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  • dhicksdhicks Posts: 14

    You can get a preview of the Euro model here:

    If you look at the "Features" you'll see the 4Motion V6 mention. Click to get the goods. 204HP, 199lbs/ft torque through 4 wheel drive...Yikes! If they bring this thing to North America the price probably in the $30,000US range which may be a tad high considering the general image hatch backs carry (cheap econo-boxes) here.

    While you're there, take a look at the Audi S3 which is a very sporty, high performace sister to the GTI. Featuring Audi's 1.8l Turbo engine, 17" alloys (!!), 6 speed tranny and very muscular styling this is an Autobahn burner. If only it was available here.

    2000 GTi GLX
  • Anyone ever driven the '90-'92 16V GTI? That was the last VW I've owned or driven, and I considered the suspension to be a little soft back then. Can anyone tell me if the new GTI's are really even softer now? By the way I had alot of Autobahn miles on that little monster. With a Neuspeed 260 cam, K&N and modified airbox it went over 130mph and stayed with a 5.0 Z28 until the Camaro overheated.
  • allonallon Posts: 2
    What a sight!!!
    Thanks Dave for the information.
    Now I have a new car to dream about.
    A 4door 4motion Golf.
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    This site is the Holy Grail for VW fans.
  • For everything about TDI's including performance mods, search for Fred's TDI Page.
  • pipopipo Posts: 36
    I've now had my Futura Yellow 2000 GTI GLX for about ten days. Always had a thing for sporty yellow cars; VW's variant tends towards a gold hue. I like it and have received many compliments. Plus I haven't seen a single one on the road (which may say something about my unusual taste in colors).

    The car is extremely fast, and most impressively, the torque band is very broad, so there's a lot of umph at low speeds/low revs as well as at higher rpms. This car really pulls. For all I've heard about a numb cable shifter, I find the shifting precise and direct, with the stick clicking nicely into each gear.

    Once I got used to the extra power and acceleration capabilities of this car (compared to a '92 Audi 100S that I traded in, which had an engine with similar horsepower but was geared much taller and was significantly heavier, resulting in somewhat sluggish performance but very responsive higher rpm response), I tend to agree with some of the performance jocks that the suspension is a tad on the soft side. But let's keep things in perspective: you can still hammer this thing into turns at much higher speeds than most of what's out there, and the handling feel is top notch, even with the stock all-season tires. I suspect that a tire upgrade alone (something in the Pirelli P6000 quality range or higher) would make a big improvement.

    Now comes my pet peeve. Most GTI buyers don't seem to care very much about the sound system. However, one of my pleasures is driving fast with good music playing. The new Monsoon system which is standard in the new GTIs was receiving very good word of mouth as soon as it became available, so my expectations had already been raised when I picked up the car. By the way, I understand that Monsoon is owned by VW. 8 speakers, 200 watt amp, 103 poles of equalization with customized calibration all sounded promising. Well, big disappointment. The sound is gritty and very sharp in the treble, partly, I suspect, because the front tweeters are mounted very near the ears, which is not optimal for imaging purposes either. On some CDs, the sound is listenable, particularly acoustic music with a warm recording balance. But otherwise, this is an ear bleeder!

    Finally, comfort, convenience and appearance. Very comfortable, supportive seats, with all the adjustability anyone could want with the customary cumbersome notched wheels to adjust seatback angle and lumbar support. But I kinda like the extra effort it takes to turn those wheels. A VW idiosyncracy. The blue dashboard backlighting for the gauges took some getting used to, but I find them clearly visible and not unattractive. But why don't we get oil temperature and oil pressure gauges and a voltmeter? The driving controls are all easily at hand and well designed. The climate control system is another story: too many small buttons. The driver really does have to take attention away from the road to use the small pushbuttons, and the low position of the controls adds to the difficulty. But I suppose if you just set the thing at the appropriate temperature and leave it alone, it's OK.

