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VW New Beetle (Pricing & Information)

mznmzn Posts: 727
edited March 2014 in Volkswagen
Well, just when we thought the Love Bug was "only
a movie," VW brought a new smile to the boomer
generation by presenting us with an update. We're
coming up on the end of the first model year and
ready to greet the 1999 models. What's next for
the VW people-magnet?

And did I say "us" in that reference to the
boomers -- a typo I assure you! ;-)



  • slchanslchan Posts: 11
    The way I've heard it, when the "old" beetles came out, their shape generated much excitement whenever kids spotted them.

    As kids are always looking for something to relieve the boredom of a car ride, someone along the way invented a game called "Slug Bug." The object of this children's game was to be the first one to spot a VW Bug, shout, "Slug Bug!", then "playfully" punch the kid sitting next to you.

    "Punch Buggy" is just a natural (to a kid) extension of "Slug Bug."

    My eight year old niece thinks that I must see alot of kids punching each other as I drive around. So far, children have appeared to be sweet, smiling angels. Maybe they're just discreet. :O)
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    When I was young (that was just moments ago, mind you!) we played Jigger. That's what you said when you saw a station wagon. If you said it first, you got a point. If you said it and it wasn't a station wagon after all, you lost two points! We weren't allowed to slug each other... :-( I like your version better!

  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    Somewhat later in life, we played
    "" P'Diddle "". In this game, the first one to spot a car on the road with one headlight burned out said "P'Diddle" and was then granted the right to kiss the nearest member of the opposite sex.

    I'm not going to say what happened when some bright, enterprising guy thought "Hey, what about when one tail light is out"?! [8^O

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    -- a certain amount of throat clearing -- that's enough now bnormann, let's return to the New Beetle ;-)

  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    I still want to know what's going on with the green Beetle. Anyone have any info?
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Well, pam 2, I have just conducted an informal, unscientific survey on color availability by calling the only Volkswagon dealer in Our Nation's Capital. Mino, of Martens VW, gave me the following information on NB colors from his vantage point.

    The green and yellow Beetles were released mainly in California and Florida. If you want one now, prepare for a 9 - 12 month waiting list. For gasoline Beetles, black, red, and white are most readily available. Diesel Beetles are most likely to be white, black, or bright blue. The silver Beetle is wait-listed and he has never seen the windsor/navy Beetle at his dealership.

    Having said all this, a truckload of green Beetles may show up just as I post this. ;-)

    To see the green Beetle, check out the gallery at the Volkswagon web site. Just keep clicking Next until you see the Beetle in green.

  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    Too bad there's not many green Beetles. Why should California and Florida get them all? I thought that was the best color in the brochure!

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,821
    Question for you...

    I've noticed that COLOR seems to be very important to you.

    For a lot of my woman (and sometimes men) customers, COLOR is EVERYTHING!!! Drives me nuts!! I'll get a phone call on a used car from a woman. First question..." What color is it?"

    If I say it's green. They will ask me ten more questions about what shade of green etc.

    Now, for me, anyway, having bought a lot of cars in my lifetime, both new and used, color has never been all that important. If a new car is available in, say, six colors, I would probably be content with three out of the six.

    I guess we all all different...Just drives me nuts sometimes...Don't mind me...just venting.

    Carlady, it's getting boring...Want me to stant some VW stuff? :)
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185

    Yeah, I guess color is important to me. Living in Texas, first of all, I'm concerned about having a car that's too dark because of the intensely hot summers here. I frankly just don't like white or black - too common/boring I guess. Bright yellow is completely out of the question! I've always said I wouldn't own a bright red car, either, but my new Hatchback is exactly that! But since I bought it used, I didn't really have much choice.

    I can't explain why... I guess maybe because I look at the car every day and want something I consider pleasing to my eye. I'm especially fond of green - it's sort of my "signature color" because I have green eyes (silly, ain't I).

    All the colors of green were the color of the 1990's. I predict that shades of purple will the color for the first decade of the 2000's. By the way, what will we call that decade? 80's, 90's, etc. are easy. Will we call it the 2000's then the teens, 20's, etc.?

    I've been disappointed in Honda's colors in the past couple of years. It seems like everything is either white, almost-white, black, almost-black, or red. The almost-black colors - purple, green, blue, etc. - are very attractive, but again in Texas it gets awfully hot in a dark car.

    Hey, what did you think of the post from neilmcg? I had to laugh!

    See ya!

  • Well, when I bought my car, which was in March, in Fairfax Virginia. I actually lucked out and bought it right off the lot. Its actually the first one sold on the east coast. I had a choice between a white or a blue one. The dealer said they had to have one model on display. So I chose blue. It was the more interesting of the colors that I had to choose from and thats that.

    So what I am trying to say is that, sometimes it all boiles down to what is available. I did see a silver bug that was being pulled off the truck, that looked pretty neat. But again I only could choose the blue one.. :) and I LOVE IT!!!
  • slchanslchan Posts: 11
    When I was considering colors, I thought the green was pretty cool, too, Pam. However, one of the dealers I checked out said VW wasn't producing the green or navy blue bugs until... around now?? Anyway, I'm happy with my black bug. (It doesn't get very hot or cold in San Francisco.)

    I have seen one green beetle on the streets. The color is very true to the print media you may have seen, such as the "What color do you dream in?" ads. It looks pretty good, in my opinion.

    I haven't seen any navy blue bugs yet. I'm hoping they do as nice a job on that color as Honda does with their navy blue cars. :O)

    My least favorite NB color is red. I think it turned out a bit too "orangy". Anyone else?
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    Now that I think about it, I haven't seen a white New Beetle either. I wonder how it would look?

