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2009 VW Passat CC



  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    We didn't trade. My wife's old ride is a 1999 VW Passat GLS V6. It has 150,000 miles on it, and we opted to keep it as our airport car since VW wasn't going to give us much more than $500 in trade for it. I use it now for local trips and keep my Expedition for weekends, road trips, and Home Depot.

    We got the 10K discount because the car was a 2009 model that had been on the lot for the whole year with no takers and the dealer wanted to move it before the end of the year. It was also the only VR6 CC on the lot. The price with the VR6 new gets a bit too high for a lot of buyers considering the CC with the 2.0T starts below 30K.

    The car has been great for us so far. Plus, since our warranty started the day we bought it, but the car was almost a year old, it's almost like it's had a long break-in period. Granted, it's a year old now, but we keep our cars forever practically, so it doesn't really matter. As I mentioned before, we have the 1999 Passat, and I have a 2004 Expedition. Both will be hanging around for awhile.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I think we all have our brands that we feel better about. I feel the same way about GM. But, all the brands you mentioned too are way overpriced too. Those brands are just people cars in other countries. When to us, their gold.

    VW has really stepped up their brand. They have become more upscale. They have tuned their line up for their people. But, your right, going up to 40k, I would look closely at an Audi, rather than a VW. VW still has some of the best tuned shared Audi engines in them too. So, you don't always have to get an Audi.

    For me, I look at BMW and see overpriced, overrated emblems. I think, it probably drives really good, but could I have just as much fun in a VW or Audi? Yes. But, thats just me. A Lexus is just a glorified Toyota, Accord-Acura, Nissan-Infiniti, VW-Audi.

    Too each their own. :)
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Didn't mean to infer you were being snobish...nuances lost in the online posting world :)

    I tend to agree with most of what you've said...especially once the price gets to mid 40's.

    While I love the CC (would have bought a 2.0T over my CPO'd IS350--wife vetoed-- 4 seats...long, sad, story) I don't see 40+K...or more accurately I'd like to see 4 rings on the grill ;)
  • colin_lcolin_l Posts: 591
    That's truly an outstanding price, leftover 2009 or not. I assume it had some test drive miles on it too, but even 500 miles wouldn't matter much... I would have jumped on the deal, and I applaud you for doing so. :)

    Right now I'm curious if the 2012 Passat and CC are going to merge (for North America-- all that matters to me) because having both of them as distinct models both based on the New Midsize Sedan workstream doesn't make sense.

    Honestly I don't care which it is. I just want a TDI version. :) If there isn't one, I'll see if the 2011 Jetta has enough room for me.
  • popboyweipopboywei Posts: 6
    I am planning to buy the 2010 CC Sport with DSG and Protection Kit before August 6th. I have shot around for some quotes and got an offer @ $26,505 from MSRP $30,080. Is it a good deal? Please let me know.

    I wont have the CC until August cuz I am out of the States now, so is there anyone knows that I can have better incentives in August or later this month?

    Thank you ,guys
  • vwccmanvwccman Posts: 4
    12% off MSRP is a great deal, especially if there's no incentives included in that.
  • popboyweipopboywei Posts: 6
    Do you know if there is any incentives existing this month or August?
    After viewing about 7 dealerships website, I just found one has posted they have $1250 rebates, but rest of the dealerships didn't. So I'm curious if this $1250 from the VW or just the dealer....

    Any help will be appreciated!!
  • popboyweipopboywei Posts: 6
    Got an offer of $25,615 out of $29,400. is it a good deal?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    edited July 2010
    That sounds good.

    I couldn't configure 29,400 (I got 30,080 with destination)...but $25.6k does seem below the invoice of about 28k

    There are incentives which I assume they are applying to get that low number.

    When they first came out I was offered one at invoice (price was for one at the port) I'd assume they could all go for invoice (especially with incentives); although Edmunds TMV does show it higher than invoice.

    If they're being straight with that number...I'd jump on it ;)
  • popboyweipopboywei Posts: 6
    $29,400 is the base model of Sport Trim with DSG, no any other options. I found out the Mat Kit or Protection Kit is overcharged, I can have a great set of mats at much lower price than the VW's.
  • 0311vn0311vn Posts: 48
    Of the 2010 CC Sport models listed the DSG model with an auto trans is not listed. This is the four cylinder model. I told an auto trans on the DSG model adds $1100.
  • 0311vn0311vn Posts: 48
    Having driven both cars, I give points to the Maxima's 290 horse engine, but the CC Sport just seems like a cooler car. I have noticed that some on this CC forum have commented about it having a small cabin. I also drove a 2010 Ford Taurus and for the size of the car the inside seemed tight.

    Could it be that we Americans have gotten bigger in recent decades and, hence, the popularity the SUV, or what some call it, "stupid useless vehicle"? When all else fails interior space wise, I guess there is always the Mercury Gran Marquis, aye?