    Overall, I love the car. Peppy, spirited, attractive and comfortable enough to take your grandmother for a ride (not in the back seat, though, unless your grandmother is an athlete). What's next? A complete audio system upgrade, top to bottom, head unit, amps, equalizers, speakers and speaker positioning. Also probably a tire and suspension upgrade (H&R springs and Bilstein or Koni shocks, Pirelli P6000s). Then we'll see what we have.

    Hope this was helpful to someone out there. Feel free to ask if you have any specific concerns I might be able to answer. Happy driving (and listening)!
  • sam242sam242 Posts: 1
    they're hard to find, but I'm pretty happy with it so far (<1 week).

    I'd agree with pipo that the stock (monsoon) stereo needs some work... Does anyone know how much work it would be to modify a pioneer head-unit to have red lighting on the buttons (to match the stock lighting). I want a pioneer head unit so I can get their in-dash 6 disc changer. I'm probably going to try taking the face apart & resoldering red LEDs instead of green ones, if its really that simple...
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    This headunit was designed with VW in mind. It has the same lighting as they do. Of course, I know nothing about stereos so I don't know if this is a good system or not. There is more information available at the Crutchfield site.
  • Has anyone test driven these cars head to head? I test drove the '99 GTI GLX and found it to be a blast. The car just jumped when I stepped on the throttle. Hauling the kids around would be much easier with 4 doors. I see that the 2000 Jetta GLS VR6 is now spec.'d with "sport handling suspension". What does anyone think? Also, what is your opinion of the acceleration vs. the GTI?

    The lease on my '98 Subaru Legacy GT is up in 8/00 and I've been test driving many models. I've tried the Saab 9-3, BMW 323i, Audi A4 2.8, Acura 3.2TL and the GTI. While my criteria include 4 doors, 5 speed, certain amount of prestige-I can't get past the FUN I had behind the wheel of the GTI. Other reviews mention driving with a grin, it worked for me too. I may find myself ditching the 4 door requirement, etc. and just go for the FUN.
  • Just paged through an R&T buyers guide and they claim that in "early 2000" VW will offer the 1.8T in the Golf and Jetta.
    Should be an interesting drive. I've only been behind the wheel of 1.8T Passats and A4s and they don't quite cut it on the performance side of things. I'm guessing the Turbo Beetle would be closer in weight and performance but haven't driven one. The European press has rated the GTI 1.8T highly but found it a little "too civilised" in general--of course the cars that they prefer to the GTI aren't available in the states anyway.
    Can't wait to decide for myself!
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    If you want to modify your car, the 1.8T is the way to go. Garrett offers a chip for the 1.8T NB that adds 40+ horsepower to the car! Hey, does anyone know what the weight difference between the GTI and NB is? The reason I ask is that according to Road&Track magazine, the 1.8T NB manages 0-60 in 7.1 seconds. That's just 3-tenths off what they managed for a GTI VR6! With the Garrett chip (the only one I believe available for the drive-by-wire, transverse-mounted, A4 platform cars) this thing should be seriously quick! Another plus is that the 1.8T GTI should price around $18k-$19k, which is considerably more affordable than the GTI GLX.
    The real question is, can I wait this long?
  • I've got an 18 month old and I prefer the hatchback for hauling him around. I've had my GTI GLX for about two months; I used to have a Jetta. In fact, just after I took delivery, my wife took the kid, my mother in law and all the 'stuff' to Washington D.C. for a week. I live in Charlotte, so that's a long drive; she broke in the engine - I knew she wouldn't rev it above 3,500. A friend complimented me last week for buying a real car and not giving into the 'I've got a kid now so let's buy a minvan' urge. Plus I can remember growing up and my parents hauling around myself and other kids in a two door hatchback. We survived! I've got a smile on my face with the GTI GLX and so has my kid!
  • Have driven the GTI GLX and agree with all the positive remarks about what a great drive it is--really a lot of fun!!

    For those with experience, how does this car handle in snow? Just moved to Ohio and unfortunately this is a very real consideration in purchase of next vehicle. Thanks for advice
  • dhicksdhicks Posts: 14

    I live in Ottawa,Canada where snow is an unfortunate reality for 3-4 months a year. While I haven't driven my 2000 GTI GLX in winter yet (and hopefully not for a while) I'll pass on the following observations:

    1. The car is front heavy with a 70/30 front rear weight split. While this does comprimise the overall balance of the car and causes the nose to dig in on hard corners, starting on slippery sufraces will be easier because of the extra weight over the driving wheels.

