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2009 VW Passat CC



  • I recently recieved a quote from a local VW dealership and was wondering if this is a deal worth considering. Below are the details.
    2010 VW Passat cc Auto MSRP $29,400
    Selling Price $25,925
    Monthly Payment $351.89
    Due at Signing: $1,693.74 includes ($901.15 Tax, $351.89 first payment, $235.20 MV,$205.50 Doc fee + tire tax

    Money Factor 0.00134 Residual 54%

    Its worth mentioning that orginally I was quoted $394.50 however, I was than told that the lease #'s he used were for a 2009. So he adjusted the lease numbers. Any insight would be great. Thanks!
  • can i get the lease figures for a 2010 cc sport no options 36/39 months 15,000 miles
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    It does look like a decent deal. However, the Doc fee is high and the only fee truly required is the destination fee. Other fees are applied via the dealership.

    I have never paid a doc fee when I have leased 3 cars. If there is a doc fee, I understand the dealer needs some money, but $205 is really high. But, I would hate for the dealership to lose a deal over a doc fee. It comes down to principal, and they are already getting a deal from the cost of the car. The Doc fee is just frosting on the cake.

    I would jump on this deal, however work on that doc fee. At this time, the dealership needs to be thankful they have people wanting to buy from them. Asking for more hand outs such as this is very unprofessional.
  • Hello
    I just bought a CC. Love It!! was planning on a passat, but once i drove the 6cyl CC i had to have it. It makes the old Passat body look so well Vanillia. Sorry Passat. So on to my question. I had the hands free installed and it works and sounds beautifully. I have had issues with other cars. Either it sounds like crap in the car or the person you are talking to thinks you sound like crap. The problem is this mysterious fourth button. I am reffering to the "phone" button on the left side of the nav display. It does mute the radio, but I refuse to believe this is its only purpose. I just took my car to the dealer for my courtesy checkup and no one there could tell me it's function. I am not surprised since I am in NW Arkansas. This dealer has sold 3 CC's in 6 months. I have been cruising Vw sites and boards trying to solve this mystery. What makes it even more frustrating is that nobody ever brings this up. The "tech" guy at the dealership looked like he was 15. At this point I probobally am more familiar with the operational controls of this cars than anyone at the 3 dealerships I have gone too.
  • After driving the old body style i had to have the CC. Yes the ride can be a bit sharp. but i just attribute that to the feel of the road. I went for the 6cyl. I ended up paying @ 45k in all, but well worth it. After having this car for 8 months I still have not seen another on the road. If you cant afford a C class Merc or and Audi this is the car to have. No maint for 3 years certanly sweetened the deal. I live in NW Arkansas, and this geography is about as close to Germany as I'll get. I love driving this car!! I must hear from people in parking lots etc.. "Thats a Volkswagen?" all the time. The 09 comes naked, absolutly no badging at all. Only the VW on the front and back. Deosnt say pasat or cc and that makes people wonder even more.
  • I bought the CC , and only 4 seats was a selling point. I dont want to haul around everyone. My dogs go to the vet in the Toureg, no kids to haul to soccer, so I liked the 4 seats. This is a car to road trip in for a couple, toss some bags in the trunk and off you go. Plus if you have a chance look at the hump on the rear floor, i think this is a result of the low body stance. Much lower than the old body passat.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    Well, I guess you are head over, if only more people felt that way
  • That's $1935 UNDER invoice on a 2010 model. How did you manage that? Didn't think there were any extra incentives on the 2010 models yet. Did you wind up leasing it?
  • Does the $351 lease payment include taxes?
  • Wondering if anyone has the Money Factor and Residual on the VW CC 4 cyl Sport Manual, 12K/year, 36mo or 39mo.

  • 36 months; money factor .00134; 54% @ 12,000 miles
  • I use the term "Sputter" loosely becasue I have no other way to describe it. I recently purchased a new 2010 VW CC Sport (2.0T). I have had the car only for 3 days now but I noticed something strange.

    If you take off from a dead stop and just let go of the break, do not apply any pressure on the accelerator, and the car feels like it "sputters". For those who have driven a manual car before, imagine letting go of the clutch without giving it sufficient gas, you'll produce this engine "sputter". Funny thing is that if you look at the RPM gauge and it doesn't move. You can also feel this car sputter/shake if you do the same thing going in reverse.

    Of course I became concerned with this and took the car immediately back to the dealer. When I got to the dealer the service agent made me take a test drive with a mechanic. As soon as I put the car in gear and took off he acknowledged what I felt. So then they bought out the service manager. He told me that he has the same vehicle and experiences the same thing in his car.

    He claims that it has to do with the type of transmission DSG. He allowed me to test drive to other CCs. One of the CCs had only about 40 miles and another with about 5K miles, and both vechiles did the same thing.

    I was just wondering if anyone else experienced the same issue or had any thoughts?

    Want to know more about DSG Transmission - I found this link useful:
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I had a similar effect when driving a DSG. I had a bad habit of letting up on the gas just before the shifts. It confused the DSG and resulted in jerky (clunky at times) shifts.

