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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Hybrid



  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    Ok, got it, MSRP - $500 dealer because I was contacted over 30 days ago and then - 650 from Ford but not sure why! :)

    Black with every option there is. One just happened to show up from the dealer about a month ago who said they would have one soon. They did say more are on the way. The MKZ 2010 is the vechile that is late according to the salesman. A ton of beautiful MKS's sitting there. I was the first person to see it and drive the Milian HB. Ugh, there were not many customers around. :(

    I did my part! I take delivery tomorrow right after I sale my MKZ.

    Here I go, a Hybrid man!

    BTW: On parts of the test driving I was doing I got 51 mpg! :)

    Stay tune!
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Awesome, Enjoy and keep us posted! I have always been a Ford man, until gas got too high and parked my F350, and got a Hybrid, but now that Ford has a Hybrid, I may consider dumping the TCH for one.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Some "experience-based" words of caution to the new hybrid owner:

    Don't expect to be able to drive your new hybrid "just like any other car" and get 51 miles per gallon consistently. For example, on Sunday I got 99.9 MPG on my Toyota Camry Hybrid in the two mile drive from my gas station to my house. That does not mean I'm going to have a 99.9 MPG tank. My TCH has averaged 34.8 MPG in the 42,000+ miles I have on it.

    If your FFH can get consistent 35-37 MPG tank averages, you should be pleased.

    Don't go in with super-high expectations. Be realistic.

    If you are a lead-foot, you can either keep being a lead-foot and get 30 MPG in your new hybrid, or you can decide to change your ways and learn the sweet spots in how to drive your new hybrid and get rewarded with consistent 35-37 MPG tanks.

    Good luck !!!
  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    Thanks for the advice. I get it because on the test drive I had trouble getting it into EV mode. After awhile I learned to be smoother with my foot. It will take some time getting use to. It is not as quiet as my MKZ and I am spoiled. I do like the toys it come with such as the phone sync where my text messages come on the screen, calls, etc. When all is said and done after my 2007 trade I am going to pay about 12-13k for this car. If after a year or two I do not like it than I should not have any problem selling it. I decided that any minor event in the world will drive prices up and I am tried of giving 'big oil' all of my money! So here I go the pioneer and you know how you can tell a pioneer! The one with the arrows in his back!
  • hayley2hayley2 Posts: 44
    bigt - Congrats on your new Hybrid. Sounds like the dealer gave you $500 off MSRP which is great. The $660 Ford is allowing is off the Rapid Spec Package according to my dealer. All I was able to get the dealer to throw in was the All Weather Floor Mats that list for $75.00.
    Keep us all informed how you adjust to the Hybrid and if your driving habits change as a result of the EV mode.

    We're anxiously awaiting our Milan, but probably late April or early May I'm thinking.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    Don't forget the $3400 tax credit - if you qualify.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Expires today.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    As long as you have a signed purchase agreement dated today or earlier you're ok.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Did a dealer tell you that? Or is that just rumor?

    I'm going to try to find out on the IRS website.........

    Found it:

    The date of purchase determines the amount of the credit available for a vehicle, i.e. whether a vehicle is eligible for the full credit or whether a portion of the credit is phased-out. The placed in service date determines the taxable year in which the credit may be claimed.

    It only comes into play at the end of a calendar year. For example, if you have a purchase document dated 12-31-2009, but don't take delivery until 1-15-2010, then you cannot take the credit for the 2009 tax year - you must wait until the 2010 tax year, because THAT'S the year the car was put IN SERVICE.

    OK all clear.
  • hayley2hayley2 Posts: 44
    I have the signed purchase agreement as well as a copy of the Dealer Order Receipt with my name on it. So I will claim the $3400 Tax Credit on my 2009 Tax Return next year.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    Yes - we've been through this in gory detail already. As long as you have a purchase agreement dated prior to 4/1 and you take delivery based on that purchase agreement then you're eligible for the full $3400. The IRS example even talks about purchasing the vehicle in September but not taking delivery until January which matches the order scenario.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    Thanks guys. I did not get the $660 the financial guy said nothing was available for the 2010. I wonder if that is all true or not?

    Well my first 14 mile drive from the dealership in rush hour on the DC beltway. I received 39 mpg without doing anything special, twice my MKZ. I must admit it is fun keeping the vehicle in EV mode. Especially while sitting and going down hills. I was able to keep it in EV at 42 mph on a level road for a few miles until I caught a light.

    My favorite feature all ready? The blind spot monitoring. Just look in your mirror, and if you see a yellow arrow something is next to you. It even showed up when a motorcycle was next to me. I used that most of the way home on the beltway.

