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  • rdeschenerdeschene Posts: 331
    ottoo. Fact of the matter is, VW as a corporation is well-served by having vehicles in high demand and their dealers able to charge full MSRP. What possible incentive would they have to REDUCE demand and profit?

    It's cold, it's purely economics, but that's life in a (almost) free-market economy. I'm not aware of anyone who was literally FORCED to pay a premium on the early Miata, or early Beetle or whatever...all of these buyers had the choice to just walk away.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I saw one in Washington, DC the other day. It looked way cool and you're right, pure911, that yellow/mustard is icky. :-)

  • pure911pure911 Posts: 40

    where is "Donaldson's in Sayville"? What area|town?
  • trantitranti Posts: 51
    My car is VW Golf 97. The problem is when I accelerate at speed 60 to 70 mph, I hear a soft noise voooooo... ,but when I de-accelerate, the noise is gone. At other speed, like 80 mph, I don't hear the noise.
    I took my car to the dealer 2 times. They changed vacuum hose and then differential oil. The problem is still there.
    Is any one with that problem? Please tell me or give me some advice. I will appreciate.
  • hkbryanhkbryan Posts: 2
    I have a 95 GTI that I'm THINKING of selling.
    It's in great shape (minus two 1" dia dents in passenger door and tiny tiny paint missing on the bumpers) and I'm hoping to get 10k-11k as a trade-in. It's got everything including leather seats and a six disc changer.

    I'm I fooling my self by thinking I can get this price?
    By the way, mileage is 46,300.

    Edmund's used car says 10,300(Trade-in), that's without the six disc changer and leather.

    Kelley's blue book says ~11,700 (wholesale).

    I'd like to get as much as I can.
  • gettoitgettoit Posts: 3
    Pure 911, Donaldson's is, surprisingly enough, in Sayville NY. That's Suffolk County, on the south shore of Long Island.
  • pure911pure911 Posts: 40
    thank you
  • pnc1pnc1 Posts: 2
    I have just read past inputs and I have seen people tell of putting in orders for the GTI GLX. My local Southern California dealers and VW USA told me that I would be unable to place a special order. VW's are made in Germany and it would take at least six months before any arrive anyway. I was told to just search dealers for their stock. By the way, I'm looking for that icky Futura Yellow color.
  • pnc1 --

    Odd. The one VW dealer I talked to in Southern California said I should special order the GTI GLX if I wanted to see one any time soon. Perhaps all he wanted was my refundable deposit? I declined, since all I really want to do is test drive the vehicle.

    I haven't seen a GTI GLX on a VW lot yet.
  • pnc1pnc1 Posts: 2
    I got some more information regarding the "special order". A deposit must be left with the dealership and then you are "top of the list" to receive the closest thing to what you want that the dealer would normally get. Not very "special" at all. I found a dealership owner that is trying to work a deal to have what I want redirected his way. He said the reason all the east coast dealers are getting the cars is because they put in orders last year. all the west coast dealers (except him, of course) were shying away from the "strange colors" and made little or no orders. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress.
  • ajvdhajvdh Posts: 223
    The dealer can do more on a "special order" than simply giving you something out of his allotment. The dealer can (and should) talk to the VW regional rep. and see if there's something in the pipeline for the entire region. Some dealers will also do inventory swaps with other local dealers.
  • I'm currently thinking about buying a GTI GLS or a Jetta GLS. My main concern is how they handle in the winter. I live in an area that usually only gets 3 or 4 inches at a time, but there are steep hills everywhere. That's really my only concern about buying the car. If anyone has any experiences with ANY GTI's or Jetta's with the 2.0L in the winter and would be willing to share them, it would be GREATLY appreciated.
  • crewboy1crewboy1 Posts: 2
    Well... I have a 1994 jetta, with a 2.0 engine. It gets me through Erie Pa just fine, but with BF Goodrich tires, not the cheep goodyear it came with. Erie will get 12 inch snow falls, but is relatively flat. I should mention my jetta is falling apart, and I have decided to trade it in for an Acura. I must say I did love it when it lasted, unfortunately only 40,000 miles.
  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50
    hi all!

