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Chevrolet/Geo Metro



  • residual on the new focus was about $7500, so total is something like $21,000 for a $15,500 car, yeah that's high but it's the price you pay sometimes. Actually even though my car was cheaper the percentage was worse, so in ratio she got a better deal than I did.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    due to circumstances beyond my control I was unable to replace my Cavalier with a Geo Metro. I purchased a white 1995 Ford Aspire with 75K, cold air, and a 5-speed, for $1300. I got it dirt cheap because it was a flood title and it had been wrecked a few times in the past. But I care not, because it runs like a new one and needs little to be perfect. New tires, new brakes, new clutch, good paint, and it was cheap. Back to courier deliveries for me! And I am saving up for a Metro.
  • I drive a Chev Metro all day delivering auto parts . It is almost the worst car I've ever drove. The trans sucks its got a 3 speed auto, I would much rather have a 5 speed stick. The engine sucks I get so sick of hearing it roar over everyting and is sooo slugish. It's got a/c too and it works it just slows the car and make it more under powered yet. To make it worse I live in northern Wisconsin and when it snows it makes for one hell of a ride no traction at all.
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    Although I would agree that with a automatic transmission the Metro is a slug it is a totally different car with the 5 speed. I absolutely love my Metro. It's the only car I buy for my 121 mile a day commute. I buy them used on the cheap and rack up the miles to 175,000 or so, sell and start all over again. I have never been stranded by a Metro and I think that they are great in the snow. I have been through snow halfway up the front bumper with no problems. In fact in 1988 one of my old Metro's (a '87 Sprint) with a just a set of snow tires went up a hill with no problem that my 1986 Mazda B2200 pickup couldn't get more than a couple of hundred feet up (I had 500 lbs of ballast in the bed and it was chained up!). So don't be dissing all Metro's because you are driving the hell out of a company vehicle that probably has not been maintained properly at all. But amazingly enough, the Metro keeps taking all of that punishment.
  • 1998 Suzuki swift (same as metro), had the car for six months. Problem is that when I let my foot off of the gas petal sharply the car jerks, this is noticeable when in second and third gear, more than 4th or 5th gear, although it does happen in those gears also. It can jerk four or more times. Took it to the dealer who checked it out and stated that there is nothing wrong, but that is the nature of the beast, because it has direct drive? Car is a four cyl, 5 speed. It is not enjoyable to drive. I have driven numerous metros and they do not have this problem. Does anyone else have a swift that does this? Any suggestions? I am so disappointed that I will sell this for $3,900. If I ease off the gas petal the vehicle does not jerk, but that is not practical some of the time. Car is located in Fla.
  • Hello, this is my first time doing this, so I'm
    not quite certain how it works. Just wanted to
    anyone if they have ever had problems with a Geo
    Metro's wheel bearings. I have had my Geo for 6
    years (1994), and the front wheel bearings both
    inner/outer and left/right, go out about once a
    year. It cost about $250-$350 to replace each
    time. I was curious if anyone else has
    the same problem, I want to know if it's just my
    car or other Geo's that this occurs on. Thanks.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    I don't know if you saw my post in the topic you created, but do you have stock wheels, or aftermarket wheels?
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    I'll ask the same question, are you running the factory 12" wheels or no? A fellow Aspire owner fried his wheel bearings once a year because he ran 13x7 wire wheels. Even a 5mm change in offset can cause premature bearing failure, as can excessive vibrations and loads. If your alignment is off excessively, the load on your bearings changes drastically. Also maybe switch brands of bearings. Or use a better quality high-temp wheel bearing grease.
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    I've been running 14"X6" rims on my '94 Metro for 3/4 year now (24,000) miles and have not had any problems yet. Most of my 121 mile a day commute is spent at 65 MPH or higher. I'm running 185/60 HR 14 tires. If I had to do it all over again I think I would go with a 185/55 HR 14. They are about a 1/2" shorter in height. My current tires never rub but it did reduce my final drive ration by about 7%. This reduced my RPM's but also makes the car a little more gutless. When you have a big whopping 1.0 Litre (61 Cubic Inch) powerplant less acceleration is not that optimal.
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    The sentence in the previous post should read:

    My current tires never rub but it did reduce my final drive ratio by about 7%.
  • Hi, my name is Nigel and I have just spent all night (6:00PM to 10:30PM) reading the posts in this group, it is incredible how much I learned here in one night about this car than I have in the whole week of owning my car. :)

    I have a red 1990 Chevrolet Sprint 4 dr auto 1.0 L with only 67,000K oops, I mean KM. (I never did understand why you Americans use the letter K to indicate miles? You think it would be M?)

