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  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    We WILL be getting the 1.8T in the GTI and Jetta
    GLS sometime after next January, as a mid-year change in model year 2000. This I've heard confirmed from several sources I consider to be reliable. The news was broken publicly at VWVortex several weeks ago (, those guys are pretty close to some VWoA people.
    As for the 4-Motion 24v Golf VR6, that's a crapshoot but I wouldn't bet on it. A dealer who posts to the GTI VR6 mailing list says that he was told at a dealer's meeting by VWoA that they *will* bring the 4-Motion Golf over in '01 or '02.
    I'll believe it when I see it.. and I will see it in my driveway!

    '99 GTI GLX black/black
    '86.5 Scirocco 16V 2.0
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    I like the idea of having a 1.8T GTI. I like that a lot. Now, can I wait till sometime in 2000 to purchase the car? Hmmm.
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    By the way, thanks for the information on the engines and that website, I'm liking it.
    Also, am I the only person who thinks the Audi S3 is incredibly sweet? I know why Audi won't import it, but they are really nice cars. Anyone know if there will ever be a VW equivalent to the S-series Audis?
  • copelandukcopelanduk Posts: 14
    the 4motion is close to an s3. I saw a green 4motion in lugano ch a few months ago, and boy did that thing scoot. I agree that the s3 and a3 are very fine cars. If I was staying in London, I would get an a3, but I am not, and there is no way I can get one in N America.
  • pitts1pitts1 Posts: 1
    Can't get a 99 so ordered a 2000 automatic. I have a 1984 VW scirocco auto and love it. Only 2 problems, 1-vibration at signals
    2- have had to replace motor mounts three times.
    Any one know if these are still problems on the newer cars?
  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    I can relate to your Scirocco motor mounts and vibrations. Trust me, the new cars are light years ahead of the 'rocs in terms of NVH and stuff like motor mounts. The new Golf/Jetta are solid as a Mercedes, thanks to an ultra-rigid chassis and some truly world-class manufacturing and high quality materials. Go test drive one and see what I mean.. if you're used to the 'roc, you'll be shocked!

    '99 GTI GLX
    '86.5 Scirocco 16V 2.0 (4th one in California!)
  • kevin4kevin4 Posts: 1
    i'm in the process of finding a gti vr6, and having a hard time... far and few between and the same colors: red. anyone know when the 2000's are coming? any new colors available?
  • nuttmannuttman Posts: 1
    I'm a faithful reader, but have never here goes. I am about ready for a GTI VR6, but was told I would have to wait until the 2000 model year to even think of getting one in the DC area. While I wait, does anybody know if the A/C registers can be switched with those in the Jetta. The Jetta's are a beautiful work of art compared to the Golf's. The dealer just looked at me and said "no, they are different parts for different cars." I don't believe him. I remain an architect stuck in the details.
  • ggmanggman Posts: 5
    Hey KC...thanks for the info on the 1.8T coming to the GTI in 2000. My only question is....if I somehow find the patience and discipline to wait for the 1.8T model (instead of trying to buy a VR6 model now)....will there be any issues with installing the much talked-about computer chip in this 2000 GTI model to get the extra 50 hp? Also, will increasing the hp up to 200 require other default changes - e.g.-suspension, etc?
  • ggmanggman Posts: 5
    Is the 1.8T replacing the VR6 in the GTI in 2000?
  • cthrallcthrall Posts: 1
    > Is the 1.8T replacing the VR6 in the GTI in 2000?

    No, probably the 2.0l 8v, right? See for all kinds of info on what's coming to the States.

    > ...will there be any issues with installing the
    > much talked-about computer chip in this 2000
    > GTI model to get the extra 50 hp?

    I'm guessing it would void your warranty.
  • weggieweggie Posts: 1
    do you guys think a 95 gti vr6 with only 36k miles on it wouls be a good buy??

    i dont know how much it cost but was wondering if anyone had any info on this year
  • george56george56 Posts: 4
    Anyone know of any websites specializing in VW parts and accesories?? Mostly interested in cosmetics for my GTI. Any help would be appreciated.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    george56, have you checked out our Accessories conference? You may find some answers there as well.

  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    To answer a couple of questions: the '00 GTI GLXs have already begun showing up at dealerships, complete with the new Monsoon kick-[non-permissible content removed] stereo system that's standard equipment on both the GTI and Jetta GLX. No idea if they'll be any more plentiful than the '99s - I'm guessing that VW didn't import more than 300-500 GTI GLXs for the entire MY '99.. they were rare, rare, RARE!! My advice to anyone trying to find one - go to, get a list of all the dealerships within your own desired mileage range (their site will do this for you), and call until your fingers are blue and your ear is red. Keep turning over rocks until you find one! It will be worth the effort!

