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Toyota Venza Prices Paid



  • How much are the above 2 items go (what kind of coverage/term) for and is it by Toyota or 3rd party warranty?
  • ghtrapghtrap Posts: 26

    I just purchased my Venza yesterday and didn't buy the extended warranty, but while with the F&I guy, he said because it was the last day of the month, the Toyota (not 3rd party) warranty was on sale. I don't know if it ever sells for more or less than the "sale" price, but we were talking about an extention to 7 years or 75,000 miles and the price was $985. The 7yr/100,000mi one was $1280.

    I've never bought an extedned warranty for anything in my life, so I wasn't particularly interested - even though with a brand new product, some may want to consider it. It would be intersting to see what others have paid for a similar extended warranty to see if those prices are reasonable.
  • Looking at my paperwork, I got the 7yr 75,000 mile warranty for $1007.10, and the 4yr 55,000 mile prepaid maintenance for $875. So it doesnt look like they were giving TOO much of a discount off normal pricing. My dealer did inform me, though, that since the Venza is a 1st year new Toyota model, all Venza get warranty discounts (as opposed to a Camry, which is now 2-3 years from its "redux" new version).
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    If they paid the prices you quoted they've been had! If those were the sale prices I hate to think what the regular prices are.
  • Ok, consider me shocked. I followed the launch of the Venza from concept to car, thinking it might work for my family. It is a Camry wagon with AWD, nothing more, nothing less. So why does it cost several thousand more than a similar Camry? The prices for this thing are insane. The Highlander is everything the Venza is, with a third row seat added, and costs less. I expected the Venza to come in priced under the Highlander. I'm certainly not going to pay more for a Venza than for a Volvo XC70, or even close to as much.

    If Honda comes out with an Accord wagon with AWD, and prices it correctly at about $1000 or so more than an Accord, you'll see Venza prices drop or the sales will.
  • Here Here,

    This vehicle is grossly overpriced compared to others in the Toyota product line as well as the competition...Of course, that is just an opinion based on my own research. I have been comparing it to the RAV4, CRV, Forrester and the upcoming 2010 equinox. What I don't understand is why toyota, nissan, and honda do not offer all wheel drive versions of their sedans or (ok, I'm dreaming now) an awd wagon version of the camry, accord or altima. I realize the Venza is basicly a wagon camry but as you state the price differential is not justified.
  • I'll give these guys a call ........ the dealers in silicon valley just won't move off of MSRP. Best offer I have gotten is $500 off ........... I was much more motivated a few weeks ago before putting another $1000 into an 88 corolla. I was going to wait for year end but if there willing to make deal , I am still interested.
  • go outside of the valley for pricing and the show the valley dealers the pricing
  • stevecarstevecar Posts: 148
    The wall street journal reviewer agrees with you. His article in this past saturday's paper is clearly one of the least favorable reviews I have ever read.
  • The 75k or 100k miles warranty is that the same as bumper to bumper 36k miles or a reduced items after the 36k miles? Is the warranty from Toyota or 3rd party?

    Also how much would be the normal maint. cost for 55k miles ($875), is that good for any dealerships, and for 5k miles oil changes or other interval?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    I think the Accord Wagon - called Accord Tourer currently sell in Japan will cross the ocean to USA next year ... below is the photos ... of course pricing is TBA

    Front View r.jpg/page/photo.html#pic


    Rear View
  • That Accord wagon is sweet looking, is wagons can be sweet looking. Anyway, I think the Accord wagon will kick Toyota right in the Venza. :)
  • marqmarq Posts: 7
    Only 1394 Vevzas sold in January ( yet Texas dealers want MSRP and load them with expensive options before They hit the lot! No thanks. I will wait until next Fall and see what Honda and others offer.
  • I went through all of the posts to this discussion board and wrote down the dealerships that members have noted for really good deals. I plan to buy a Venza in the late spring when my Highlander lease runs out and knowing there are deallers willing to come off MSRP by $3K or greater has made me feel a lot better. So, let me share this list with you. I'm in the Carolinas but I won't hesitate to drive to say, MD, for a good deal. Thanks everyone for your help.