    1)i test drove all of the new VWs, and i think the A4 GTI 8v is no sportier than the A3 GTIs. actually, i think the A3s actually feel a bit more sporty in terms of ride and handling. what does everyone think?

    2)does any one know about the A2 16v 2.0L GTIs??? i'm thinking of getting one and was wondering about maintenance and reliability issues. any help would be appreciated.

    3)i sympathize w/ the ex-vw owner that sold his 1995 gti vr6. it's too bad that things like that happen. i own a 1997 gti 8v and live in the wash., DC area i have had my driver's side door lock freeze on me several times this past winter also. good thing that the passenger side was not frozen! still, this can not be looked over, if VW wants to move up in the world. has this happened to anyone else?
  • pure911pure911 Posts: 40
    i disagree...the older chassis flexed and was not as rigid. The new one has been tuned a bit firmer (shocks, springs) than the Golf III GTI, which many thought was to soft for the powerful engine.
  • jamie01jamie01 Posts: 9
    My brother bought one new in '89, and it had a lot of problems mechanically for the 2-3 years he owned it. Most problems were covered by the warranty, but the problems he had were major: new transmission (wouldn't go into first or reverse sometimes), new water pump (leaked), extreme hesitation when cold (never was able to fix that), and some other things. It did handle well, but was very loud. Check it out throughly if you plan on getting one.
  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50

    thanks! i've decided to get a corrado slc instead of the 16v gti.


    do any of you 2.0L 8v golf 3/gti owners notice a "knocking" sound from the engine when running idle. the rhythmic knocking starts out slow, then gradually speeds up until it disappears. let me know if any of you experience this. is it normal?
  • abtxabtx Posts: 6
    Please help with some info! Does anyone know if the 1.8 L Turbo engine will be introduced for the Golf IV line-up and when if at all. I presently own a '86 GTI, 8 valve and I would like to buy a new one, although I would rather wait a little longer than settle for the standard 2 liter engine. Thanks in advance!
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    ...but I think there will be a major engine explosion (of choices) for the y2k VWs, including the following definite possibilities:

    5V L4 non-turbo @ 125 hp
    5V L4 turbo @ 150 hp
    4V VR6 @ 204 hp

    we can only hope!

  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50

    a friend who works at a VW dealership told me that the 2000 golf/jetta will have the 1.8T engine as the base engine in these VWs. the 2.0L 8v will be booted. :( these 1.8T golfs/jettas will be on the east coast as early as this fall, so you'd better hold out until then! hopefully the price will not drastically jump. good luck.
  • abtxabtx Posts: 6
    Thanx a lot guys for the info re. the Y2K engine line up. I will definitely hold on my purchase untill they are introduced.
  • This past weekend, I had the opportunity to test drive a Volkswagen GTI GLX. Those interested in my highly subjective opinions of the car read on! Apologies on the length...

    First some background to establish a basis for my opinions: I currently drive a 1992 Toyota MR2. I generally prefer rear wheel drive automobiles. I enjoy "spirited" driving. I am looking for a more utilitarian (yet fun to drive) automobile in which to carry my bike, surfboard, and occasional passengers (not all at the same time, mind you).

    The test vehicle was a manual transmission GTI GLX (VR6) clad in a putrid shade of yellow Volkswagen describes as "Futura". Uuuuugly! There was also a Cosmic Green one on the lot which was slightly more palatable, but since I wasn't there to buy a car, I really didn't care which one I drove. Interestingly, the variant badge on both cars read "VR6" and not "GLX", which was different than what was on the GTI GLX (Tropic Orange) I saw at the Los Angeles Auto Show earlier in the year.

    The fit and build of the car were excellent. The driver side door closed with a weighty "thunk". In fact, besides the choice of color, I think the GTI is a very smart looking automobile. Rear seat leg room was adequate for a full-sized adult for short journeys around town unless one of the front seats was pushed all the way back. Having driven Japanese cars for most of my adult life, the seat adjustments on the GTI were non-intuitive, but that really shouldn't matter since once you've got the seat (literally) dialed in, you can forget about it until someone else drives the car.