    I'm in the process of trying to convice myself to buy a CC Sport and I'm in my 60s.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    It has been said before, but I truly wish they would have put a 3rd seat in the back. With god deals like this, I have thought about a CC. but with a baby, I am not so sure its a good model to choose.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Agreed...CC was my first choice...but my wife vetoed it (4 kids).

    For some reason she didn't agree with my 'double em up'.

    VW could have kept the seats the same...just put some padding in the center spot and add seat belt.

    Unless you're filling up all the seats I wouldn't pass it by...those seats in the back are wider than can't fit 3 child seats across anyway (in any modern car).

    I think it's the perfect car for 4...
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    VW has also prepared a 5 seat version of the CC.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Really? Where, when...links?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    just found reply to my own email :)

    "The current version of the CC offers room for only four passengers. VW however, announced today that the Volkswagen Passat CC gets 5 seats with the introduction of a new rear bench. We're wondering why they didn't do this from the beginning... The new 5 seats configuration of the Volkswagen Passat CC offers room for a third person in the back with a third head restraint and three-point seat belt."

    "... The three seat rear bench of the Volkswagen Passat CC 5 seats is offered as an option priced at 100 Euros."


    Looks good to me. Hopefully it's a North American option as well.
  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    Realize that one unintended benefit of only having four seats is that we have a good excuse not to take the kids' friends with us when we go out: "Sorry boys. There's no room for Joe, so he can't come." Now, we could take the 8 passenger Expedition, but that'd be too easy :blush: .

    To be honest, we've not had a situation yet where we really wish we had the third seat and not the rear console. That console serves a purpose when you have a 9 year old and a 6 year old. It's the equivalent of the DMZ right in our back seat. It keeps the kids separated and keeps the fighting to a minimum ;-).

    But obviously there's market demand for that middle seat, so VW has wisely added it as an option.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    That would awesome!!! However, I will be looking for a car soon. So, the deals on that model, which is probably the 2011 will not be leasing like the 2010 models. Too bad, but I am not sure I am completely settle on just this car, I have several I am looking at.
  • I actually prefer some kind of dealer installed option in the center console to make the backseats more luxurious looking like the Panarama and CLS.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Along with a middle seat add in. They should also upgrade the sunroof so that it would actually slide open. That would be something I would have to live with. I typically have my roof open on any given time. At least the glass is big, so a lot of light would come in.

    Went to look at a few CC's and some were loaded, but yet had no roof. At at or above $30k. That's a bit disappointing. Of course, that is at MSRP.
  • marekbmarekb Posts: 1
    I have also CC 2010 and have the same problem from day one .
    Is geting even worse when car is hot .
    This is very annoying and new $30k car should not do that .
    Shame on You VW !
  • remoraremora Posts: 1
    Does anyone know when Volkswagen stopped equipping the Sport version with memory seats? I have noticed that the early models had them.

    I asked VW dealer who said that Sport version never had memory seats, I guess he does not know his product too well.
  • I bought my 2009 CC Sport in April 2009 so I was one of the early purchasers who bought the car when it first came out and to my knowledge it did have memory seats, nor were they offered as an option. I had them in my 2006 Lincoln Zephyr (now MkZ) and they are a nice feature, especially when there are 2 very different sized drivers in the household and I would really welcome them in the CC.
  • satyr1906satyr1906 Posts: 4
    edited October 2010
    I have the RNS-510 radio with tech pkg however, i can not get teh bluetooth to work. Also, it does not show in my display. could my unit be faulty?
  • I think Bluetooth is a separate option from the radio - I remember paying $100 to have it installed, because the one I test drove had the nav radio but not BT. Even if the button is on the steering wheel, it needs some other part installed by the dealer to get it working.
  • 1) Does anyone else experience the iPod NOT starting from where it last left off, and instead automatically playing the first song on the device, listed alphabetically? Any way to stop this? Sometimes it works correct, sometimes it starts over. I cannot discern any particular pattern though.

    2) Same thing happens when left on satellite radio, it defaults to AM1000 most of the time. Occasionally it remembers the channel it was on.

    Relatively minor but nagging issues. Just curious if anyone else has a similar experience. Thanks,
  • Thanks Mowenranger. i had the dealership install one but it was crap! Going back Monday to have it removed and taking it to another dealership who installs a premium system that displays in the MFD and RNS.
  • A week with my new 2011 CC sport, awesome vehicle, sexy looking, blue grey, with fog lights and heated seats only options, 28, 400. out the door. a little rough on first moving in D. smooths out fast, not true in S from the get go. love the looks, ride, handling, quick, quite silent, excellent fit and finish, have had Honda's the last 20 years, trade every 3/4 years. this year not happy with look or feel of new accord, so went shopping, hope the realibility is better on this than past reviews of VW. used to drive VW back with a bettle, carmen gia, and squareback. none since.
  • 2011 is coming out??? I just got my 2010 Sport with DSG on August 6th, any major changes b/w 2010 and 2011? what's your CC's configuration and the MSRP?
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