    I think the red looks OK if you like red, which I don't especially. Except, of course, my red Civic Hatchback! Yes, I know I don't make a lot of sense.

    My boyfriend had a discussion last night about bright red cars. He just loves them and thinks it takes bright red to make a car look "good" on the road. I think bright red is just so bright it borders on obnoxious. But my car was what I could afford and I'll probably keep it a couple of years. I doubt I'll buy another red one unless it's a dark maroon color.
  • k273k273 Posts: 26
    I've seen a green bug and I admit the color is great. Whereas the other ones look like toy cars (well, maybe except the boring gray), the green bug looks like a fruit on 4 wheels. It makes you want to have a bite. Drooly...
  • ajvdhajvdh Posts: 223
    I've seen a white - kind of bland. There's a silver one around here I see once in a while. Now that looks like it was "reversed engineered from UFO's"! I loved it in yellow in photos, but in the flesh I thought it over the top (and owned a tennis ball yellow first generation Civic). I haven't seen any greens. Red and black are OK, but right now blue is my fave, then again that UFO-look silver...
  • laturjlaturj Posts: 45
    we have a black one (we didn't choose the color) which i like, we got the windows tinted real dark and i think that helps the looks of it. We live down here in texas and it does get hot but the tint makes a big difference and we also got a custom window shade that helps big time (from I too think red is too orangy or something, and white is a bit bland. I hope to see more colors that people paint aftermarket.
    In my childhood part of the "slug bug" was you had to say slug bug white; or whatever the color was; in order to get to punch your brother (well actually my brother)
  • wilco1wilco1 Posts: 9
    I saw a green beetle here in Memphis the other day. It was ...... okay, I guess. When the turbo becomes available make mine silver!

  • slchanslchan Posts: 11
    I'm looking forward to seeing a convertible beetle. The "old" convertible beetles still look good. Does anyone know when VW will begin production?
  • bruticusbruticus Posts: 229
    I'm glad you got all those Beetles out of my freezer. I was starting to run out of room for ice cream and frozen veggies!

  • ajvdhajvdh Posts: 223
    Various rumor mills are saying "not before 2001."
    Bummer. There is at least one aftermarket one running around - it's in some music video.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Well, I heard they'd be ready in 2000 but it wouldn't surprise me if it was 2001. You know, 2001: a Beetle Odyssey?? ;-)

  • I recently found a picture of the dark blue beetle at someone's web site, but can't remember where. It was still in its shipping plastic. Does anyone know if the dark blue are at the dealers yet? My wife and I are still interested in the beetle, but we're unsure about the color we want. We keep our cars at least eight years and don't want to grow tired of the color. We may end up with a Honda Accord (a VERY good car), but they don't have the personality.
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    I just want to say that I still have mixed emotions about this car. Whenever I see one, I still stare. I saw a bright blue one the other day and followed it home just to keep it in sight - thank goodness it was in my own neighborhood! :) There's something about them that just draws the eye. I can't decide if it's ugly or cute. Or maybe it's so ugly that it's cute.

    But is it worth the extra money just to have the looks? I don't know... I wish it were better quality and faster. *sigh*

    Maybe some day when I make lots more money and the NB is made a little better... who knows?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,821
    Never thought I would say this...however...

    Our store bought a new beetle at the auction last week. It is frumpy looking, but it did make me smile.

    Still, it's not my old "real" beetle.

    I guess somebody already bought it. Hope it holds up for them.
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185

    What is about that goofy little car that makes us smile against our will??
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,821
    Maybe it takes us back to a simpler time??
  • Pam2,
    Go down and put a deposit on a 1.8T New Beetle. I bet you won't be unhappy. It looks like the 99's will be improved over the 98's. 1500 1.8T's will be built for 99 and I suspect the demand will be high. Then you can re-enter this forum and make positive comments on the NB.
  • bruticusbruticus Posts: 229
    Has anybody else been seeing a whole lot of OLD Beetles lately? In just the last 3 weeks around here I've seen 3--each looking more-or-less custom restored. One was a red ragtop--quite pretty, in fact.

    I guess people are capitalizing on the NB. I wonder if the old ones are as effective in the personality enhancing department? If so, maybe I'll buy one, and revel in the crowds of people (esp attractive women) who just GOTTA see "that cute little car!"
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185

    What have you heard about the 1999's being better than the 1998's? Any specifics? What's special about the 1.8T's (please pardon my ignorance)?

    I won't be putting a deposit down on anything right now since I just bought a car a couple of months ago. But I think I'll still hang around this forum because I DO have an interest in the New Beetle and would like to stay on top of what's going on.
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    I've noticed more old Beetles, too. I know they've always been around, but there does seem to be more on the road lately!! Maybe we're just noticing them more because of the new one.

    Bruticus, I wouldn't count on an old Beetle drawing women, though! :)
  • The VW beetle has gone from being one of the most unsafe cars on the road to safest in its class.!!
    Glad to see VW did it right this time. Having owned several old beetles,karman-gias,and buses(the REAL orignal mini-van, not chysler)years ago in college,I do not miss them. At the time they were cheep to buy,and easy to fix (I could have the engine out in 20 minuets,which gives you an idea how often I fixed them. since I was soo good at fixing them I kept getting them)
    However they had terible brakes,poor heat,poor wipers. Boy what you will put up with when your young with little money. I finally gave up on them after two friends were almost killed in an accident,and spent over a year in the hospital.
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