    With the rear seats folded down, I'm pretty sure you could fit a bicycle in the back of the GTI once you remove the bike's front wheel. Don't quote me on this, since I was only eyeballing it, but it looks spacious enough. I don't think a good sized surfboard would fit, though. A good set of roof racks would solve this problem. Getting the rear seats folded down is kind of a chore with only two doors to work with. Four doors would definitely make this job easier (as on the Golf GLS), but where the heck are you supposed to put the rear seat headrests? The headrests have to be removed for the rear seats to fold down flat, but there's nowhere to put them.

    Driving the GTI was quite an experience. Reviewers always rave about German automobile handling, and more than one has called the GTI a poor man's BMW. Having driven a BMW Z3 1.8, I think those authors were taking some poetic license. The GTI was very quick off the line, and steering was responsive. The clutch was super light compared to the one in my MR2, and seemed to engage rather high in the pedal's travel, making for some interesting rev patterns when shifting. Rowing through the gears was easy, and fairly precise. The shift lever was not nearly as rubbery as I remember the LA Auto show car being. Still, less play in the lever while in gear would be nice.

    The one thing I really did not like about the GTI was the height of the shift lever. With the seat cranked all the way down in height adjustment, the shifter was still too low. I felt like I was reaching below my knee to get to it. Thankfully the center arm rest folds up out of the way so you can change gears without having to be a contortionist.

    The GTI really surprised me in its handling (in both good and bad ways). While still a little floaty which I expect from a FWD car, the GTI exhibited very little torque steer. The car is very stable at high speed (as I would expect from any car expected to survive on the autobahn), and engine noise is minimal. Wind noise was louder than engine noise at freeway speeds! The big disappointment was the tires. Whoever decided to mate the 174 hp VR6 engine to all season radials was off his rocker. The GTI squealed through every corner I went through. Add to that the noticeable body roll, and I was afraid to really attack the corners. I think it's bad form to exceed tire stiction and understeer into a concrete barrier on a test drive. Although now that I think about it, the GTI's traction control probably would have prevented me from doing this in the first place. In my mind, a stiffer suspension and some performance tires are a must before going canyon carving in this car.

    In conclusion, Volkswagen is doing some really good things with the GTI. Put some better rubber and tighter suspension on this car and raise the shift lever some, and it would be a serious contender in my new vehicle search. But until that happens, maybe a nicely used Audi A4 2.8 Avant might fit the bill...
  • number17number17 Posts: 69
    hi all,

    I've been thinking of getting the '99 GTI GLX ... it seems like a great performer with good handling, lots of power and features ....

    The problem is, with the cocky VW dealers here in Toronto, high demand and low volume of these GTIs being shipped, I have a hard time getting any reasonable price on a GTI. I almost feel like I have to beg the sales guy to buy a GTI ...

    So, I am thinking about Jetta GLX instead now. It costs about $1k more, but I can definitely get a better price with a slightly higher volume. It is in essense the same car with different clothes. I figure the GTI would be a bit sportier for lighter weight, and a shorter overall length. But at least I can get a reasonable price on the Jetta, and don't have to wait as long .... the only thing is I am kind of skeptical about the reliability of the car knowing it's made in Mexico ...

    so what do you guys think?
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I really don't think that Mexican-made is a problem. I have a Mexican-made Golf GL and have had no reason to fault the quality. On the other hand, my previous car was built in Pennsylvania at a plant which was slated to close within a few months. Not exactly attention to detail there. :-(

    IMHO, the really question is hatchback vs. sedan. I think the hatchback is more versatile so you're getting more flexible transportation for a lower price if you choose the Golf over the Jetta.

    What do others think?

  • alextalext Posts: 63
    I agree, I definitely prefer the golf's hatchback over the jetta's mini-sedan body. I think the box-turtle look of it is more interesting than the traditional trunk-style.

    Also, according to VW, the new golfs (and GTI's) are no longer made in mexico. They are built in Europe now, and although I don't remeber which country exactly I'm pretty sure it was Germany. So don't worry about taco shells in the back seat (I'm just kidding!).