    As for chipping a 1.8T, it *will* void the powertrain warranty if the dealer finds out you did it. One possible work-around is to purchase a second complete ECU, which you keep stock and just swap in for the chipped one when going in for service. The only fault code that will come up is a disconnected battery - no bust!

    '99 GTI GLX
    '86.5 Scirocco 16V 2.0
  • dsprattedspratte Posts: 4
    I own a MK III 2.0L GTI in Raleigh, NC. I'm interested in hearing of any performance tuners in my area. I've heard lots of good things about VW Sport USA in Alexandria and a couple of referals to EIP, but I was hoping to find some one local.

    I'm a huge VW fan (this is my 6th one, although only 2nd H2O-cooled) but some of what I've seen over on the Audi side of the family tree has caught my eye and I'm nearing the end of my lease. So I'm torn:

    A. Buy out my GTI at a lower payment and pep it up a bit, or. . . (will a K&N Air Filter do anything for me for starters?)

    B. At lease-end cash in my brownie points an slip into an A4 1.8T or VR6 Jetta. . .

    Any thoughts on any or all of these ideas would be appreciated. . .
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    I read over the weekend that VW would be bringing the 204hp, 24V VR6 and 4Motion drivetrain to the United States. Unfortunately, It will be in the New Beetle. This saddens me greatly.
  • wings98wings98 Posts: 3
    Kevin is absolutely correct. Finding a '99 GTI VR6 was very difficult. I live in Michigan and I contacted VW to get a list 20-25 dealerships in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. I called every single one to see it was viable for them to get a car in for me. I ended up with about 4 dealerships who took the time and/or were expecting allocations from my original list of 20-25 dealerships. After a month and a half, a dealer on the other side of the state was able to find me one. It was definitely worth the wait!
  • colsencolsen Posts: 1
    Guys I have a 1995 Golf sport (GTI)
    I ve got 105k on it and it's still runs great.
    The only problem I've ever had was when a car wash
    blew off the rubber molding in the top of the car.
    I think my next investment will be with a techtonics chip and replacing the timing belt.

  • moldymanmoldyman Posts: 4
    I was reading some of the earlier posts about whether or not the Gti 4motion would be coming to the States (new member...) and also about the Audi s3.

    For what it's worth, there is not much between the two cars. The s3 develops about 210 hp peak using a modified 1.8T engine, and the Golf around 204 hp with the 24v V6.

    The s3 got a semi enthusiastic review in CAR a couple of months ago for having a noisy engine, and uninteresting power delivery (little lag, consistent torque). The guy who wrote the review fgured that if the s3 didn't have the appeal of a huge turbo in driving, then he'd go for the Gti.

    BTW, some local enthusiast in VA seems to have imported an a3 -- I've seen it on the Beltway on the way to work.
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    I thought the s3 had a 2.something twin turbo V6.

  • copelandukcopelanduk Posts: 14
    I think it was inevitable that these two cars would end up being very close. They share everything except the engine and styling. Even then they both look good, and have similar performance in their engines.

    I am a CAR subscriber, and I remember the review of the s3. The author was only lukewarm in his reception of the car, but he was comparing it to the impreza turbo that has achieved cult status over here in England. I'd have to drive the cars to get an idea of the difference between vw/audi, but I saw a 4Motion in lugano a couple of months back and the car looked and went very fast. On paper the new 24v VR6, combined with the better interior of the golf would seem to me, to have the edge.
  • copelandukcopelanduk Posts: 14
    no the s3 is 1.8t
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    You're right of course, I was thinking of the S4 !

  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    I saw something that I consider disheartening about the future of the 24v VR6 and 4Motion system in America. I don't remember where I read this, Autoweek I think, but they said that the engine and drivetrain would only be available in the US in the New Beetle and not the Golf. Personally, I'm not too keen on the New Beetle. Nice car and all, but not what I'm wanting. I guess I'll just have to settle for the plain-vanilla VR6 and front wheel drive. I'll survive.
    About the S3. It looks like BMW will have a competitor to the S3 in the upcoming redesigned M Compact. The hatchback version of the 3-series compact is supposed to be available in a 230hp M version. If it's priced similar to the S3, it should be around $30,000. Now, if BMW, unlike Audi, brings the car to the United States I'll be a very happy guy.
    What type of wait are people seeing on the 2000 GTI GLX? I've been talking to some guy at a Dallas VW dealership and he has yet to tell me what type of wait I can look forward to. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion. Thanks.
  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    The '00 GTI GLXs have already started arriving. I was at my dealer the other day dropping off a buddy and one of the salesmen came out to drool all over my wheels. He just bought an '00 the night before, and we stood there and talked wheels, tires and suspension for about 20 minutes.
    The only way to get your hands on one is to call, call, CALL!! any and all local dealers and keep calling until you score.. they are very rare, but demand is very small too. Work hard, you will be rewarded.