    Anyway, I bought this car off a little old lady for $1900.00 canadian funds who owned it brand new and only put 6000 KM a year on it. She ended up buying a 2000 suzuki swift to replace this one. Was this a good deal for me you think?

    The only problems I have come up with so far is the muffler needed to be replaced for $58.00 CAD and the transmission (which is going to be looked at this upcoming Tuesday by a GM dealer) has a shift problem. In drive it stays in drive when you start up from a stand still, but if its in 2nd, it starts from a stop in first like it should and shifts to 2nd. Should I take it to the dealer or just a tranny shop? What does everyone think it might be so I have a rough idea on what I could be looking at? Also is this inherant in the metro auto trannies?

    There is also a wearing road sound when the car is in motion, but thanks to this info page I am pretty sure its the tires or the rear shocks. Also, there is a little electrical clicking noise coming from the TB injector, I never thought it would be that noticeable, but it is.

    Thanks to all for reading this and thanks to the regulars who are here a lot helping the new sprint/metro owners.

  • Uh....I think you're a little confused. Americans do not use the letter "K" to indicate miles, they use it just like anyone familiar with the metric system does, to abbreviate the prefix "kilo" meaning "thousand". Thus, 67.5k = 67,500. You may be confused because Americans don't usually use anything to denote miles, so when we talk about a car's mileage we just say it has 67.5k because we already assume that we're talking miles, not kilometers or inches or what have you. 67,000K, as you put it, would be equal to 67,000,000 miles, which even for a Metro/Sprint is alot, LOL. "Km" would be kilometers.... sorry just had to set ya straight my friend.
  • Ok thanks on what K actually stands for, but anyway, my perfect sprint car was a total flop, I took it into the dealer today as I said I was going to do in my earlier post #363 and guess what? The dealer informed me that MY car was in their shop Sept 9, 1996 for a seat belt recall and the car had 107,000 KM on the car then, so go figure, the owner must have drove backwards ever since the seat belt recall.

    The little old lady admitted to me today that her SON-IN-LAW was the one who had been driving the car for the last 5 yrs and that he was the one who actually sold the car. Can you say odometer fraud???? They sure coughed up the purchase money quite fast today. The moral is dont trust anyone, if its too good to be true it probably is.

    Anyway, I still have not left the group cause I ended up buying a 1992 red Geo Metro 2dr hatchback 5 spd today for 2300 CAD which is about 1500 USD with only 122 thous original KM which is about 75,000 miles. Once again, I have to thank the group for the info between the automatics and standards economy wise. It greatly influenced my decision.

    So, is this car a good deal and how long do you think I can keep this car running provided I keep a good mantinence schedule anyone???

    As for problems, this one has loose front wheels. What I mean by this is when I grab the front tire from the side (either one) I can physically feel a little bit of play before the steering wheel moves. Its only about 1/4 to 1/2 inch movement.

  • Hey I have a 1986 Sprint a 1991 and 1997 Metro they have all been great cars for me but i was wondering my Sprint is getting rather loud its not the exhaust because ive had that checked the car has 186,000 miles on it and its running strong its just that its getting really raggedy sounding and I cant figure it out also the carb is wanting to cut out on me only in the mornings though when its first cranked..anyone got any ideas?
  • okay dig this. I found a 2000 chevy metro with auto a/c and radio that used to be an enterprise rental car at auction for (drum roll please)4500 dollars!now my question is since the car has changed owners and only has 6000 miles on it, is it still under chevys warranty? if not can I go buy a warranty after market?the car has been wrecked and fixed (I didnt know it was wrecked until he told me)and my mechanic friend told me if I didnt buy it he would, any suggestions?
  • Sorry the metro is what I call a "throw away car" I drive a metro all day delivering auto parts thats just like yours. The automatic is slugish and the a/c slows you down. I have ran the living hell out of mine it has 36,000 miles and its runs terrible. The company I work for bought it with close to 10,000 miles on it to replace a 94 metro that someone [non-permissible content removed] packed and twisted the frame(it don't hold up in accidents let me tell you). My sugestion to you is sell your metro and go out and get a good deal on a nice ford focus instead.
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    Once again you have graced us with your "I have ran the living hell" out of my company owned Metro story. In your previous post you enlightened us on your daily abuse of your Metro. But lo and behold the Metro keeps on delivering. Unwittingly you have given us a good example of how durable Metro's really are. If a Metro can take the day to day punishment of being unmaintained and abused by you then a Metro in the hands of reasonable human being should last a very long time. I can testify that they do last a long time. I have never bought a Metro with less than 90,000 miles and have always racked up another 50 or 60k before moving on to another. I have a friend who bought her Metro new in 1990 and now has currently 212,000 miles on it. She has had the clutch replaced once and has had a tuneup 3 or 4 times. The brakes have been replaced twice and has had the timing belt replaced 3 times. That has been the total maintenance on her Metro. Not too bad considering that the car cost her less than $6000.00 brand new!!! So if you want to dis a rig, why don't you try Daewoo, they're bankrupt!!
  • I can't wait to see what Daewoos are selling for if they can't make up their loan payments and get their suppliers paid. If they are $9000 now, I wonder if after the bankruptcy they auction them off for $3 or $4K. Might be a good chance to pick up some courier cars.