    Hey rocket science, you don't like the GTI colors huh? Well personally I love them. I'm planning on getting a Golf TDI this fall and I can't decide between the Yellow, the Orange and the cosmic Green. Maybe you're a little too connected to the bland old world of silver, black and red, but I think those nasty colors are beautiful. And why not stand out in a world of boring car colors? Now if only the had a metallic olive...or saffron...or terra cotta...those are some nice colors for a car.
  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50

    the NEW golf/jetta (A4 platform) is a great car. the jetta is made in mexico, and the golf is made in germany now! i think it does not really matter where it is made. i have test driven both and they are of the same build quality.

    i own an 1997 A3 GTI. personally, i like the new jetta better than the new golf. the jetta just looks so much better now (A4s), contrary from the previous generation. handling may also be better with the jetta since it has a more uniform geometry than the golf hatchback. the 4-door golfs are the most useful though.

    let me know what you finally decide. good luck!
  • alext,

    To each their own.

    I also like the bland, old world colors of British racing green, deep metallic blue, and, if done right, moving violation yellow (esp. on a Ferrari 355 Spider. The Audi A4 yellow is nice too).

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure I saw the Futura Yellow GTI I test drove on the freeway the other day, so I may just be in the minority when it comes to colors. Personally, I think they're all trendy colors, though, and will look dated in a few years.


    If I were to choose between a Jetta and a GTI (given the same color) at the same price, I'd take the GTI. And this is essentially what you're comparing in your post -- Jetta is more expensive than the GTI, but the dealer may be more willing to bargain, so essentially you're expecting them to cost the same (or more precisely, you're willing to pay the same amount for either car).

    Why GTI? Well, since the Jetta and GTI are built on the same frame (A4), I assume (though I haven't checked) that the back seat space will be equal for both cars. Engine is the same. Interior amenities are about equal (again, I didn't check, but it seems reasonable). To me, exterior looks are equally pleasant. So the only difference is trunk or hatch. With a hatch, you can throw all sorts of oddly sized objects in the back. With a trunk, you can't. As Carlady said, a hatchback is more versatile than a sedan, and that's a definite plus (everything else being equal, that is).
  • number17number17 Posts: 69
    Thanks for all the comments ...

    Backseat space / accessibility is a non-issue to me (I am driving a 2seater right now and can do without a backseat .. either case will be a step up = ))

    I guess while the GTI looks more pleasing to me (I actually like HB's... ), the Jetta looks pretty sharp as well. GTI, being a HB, is more practical to carry large / odd sized objects. In terms of resale value though, the Jetta will sell for more being a sedan.

    The deciding factor though, will really be the handling and Fun-to-drive factor ... although both cars are built on the same platform and are mechanically identical, the Jetta does weight 200 lbs more than the GTI, and the HB ZIPS better in traffic without the trunk. This cannot be confirmed before a test drive of both .... but I suspect the GTI has a slight edge on the performance side ...

    Anyways, thanks again for the comments, and I'll keep you guys posted on what I decide on.
  • arthur99arthur99 Posts: 1
    Well, I just put $500 down on a '99 GTI GLX here in No.Cal. They have a couple coming in. Black and red. I'd actually go for the red, though the wife is set on black. I offered and was accepted at Invoice + 4% + destination charge, which I think is pretty good for a car that is trickling in. Anyway, I am excited. There is a couple of people ahead of me on the "list", but supposedly they are looking for the "ugly" colors.
  • dimitridimitri Posts: 1
    I am new to the forum but I would like to send in my 5 cents... I test drove the VR6 Jetta A4-platform and I also test drove a 1998 GTI VR6 A3-Platform. I was dissapointed with the handling of the Jetta compared to the 98 GTI. I was told this is due to the progressive springs used on the Jetta, built to give you a softer feel... As you put pressure on the spring it tightens more and more... versus a consistent compression found in older VWs. On the contrary, I own an A3 and an A2 Jetta and they have dramatically improved the interior. Things are classier and give the owner a "my-Beamer" feel. VW and Audi are heading in the right direction with their products!
  • schandryschandry Posts: 1
    Hi there! Nice group of people! I have an A3 jetta, which is a golf with a trunk. I have done quite a few mods over the years. I would be happy to help you (GUYP) or anyone with the pros and cons. I can say this(in keeping it short) RIMS and Tires are the first step! Then the upper strut tie bar. Rims of +2 will give the most noticable change in handeling but give a harsher ride. The tie bar does wonders you have got to feel! Email me and I will give you the scoop! BTW my 99 VR6 is on order!!! My Jetta has 98k and time to upgrade!
  • kathrynrkathrynr Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    Has anyone out there test driven both the GTI GLS, and the GTI VR6? So far, I've only been able to test drive a GLS model, which I liked very much. I am going to put an order in at my local dealer and have to decide between the GLS and the VR6? Is the extra $2-3000 really worth it for the VR6?
  • athomp2athomp2 Posts: 1
    I have the VR6, and it most *defintely* worth it! You won't regret it, or ever wonder what the VR6 is like, and once you drive one, and feel the easy and silky smoot power that is at your command, I think that you'll agree.
  • chacon1chacon1 Posts: 1
    I'm considering either purchasing a VW GTI VR6 or an Acura Integra GS-R. They are both in the same price range so that is not a main factor. Is the VR6 that much better? What about long range maintenance?
  • wings98wings98 Posts: 3