    As for the 4-Motion Golf or NB, you're right, that was AutoWeek who said NB only to the US. But a sales rep who attended a recent VW function in Palm Springs came back and reported the opposite, and scoffed at AutoWeek.. he says they were told that the Golf 4-Motion *WOULD* be coming eventually, probably as an '01 model. Keep your fingers crossed!
  • brentk1brentk1 Posts: 1
    This is my first posting, I have found this very informative and am interested in a new GTI GLX but can't even find one to test drive, I did drive a '98 VR6 and liked it very much, is there much difference in the feel of the '99-'00? and does anyone know what the colors will be for '00, even the dealers I have contacted don't seem to know yet. I have managed to find at least 5 '99s along the east coast, but all too far from me to just go for a test drive, anyone looking in the PA area let me know if you can't find one, I can let you know what I've found.
  • bpoole01bpoole01 Posts: 3
    I ordered a 99 GTI GLX and now it looks like I will be getting a '00. I am being told that the '00 is $500 more than the '99. I haven't been able to verify this or find out what changed in the latest model. All information appreciated.
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    I would not be too upset about getting the '00 over the '99. In my mind, the $500 price increase is justified by one of the handful of changes for the '00 mode year: the 10 speaker Monsoon stereo system. That works for me, these are the same stereos available in high-end Pontiac Firebirds and AM General Hummers. I'm guessing the use of the Monsoon stereo over the Bose 10 speaker stereo found in the Mk.3 Jetta GLX has something to do with VW's settlement with GM over that Lopez guy. For more information on the '00, go where I got my information,
  • The gti glx I just ordered came in today and I took it for a little spin. It flies. It's much more refined than the mk. 3 and maybe it's not as spunky, but the fit, finish, comfort are excellent yet it's still very much the GTI VR6. Most everyone gets left in the dust behind this little rocket. The car only took three weeks to come in from Germany - that's pretty strong. If you go to the VW website ( you can check out colors. I've got the silver with black interior. If you get one, just be careful - remember what GTI stands for: Get Ticket Immediately!
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    I've been talking to a salesman at a dealership here in Dallas. I was fully expecting to have to wait three to four months for the car. Today I got a call at the office from the sales guy, telling me my car will be here in three to four weeks. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Black with a black interior. Sweet. So, should I expect to pay sticker?
  • bpoole01bpoole01 Posts: 3
    why pay sticker...the GTI GLX is not a high demand 3% above 2000 invoice.
  • kcriskcris Posts: 2
    I am interested in buying a GTI pretty soon. Doing my research and calculating costs. It looks like I am gonna get the 4 cylinder. Anyone got any stories on 4 cylinder GTI's? Any comments are welcome......

  • ggmanggman Posts: 5
    has anyone had trouble getting to lately or is it just me...? i'm getting this error message that i'm "forbidden to have access to this server...."
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    I too have had the same annoying reaction from vwvortex. I'll assume it is their fault.
    Okay, I've got a GTI GLX arriving in two weeks. I can afford the monthly payments. My question is, how pricey is my insurance going to be? Are GTIs expensive cars to insure? Are the insurance companies fooled by the fact that it is a hatchback? Okay, just something I'm worried about.
  • jduongjduong Posts: 2
    Do anyone know when the second edition of the 1999 golf VR6 is coming out??
  • ragerage Posts: 1
    Hi guys I got my first glimpse of the 00' gti glx
    today and I nearly wet myself. The interior is a
    thing of beuty with its dark wood trim and leather
    seating. I sat down in the cockpit and I felt like
    I was in a true sports car. I test drove the
    thing despite the fact someone had already bought the darn thing over the phone :( and man was I impressed 0-60 in 6.8 and german engi. what more can a punk 17 kid want? Not a [non-permissible content removed] civic thats for sure. Anyway the guy was like the msrp for the 00' is 23,150. Is this guy trying to screw with me or what how much is fai for this car guys? Also he said black and
    silver are the easiest colors to get everything
    else is a longshot. Whats up with that what ever
    happened to good ole red huh?
    today and I nearly wet myself. The interior is a
    thing of beuty with its dark wood trim and leather
    seating. I sat down in the cockpit and I felt like
    I was in a true sports car. I test drove the
    thing despite the fact someone had already bought
    the darn thing over the phone :( and man was I
    impressed 0-60 in 6.8 and german engi. what more
    can a punk 17 kid want? Not a [non-permissible content removed] civic thats for
    sure. Anyway the guy was like the msrp for the 00'
    is 23,150. Is this guy trying to screw with me or
    what how much is fair guys? Also he said black and
    silver are the easiest colors to get everything
    else is a longshot. Whats up with that what eve
    happened to good ole red huh?
  • jaycjayjaycjay Posts: 2
    bpoole01 -- "not a high demand vehicle?" You're joking, right? Did you read the rest of this thread? People can't even find a GTI GLX to test drive, and those who want to buy are waiting weeks or months for a car to arrive. Demand far exceeds supply, and that's the only definition of "high demand vehicle" that's relevant. Paying 3% over invoice for a new GTI with a VR6 would be pretty unlikely. Maybe if you get your dealer really drunk first...