    2. The Traction control system should help to alleviate some wheel slippage on icy roads. Of course you can disable this feature if you are trying to dig your way out of a snowbank.

    3. The car will probably understeer like a pig if you push it through a slippery corner. While I haven't experienced any winter driving yet, this car, like any FWD vehicle, exhibits understeer in loose gravel and wet conditions, snow and ice will only make it worse. Not that you can't adapt your driving style to accomodate this in the winter, just be aware.

    Overall, I don't expect this car to be any better or worse during the winter months. Get a good set of winter tires and, as always, drive carefully when the white stuff is on the road.
  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    Monsoon is *not* owned by VW, it's part of Delphi, a GM parts subsidiary. Remember the Inaki Lopez fiasco? Part of VW's settlement with GM calls for VW to buy something like $1 billion worth of parts from GM over the next number of years. I suspect that has something to do with VW sourcing this stuff from Delphi..

    Weight distribution is NOT 70/30! It's more like 62/38, still a nose-heavy pig but a far cry from 70/30, which would be pretty damn ugly to drive!

    '99 GTI GLX
    '86.5 Scirocco 16V 2.0
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    People ask me what sort of folks take part in Town Hall discussions. And I say something about how intelligent, humorous, knowledgeable, etc. you are. And you prove me right every time! Who would have thought one of our users could steer a pig! Really, you guys are too much!!! ;-)

  • ejsejs Posts: 36
    Hey, I was just wondering if there were any times besides starting in the snow that I might want to turn off the ASR. Like, are there any cool tricks I can do without it?

    2000 GTI GLX VR6 PIG
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    I think it's a bit cumbersome to say VW GTI GLX or GTI GLS. How about just "Golf GT" for the 2.0L and good ol' "GTI" for the VR6?

    I like the looks and interior of the GTI's and the yellow color is my favorite. I usualy don't like yellow.
  • pipopipo Posts: 36
    My two cents regarding this issue. The Jetta by far outsells the Golf in this country, because, for some reason, hatchbacks are considered declasse and sedans are somehow viewed as upmarket. The hatchback is much more practical, with the rear seats' fold down capability, and it is easier to park. The absence of rear doors does present a challenge to the non-contortionists among us, but why quibble? Sometimes a nod to aesthetics wins out.

    But to address the prestige factor, if you buy a car that everyone and their grandmother (to bring back an old theme) already owns, like the Jetta, how much prestige is there in that? On the other hand, to drive a car that very few others have been wise enough to choose, now there's REAL exclusivity! Especially if you select an unusual color. I've always been a contrarian, but it seems that my contrarian choices often signal new trends, so watch out.

    I bought a 1992 Audi 100S when Audi's popularity had bottomed out in the U.S. The model was redesignated A6 shortly thereafter, and sales have increased ever since. Do I predict that Golf sales are going to improve in the U.S.? Hard to say, but for now I'm pleased as a nose-heavy pig in s*** that I have the only Futura Yellow 2000 GTI GLX in town.

    And it figures that Monsoon is owned by a GM unit. No wonder it sounds like it does (for the benefit of those who haven't read previous long-winded submissions, that ain't a compliment).
  • ejsejs Posts: 36
    I feel like this is a topic akin to "Windows vs. Mac." There are devotees on both sides who will probably never be converted.

    I was on the fence for a while myself. I didn't think of the sedan style as more upmarket per se, but more mature (which I guess means the same thing, really). I also liked the front end more, saw the advantages to four doors, and thought an enclosed trunk might be handy.

    Then it occurred to me that I'll have plenty of time to drive sedans in the future, I'll almost never have people in the back seat, and I'll probably need to carry around stuff that can't fit in the trunk. Besides, the fun factor of the GTI seems significantly higher than the Jetta GLX.

