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Chevrolet/Geo Metro



  • I have a 94 metro Im trying to time. I have looked in Haynes and Chiltons manual and cant find a picture of the (check switch) that is supposed to be shorted when timing? ( Sticker under hood)Can anybody shed some light on this??
  • m564agm564ag Posts: 15
    the pulg you are looking for is in the upper driver side of the eng compartment behind the strut tower it will have a rubber cap on it if you remove it from the fire wall and pull the cap off you will see 6 pin holes This is where you jump them at.
  • Thanks for that I finally found out yesterday that this was the plug I was looking for :confuse: but now the question if its 6 pin. Which pins do I jump across?????
  • skausskaus Posts: 11
    Can anyone help me here.
    I changed the water pump out in the cold today.
    Now I can not recall how to reinstall the timing belt and the tensioner. I have 1 liter book and it seems to be no help with 1.3 liter 4 cyl engine. Even new book does not have 1.3liter diagram

  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    A couple of questions about my '98 Metro (3 cylinder, 1 liter, 5 speed). I am going to replace the timing belt soon. I had posted about 6 months ago whether I should replace it now as it only as 45,000 original miles on it (bought it 2 years ago with only 28,000 on it). My mechanic inspects it every time I bring it in for an oil change and tire rotation and he keeps telling me the timing belt looks fine. It seems as if I read somewhere that when you have the timing belt changed out, that it is wise to also replace the water pump, since everything has to be torn down to replace the timing belt. Does that sound right and is there anything else I should consider replacing while he is in there? Also, when should I replace the O2 sensor. My question on the tires is this, I had 4 new Michelin tires put on (P155-80-13) when I bought the car at 28,000 (believe they are called Michelin Weatherwise). Although I am a diehard Michelin fan, I have never cared for the tread pattern of the tires and they are very small and close together, and it is easy for the car to hydroplane when a lot of rain has fallen. Does anyone have suggestions for another tire with a better/wider tread pattern? Thanks.
  • Dear fellow Metrophiles, I guess if I didn't love my Metro so much, I wouldn't get frustrated but .. doing upholstery work I discovered the forward portion of my rear wheel wells has just rusted through to the inside of the rear seat area. Of course I dug it all out and repaired it using space age pop rivits, rust converter, paint, galvenized metal and anything else I found in the basement! So apparently moisture get's between two layers of stamped sheet metal and rusts. Does anybody have experience with this condition. Does ANYBODY know the point of entry of the water? I can't figure it out. Everything looks OK to me (except the rust) The body looks tight and dry. Other Metros in the boneyard seemed to have the same issue in the same place (?) Thanks guys! DangerDude
  • Is there any chance you would be willing to sell a headlight asseb. (L) for a 97 LSI? I need one fast and cheap Thanks
  • I'm sorry, not at this time.... the rolled over geo both assemblies were destroyed- the best source is ebay.
  • Hello all I am a new member and a first time poster to this chat room.... I have a 1997 geo metro lsi 2d hatchback with a 4 cylnder engine 1.6L and the poor thing just gave out on me. I love this car and want to find an engine with low miles on it to replace the one that blew...... i got 173 thousand miles out of the last one and would like to do the same or better with the next one I have tried e bay and came up with no luck there.. Dose anyone have any ideas on where i could get one and about how much would it cost me to buy it....thanks every one and I am glad to see a rooom with so many other geo fans.... :shades: Garth
  • Hi there Garthman, search the for sale section on this site:

    Good luck.
  • Dangerdude.... I have enjoyed reading your posts and I find i am a metrophile also...LOL....i would appreciate your advise on my delima....I have a 1997 geo metro lsi hatchback with a 1.6L engine auto tranny in it and the engine is givvin out and i need a replacement i was wondering if you knew any places where i could het a replacement with low miles for aa reasonable price....i would appreciate any advice you can offer .......Garth :D
  • What state do you live in ? There are many still on the road, and an equal amount in junkyard and re-cycle shops. I have a 1995, a 1996,1997 and a roll over for spare parts(1996) Calif and Canadian emmissions may play into a issue with engine swap outs- as the exhausts systems are different. Suzuki made Suzuki SWIFT which is identical vehicle also.
    Good luck
  • You may already be done with this job, but in case you're not, the plug looks like: A B C
    D E F