    Probably just one of the quirks you need to adjust to.
  • 604doc604doc Posts: 182
    I've got the DSG in my '08 R32. It does the same thing. The other thing that I don't like about the transmission is when you are driving up a hill in stop and go driving. The clutches sometimes release right when you don't want them to and the cars rolls back a bit, or they engage harshly and the car jerks forward. Otherwise, the DSG is great.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    The put the DSG in the CC now? They started with the 6 speed Tipronic. When was the change made?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I'm not certain if the 'roll back' would occur with the CC as it has the 'auto hold brake' (or whatever) feature...kinda strange taking your foot of the brake and the car just sitting there...
  • Quote I have received is:

    Sale Price: $25,156.95
    12K mi/yr
    36 months
    $1,161 due at signing TOTAL

    $359/mo INCLUDING PA 9% lease tax

    This is the first dealership I've been to -- going to another this morning -- my feeling is that this is a pretty decent first offer.

    I had in my head (based on the current advertised lease deal $279 with $3,299 due) was that I was going to be around $335 BEFORE tax.

    Any thoughts on this? I am in the Philadelphia marketplace.

    Other notes: I test drove the car last night and am very impressed with the performance and well, the interior amenities put a few other cars interiors to shame -- including my current car, a Lexus IS 250 (though I do NOT like the CC badges on the back -- the 2010 base model I drove some how didn't have it on it which I was happy about).

    Anyone have any feedback on the color combos as well? I am leaning white with the two tone, or silver (seeing a silver vehicle today). I always go black, BUT my new home doesn't have a garage so I feel I will go nuts keeping the black clean. I kinda like the two tone interior??
  • Do you have the November numbers that just came out? Thanks.
  • local dealer has the cc v6 at 10,000 off sticker as per rebates, leaving the 2009 cc v6 at 29,995. i am contemplating whether to buy that car vs. leasing a 2009 cc 2.0t.

    First, thoughts on the v6 for $29,995.00? Then, the dealer offered me the 2009 2.0t for $439.00 per month, $1669 due at signing for 36 months, 15k. ny comments appreciated.


  • I have had the pleasure of owning the V6 with AWD, Nav and bluetooth for 5 months - Sticker 42540 + 300 for Bluetooth. Cash paid - 36,900 before tax and tags.
    I think the car is terrific and well worth the money I paid. The fit, finish. leather seats, handling, engine, nav are all first rate not to mention the beauty of the exterior and interior. I have had the privilege of owning many more expensive cars but none better. I hope I feel the same a few years from now
  • i am looking at an 09 now but do not see the dvd screen in it so will probably look to get a 2010.

    in order to get the best price, where do i look these days? they are offering $9k off the 09 right up front, that would do it for me to buy it fast (probably) if i could get the same price on the 10.

    chris, rochester ny
  • what are they offering for a 2010 off the sticker and what is your location?

    i just started shopping & will not buy until i have gotten the best possible price. i would get an 09 but there are none i can find in my location with the dvd screen.

    chris, rochester ny area
  • haven't really considered the 2010 because they seem to be pushing the $10,000 off of the 2009 (or $6000 off with 0% financing), which seems to be a great deal. The only real difference in the 2010 seems to be the touch screen stereo and bluetooth standard. I'm assuming that the $10,000 is coming off of MSRP??

    It seems like you really need to purchase these cars for them to be worth it as the lease offers don't seem that great. Does anyone know the money factor for the 2009 2.0t lease. My dealer is giving me some very wide varying numbers on the lease.

  • sorry, i am in boston....
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    The 2010 comes with a 6 speed DSG transmission and the 2009 had a 6 speed Tiptronic. The DSG is one of the smoothest auto shifters out there, and because it is really a manual transmission shifted via computer, it gets better mpg than the Tiptronic. However, saving $6 to 10K has its merit as well.
  • Chris,

    I was offered a 2010 w/dsg sticker 29,400 with an internet offer from Dorschel for 27,700 plus taxes. This is close to sticker. They said this must be a clean deal. I'm not sure if I will wait until spring or summer, but the car great. Hope this helps.
  • Can someone give me the lease figures for a 2009 CC LUX with chrome tips, dynaudio, bluetooth. 36 months 15,000 miles
  • Question. Well first off sorry to hear about the bulbs. Bad batch maybe? I havent had problem one. I was wondering if you had the fog lamp bulb #'s? Or the DRL's? I am a little annoyed that i can not run the fog lamps without the headlights. Sometimes i like the DRL and fog lamp look. I would like to swap out the Fog lamp bulbs and DRL's for some that look "bluer" or similar to the main head lights. Looks funky to me with the "blue heads and "yellow" old school fogs.
  • Hey lucky CC owners. I was wondering if there was a way to have the conveniance package upgraded after purchase? What I want is to add on the automatic window/ moonroof to auto close or open as advertised in manual if you have a package? Is this a simple software upgarade that the dealer can do?.
  • When it rains water is been retained in the doors and when you open them you get your feet wet when it comes pouring out.
    I have taken the car 3 times to dealers for service and they still have been unble to correct it. At first the service managers had never heard of the problem and after speaking to VW they finally admit that there is a design flaw but still unanble to correct it. The last time they had the car for 2 weeks. Question I have is when there is water and you live in Atlanta and the temp dropped, what happens to the working of the doors and windows.
    Has anyone had and experiance with the lemon law in Georgia? :sick:
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