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Chevrolet/Geo Metro



  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    I would have loved to take your Datsun pickup, I am sure I can find a good 5-speed transmission for it in Dallas/Fort Worth. Oh well. The Cavalier goes up for sale in a week, now that the gead gasket is fixed and it runs halfway properly (still misfires a bit at highway speed), I should be able to get $3500-$4000 being a 1994 model and all with cold air. That will be more than enough to get another Metro. Well, those of you here with Metros for sale, 1995-up, whatever I get for that Cavalier is what I will have to spend. I must have cold air, a tachometer, and a stick. That will rule out the rentals and get me a good one. There is only one color I'm not interested in and that is California Gold, and I can't afford a 1998 anyway.

    A friend on another list/board is having trouble with his airbag light. He wants to install a Grant steering wheel anywy, but he wonders how he can disable the airbag to do so. Is this legal, is it possible to do, and can it be done by him or does a Chevy tech have to disable it for him? I know about the medical/height reasons, but this is for an aftermarket part. I don't think he ought to remove it since the car is so small, but he insists. Any ideas?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The Chevy tech will not disable the air bag unless he has a special paper from a Government agency (can't remember which one though) due to safety reasons. Secondly, he wouldn't be able to sell the car after the air bag was disabled.
  • Hey I was just browsing the hatchback topic list and came across this forum. I had always considered the Metro a simple means of transportation and wouldnt have thought it had real fans! But I'm pleasantly surprised! I really admire the fact that you guys got the least pretentious car possible. It definately "serves a purpose" as someone said. Just good basic transportation. I'm a more spirited driver, however, so I like to make my drives more pleasurable, even if that means worse gas mileage. (I drive a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3)
  • leeorangeleeorange Posts: 1
    I have a '92 Geo Metro 2 dr hatch with 1.0 liter
    and 5 speed. With 88K. I bought it at 49K and paid more because it was a towed vehicle (behind
    a motorhome) and the owner (who died) just put a
    grand into it. I am in outside sales and this is
    a great one-person car and fits lots of stuff. I
    need not mention the gas mileage.
    I am concerned about the cost of parts. My clutch
    went on the interstate the other day, had it fixed
    by the closest Goodyear (had no choice), with the
    bill about $700, excluding tow and tax. I was
    dumfounded! A week later I brought it to a Chevy
    dealer, showed them my receipt. They thought it
    was in line with what they would charge, that
    Suzuki parts are, for some reason, wildly expensive ($900 for its tiny radiator, $600 for an
    I have always kept my cars well into the 100k's,
    but I am concerned about this bit of news. Plus
    I live in Florida on a barrier island, where the
    salt air mixes with sheet metal.
    Any thoughts, experiences?
  • jakey58jakey58 Posts: 1
    Wow I am in need of a new car purchase , not because my current 92 Geo is dead. I am going to give it to my son! He needs a car. It has 182k miles. @ 80k it needed new breaks. @ 100k new water pump. @ 170k a new clutch. and because I almost drowned it in a large flood puddle this winter @ 179k the engine has two warped vaulves so my fix it guy rebuilt the top end and reconditioned the bottem end ??? And its still just be bop n down the road. I paied a little over 6k brand new off the show room floor 8yrs ago. Its the best little car Iv'e every owned. I started looking into other makes and modles for this new purchase, and ran across this page. My mind is now made up. When I buy it will be an other metro. I have had the repairs done by a fix it guy capable of the work for hundreds less then the cheve repair folks. I was extremely disappointed with chevi repair in our area so I looked for out side help. Chevi repairs will cost you hundreds more . I was quoted 300.00 from chevi for the replacemnet of the egr vaule ha ha cause the would need to use some special tool to do the job, my fix it guy had it done in 30 minuets for 30.00 big difference Ive never taken my metro back to Chevi since. Its running great, I joke with my son that by the time he get's it it might only be four wheels and an engine but it's free!!!
  • ckpickupckpickup Posts: 15
    It's already too late to purchase a new 2000 Chevy Metro. GM has discontinued the Metro as of June 1st. You should still be able to get the same vehicle with a Suzuki Swift badge until the end of this year. My dealer wasn't sure if there would be a 2001 or whether it would be replaced with a different vehicle for next year, so if you have your heart set on getting one of these machines, you better hurry.
  • pbroekerspbroekers Posts: 11
    Took the Geo to the fourth mechanic who is stumped by the problem, so am giving up and living with the situation. (Sympathetic-type noise and vibration coming through accelerator pedal only. Happens when going 60+mph and let off pedal even slightly. No noise when accelerating. Seems to have no affect on performance.)

