!make=Hyundai&model=All&ed_make- index=.f1abe80

    Mods: perhaps we should merged the and have a placeholder in both areas so forum goers can see the thread from visiting either area.
  • Here are the lease quotes I received on the 3.6 with just Premium pkg (24 months, 12k miles):

    Dealer A: $2200 down and $419.99/m for 24 months.

    Dealer B: $1030 down and $524 for 23 months

    Since I won't be doing anything until my current lease is over in Novemberf I didn't attempt any negotiations.

    Hope this helps.
  • Just checked and my dealer has one 2007 (new) Azera and three Genesis'. These same three have been there a month or so, base, Premium Plus and Technology.
  • Demand/inventory/pricing probably varies by region of the country ... so it would be helpful to identify city or state when we post info.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    My local dealer has only the demo Genesis, every Genesis the dealer has received is gone. Additional units are on order, fortunately.
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    My local dealer (Central FL) now has 17 Genesis (2 Premium & 15 Premium Plus).
    They had none in early August.
  • Tom17,
    Can you tell me which dealer in Central Florida has 17 Genesis. I live in Miami, and the dealers here stink! I would be happy to go upstate to get one. Thanks!
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    Coastal Hyundai in Melbourne. Just look at their web site. Good luck !!!
  • A couple of years ago as owner of two Toyotas, I got a special offer from the Toyota dealership. Took the letter and the newspaper ad for the day offerring special trade in deals to them and wanted to make a deal on an Avalon Limited. They reduced it by 1K off MSRP and trade in on a Camry in great shape was KBB fair, not even good. That's why I am drivng an Azera today.
    BTW, newspaper shows 2008 Lexus LS for $58,000. That's $5,000 off MSRP for a base model. Edmunds shows cash rebates from Lexus for $4,000 on LS.
    Can the Genesis be for behind on rebates/specials? :)
  • Just got back from the dealer here in Omaha. They offered me their "demo" (Black Premium Plus with 2500+ miles) at invoice ($33,723). Does anyone know how demos are priced with Hyundai? My initial thought is they can do better (it does have 2500+ miles on it after all), but that was with no negotiation on my part. Any thoughts?
  • Hyundai is making an effort to reach more affluent expat Koreans to consider the Hyundai brand. I've been noticing some push on local Korean papers. But if you think the general American public had image issues with Hyundai brand, you can multiply that by 10 for Koreans. They'll happily pay more for Lexus and live with less. So you may see some "coupon" style deals (or X number available for Y price, etc) published on Korean papers where you can get the Genesis at substantial savings. So if you have Korean friends, check with them first.
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