    Cool to get a text message on the screen while driving. It has a 20 gig drive so next I upload all my MP3's and set up play lists. The Nav is cool also with the gas prices, movie listing, traffic all available via voice commands.

    At first I thought the ride was a little noisy compared to my ex-MKZ but I do not notice any real difference. The ride was smooth and quiet. There was plenty of power on the beltway.

    So far so good!
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,736
    Great info, Bigt - I'm looking at it to replace my ES300, you're getting me very interested!
  • I called my salesman today to see if they also got their first FFH/MMH, but they haven't. After we signed a purchasing contract last week, with a deposit and VIN, he sent the info to Ford to "register" my purchase (whatever that means). He asked Ford again for clarification on the tax credit issue. They sent him something to give me when I pickup the car to support my eligibility. Once I see it, I'll pass on the info. He did read the first few sentences, which said that the IRS hasn't clarified their rules.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong (I know someone will): I was under the impression that the $3400. tax credit ended this month because that level of tax credit was to expire when the specific manufacturer (Ford) made its 100,000 hybrid, which Ford did earlier this month.
  • hayley2hayley2 Posts: 44
    bigt - Thanks for the good info on your first 14 mile drive home from the dealer. I was wondering how the BLIS worked and you clarified that for me. Re the Rapid Spec Package and discount, when my dealer quoted me, it was listed as $28,225 Base including Destination and delivery, then added $3735 for the Rapid Spec Package, next line read "Rapid Spec Discount . I did not order the GPS Package as I already have two Garmin's. How about the Rear View Camera? The "Sync" is cool as well. Looking forward to our unit comes in.
  • wpwoodjrwpwoodjr Posts: 12
    I ordered a green one with black leather (package 502a - the works). I got it for $28,875 + $775 dealer prep + $470 "FDAF Assessment" (whatever that is) for a total of $30,120 before taxes. With the $3400 tax credit that brings it down under $27,000. Seems like a good deal! :-)

    I put $500 down - should be here in 8 weeks!
  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    The rear camera works great. The rear avoidance sensor scared the crap out of me the first time it went off! I need to turn the volume down on that thing! The interior lighting around the cup holders is very nice, you can switch between 7 colors. I need to go find some of my old disco CD's!

    I did notice that you have to be a little extra careful when driving where there are people walking around. They do not hear you coming and a couple almost walked in front of me. I think they eventually are going to have to add some sort of sound or something.

    I can verify that the air conditioner does run in EV mode.

    I was sort of surprised that almost all acceleration is via the gas engine unless you go extremely slow.

    One minor annoyance is it does not have 'auto' headlights. Not sure why not on that one.

    Well time for a scotch so I can start reading the manuals! :) :shades:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    Please correct me if I'm wrong (I know someone will): I was under the impression that the $3400. tax credit ended this month because that level of tax credit was to expire when the specific manufacturer (Ford) made its 100,000 hybrid, which Ford did earlier this month.

    That's true but it's based on the purchase date (or date it was ordered), not the date that you pick it up.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    I did notice that you have to be a little extra careful when driving where there are people walking around. They do not hear you coming and a couple almost walked in front of me. I think they eventually are going to have to add some sort of sound or something.

    I can verify that the air conditioner does run in EV mode.

    I was sort of surprised that almost all acceleration is via the gas engine unless you go extremely slow.

    The Camry Hybrid makes a whining sound when slowing down, but if coasting, dead quiet, the Prius though makes a high pitched whine when moving. I was outside the other day when my wife was coming up to our driveway, which is 80' from the road, and I clearly heard her slowing down. OTOH, we have a 2007 Town Car that you cant hear at all unless your accelerating, it is very quiet, the fans cant be heard unless you are right in front of the grill. Lets face it, most people forget they have eyes in their head and just walk where they are going to walk.

    Everything except heat will work in EV, the AC compressor is pure electric. In Winter though the engine will be running much more than in warm weather, even if you turn off the climate controls, so don't think something is wrong when you get into cold weather.

    You will find the sweet spot to accelerate on pure battery, it is no race car, but is capable of reaching 40+ on pure battery, in about 5 minutes or so! ;) The easiest way to get into ev, and this should hold true on all Synergy style hybrids which is what Toyota and Ford use, is to accelerate quickly to say 30-35, whatever the speed limit is, and back off the throttle until the pedal is just lightly depressed and it will switch to battery. when the car starts to slow, give it a touch of gas to kick in the ICE, scoot up a little above your limit, and back off again, Pulse and Glide is what they call it, and you will get your best mileage that way, and in the Fusion, since it can maintain 47 on EV, you can do the 45 MPH zones and get well above 50 MPG, much better than the Camry. In the Prius, the 45 zones got me 75 MPG, even though it was always on ICE, but the battery did most of the work.

