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  • dflordflor Posts: 4
    i own a gti vr6 99 (tropical orange) and i also
    had a problem with the passenger window getting stuck in the down position. it took 2 weeks for the regulator to come in , i got a loaner but havent had any other problems since. i really love
    my gti.
  • Any new info re: VWVortex's intimation that the 204hp 24 valve 6sp 4Motion MAY come to the US in 2001? I reeeeally want a GTI, want to wait but not forever. Also thought about leasing a 12v GTI until the 4Motion comes here -- question is, will it ever? Such a sweet car!

    Rob (tired of my 4Runner)
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787

    I wouldn't hold your breath. VWOA said that the AWD Passat Wagon would be imported for the 1999 model year. It was included in their brochures and they provided cars for the auto rags to test. It never showed up. Now they are saying Q1 or Q2 2000. I'll believe it when it shows up on the dealer lots.

    In contrast, VWOA has said that there are no current plans to import the 4WD GTI. I would love to have one, but I wouldn't count on it. Which is why I went ahead and purchased an '00 GTI GLX.

  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    KevinC- How does your GTI looks with the new shocks and struts? How much did it lower the car? Have any picture? The reason I ask is that if I buy a GTI, this is definately something I want to do. I just find "slammed" cars to be unattractive.
  • Just read an article in car & driver (most recent edition) that pegged the gti glx 0-60 at 7.7. Every where else I've read, it does it in 6.8. Which is right? Who should I believe? A second difference is a big deal, no? Car & driver article went on to rank the gti glx 5th out of 6 cars for best sport coupes under $25,000. Needless to say, the article wasn't very encouraging. But I still want to believe the gti glx is a great car and the folks at car & driver don't know what they're talking about. Should I??
  • I like Car and Driver, but they made a mistake with the GTI's speed. In fact, in a previous edition, they clocked the GTI at 6.9 0-60. As an owner, I know the latter is true - trust me on that one. That gives it the same speed as the Prelude, a car I love to push out of the fast lane when I'm bombing down the interstate.

    Apart from the 0-60 typo (let's be generous to their testers) these comparisons aren't always what they're cracked up to be. For starters, you can't realistically purchase a decently equipped Prelude for under $25,000 and it's still a 4-banger. For over $4,000 more, I'd want better handling too!

    Otherwise, they're correct in their assessment that it's probably not the best-handling of the bunch, although if you scroll through this chat room, plenty of enthusiasts have found ways to improve the handling dramatically - some just by changing wheels and tires. The testers likened the stock suspension to the Passats - a car they raved about in another recent comparison test. Go figure.

    Overall, I'm happy with my car's performance around corners and curvy roads, but I'm not one to push it constantly. A relatively tall hatchback that actually seats four people is not going to handle as well as a low slung car that only seats two and barely has room for the shopping.

    The Car and Driver testers didn't like the shifter either - I've gotten used to it.

    If the testers had been looking for the car with the best engine, the best package of gizmos, the most practicality, the best speed, the most comfort, the quietest ride, and the most fun for the dollar, then the GTI GLX would have come first.

    But the only way to judge the cars in the comparison test is to drive them yourself. I think you'll find that you have the most fun in the GTI.
  • The Dec '99 Car and Driver article quite fairly nailed the GTI GLX, 0-60 specs aside. It is required reading for anyone considering buying one.

    The GTI GLX could have been an ideal sports car in its class, but is in fact optimized to melt away highway miles. They praise its "smooth as Lido's olive oil" engine, "no car here is quieter at idle, at wide-open throttle, or at a 70-mph cruise" (substitute your favorite mph). They praise its assembly as "nearly Benz-like."

    I needed a two-seater for road trips, that could handle lots of people and cargo in a pinch. I needed to believe I was buying a sports car, because I'm the one making the damn payments. In fact, I primarily needed a car to melt away highway miles. BINGO: the GTI GLX.

    Potential buyers relying on the web for insights: Recognize that the alpha males in all discussions like this are seriously modding their cars, to free the potential sports car lurking within. They warmly welcome potential buyers just passing through; they know they are living out your dreams. Nearly all of them may live to retirement. Even Car and Driver has to give numerical supremacy to the best kick-[non-permissible content removed] ride in the bunch, stock off the showroom floor, unfair comparisons aside. Between the lines C&D may be saying the GTI GLX is the ideal car for you. It is certainly the ideal car for me.
  • gspecgspec Posts: 3
    I wouldn't count on the 4Motion GTI coming anytime soon. Plus, IF and when it does come to the US, you're looking at a machine that will run you at LEAST $27k. For a little more you're already in the $30k price category.
  • gspecgspec Posts: 3
    Just remember that the following runner ups for that comparison are only a couple points off from the prelude. The small variance of the GTI's 0-60 numbers could have easily bumped it up a couple places up. Why did Car and Driver use such an abnormally low number?? Could be a lot of reasons... maybe the test car they used was abnormally slow, there could have been some bias as most of the C&D staff love hondas/acuras, etc...
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Friends, you may be aware that we generally cap discussions with more than the 500 messages. It helps to keep the software happy. Please feel to create a new VW Golf GTI topic if you wish, or take a look at the other Golf topics and see if they can accommodate you as well.

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