    In the intervening time, I've seen a ton of Jettas in my town, so I definitely feel that what I'm driving is more rare. However, anyone who doesn't see the badging on the back or recognize the alloys probably thinks I'm driving a pokey economy car... until I peel away from the light. Heh heh.

    My GTI GLX is Silver/Black, and I've seen two more just like it. (Darn.) I've also seen a Silver GTI GLS, a Black/Beige GTI GLX, and a GLX in Futura Yellow. Was that you, pipo?
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    I've been planning on getting a NB or a GTI for a while, if I go with the GTI i am definitely waiting for the 1.8T. This engine rules with about 2 grand in mods. For 1900 bones you can get a KO4 to replace the KO3 and the chip reprogrammed, which gets you 235 HP. Throw in intake and exhaust and youre looking at over 250 HP, 100 more than stock, for about 2500 bucks. You cant get that kind of gain out of many cars, especially not imports. To get the same gain out of a Japanese car youd probably spend about 2-3 times that. I cant wait. Imagine going to the track in a stock looking NB or GTI and laying down some low 13 second passes.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    One thing to realize is that the Jetta's attractively sloped roofline reduces rear headroom. The Golf has more headroom in the back seat because of the straight roofline. The Jetta does have a bigger trunk, but you'd be suprised at the size of the Golf's trunk -- it's pretty big.
  • someone please help me. I am in a dilemma Ia torn between buying the new Maxima and the new GTI V6. I love the styling, options and performance on both. The VW makes me feel like a kid in a candy store and the Maxima makes me feel like i own a candy store. can u change the chip in the GTI to improve performance like you can in the Audi A4?
  • Just returned to reading the list after a prolonged absence; had a couple of thoughts:

    Re: Audi 1.8Ts. One of my colleagues has a chipped 1.8T with quattro etc. Sadly, it leaves my 98 GTi VR6 in the dust -- the torque peak is so low that it more than makes up for the frictional problems of all wheel drive. Torque peak on 98 GTi happens at too high a level of rpm to compete.

    Re: Subaru 2.5 RS. My decision was between the 98 GTi VR6 and one of these. Laugh if you want, but out of the box the Subaru is one of the best handling mass market cars in the world, period. That boxer engine and all wheel drive create a low center of gravity. However, my general driving needs don't require rally handling, and I couldn't get over the disappointment of no stock turbo in the US, so I decided to soak up the VR6 torque and get on with my life

    Re: VW stock stereos: I doubt that it matters what generation you have, they aren't much good. My wife had 2 stock stereos in her 95 Jetta (from the Clarion days), and they both died... my GTi has the Clarion stereo also, and it sounds pretty ho-hum. Boosted midrange, bass easily drowned out, etc. Hoping it will die so I have an excuse to replace it.

    Here's the new thought for the day: what in the name of all that is good and decent is VW doing, putting wood in a GTi of any kind? That crosses the line from "taking a hot hatch upmarket" to "trying to kid yourself your car is premium because people think dead tree is sophisticated." It's laughable.
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    Truely, it is silly. Personally, I can't tell the difference between plastic "wood" and the heavily laquered plastic-like real wood VW uses. I'd prefer aluminum, carbon-fibre or just plain black plastic.
  • ejsejs Posts: 36
    hear hear. i've seen on some web sites aluminum trim kits, but only for the center console. no photos of it on the web site so i can't get more specific. i want a kit that replaces each piece of wood with a corresponding brushed aluminum bit.

    i think you can get an "aluminum-look" shift knob on the vw site.

    something else that might be cool is metal that has been painted to match the exterior.

    btw, the Jetta GLX also has bits of wood surrounding the vents. grody to the max.