    jduong, what do you mean "second edition of the 1999?" There were two different versions of 1999 Golfs, but the current A4 version was the second of those. And the 2000 models are now out.
  • jduongjduong Posts: 2
    Thank you jayjay!!
  • jaycjay my experience has been different to yours. I test drove 2 GTI's (red and silver) before ordering a black, and the deal was 3% over. The wait has been 4 weeks so far but the blacks are starting to be delivered now and they are 00's. I have also seen silver and red 00's. No new colors coming in. Don't panic.
  • cazocazo Posts: 1
    I just picked up my 2000 GTI VR6 from Carlsen VW in Palo Alto California. They also have another in Black/Black, that has not been spoken for yet. Just thought someone out there would like to know.
  • npotternpotter Posts: 3
    I think the rest of you may have a little different experience than bpoole01. The GTI GLX is in extremely high demand, and my bet is it won't be hard for dealers to find buyers willing to pay sticker. I picked my '00 two weeks ago, and I can say that it would be worth sticker and was well worth the 14 week wait.

    BTW, the Monsoon system is eight speakers, not ten.

    I belive the only available colors are silver, black, flash red and tropic orange.

    Best luck to all!!
  • only1harryonly1harry NYPosts: 1,140
    Read the so and so - average review they gave the GTI GLX..
    '99 Integra GSR
    '06 Civic LX coupe
    '11 BMW 335i coupe xDrive
    '13 Honda Accord sedan (wife's car)
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Yes, comments on the Edmunds review, anyone?

  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    It's all perspective. I've got a five year-old Pathfinder and I'm about to replace it with a GTI. For me, the GTI will handle great. For an auto journalist whose driven corvettes, M3s and cars like that, the GTI probably won't be the best they've driven. Ergonomics. I mean, come on, are ergonomics really an issue. Unless the window switches are in the glove compartment, after a short while you'll get used to the lay out of the car and not think about it. As with the defects of the car, they'd been driven for 13,000 miles by psycho car journalists trying to see what the car will do. A normal person driving the car won't put it under so much stress and probably won't have the problems. VW has put so much stock in their products reliability and the factory in Germany has more than 18 months worth of experience building the things, I'm not too worried about reliability. Hey, these reviews are just one guy's opinion on one car. Other people will think differently, like Car and Driver's reviewer, who thought the car was pretty swell. This review isn't going to stop me from buying the car.
  • I just picked up my 2000 GTI GLX VR6 this morning. The speedometer broke - a serious problem because before it packed in, I kept looking down to see that I was routinely hitting 70 in third and still had room to accelerate. This car's speed is unbelievable and it's going to take me a few days to get used to it. As far as the Edmund's review goes, I respect the opinions, but reviewers tend to get fussy about their knobs. Yeah it's best for a radio to be up on top, but the Monsoon stereo and climatronic system aren't that complicated. This is my fourth VW and I've grown used to accessories being in the wrong place and odds and ends not working all the time. VW owners buy VWs because it's the cheapest way to get superb performance; they're not worried about gadgets. I'd agree that the power steering is a little overcooked, but try a Honda or a Toyota or a Geo and you'll soon discover what truly dismal power steering is all about. The GTI GLX handles superbly and the road feel is also excellent; the wide torque band (or whatever it's called) is there and it's up high in the rev range, where it should be. This isn't a minivan. The new GTI GLX is not as noisy and is more refined than the previous GTI VR6 and true sports fans may not like that but there comes a time when constant noise gets boring. Besides, that new Monsoon stereo is pretty good and sounds a lot better than a lot of hi-rev whine. While I think the Edmund's reviewers know what they're doing, I'll rely more on the opinions of the Car and Driver writers. Just remember this: the GTI GLX VR6 doesn't come in automatic. That's all you need to say about VW's commitment to this sled. Now - if they'll just fix my speedometer before I get pulled over.
  • odysseusodysseus Posts: 10
    The edmunds review of the golf seemed pretty negative for me. I was surprised because both the golf and the jetta have recieved nearly universal praise. The reviewer at edmunds didin't say, it's a great car with some faults, they flat out rejected the golf, and I have to completely disagree with this. To not reccomend a car simply because they don't like the ergonomics? Come on, you remember all the controls by heart after a few days of ownership. They briefly mentioned the golfs advantages, instead of making it the focus of the review, like how the golf has possible the strongest chassis in it's class, and one of the best six cylinder engines in the world.
  • While the review of the golf/gti was critical, I think that in the greater scheme, this car fares quite well. A gti may not have the handling and suspension of its main rival the prelude, but what about the interior of that car? Put them in a head to head and I bet the gti would be at the front of the pack. For what it is, and at the prices it sells for, the gti was my first choice under 25k.