    Antioch Toyota, Antioch, CA
    Beaman Toyota, Nashville, TN
    Car Max, Kenosha, WI and Laurel, MD
    FitzMall, Gaithersburg, MD and Chambersburg, PA
    Ramsey NJ (not sure of dealership)
    Rhinelander Toyota, Rhinelander, WI
    Toyota of Morristown, Morristown, NJ
    Rt 22 Toyota, Hillside, NJ
    Vallejo, CA (not sure of dealership)
  • My OK dealer quoted me sticker Saturday. I about laughed but just said thanks we are still looking. I immediately went on line and got easy quotes of $1000 to 1500 off from other dealers. Invoice will be the norm once the newness goes away.
  • Toyota of Lake Norman here in Charlotte said there wasn't any special financing from Toyota and the didn't want to come off MSRP. In addition, they add the etching & clearcoat and extra dealers fees on for an extra $1,200 to every car.

    When I leased my Highlander in '05 they told me that if I came back and purchased/leased another car from them they would waive the excess mileage charge. I was pretty naive to listen to them. I expect they will try to add the excess mileage cost to the price of the new vehicle - so I'd end up paying interest on the excess mileage. I've haven't gone back to talk to them but I'll be curious to see what tricks they have up their sleeve. I know better now and I'll go elsewhere.
  • For about $100 or less you can fly one-way from Charlotte to Baltimore and buy a Venza from CarMax Toyota Laurel, MD or Fitzmall in Gaithersburg, MD at up to $3700 off MSRP (no hassle pricing) and also avoid the Southeast Toyota add-ons. Heck, I'll bet the car dealers here would even pick you up at the airport! Then you get to have fun breaking in your new car as you take a scenic drive back to Charlotte through the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Md_Outback, You're reading my mind! I also thought of renting a car and driving up there. Google says it's about 7 hours so it's an easy drive. Might even take a few days to tour some of the DC museums before making that nice drive back home in my new Venza.

    Thanks to all the posts, I know to ask for Michelin tires and not accept the Goodyears. I've got Michelins now on my HL and they lasted over 50K miles.
  • Once I discoverd the Venza back in December I sought a forum that had real life buying stories and this is it. I too have contacted several of the dealers mentioned through out the forum plus a half dozen more in and around the Atlanta area (home). I must admit that the Maryland dealers; #1 Fitzmall and #2 Laurel Carmax seamed to have the best prices by checking the web and calling them. In my case I was looking for a 2812 (2WD), Fitzmall is loaded with 2822's (AWD) which I don't need in the south. Laural #2 has a good mix of 2812's. I was just about to close a deal until I contacted my local dealer once again; Toyota Mall of Gerogia to force a deal or walk away. They like many dealers have had cars sitting for awhile. Dealers are ready to move stock especially if they know it's do or die for them. Here's the deal I made Saturday which beat Laurel's price.
    . Model 2812 (2WD)
    . LX - Prem Pkg 2
    . NV - Voice Nav Pkg
    . SR - Pano Roof
    . TO - Towing Pkg
    . XY7 - Toyoguard
    . PV50 - Prem Mat set

    MSRP was $37,798, I got it for $33,606, thats $4,192 off MSRP or 11%. I was really shocked, I simply told them they have to meet or beat out of state dealer prices or the game is over. Hope this tip is helpful to others. :)
  • Thanks for the update. I looked at Toyota Mall of Georgia's inventory online - they seem to have more cars not loaded with a bunch of high-priced options. And they are a little bit closer. I'll definitely keep them in mind.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    After over a year of looking (starting around the time when the 2008 Highlander was released), I completed my search.

    I picked up my Venza V6 AWD with Premium Package #1 and JBL Synthesis audio yesterday. I also added a reverse sensing system (Echomaster) and some accessories (wheel locks, carpet mats, rear bumper protector). It's Magnetic Grey with Ivory interior.