    i found the perfect size container for the cupholders-- 10 ounce soda bottles. the only thing that doesn't make me feel like it's going to fly out on my lap. however, it also cost $3.50 out of a hotel minibar. (i don't ever drink in my gti, but i had to drive home late and i needed the caffeine infusion)
  • dhkdhk Posts: 49
    I'm looking at GTI, Jetta, and Passat. Does anyone know if a road bike fits in any or all three? I need about 54" of depth to put my bike inside. The bike won't fit in my son's 91 Golf..close, but not quite. If no one's tried this, next trip to the dealer I take take the tape measure and fold some seats down.
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    The Aluminum trim kit is available (or soon will be) from The Parts Department. It's a Euro option and I believe is a direct replacement for all the wood bits in the American cars. Here's their website, , it's the part's department of a dealership in UK. They know there is a market for Euro badging and accessories in the US and they've taken it upon themselves to help fill that gap. At the Vortex, they fall all over themselves praising Sara Carter, the person most of the business goes through. If you want to weird out other drivers, get the badges for the European Jetta, where its called the Bora. Sneaky.

    I don't know how much larger the current A4 Golfs are in comparison to your son's '91 but your best bet is probably the Passat. If you need real space, the Passat Variant (wagen) is great. Euro sedan handling and fun with gobs of space.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    You won't get much performance increase by chipping the GTI GLX. It has a normally aspirated VR6, and you're just not going to be able to cheaply improve the performance.

    The 1.8T motor in the Audi is a different matter. The engine computer controls the boost pressure of the turbo. The performance chips can easily turn up the boost pressure, thus increasing performance.

    The 1.8T motor from the Audi A4 will be available on the VW GTI GLS sometime in the spring of 2000.
  • ejsejs Posts: 36
    Thanks, Lackey! You've made me a very happy pig-driver.
  • pipopipo Posts: 36
    I would certainly rather be a kid in a candy store than the owner of a candy store. I think the answer to your dilemma lies in answering this simple question for yourself. Which would you rather be?

    As regards chipping the VR6, lots of people talk about the Garrett chip being a good one ( It is available for the 2000 GTI, and reportedly results in significant horsepower and torque increases (although not as significant as for the 1.8T). On the other hand, I think the VR6 is the more flexible real world engine, with lots of low RPM grunt (due to its broad torque band starting at about 2000 RPM). The chipped 1.8T may be the better track car, but you'll need to rev it higher to get the responsive power that you get out of the VR6 at just about any RPM level.

    Go for the GTI. You may end up being very happy with the Maxima, but most GTI owners have long term love affairs with their cars. And the aftermarket mods that are available for the VWs are astounding.
  • Just wondering, for all those year 2000 GTI VR6 owners out there, I have a question. I myself just bought a brand new VR6 and for the most part its been great. However, because I wasn't given the code to the radio at first, I wasn't able to use it for the first two days. As a result, I was able to notice some odd whistling or creaking sounds that seemed to appeared when I pumped the brakes and as well as when I rev the engines lightly. Now this only happens after the car has been driven for about 10-20 minutes and when the car is moving very slowly (approx 20mi/hr) or when totally stopped. pumping the brakes in higher speeds or before the car has warmed up will not produce this effect. if i had my radio from day one, i probably would have never heard it. I took it back to the dealer and after a thorough check, they think its the brake boosters but they weren't 100% sure. To be honest, I don't think they know. They said they would call the VW tech center to ask. Anyone else noticed something like this?
  • swong4swong4 Posts: 10
    Hi all:

    Has anyone here leased a 2000 gti vr6? If so, could you tell me what the monthly payments would work out to be (approximately). I am pretty much set on getting the gti vr6, but would prefer to lease instead of purchasing it. Also, what would my insurance rates be given that I live in North Florida? I'm male, 31 yrs with a clean record. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  • Any reason you want to lease? My buddy had a '95 Jetta that when he turned it in they charged him $900 for excessive wear and tear - the "excessive wear and tear" was basically a couple of dings, and some scratches on the bumpers - just paint! With VW's you usually can make out better if you buy, because they hold their resale value - especially the VR6's.

    -my 2 cents -

    Anyways, I'm holding out for the Golf GTI 1.8T - it's lighter (not so much front heavy) and with tuning can become a beast!