    However a recent outing in a golf here in england has put me off. The car is good but it is missing in some key areas. I found the audi A3 (which shares the golf's platform) to be more attractive. First, the option of a 1.8t 180bhp quattro (effectively a TT 180 quattro with a different, but almost as attractive skin.) is a real draw, plus the A3 while similar to the golf, in many ways, has the golf beat when it comes to interior and exterior looks (subjective ofcourse).

    here's a link to a picture of the interior of the A3: <<A HREF="">;

    While only a small shot of the dashboard, it helps get an idea, notice the order on the center panel? From the top: Controls then stereo then climate control then cup holders, just like edmunds requested.

    There are more shots at of all audis including the A3 at:
    <<A HREF="">;

    I think VW should keep the golf as a family econo-car, a market that I believe it is best suited to and the market in which it has no equal. Then the audi A3 should be brought over as the "sport" hatchback. Drop the GTI altogether and then drop the 1.8t quattro, or new vr6 4motion into the A3. Now use the TT, S4 and sporty A3 as the spearhead for a new sports driven Audi.

    While I know the A3 is not available in North America, I would buy one if it was and it does give an idea of how much better the golf could be. Clearly Audi uses the golf platform more effectively in the TT and A3/S3, than VW does.
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    Anyone frequent the VW website? If you go to the accessories page and look for GTI/Golf stuff, they have a surprising large selection of wheels to choose from. One wheel model is 17" in diameter. I'm thinking they are a bit expensive, but according to the salesman at the dealership I've been talking to I can get a credit for the GTI GLX's wheels and bring the price down. There are some other nifty things there for someone looking to personalize their Volkswagen.
  • PAUL2PAUL2 Posts: 2
    I've been waiting for my GTI to arrive for almost three months. In that time, I've basically driven myself bananas reading review after review and second-guessing my choice. I'm slowly realizing that MY opinions (and those of all prospective and current GTI owners) are what matter most -- more than Car & Driver, more than the guy in your office, and yes, maybe even more than Edmunds.

    What I'm sure of is that I test-drove the GTI and just couldn't think about owning anything else for a comparable price -- it was that good. I feel like a lot of recent reviews of the GTI (Edmund's included) are really missing the point. I've never owned a sporty car, but I can say with some conviction that the GTI hauls and handles wonderfully. It also looks great, can be converted into a mini-station wagon and is relatively affordable. THESE are the reasons I looked at GTI's -- NOT for their cup-holding abilities or radio button locations. It's a car, not a kitchen appliance.

    The reason that I love Edmund's so much is that they give (in my opinion) a more "real-life" perspective on the cars they review than motorgeek magazines like Car & Driver. However, the "real-life" bottom line about cars like the Golf and GTI seems to be that people buy them because they're fun, reasonably priced and deliver performance beyond what their price tag might indicate. I just don't think that cupholders, or even something as subjective as steering weight really enter into the issue.

    The Golf/GTI review just seemed exceptionally harsh, especially considering the initial Edmunds review of the Golf/GTI, which stated: "The Golf didn't disappoint, losing little of its old edge while gaining a sense of heft and balance that few cars in this class can match . . . We'd change little on the new Golf."
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