    I've had my '99 GTI for two months now, and I really love it! I test drove the GS-R before and I was bothered by the engine noise. The GS-R felt like I was driving a tin can, and also the interior room was definitely lacking. I'm only
    5' 7", and I felt really confined. The Integra also needs to change their design. Don't just take my word for it. Test drive both and you can form your own opinion. As for me, I enjoy every commute on my new GTI. Best of luck in your search.
  • jcarjcar Posts: 1
    I live in the KC area and no one even has one to look at let alone purchase. Does any dealer in the midwest have any or is this a nationwide problem.
  • wings98wings98 Posts: 3

    I live in Michigan and I got my car through a dealer trade from a dealership in Ohio. I put a deposit down at another dealership in Michigan who has had four GTIs in thus far. Let me know if you need more information. I waited two months for mine. Good luck b/c they are definitely hard to find.
  • gtivr6gtivr6 Posts: 2
    I don't see many discussions regarding the early VR6s. I would like to hear from anyone who has one, and any of the bizarre things that have occurred to it in the past four years. I love my car, but the only that's not wrong with it seems to be the engine!! I'm trying to find out the type of problems people have had with this model year, in order to determine if my car is unique or if these things happen to others. Perhaps I'm trying to decide if I need to bail on it and try to hunt down a 99 GTI GLX.

    My issues:
    -Brakes: incessant failure of ABS
    -Absurd cabin rattling and noises!!! Ugh!
    -Moon roof inoperable
    -A/C controls: only 2 and 4 work
    -Steering, steering, steering! Can one get a decent alignment, or do I just chew thru tires?

  • npotternpotter Posts: 3
    I've been waiting for my VR6 GTI since puting down a deposit in mid April. My dealer says its on the boat crossing the pond and, lo and behold, its a 2000 model. That's all good and fine, but has anyone heard if they're making any significant changes for the new model year? Also, anyone know of any chips/air filter/exhaust systems that mate well with the VR6 motor and don't void the warranty?
  • khattakkhattak Posts: 1
    I'm thinking of purchasing a '99 GTI GLX so I've made a note to read everything I come across in magazines about the cars. Just the other day, I was reading in European Car magazine about upgrading a VR6 engine. Apparently, there's not much you can do to a VR6 that will really improve the engine's performance much. The exhaust, intake, etc are pretty much optimized for the car. What they suggested for meaningful performance gains for you money was a supercharger. Of course, I'm sure that would void the warrenty and then where would you be? Maybe modifying the car isn't worth it?
  • ggmanggman Posts: 5
    I'm looking to buy a GTI VR6 in the next several months. Does anyone know what limitations there might be to putting 17 or 18 inch wheels on it. Also, can anyone comment on whether the GTI generates alot of brake dust on the front wheels, as most cars do? Any different than a Jetta might?
  • npotternpotter Posts: 3
    Thanks for the feedback khattak. I've had a hard time finding any literature on the GTI. I don't understand how aftermarket tuners can't extract more power from this motor. I mean, I know it not a four-valve design, but some top-end should not be that hard to come by. I would thing tweaking this 2.8 liter powerplant should yeild another 15-20 bhp without a problem. Hmmmmm.....maybe that supercharger....
  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    GGMAN - 17 or even 18" wheels will fit fine on the new GTI. I upgraded my GTI GLX to 17x7.5" BBS RCs, and all is well - they're even lighter than the stock combo despite being an inch bigger.