  • swong4swong4 Posts: 10
    Well, basically i figured that with a lease i can get away with a lower downpmt and lower monthly payments. And with a closed-end lease, i can have the option of buying the car anyway after the lease has ended, or upgrade into another gti (maybe the V6 4motion by then?) without having to try to sell the present one. I guess i need to get the dealer to define exactly what's excessive wear and tear, but i've also thought about purchasing the car if i can get good financing. I've test driven the GTI 1.8T, and it's a really zippy car. I haven't driven a VR6 yet, and can only imagine how the extra hp will feel like. Any idea on what insurance will run for the VR6? I'm not in the USA right now but will be there soon.
  • Leasing - remember, a lease is a loan. If you are self-employed or own a business, then there are tax advantages to a lease, but it's usually better to own, particularly if you drive a lot. And trust me, you'll find plenty of excuses to drive your GTI VR6.

    The Maxima and GTI VR6 represent two different 'classes' of car. Although I don't like the new Maxima's shape and taillight configuration, it's a tremendous sled. It's very much a sedan and offers decent leg room, etc. The Maxima comes close to being a 'sports sedan' even though that term has become an overused oxymoron.

    Even though it's gone upscale and purists might not agree, the GTI VR6 morphs into a sports car more agreeably than the Maxima. Let's not kid ourselves that the GTI VR6 is a pure sports car like a Lotus or Porsche, but the golf platform lends itself very well to the types of modification found in the GTI VR6. I haven't driven the new Maxima, but I think you'll find the GTI VR6 sportier and a bit more fun. But still, the real decision here is between sedan and hatch.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Remember that leasing almost always costs more than buying. It may be less hassle, but in the long run it will cost you more. After 4 years of paying off a loan, you own the car. After 4 years of paying off your lease, you own nothing (and may actually owe the dealer due to excess mileage, etc.).

    No one here can tell you what your insurance might cost. That is very dependent upon location, the coverage you choose, your age, marital status, driving record, etc. Call up several insurance agents in you area. They will be glad to give you quotes for free.

    I live in a suburb of Boston, I'm nearing 40, married, with a clean record. My insurance costs ~$1000 per year with very high limits. If I lived in Boston itself, or if I was 22, my rates would probably be twice as high.
  • gtivr6gtivr6 Posts: 2
    I have just gotten my 2000 GTI GLX in August, and have experienced some bizarre sounds as well. I haven't heard any whistling sounds from the brakes. I have, however, noticed a strange humming sound when the car has been shut off after 20-30 minutes of driving. I heard this when I was washing it. Odd. Additionally, there is a concert of squeaks and creaks that seem to come from the hatch area. Being a former owner of a '95 GTI VR6, I am familiar with unusual and annoying sounds, but I am surprised at the 2000's noises. Oh well, that's why we have radios, and besides, I can forgive a bit of noise as I scream past most anything else on the road.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    is the engine fan. It will run even after the engine is shut off.
  • ins23ins23 Posts: 17

    Most likely the source of squeaks and creaks are locks &#150; hatch lock and/or door locks. The locks are perhaps weakest parts of VW. I owned &#146;90 Corrado, 98 GTI and now have New Beetle… and locks are always loosened. I think all VW fans just don&#146;t pay attention to these noises considering them as characteristic of &#147;car for enthusiasts&#148;.

    On my new beetle both locks on the doors and hatch lock rattle and squeak as a hell after 8000 miles.

    So, go see your dealer, and if you have good one they may be fix this. Mine just ignore this saying this is okay.
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    Nedzel is right, engine cooling fans switch on automatically even after the car is turned off.
    Trust me, my 89 VW Cabriolet does the same thing. The first time I drove it off the lot and parked it at home I though I was going crazy. When I took the key out it just kept humming and vibrating.
    Well of course this is true with any car, the radiator fan comes on automatically to cool the engine down after a hot drive. However, I've owned a lot of cars and the fan seems most noticeable on vee-dubs, so new buyers tend to be surprised by it.
    Also ins23 is right, although VW's are very well made cars and quite rigid compared to Japanese and American vehicles in the same price range (and sometimes those in higher brackets) they are not "quiet cars" so to speak. It seems sort of against the grain to make a car that is not designed to be as close to an anechoic chamber as possible nowadays, but that's the way VW are and that's the way VW enthusiasts like it. You feel the road and you feel your vehicle, you're not insulated from these things because they're what make driving fun.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Yes, I just replaced the key assembly in my 96 Golf. I think I replaced the key assembly in my last Golf also. Still, as you say, as repairs go it's minor to me.

