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Toyota Venza Prices Paid



  • Has anyone purchased an extended warranty? How much and for how many years?

    Deepsouth Here in Alabama.
  • How long does it take once the car is built, before the dealer receives it? Mine went from Kentucky to the processing Center in Jacksonville so the options could be added this week.
    Pack 2, 2WD, Panaramic roof, Nav, Tow package, Pack 2,Toyo gaurd plus,extra tint on side windows,Golden umber Ivory interior,
  • I also got an email from Fitzmall yesterday and they gave me a price of $269 below invoice on a V6 FWD with Pkg #2 and Moonroof (in blue, red or green) = $30,534 for an order. The only thing they're balking on is my request for Michelin tires. They said I had to take whatever came with the car and I told them they could switch the tires out with another car or take more money off the price since the Goodyears don't last as long as the Michelins. Fitzmall told me I had to order because they didn't see anything coming in with my specs. I'm going to contact Carmax in Laurel MD, and check some dealers here.
  • marqmarq Posts: 7
    When considering a Venza I checked extended warrantees online and found I could save lots by shopping around--try Bernardi Toyota-same in the past with Honda. I'm waiting to see if Honda is coming out with a vehicle to compete with overpriced Venza.
  • Hello Folks,
    Just purchased a brand new 2009 V6 AWD Venza from Darcars Toyota of Silver Spring for $33489 plus TTL. The MSRP was 37K odd and dealer claimed invoice was 33,889. It may not be a great deal but I am glad that my search is over. This car drives like a tank. Very study and stable. I liked the options inside and it is very easy to get in and out of the car. I was replacing a Lexus RX330 and this was a OK compromise as it was a little cheaper. The only thing I missed was the moon roof and seat memory. I did buy the extended warranty for 875 for 8 years and 100,000 miles. The finance guy offered me a platinum protection plan for 1600 and when I said I don;t want it he reduced the price to 875. Note I am sure you all will be able to negotiate this as well if needed.

    I may have done better if I had searched and done my home work. But I needed to replace my car quick and I had actually not considered this car before seeing it in the show room.
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 30
    I should have ordered AWD :confuse: . Today it is SNOWING here in the deepsouth of Alabama. Of course when they predict snow here everything closes down,Schools, busnesses, even our local ice hockey rink :)
    The weather is unpredictable here yesterday we had Tornados today Snow. Should get about 3inches with thunder,first snow in 3 yeras here.Should be 70 later this week :shades:
    I should get my venza this week. I will keep it off the road nobody can drive in this mess,
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 30
    Thanks for giving me the price and info on the Extended Warraty. Called the dealer yesterday and ask for him to send me info so I can educate myself before I pick up my Venza this week.He said he would have someone contact me. I may see if I can get something on line cheaper. Any suggestuions who is best
  • mtg2mtg2 Posts: 1
    I've had my Venza for 4 days and I feel like I bought a truck because of the very stiff suspension. The model I test drove, before I special ordered one with Nav, was a softer ride. Anyone know if there is a way to adjust the independent suspension for a softer ride? I checked the tire pressure and they were set to spec. I don't understand how the test model could be a smooth ride and mine (exact model plus Nav) feels like a truck. The rest of the car is very sweet, and I was able to score $2700 off MSRP...which seemed o.k. for a new model.
  • bbtingbbting Posts: 9
    The Canadians were importing from the US when the dollars were at par. Given the exchange rate at > 1.25, I see a good reason from those who live close to the border to import from the north, especially when the Canadian MSRP is much more lower than the US. The fully loaded with NAV/JBL V6 AWD is only at less than CAD $40000. It works out to be only USD $32000. Just some thoughts for those who don't mind to put in some effort to get better deals.
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Do you know if the one you test drove had a different brand of tires? V6 Venzas (I'm assuming you have a V6) come with either Goodyears or Michelins and that could be the difference. You also never know if the dealer's test vehicle's tires were inflated properly - if the test drive car's tires were under inflated, they may have produced a softer ride. I don't think you can do much to adjust the suspension settings; if it is really bad have the dealer check it out to make sure everything is working properly.
  • soonercatsoonercat Posts: 48
    I am amazed at those east coast deals you are all getting.
  • Bought a V6 FWD with Convenient Package and Premium Package 2 for around $33,800. Excellent service before and after buying the car. a

    They got this Auto4Life program as standard

    Drove the Venza from Washington DC to Chesapeake VA and back. Caught in the middle of a snowstorm on the way back. No need for AWD, FWD handled the snow very well.

    I read about the stiffness in suspension. I don't feel it at all. Car got Michelin tires. Get the Voice Activated Navigation. Great sound system. Overall, it it a great car. Got people along the road giving me thumbs up!
  • soonercatsoonercat Posts: 48
    Bottom line--very pleased. I went cheap. V-6 in blizzard pearl, conv package and bumper protector, wheel locks, all weather mats, cargo net, splash guards and front window tint and mat package. MSRP was $30,450. Paid $27,500.

    I drove a 4 cyl highlander to test the engine. The 4 is powerful but not refined after driving the V-6. So no 4 cyl venza coming my way..
    My guess is that real world gas savings will be 1-2 despite EPA estimates. We got 27.7 mpg on 100 mile trip home at 68 mph or so. Regular gas is a plus.

    Was surprise satellite radio standard even on non navi and non JBL model. Nice surprise.
  • minnuminnu Posts: 5
    hi can you send me the details of ur purchase and where did you buy it. i am planning to buy one soon.

  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Awesome mileage for a brand new, not-yet-broken-in, 3800lb vehicle! With winter gas!