    seymourjohn, it is a throwaway car, but people like me and many others who own them just hold onto them like pack rats. I'm driving an Aspire at the moment, but I'll unload that salvage titled POS as soon as I find a tachometer equipped Metro I can afford.

    djmick, I would buy the car if you either have the cash or can get a loan. Banks won't finance salvage titled cars (unless the loan officer knows you REALLY well). If you don't, well, I only wish I had enough cash because it's a deal. The best automatic Metro I've seen lately is a 1997 for $3700 here in Dallas with 43K on it. Now as to the warranty, call a Chevy dealer with the VIN# and have them check to see if the warranty has been voided. The VIN should start with 2C1MR22 if coupe, 2C1MR52 if sedan. IF they balk, call another Chevy dealer. It's a free version of Carfax. Odometer fraud, salvage/flood history, and the first owner (which in this case would be Enterprise Leasing) are all in GM's records. My 1995 LSi was an Enterprise rental, it served me through 112K and still drove when I got rid of it.
  • Due to a brief rally in the stock market a few weeks past, I was able to use some of the proceeds to procure a new Metro. Thus far it has been an exceptional motor car for general transportational uses. The pricing did seem a little brisk, however, but the six year financing it should make the cost a little more palletable.
    The sound system is a music connisuers delite, and the climate control could not be more satisfactory.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    Someone's been reading T. Herman Zweibel...
  • that was a 2000 geo metro with 6000 miles on it with auto air and huh!
  • yup! I bought the car no one else bid on it so I got it for 4500 even and yes it is a salvaged title but we couldn't find the damage and we looked for about an hour and a half!but I do believe the salvage knocked out the warranty but I still think I got a great deal talk at you later.
  • djmick, that was a great deal. With that salvage title, you won't be able to get a warranty,but you saved $7000 over new and can use that savings to fix anything that breaks, if anything breaks.
  • Does any one out there know where i can get ground effects and clear tail lights for a 1997 chevy/geo metro hatchback. please e mail me with some anwsers
  • I have a '91 Metro that has been lowered, spoilered, clear taillighted, mag wheeled, tinted windowed, subwoofered, etc. Most of the parts came from a local auto parts store.
    Does anyone know where I can get a LARGE Geo Metro sticker for the rear window?
    Regards, S.M.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    In addition to the help you get here, superman11 & spunkmeyer, be sure to check out our Aftermarket & Accessories conference!

  • pat56pat56 Posts: 11
    Heya... MetroGnome here...

    I haven't found any Metro graphics available,
    but we can get t-shirts! Go to:

    for the Metro Endurance Racing League
    (with tongue planted DEEPLY in cheek)

    Also, check out the anime character at:

    His name is GEO METRO! *ROTFL*

    BTW... Peanut is still running fine, with a bit over 6K miles on her.

    Best to all...

  • My family has 3 97 4cyl. geo metro hatchbacks and we love them to death. My brother put a little lift on his with some big all terrain tires and mine is set for racing with ground effects, a k&n filter and white outs all three geos have at least a 240 watt amp and at least 10" subwoffers i read earlier some one wanted to deck out a metro so dont be discouraged i love my decked metro and i get at least 48 mpg i love reading the responses. well see yall later
  • Hi,
    What is the largest tire that will fit on a 13" wheel for a 2000 Metro LSi Hatchback?
    There is a P185/80R-13 available, but the dealer believes it would be too big and would
    rub the sides when I turn.
    There is also a P175/80R-13 but I don't know.
    My reason for a "taller" tire: When I park,(heads in), the bottom part of my bumper
    scrapes the concrete curb. If I can get some more height it would clear it. If anyone has
    had any success in these larger tires, I would like to hear it. Will my metro support a
    P185/80R-13 or P175/80R-13?
  • When would be the first time i need to cahnge my brakes because i don't want to wait until the last minute. Right now im at 34,750 miles on my 97 well see yall later.
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