  • After waiting for about 50 day's I took delivery of a new GLX. This is the longest I've ever waited to purchase a car...and the first in a long time which saw me pay full list price.

    My initial thoughts are evocative of my first GTi (a 1986) which was a treasured member of my family for 11 years. Everything seemed vaugely familiar.

    The '00 however is way more refined than my earlier GTi. More power, more solid feel, better materials...even a dash of (dare I say it) luxury.

    I've read in the car mags that this GTi is "too softly sprung" - it may be for autocrosser's or street racers , but it's a welcome relief for this aging boomer. In comparison, I recall my "lowered and stiffer springs" '79 Scirocco and will happily leave the kidney jarring ride to younger. enthusiasts.

    The VR6 however lives up to it's billing. It's smooth and tractable. Much more "real world" responsive then my old Accura GS-R.

    After driving a bunch of VW's over the last 26 years, The GLX hits the mark for me - performance, quality, practicality, panache at a resonable price. I can't think of an alternative. More after I put miles on it...
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Actually, there is a very good alternative, currently being sold in Europe: the GTI 4Motion. 204hp, all-wheel-drive, and 6-speed transmission.
    If only VWOA would import them into the US...
  • peter41peter41 Posts: 15
    Here's a question I would appreciate input on:

    I can buy a new golf/GTI, or for about the same price (or even less) buy a two year old BMW 318ti or Saab 900. Obvious similarities are the hatchback and European engineering. Has anyone driven all three of these and therefore have real-world driving experience? Thanks.
  • dhicksdhicks Posts: 14
    While the specs on the GTI 4Motion look great, I'm a bit skeptical that VW could make a go of it in North America. As it stands, hatchbacks have a "cheap car" image that seems hard to shake. This perception spills onto the salesfloor where Jetta's outsell Golfs 5:1 in NA. When I speak to people who are car saavy, but not as VW literate as those in this group, I have to take great pains to explain that the little hatchback parked outside my office is fully loaded and packs a 174HP whallop - pause 2 beats and wait to see the puzzled looks on their faces. Obviously, the general consumer doesn't see eye-to-eye with high end hatch backs.

    While I can appretiate the amazing characteristics that the 4Motion offers, I wonder how much of a market there is for a $26,000US AWD V6 compact hatchback. While there are definitely some GTI enthusiasts in this group and over at Vortex who would be willing to pony up the cash, I think the sales volume would not be high enough to justify the expense of bringing another VW model to US shores.

    On the other hand, the 1.8T would be a great addtion to the GTi Series, and would definitely justify itself in increased sales.

    2000 GTI GLX
  • I have been looking for a Golf GLS 4 door and have had a difficult time at it. My experience is that the VW dealers are certainly pushing the Jetta and the new Beetle over the Golf. I happen to like the Golf and wish to test drive one but cannot locate one to test drive. All want me to drive the Jetta telling me it is about the same. the Jetta drive similar to the Golf? I still like the Gold looks better. Here is to the lowly hatchback!
  • dtrinhdtrinh Posts: 5
    How well suited, if at all, is the GTI GLX for a family of three? The baby is only two months old.

    I do not want to fall into the herd of "mini-van" family guys out there.

  • dhicksdhicks Posts: 14
    As a general rule, two doors do not work well with young kids. Putting them into the car seat is too damn tough, even with the double-hinged front seats.

    2000 GTI GLX
  • dtrinhdtrinh Posts: 5
    ... but the baby will love this car! =D

    j/k, dhicks

    No. I see your point. But what about the mini-van situation? There has to be a better alternative than those bland Accords and Camry's and those box-on-wheels Caravans!

    I was thinking about the Jetta GLX, but doesn't the back seat space seem smaller than the GTI's?

    Just trying to rationalize going for the GTI...

    Thanks for any and all advice!

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