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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Hybrid



  • I too bought gas. I only put in 14.5 gallons, although the car warned that I had 50 miles to empty. My calculated mileage was 40.7 mpg. The car's lifetime mileage is displayed at 41.

    My best trip to work was 57 mpg, but my speed was kept under 35 mph and the a/c was off. I had one highway trip of about 150 miles on my first tank.

    I like the trip report too, JM. Hopefully, our mileage will improve as our vehicles are broken in.
  • gunney1gunney1 Posts: 3
    Today I am the owner of the FFH, 502A that I looked at this week. This vehicle is definitely a novelty as I'm guessing that I'm the only that has one so far by the looks I'm getting. Not expected. Can't really say anything about the FFH yet, but more to follow when I get some miles under my belt. Really liking the technology, especially the Nav. It's nice to know where your going when you already know where your
    You were right. I did get a few more nickles ($31,460.95) out of the deal, but I really worked the dealers that were interested in making a sale. It's funny, even though I was a serious buyer it seemed like a few of them really weren't interested in my business. Just an observation.
  • daninoahdaninoah Posts: 45
    Congrats! My FFH (502a) is about 3 days from delivery to the dealer. The wait from order has been about 8 weeks -- just what the salesperson told me.

    I think you got a very fair price. With the tax credit and sales tax deduction, you have done even better. And you can't find a car like this for anything south of $65k (lexus 450h). And I would argue that the FFH is superior in many ways to the Lexus. :)
  • The nav is one of the best I have used. I like the Travel Link page that tells you which streets are upcoming.

    I also like the memo feature that allows you to save an artist or song title so that you are notified with a chime if they are playing on a different audio channel.

    Enjoy your new vehicle!! :shades:
  • pableaupableau Posts: 6
    I just picked mine up today (502A). MSRP was the best deal I found in the S.F.Bay Area. One dealer wanted $6K over MSRP.

    It had 20 miles on it when I drove away, and the "avg. mpg" showed 12.5! They must really put them through a shake down course in Hermosillo. Either that or the parking brake is stuck... :surprise:

    It seems like so much more car than our 2007 Prius. The fully equipped 2010 Prius is estimated to cost a bit more than the FFH! The manuals are like phone books!, but I've been able to sort through most of the tech without referring to them.

    I'd also like to see a FFH owners forum to discuss mpg. & technical questions. Like: Does anyone know if the battery charges more "coasting" down hill when the brake is not engaged? The Prius has a "B" mode for engine braking, which usually increases the regeneration rate. Does shifting into "Low" in the FFH do the same?
  • Prior to a 296.9 mi trip this weekend, I filled the tank to separate the mpg for typical around town driving (90% my wife's driving) and hiway driving (100% of my driving).

    When I got gas, there was 500-550 miles on the car. The overall mpg continuously reported on the dash was 37.3 mpg. When I computed the mpg it was 37.5 (close enough).

    Then the 297 mile trip. About 140 miles on interstate (70 mph-cruise control over low rolling hills), the rest on two lane farm to market roads over low, but steep rolling hills (50-60 mph on cruise control as much as possible). A/C was on and the load was 425-450 lbs (humans and luggage). I refueled when I got home. The mpg for the trip was 35.1. I forgot to check the trip mpg readout when I turned the car off during the trip. But, during the first half of the trip the continuous mpg increased from 37.3 to 38.2. By the end of the trip, the continuous mpg was back down around 37.5. It was hotter on the way home and for the first part of that leg, we had the interior temp down to 70F due to bright sun and car having sat in the sun all day.

    On the interstate and 2 lane roads, the EV battery level rarely got above 60%. A few times it might have gotten higher after a relatively long downhill run with braking. I just drove 10 miles around town with a hot ICE and the EV battery was at least 75% when I got home.

    For what it is worth--Wyatt
  • hayley2hayley2 Posts: 44
    Wyatt - Thanks for sharing. Excellent break-down between your city and HiWay MPG. I called Ford CSP Friday and they told me that my MMH is in transit and she asked me what state I lived in and I told her IL. She said the carrier is in IL now so should have it in a day or two. I'm hoping I get a call Monday that it has arrived. I want to experience some of this great mileage myself. :) :) :)
  • timothyftimothyf Posts: 40
    I was reading somewhere that roughly 40% of the 2010 Fusion's sold so far are hybrids. I wonder how much was artificial front loaded demand due to the expiring tax credit and how much is ongoing elevated product demand (i.e. a hit product). It would be interesting to know how high the sales can go before Ford runs into battery component supply constraints this year. In the present economic environment, probably not too bad a problem to have.