    I'm very happy that I went with the Ivory interior -- it contrasts nicely with the grey exterior.

    I paid approximately $2.8K under an MSRP of just over $35K (with accessories, but before tax, title, etc.). I'm in Honolulu, Hawaii, but purchased from a dealer on another island.

    Over the year and a half, my "decision" went from Highlander to 2009 Murano to Highlander Hybrid, and finally to Venza. All of these are great vehicles. It really does depend on your needs and wants and how each of these choices stack up against them.
  • $2000 off sticker. Loaded Black V6. Had to haggle a little. Good Georgia dealer.
  • hdhhdh Posts: 3
    Model 2812 (FWD)
    Magnetic Gray with Light Grey Interior
    LX - Premium Package 2
    NV - Navigation System
    SR - Panoramic Sun Roof
    EF - Rear Bumper Protector
    CF - Carpet Floor Mats
    MSRP $36,859
    Price including Freight, Handling & Delivery $32,040
  • Sounds like a great deal. Congratulations! What dealership and what city?
  • Hello Gabill
    I'm from the metro ATL area - and we're ready to negotiate on a Venza. Trying to decide if it's worth waiting for the 4 cyl. Did you price include GA tax?
  • hdhhdh Posts: 3
    McGeorge Toyota, Richmond, Virginia
  • Once again I am forced to buy out of state to avoid the useless Gulf States Toyota add ons found in OK, LA, TX, AR. A nice leather, JBL, Conv pack, Venza FWD for $32700 MSRP easily lists for $35,200 in OK. You get remote start, paint sealant and the list goes on. Or drive 100 miles and get one in MO for $30,000 even after a $2700 discount. This makes no sense to me. :mad:
  • This past Saturday I brought a Silver one, FWD, for $32000 before TTL in South LA. It came with Premium Package 2 and Tow option. It doesn't have Nav & Sunroof but got everything I wanted. I thought I got a pretty good deal at the time but after doing more resaerch, I might be paying too much. Oh well, it's too late now. The car is great and it's lot bigger than my other car..Prius.
  • Xualum - My strategy was to have the local dealer work off my drive out price I could buy out of state, In my case Maryland. For the options on my vehicle $36,600 was my drive out prce. Once they backed out TTL and Prep fee, it brought the vehicle price down to $33,606. which was $4,192 off the MSRP sticker of $37,798.

    I thought about waiting for the 4 cyl but weighed in these factors vs the 6 cyl;
    > The new I4 is already available in the Highlander which I heard was underpowered for the larger vehicle. I also understand the Venza is heaver than the Highlander, although I didn't verify the weight. If it's true, then the I4 could be underpowered on the Venza as well.
    > The V6 has been in the Toyota family :) for a few years and has good reviews, especially in the Avalon.
    > I4 is new, which scared me a little. Keep in mind the MPG difference between the two engines is 1 MPG different.
    > I plan on using the towing option, therefore the V6 makes the most since.

    We've had the vehicle for almost 2 weeks now and love it. Took it up to the mountains over the weekend and put it on some 40 +/- degree inclines and this thing pulled great.

    Check with Fitzmall again, I got a call from them yesterday, they are now pricing Venza's at $269 below invoice. Old price was $400 above invoice. They are going to be hard to beat.

    Good luck!
  • Gabill --
    You make excellent points about the 4 cyl vs. 6 cyl. I've been thinking about the weight of the vehicle as well, and another point is the 1 mpg difference. We're trying to decide if it's worth it to wait it out and test drive the 4 cylinder. One dealer may have one by late next week. (here in metro ATL) On the other hand, I'm hoping that they're ready to make some decent deals this weekend, being the end of the month and all.
    Thank you so much for your advice. I'll look into Fitzmall. I did check in with Car Max in MD - just asking a few questions, etc. It's great to hear that you're enjoying your new Venza. I test drove it last weekend, and I like what I'm seeing.
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