    You can see pics of my car at the link below..
  • ggmanggman Posts: 5
    Thanks KC for your input. Fine looking those BBS's. I've got BBS's on my '83 GTI now. You're right...plenty of room in that wheel well. I might have to consider the 18" as long as it doesn't interfere with a turn.
  • mikloshmiklosh Posts: 1
    Hi KC

    I saw your gti vr6 on your web page....nice! I have couple of questions for you. I read a recent review of the jetta vr6 and the two biggest problems were the soft springs and the drive by wire throttle. The author said that there was a considerable lag (hesitation) in throttle response due to the new drive by wire mechanism that felt similar to the way early turbos responded. This was actually a big deal since it took a lot of the fun and responsiveness out of the car.

    Have you had a similar experience with the throttle response on your GTI?

    Since you're obviously a driving enthusiast,how does the new a4 vr6 gti handle compared to the a3?

    Assuming that the audi 1.8 turbo will become available for the golf in 2000, would a chipped 1.8 (190+ hp,200 lb torque, lighter than the 2.8) be the ultimate GTI?

    thanks a lot

  • copelandukcopelanduk Posts: 14
    over here the 1.8t is the only gti.
    I'd like to hear from some owners regarding that 2.8 vr6. I haven't been able to test drive a vr6 as we only get the 1.8t and v5 in london. I will be buying a car in a couple of months and right now it looks as though the beetle 1.8t, new 3 series coupe or the tt would be my first choices. If I can get my hands on them, that is, as they are all pretty in demand automobiles.

    My friend has a golf and the interior is not as special as the nb or tt but I would be happy with the well featured price of the gti glx. I just have had no experience with the vr6. Any information would be much appreciated.
  • hillshills Posts: 1
    My husband and I have been looking at the 1999 Golf TDI and are thinking about buying one. Does anyone have one and how do you like it. Is the miles per gallon as good as they say? I would appreciate any information that any one has. Thanks
  • hrt411hrt411 Posts: 1
    I am interested in buying a 1998 4 door golf. Does anyone have advise as far as how much to pay for one?
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    I've noticed in a few earlier postings comments about the 1.8T and a 24V VR6 coming to America. How sure are we of this? I've read that VW decided not to import the 1.8T to the US market because we get the VR6 while most of Europe doesn't. Also, I believe that when the 24v VR6 is put into the Golf, it will have the 4Motion AWD system because VW is stating that it doesn't think a front wheel drive car should have over 200hp. Now, wouldn't a 204hp, AWD Golf cost a whole bunch in the United States. In Europe, the Golf and other hatchbacks don't have the "cheap car" stigma that they do here, so I don't think the buying public would flinch much at a relatively pricey Golf that came so well equipped. Not so in the United States.
    I guess what I'm saying, in a very long-winded fashion, is that I question whether or not the sweeter engines will come to America. Don't get me wrong, I think a 1.8T GTI would be great. Car&Driver put a performance chip in a 1.8T Passat and it did 0-60 in 6.6 seconds. Think about how the lighter GTI would perform. I'm all for it. Until I see more evidence that these other engines are coming here, I think I'll just covet the 12v VR6 for the time being.
  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    Hi Mike.. to answer your questions: yes, the springs/shox are too soft, again. I will be upgrading to Bilstein Sports and H&R springs - as soon as Bilstein releases their Mk4 VR6 application. Some unscrupulous aftermarket shops have already been selling Bilsteins valved for 4-bangers to unsuspecting GTI GLX owners.. shame!
    I also had a '97 GTI VR6, and to compare the handling, the Mk4 is better, mostly because the chassis is SO much more solid.. but it floats like the Mk3, but not quite as badly.

    Regarding the drive-by-wire throttle, it does take getting used to. I like the way it decelerates, it's very smooth and easy to drive in traffic.
    Under acceleration it is a bit detached-feeling, though I wouldn't describe it as being like turbo lag. Overall I don't mind it - it's just "different".

    I love the car, once I slap the upgraded springs and shox on it, it will be the ultimate!

    '99 GTI GLX black/black
    '86.5 Scirocco 16V 2.0
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