    Yesterday I was thinking if I should upgrade my 2009 TCH to a 2010 Fusion H, but I don't think I could do it and have payments in the same bracket. I would only do it if I could keep the same payment, or within $10-15 of my existing payment. The Ford has some nice features, but I would lose Smart Key, XM radio, Homelink, knee air bags, and a little interior room. The rear seat leg room is 1.6" smaller than the Camry, all other dimensions are less than 1" less than the Camry, I could get by with that, the lack of leg room in the back though, might have some impact since I have 2 little ones and a 14YO. I am fairly certain I could get even trade on the TCH even with 22K on the clock, I owe ~23K on it, and I am pretty certain I could get 24K on trade since the car is spotless, but the price on the Fusion is over 29K + tax and other fees, pushing it well into the 30-31K range, so I think I will shelve this thought for a while, at the least it will give the FFH a chance to get some reliability ratings first, and I may entertain the thought later, but I am going to at least take one for a test drive. I have a request in at my local dealer to take a test drive when they get one in this month.

    The TCH I have, I picked up for $28500, that included tax, title, license, and fees. I put $500 down, and financed $28000. I basically got a killer deal on a $28,398 car. The only way Ford could get me into a Fusion Hybrid right now would be to deal down to roughly they same kind of deal, a touch above MSRP out the door that includes tax title license and fees. I could swing that price.
  • hayley2hayley2 Posts: 44
    How does one register and what benefit if any? I have a Milan Hybrid on order as of Feb 20th and now have a Vin # as of last week.
  • hayley2,

    I don't know. Is it what the dealer does when you take delivery of a car, and this dealer is jumping the gun a little?

  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    The early bird may get the worm, but early buyers of either the new 2010 Ford Fusion or Mercury Milan Hybrids will get a good deal more -- $3,400 more to be exact -- in the form of a federal income tax credit. These new and super-efficient sedans qualify for the largest bit of tax relief ever offered on any hybrids purchased or put into service after December 31, 2005. Early is the operative term here. Because Ford Motor Company reached the 60,000 hybrid-vehicle threshold limit in the 4th quarter of 2008, the value of the tax credit amounts on these yet-to-be-released hybrids will go down over time. That $3,400 figure drops to $1,700 on any vehicles purchased after April 1, 2009, and declines by another 50 percent, to $850, between October 1, 2009 and March 31, 2010, when it expires completely.

    While not quite as lofty, the existing 2009 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner Hybrid SUVs also still qualify for federal tax credits of their own. Front-drive models earn a $3,000 credit and buyers of all-wheel drive versions can take a $1,950 write-off against what they end up owing Uncle Sam.
  • hayley2hayley2 Posts: 44
    I called Ford Customer Service this morning and spoke with a very nice CSP, very friendly and willing to help me if possible. Anyway I asked her if I gave her my VIN # if she could tell me the Build Date and approximate shipping date. She checked my VIN # and came up with a Build Date of week of April 13th and a ship date of week of April 20th a week later.

    Now I know how to plan on selling my Passat TDI Wagon hopefully before new vehicle arrives. :)
  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    Congrads! I have a feeling they are going to sell all of these. Still I wonder, why not produce the MKZ with the same Hybrid technology. Who wouldn't want to get twice the gas mileage!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    You never know - they may be waiting to gauge the market, and at what price point they need to land. Then again, I don't know of too many of the more luxury divisions who have hybridized vehicles, apart from Lexus.


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  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    Someone seems to think the MKZ Hybrid exists however I doubt it:
  • hayley2

    Can you pass on the phone # for the Ford Customer Service office you called?
  • hayley2hayley2 Posts: 44
    wyattnichols - The Cust. Serv. # for Ford I called is: 1-800-392-3673. It might be different depending on where you live. That being the case, just google Ford Official Site and you should find the number. You'll have to go thru a series of clicks until you get to the last prompt, and then you should be able to talk to a CSP. Good Luck! :)
  • Thanks, I'll call them tomorrow.

  • I called Ford Customer Service and they said my FFH was already in production and should be delivered Monday, 4/6th. That sounded too good, so I called the local sells manager.

    He'd heard nothing, but was excited that I'd gotten an ETA. He hadn't heard anything about the ETA for the car he had ordered for his showroom a month before mine was ordered. I gave him the # and he said he would get back with me. That was 5 hours ago and I haven't heard from him.

    I'll call him early tomorrow.
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