    Am going to sell the car car anyway because we need a van for all the kids. Want to get $4000 for this 97 4-door sedan automatic with around 52,000 miles.

    Have enjoyed chatting with all on board. See ya.
  • ashes3ashes3 Posts: 1
    I'm considering buying a 93 Geo Metro LSi hatchback. I have a question to all the Geo Metro owners out there - how many miles does a Geo Metro last ? This one has 80k on it.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    hey pbroekers, email me, I'd like to try and buy your Metro, doesn't seem like a major problem. I could trade you my 1994 Cavalier and $1000 or so, then you could drive the Cavalier or sell it. Where are you?
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    I got 110K-plus out of my 1995 LSi hatchback with automatic. Have the car checked by a mechanic for compression and general abuse. If the car has been cared for it will last. Yugos can go 150K-plus if cared for, and Accords can break at 30K if abused.
  • jlinwoodjlinwood Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 Geo Metro. For some reason whenever I accelerate, my car begins to drag when I hit 40 mph. No one seems to know the cause. I had the transmission checked; that doesn't seem to be the problem either. Any suggestions?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Does the car just flat out refuse to go above a certain speed or does it just accelerate slower? It could possibly be a restricted exhaust system, such as a clogged up catalytic converter. I have had that happen on 2 cars. An 85 Civic Wagon I used to own suddenly couldn't accelerate beyond 50 mph. It would just buck and feel like it was towing another car, flat out refusing to go any faster. It drove normal up till that speed, though it felt gutless. It turned out the honeycomb metal inside the catalytic converter had literally melted, clogging most of the pores the exhaust needed to exit out the pipe. After a few hours of banging relentlessly on the metal with a spike, I was able to gut the converter and voila, it magically regained all its power and cruised effortlessly at 80 mph again. How many miles does your Metro have on it? If it has a lot, it could very well be a failing converter.
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    I had a catalytic converter totally plug up on my 1991 Geo. Don't wait to get it fixed if it's bad. It will cause your exhaust valves to overheat and melt them. I agree with lngtonge18, look towards the catalytic converter first as the culprit. If it is bad you can replace it yourself. The entire front half of the exhaust from the exhaust manifold to the midsection of the vehicle including the cat converter comes as a one piece assembly. You just unbolt the old one and bolt in the new one. Took me 10 minutes. Cost about $120.00
  • I am a courier and use company geo's. The first one was a l992, when it got to 80ks, I told the boss I needed another one, his comment-its just getting broken in. Put l97K on it. Next geo, l995 was same l90k and still running now have l999 with 44k, just change the oil, put new timing belt and water pump around 90k and they seem to go on forever, brake job and tires, is usually all that is needed.
  • mrssoupmrssoup Posts: 1
    My husband's 1998 Chevy Metro 5 speed with a little over 20,000 miles just had its catalytic converter replaced. Seems like that's a little soon, doesn't it? Thank goodness it was still under warranty. We live in CA so we HAVE to HAVE a catalytic converter...such a pain. Anyone else out there with a similar problem on such a low mile car? Is this going to be an every 20,000 mile problem? Otherwise, it's been a great little work car for him. We LOVE the gas miles. His mileage checks pay for gas AND the car payment. Can't beat that.
  • timothy6timothy6 Posts: 1
    Thanks to all of you who wrote here. I read a lot of posts before buying a 98 used Metro, basic 5 speed 3 cyl, for commuting 120 miles a day. I'm glad I did. It really does get 45+ mpg, and that's the main reason to buy these things! I hope I get the longevity out of it many of you have had.
  • sparkey2sparkey2 Posts: 1
    hey, my friend has a site MERL, which is about metros.