    Does anyone one know of a web cam site for the Fusion factory? It would be pretty neat to be able to order a car and see it actually being assembled. Any one have any additional production info/comments?
  • hoyafanhoyafan Posts: 48
    The FFH just passed 1,000 miles on a tank of gas, with about 1/3 of a tank left. Last I checked the team was averaging about 80 mpg. Pretty impressive. They are still going and may get to over 1,300 miles.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    Wow, what did you do, drive it to the top of Mt. Hood and roll it downhill! Really how did you achieve such mileage. If you can repeat it than you need to contact Ford and be on their commercial! :)
  • hoyafanhoyafan Posts: 48
    To be clear, not me personally, but a team of five Ford engineers and Wayne Gerdes (world record holder hypermiler). Also joined today by Carl Edwards, the NASCAR driver. 0-miles-on-a-single-tank/

    Here's some info via twitter:
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Doesn't surprise me, hypermilers can squeeze grape juice out of a rock with just their left butt cheek. Last I heard of super hypermiling was 120 MPG out of an Insight Gen I. Go Ford!!!!
  • pableaupableau Posts: 6
    I wish I was riding with those guys to pick up some techniques.

    My first 2 5-mile round trips averaged 14 & 19 mpg in city driving. The latter with one eye glued to the Vehicle Power Gauge & the other on the rearview mirror to monitor the frustration of the drivers behind me.

    My acceleration & braking are "mild to moderate". Is moderate braking better than extended, gradual braking for regeneration?

    Is 2.5 miles too short to warm up properly? Is there improvement with break-in?
    (30 miles total, so far) Could I have a defective FFH?

    I didn't think I was going to have to learn hypermiling just to get the EPA estimates.

    Any suggestions to help me get a little closer to Carl Edwards' 81.3 mpg???
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    And I would argue that the FFH is superior in many ways to the Lexus.

    Seriously? A 450h? Name a few.
  • hoyafanhoyafan Posts: 48
    From Twitter (

    Its all over!!! The Fusion Hybrid did 1,445.7 miles on ONE tank of gas! Average f/e of 81.5mpg!
  • hayley2hayley2 Posts: 44
    Ordered my MMH acknowledged by Mercury on 2/20/09, with VIN being assigned 3/30 (Delay because we had to be verified by submitting our Driver License copies before order would be placed. Since then, I've called Ford Cust. Service and have received eta's of 4/20, 5/4, and now today they tell me it has been changed from 5/4 to 5/14. Only last week I was told that it was in transit and on a carrier in IL so only a few days for delivery to dealer. Dealer has not received any eta at this point. Wondering why all the delay??? :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • pableaupableau Posts: 6
    Better news... On my way to work I let it warm up for 1 mile, then reset the average. I got 47.5 mpg for the remaining 1.5 miles.

    Sorry if I scared anyone. [I don't see any way to edit or delete my previous post.] I'm relieved to know it's not defective. :blush:
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I think that you mentioned that you had a hybrid previously. If so then you know that the single biggest problem to overcome in terms of getting your fuel economy elevated is the initial warmup period. There's almost no way around that unless you can drive the first 5 min in EV mode but that generally requires a plugin configuration. After 5 min of warmup you're in the sweet spot indefinitely.

    However, 'gaming the results' by warming up the vehicle for a min or two before driving is no different than just driving and it's actually less efficient. For those two min of warmup while standing still one gets ZERO mpg. You need a plug in with a 5 mi EV range...but the cost then intrudes severely.