    Congrats. I may get the V-6 as well if the mileage spread is this small. What I'm really curious about is if the V-6 may even get better mileage than the I-4 at higher speeds like 75 (or even 80).
  • soonercatsoonercat Posts: 48
    Exactly, the 4 has to work hard with less mass but economy may be close at 70 mph. Around town it would be better but in the highlander is was rowdy power.
    Anything over 2.0 in the inline four is going to vibrate like crazy. Hence balance shafts which actually are power suckers.

    Consumer reports noted how the V-6 vs the inline 4 was so close on the RAV4 that if you have $1600 buy the V-6.

    Maybe Venza four will be civilized better...
  • soonercatsoonercat Posts: 48
    End of month deals are the best time. I bought from Fletcher in Joplin, MO.
    Only had two in stock and mine was the first one sold. from my dealings, I think reliable toyota in springfield, MO has more inventory and same pricing.

    I would never buy in OK due to gulf states add ons..
  • gabillgabill Posts: 4
    Hi Folks - If you haven't committed to a dealer yet, check out ebay QUICK! Search "Venza", there is a USED 2822 (AWD) Silver, Prem Pack #2, Nav, Pano Roof, Tow Prep, Mats, i.e. pretty well loaded out with 800 miles and a "Buy it Now" price of $32,499. This is a DEAL!!

    Because it's used there wouldn't be the normal dealer up charges, i.e., TTL and Prep fees, $32,499 would be it. MSRP was $38,444, that's a savings of $5,945 off MSRP and NO TTL and Prep fees. If I hadn't already bought one 2 weeks ago, I'd be on this one like a Duck on a June Bug even if I had to make a trip to NJ.

    If anyone buys it please post to the forum.
    Thanks, Gabill
  • soonercatsoonercat Posts: 48
    I saw that on ebay and thought about it. This could be a great deal but I was way too far away in OK. why buy new?
  • gabillgabill Posts: 4
    You could fly to NJ for around $200 +/- one-way. Make a mini vacation out of driving it back. After all you are saving roughly $8,000 to $9,000 once you include taxes, title and dealer prep fees you would have to pay if bought local.

    Go for it!
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Funny, my brother-in-law had a dog named Rowdy. Cool name for a cool dog.

    The 2.4 in my ride is pretty bad over 4k rpm, but below 3k pretty darn smooth. Amazingly smooth at idle. This a 4-speed auto. Geared correctly, the 6-speed can keep the revs down.

    This 2.7L is the first large 4 with Dual VVT-i. Cylinders are more than 15% larger than the V-6. Smaller bore and longer stroke, too. The bore and stroke numbers for the I-4 are 3.54 x 4.13 vs the V-6's 3.70 x 3.27.

    Maybe the final answer to smoothness comes down to how good a job they do with the engine mounts.
  • mark317mark317 Posts: 1
    Thanks for your info. I drove a demonstrator (demo car) in a dealer and overall it was fine. This car is 2822 (AWD) silver, prem pack #2, nav, pano roof, tow prep, mats etc. It has 6700 miles. Based on the discussion with a salesman and his manager, the final price without any other fee (except for tax) is $31455 (sticker price $38447). The dealer asked $32495. please give your inputs. good deal?, bad deal? or just ok ?
  • You got a great deal. Assuming 15c for each mile times 6700 is about $1000. I got the same car without the moon roof in blizzard pearl for 33489 which is about 2000 more that what you paid. Don't worry about this car. Enjoy it. So far I have 349 miles on this and I am enjoying it very well. It drives beautifully and I am enjoying the bluetooth phone, with smart entry system.

  • soonercatsoonercat Posts: 48
    4 bangers are arriving at dealers now. I have a six and would like to try one just for fun.
  • alex777alex777 Posts: 9
    Hi Folks,
    What would be realistic price for V6 FWD with no additional options in NYC area? :confuse:
    Invoice + destination charge = $25,740
    Do you think it is possible to get the price below this?
  • odinalaodinala Posts: 6
    Hey Ya'll,
    Alabama here; I just negotiated for my wife a Barcelona Red Metallic, 2WD, V6, Navigation, Premium Package 2, Panoramic Glass Roof, Tow Prep Pckg, Carpet and Trunk Mats, and Accent Stripe for a total MSRP of $37,188 and my Out The Door price including tax and title is $35,500. They knocked off $3,053.18 off MSRP. Is this a good deal????
  • maybe for a 4 cylinder, FWD and no options.
  • lal_cltlal_clt Posts: 27
    I ordered my new Venza yesterday in Charlotte. Blue with ivory interior, V6 FWD, Prem Pkg #2, Moon Roof, JBL sound system. MSRP was $35,005 + doc fees and I got it for $31,483 + TTL + Southeast Toyota doc fees. Its due in around May 15th. I looked hard at dealing with Fitzmall and Carmax in MD. But, they kept changing the price on me (up, not down) and I got to the point where I didn't feel good about working with either one of them. So, I paid more here but I feel better about it. Hope my intuition is right. Sometimes it's not just about the money.

    Also, went to a site called and checked that my IPhone 3G would work with the Venza Bluetooth and it will. If you're curious about whether your Bluetooth will work on your next Toyota, check it out.

    Thanks to everyone for your posts. It's helped me a lot during this process. :)
  • I have 2G iPhone. Have not been able to connect to Venza Bluetooth. In checking on line I thought iPhone doesn't sync with Toyota Bluetooth. Can someone help me with this? Thanks.
  • lal_cltlal_clt Posts: 27
    I messed up on the address for the Bluetooth lookup - it's The website lists the Iphone and Iphone 3G. It doesn't list the 2G. I don't know the differences between the three.
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