    He called it the Metro Endurance Racing League as a joke (racing :) but anyway, its just about people who customize their metros.
  • hbrow00hbrow00 Posts: 31

    I stumbled on this topic and was surprised to see people wondering what would be the Metro replacement.

    But the press surrounding GM's concept vehicles in the 1999 Tokyo Auto Show (in October/99, almost 1 year ago now) pretty much spelled it out.

    The YGM-1, according to all the official press, will "officially" replace the Metro.

    Here's a quote from

    "GENERAL MOTORS: The YGM-1 is a preview look at a new minicompact being jointly developed with Suzuki. The all-wheel-drive four-door hatchback will go on sale in Asia in 2001; later it will replace the Chevrolet Metro and Suzuki Swift in the North American market."

    Has this information changed?

    I will post more links in my next message.

    H. Brown
  • hbrow00hbrow00 Posts: 31

    I am considering the 2000 or 2001 Hyundai Accent sedan, but against all reason I still like the design of the Metro sedan.

    I can buy a new 2000 5-spd Metro sedan with rear defogger, package SB1, and tachometer, or I can order a similar 2001 Metro (automatic, no tach) for the same price. [Fleet vehicles don't need tachs or 5-speeds I guess].

    Any advice?

    H. Brown
  • hbrow00hbrow00 Posts: 31
    Following up my query--

    It seriously bugs me that the 2000 or 2001 Metros I'm looking at don't have power windows as an option.

    I read in a car review from 1995 that Metro sedans had a power window option at that time.

    Now I'm really bugged if that's true!

    Okay, cost being no object for a crazy Metro owner (not me, I swear), can I order replacement stock window motors and controls from GM and wire them up? Any service manuals that show how they fit and where they're located? [Obviously, I do not want a "non-stock" solution.]

    H. Brown
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    As far as I know, the Metro sedan never offered power windows as an option. The only power accessory you could order on a Metro was power locks. So, you won't be able to find the parts to something that was never offered. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure they were not offered.
    If you do go for the Metro, get the 2000 model with the 5 speed. It will have better performance and much better fuel economy compared to the 3 speed auto. However, as a happy 2000 Hyundai Accent owner, I would seriously consider getting the Accent instead. I test drove both the Metro and the Accent. The Accent was much more solid feeling, offered more room and cargo space, had better brakes and acceleration, offered more safety equipment, and had a more comfortable and higher quality looking interior. Not to mention the great warranty coverage the Accent offers. The only thing you really sacrifice is fuel economy, which is lower than the Metro due to its larger engine. Anyway, I just thought I would share my insight. Good luck in your decision.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The only power option was door locks. Never offered power windows in the Metro. They didn't even offer power STEERING until the 1995 redesign! :)
  • hbrow00hbrow00 Posts: 31
    I guess the Auto Channel reviewers have it wrong.

    The review of the 1995 Metro clearly lists as options "power windows, door locks and steering."

    (URL in next message)

    And a different reviewer on the same site insists that the 1999 Metro has "power mirrors."
    Well, we know that's not true, since Edmunds lists the 1999 model as having dual *manual* remote mirrors. Perhaps the reviewer read too quickly!

    As for the power windows, I called GM parts and they can't find any power window motors or power window switches.

    I guess that answers that question.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Friends, posts #309 and 315 are hidden because they contain links that skew our screen size. To read them, just click on "Hidden." Thanks!

  • hbrow00hbrow00 Posts: 31
    I stumbled across and was looking in their future vehicles section.

    They have a link to an article about the Holden YGM-1. AFAIK Holden is GM-Australia.

    The following is an excerpt from a longer article. The link to the whole article is in the next message.

    _YGM1: Holden's Baby Off-Roader Looms_

    By ALEXANDER CORNE March 23, 2000

    Specs: 4wd only, Suzuki-derived 1.5 L 16-valve engine.