    If you drive longer distances then you will minimize that first 5 min 'penalty period'. That's a key trick, maybe the most important one of all. NO SHORT TRIPS - EVER!
  • Just a few observations on my new MMH. I got it for $300 off MSRP, +$500 dealer fee. I wasn't able to drive it off the lot. As I was trying to, after deal was complete, the brakes failed. I had to wait for the next day for service to check it out. A sensor in the brake pedal failed (used to direct the regenerative braking?) failed. The part had to be ordered from Detriot. Dealer installed it and now the car works great.
    I was averaging 43 mpg over the 1st 150 miles with limited A/C use. Now that it is hot, my mpg has dropped to 36 over the last 50 miles. I live in S. FL.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Actually, they did better in the Prius:

    Hybrid drivers complete run for mileage mark 2 days, 1,400 miles, 110 mpg 1 tank

    Great job anyway, Ford !!!
  • pableau,

    Yea, the warmup is very important. Why don't you change the fuel efficiency history display on the dash to the lowest setting, I think it covers only a few minutes. Then each of the 10 bars on the histograph will cover less than a minute. Then it should be very easy to tell when the engine warms up enough to get good fuel efficiency. Today for a 2.7 mile "trip"(4 redlight stops) which started with a hot ICE and the EV battery @ 75%, I got 47.9 mpg; no A/C, and not hypermileing-but slow increase in speed to speed limit of 40-45 mph.
  • Why did Ford put a 17.5 gal fuel tank on the hybrid version? I assume that that is the same as the other Fusions, but it is a waste of space and might cause problems due to gasoline that stays in the fuel tank for months.

    The only real complaint I have about this car is the size of the trunk. Five gallons less would still give us over 400 miles per tank, which is reasonable. I would like additional space in the trunk about the size of a 5-gal bucket. Or, additional batteries equal in size to a 5-gal bucket would give us more EV time and thus higher mpg.
  • That's a bummer!! No idea what is going on?

    When I was getting info on eta, the dealer told me not to trust what Ford estimates because they will sometimes give an eta on another vehicle. He used my first eta as an example when another Fusion Hybrid came in on the date I was told to expect mine.
  • hayley2hayley2 Posts: 44
    Wyatt - Would you believe I received a call this afternoon from my Dealer that my MMH has came in. Meet with them Wed morning to do the paper work and then it's mine. Finally!!! :) :) :)
  • Congrats!! Tuesdays must be the day since that is the day my car showed up at the dealer unexpectedly and it was the only car on the truck for that dealer.

    Today I took a 100 mile round trip on a semi-rural 4-lane hiway over flat to low rolling hills. No A/C, I was the only "load", driving speed limits of 45-65 mph with slow increasing of speed to the limit and then cruise control. On the main leg out I got 37.9 mpg for 46 miles and 43.4 mpg for the main 42.1 mile leg home. There were a few short legs in between where I got 40.8 mpg to 47.9 mpg. On short legs, the starting charge of the EV battery really makes a difference (assuming a hot ICE). And the best thing were very few other drivers pissed-off at me. I passed more than passed me.

    Someone earlier asked if it was better to coast to a stop, gradually brake to the stop, or sorta coast to the stop and brake hard at the end, as far as recharging the EV battery. What works for a hypermiler in a nonhybrid might not be the best for a hybrid car with regenerative braking. Does anyone know or have a WAG?

    My guess is coasting because the ICE and/or electric motor would be producing electricity for the EV battery from the momentum of the forward motion turning both of them. I wonder if hard braking produces more electricity in a short period than the EV battery can use to recharge the cells, so some is sent to ground. We may have to wait for supercapacitors as an intermediary step for the EV battery.
  • hoyafanhoyafan Posts: 48
    For those who have taken delivery of your FFH, could you please post a review on Edmunds? Right now there are only 3 consumer reviews. Obviously some people who are investigating the car won't dig into this forum and will only read the reviews, so it would be nice to get some more reviews out there.


    Link: ge&kw=2010+ford+fusionhybrid+101141447+style+review+page&mktid=ik344168
  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    This post shows a typical interaction with Sync voice recognition - not for the impatient among us!

    MP3 player VS SYNC

    Note the task time for him to make his selection using SYNC compared to hand held Mr. Impatient. :P
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    I'll bet if they put the Ford hybrid drive in the Prius it will do even better than the Prius drive.

    On a side note, has anyone noticed that special financing always excludes the Hybrids? Do they not want to sell them? If I could get 4.9% on the Fusion, it would make my monthly payment equal to what I pay now on a Camry Hybrid and would order one today!

    An owner of the company I work for just picked up a 2010 Fusion Sport and he let me check it out, I loved it, the seats are comfortable, the layout, fit and finish superior to the Camry, the only gripe I would have is the placement of the climate controls, they are at the bottom of the stack, in front of the shifter, but aside from that, a really nice car.
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