    Excerpt: "The YGM1 is a restyled version of the new Suzuki Swift now on sale in Japan in two and four-wheel drive. The YGM1 model will be badged as a Holden but its model name is yet to be finalised."

    The new Swift has been on Suzuki's Japanese web site for a while (the Japanese part, not the English part). The link is also in the next message.

  • hbrow00hbrow00 Posts: 31
    Oops, looks like those links don't work now?

    You'll have to go to the main section:

    and select the car manuf. manually.

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Posts #318 & 319 have been hidden because they contain links that skew our screen size. To read them, just click on "hidden." Thanks!

  • Last week my wife was driving her '99 Metro and the "service engine" light came on. Well no big deal, it's usually a loose gas cap or a faulty oxygen sensor or something of that nature. So, we brought her metro in on Tuesday morning before noon and had them take a look at it. First thing they did was check the gas cap, which we'd done ourselves a dozen times.

    Then they decided to put it in for service. They told us that the Metro was due for a fuel injection service and transmission fluid check from the last two oil changes that were done tehre at the dealership. My wife told them that when she took it in the serviceman told her they did that automatically whenever they did an oil change. However according to the computer, they hadn't at any time.

    So that was pretty annoying, especially since they claimed it was not covered by the warranty (no free maintenance) and would cost $168. Well we decided not to have it done immediately, but instead have them check out the car and determine why the check engine light was coming on. We called back the next day around 3pm and they told us they still hadn't determined what the issue was, but that they'd authorized us to receive a rental car. So we went back to the dealership.

    When we got there, the service manager came our smiling and told us the car was fixed. We were both like "What? We just called and you said you hadn't even figured out what the problem was?"

    He said that curiously enough between the time we called him and the time we got there they not only found the problem but fixed it too. Sounded fishy to me, but we got in the car anyway. Sure enough, when we started her up, the check engine luight was still on. So we told the service manager and he said they'd put it back in for service. Nice try. Well they carted us off to Advantage Rent-A-Car to get a free loaner.

    Unfortunately, the story isn't over. We get the car rental agency and one of the people from the dealership had told us that we'd be renting the very car they broguht us there in, 2000 blue Hyundai Accent. Which was fine. But then the rep at the car rental agency told us they had already rented that vehicle to a woman who was already there in the office, who sure enough rode off in the Hyundai.

    We didn't really mind, until we found out that the ONLY other vehicle the agency had available was a 2000 Jeep Cherokee. While not a bad vehicle, it would cost $80 a day and the dealership had only authorized us for $30 a day. Not only that, but because my wife is under 25 they would charge her an extra $10 per day fee. That would be an extra $60 per day we'd have to pay out of pocket. But wait, it gets worse, because she's only 20 and therefore under 21, they can't rent anything to her at all!

    Well my wife doesn't just take things lying down so she threw a fit, telling the car rental rep that it wasn't her fault and that the dealership should have to pay and so on. Thankfully, the rep understood our dilemna and really helped us out. He disregarded the company policy of not renting to persons under 21. He waived the $10 per day under 25 fee. He waived the extra $50 for the Cherokee instead of a subcompact like the Hyundai. Not only that, he called up my wife's insurance company and SOMEHOW got them to transfer coverage to the rental, which even though she has full coverage is not supposed to happen. Man, that guy did us good.

    Anyway so we go out to get in the Cherokee and I'm like what the heck? This thing looks exactly the same way they did back in 1988! I can't believe Chrysler hasn't changed the Cherokee for over a decade. I kept telling my wife that the thing was a 2000 model and she would not believe me. I was like look, there's only 13k on the odometer, which is digital by the way, there's dual airbags, a working a/c and everything's has to be a 2000. Yet from all other stances the thing looks at leats 10 years old. Crazy.

    You know what's funny? The thing has the same 4 liter inline six cylinder that AMC created and out in the Gremlin 30 years ago. AMC may be long gone but the best engine they ever built lives on, and I think they put it in teh Wrangler too. Man, that thing roars!
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