    You jump D and E in order to set the timing. Be sure your warm idle speed is according to specs before you set the timing. I always have to dial mine down because I keep it a little higher to settle down the rough idle.
  • ggeeooggeeoo Posts: 94
    Got a 114,000 mile mitubishi alternator OE from a 1993
    geo metro and it fit the 1994 fine. The bracket broke
    which caused all the 7 years of belt noise prem belt
    wear final death of the second. So check the bracket
    easily removed from under the car passenger side of car.
    The bolts that hold it were loose I suspect this is cronic
    with Geo maybe lock washers would help. I got alternator
    bench tested for free at pepboys. Just a note that 1 800-
    pepboys will tow to a pepboys and rebate the fee if they
    do the work they will in the OC take a used part and RR it
    for you.
  • Good morning Garth, Congratulations on your wise recognition of great, smart, cost effective transportation of the future (here now!) The Metro! On your engine question, I may be the wrong guy to ask. When an engine get's worn, I just love to do the overhaule myself. I get the cylinder head re-done by a shop usually, but on my corvair I did them myself (Corvair??) (Yes!) Metro only has (well mine anyway) 3 cylinders to re-ring and hone but I would do my own overhaul. That way you KNOW it's done correctly. I've heard about JDM engines (Japanese Domestic Market) or engine exchange buisnesses (Jasper) Google a few of these, see what looks OK to your wallet. Your a good man for recognizing the Metro as a "keeper" DangerDude.
  • Hi Folks,
    I recently bought a 1996 Geo Metro with 51,000 mi. One of the only problems I have with the car is with the window mechanisms. The drivers window "hops" as it moves in the track and the passenger window crank takes considerable force to move. I've heard that the window regulators are a weak point on these cars. They also seem to be hard to find. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • I would like to know how to get the engine codes out of a 1994 geo metro xfi. I have an engine light that is on, need some help. I've plugged an obd i connector into this block socket underneath the instrument panel but no flashing codes.

    Also what should the compression be on the cylinders. When I bought the car they all were around 140 psi. The car runs good and gets good mileage just trying to sort through it.


    Brian L. Smith

    you can email me at Feel free to leave your telephone number if you want and I can call you. I know my way around a lot of cars but metros are new to me.
  • Have your owners manual? My geo has a slot in the fuse box that is raised about 1/8 inch higher than the rest, if you put a fuse in this hole it will start to flash your engine codes on the check engine light. My problem was the previous owner left the fuse in and it was giving me the code for ok\normal, I found the code in the owners manual. All I had to do was pull the fuse back out and my light went off. My driver is a 1990 but my 92 parts car looks like it has the same.

    Hope this helps.


    p.s. they dont like it when you put your email address in your posts, anyone could use it for anything now.
  • ggeeooggeeoo Posts: 94
    Google Pick your Part in your area.

    The have geo to recycle. Your regulator needs grease. Get a
    plastic screw lever. Now take big screw driver and push back
    the plastic washer in back of door crank have a friend shine
    a light or a penlight in your mouth if you have no friends.
    Now look for a shiny clip with the plastic screw lever remove
    the clip with it's claw. Now use the plastic screw claw to
    remove the six push screws from door. Remove the door panel.
    Carefully remove plastic weather seal so you can reattach it later . Grease and wd 40 all gears you can see. Silicone
    glue the glass to channel in a few places if it is loose.
    That should do it.
  • ggeeooggeeoo Posts: 94
    I think i am about to get a belt dressing stick to quite a
    new alternator belt I just istalled on a used geo 93 alternator and installed at pep boys the noise happens when
    it starts of the quiets after it is at 30 mph. Ideas?
  • yvexyvex Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Geo Metro LSi, 1.3 liter engine. I bought the car in a very good condition, however recently I've noticed that I'm getting about 18-20 MPG instead of advertised 35... I'm putting in 6 galons of gas and every 100-120 miles.

    The transmission fluid is kinda brownish even after 2 flushes.

    Sometimes the car seems to be very sluggish in acceleration, other times it goes very fast.

    I've changed the spark plugs to E3 and replaced the air filter with the K&N one. Could this be the cause?

    I would be very grateful if I receive some suggestions, as taking the car to the mechanic for a complete checkup would cost ridiculous amounts of money :(
  • Hi Larry -

    I have a '92 convertible LSI and recently took mine to a bodyshop to have the regulators cleaned & lubed. Both worked much better after I had this done. Mine are now 15 years old, and I have the original regulators, so, at least those put in the '92 Metros, don't seem to be particularly weak.

    I watched the bodyshop owner do the work - if you decide to do it yourself, just use caution prying off the fabric covering.


  • Like smoke sez easiest thing to do is check the manual or get a Haynes / Chiltons motor manual etc. I just went through this on my 94 and did the old jump across w/ a wire trick. It was simple and the chiltons explains the process clearly.
  • I just replaced my 94 1.0L w/ the low miles Japanese import motor. My buddy did the same awhile back and we bolth experienced about a 5 mpg drop in millage. I used the my old intake and all but still not as good of millage as the old worn out motor I replaced?? Has anybody else experienced this?
  • I have the same problem! I have a 90? Geo Metro convertible. It will not start. I thought (and was told) that it was the fuel pump, but it works fine. Turns out the damn injector wont spray. The injector in getting voltage, but no pulsating ground. If I hook a wire to the injector and tap it against a ground it will spray gas and run. What would do this? The ECU? I can't find a crank sensor anywhere on it.
  • My Geo Metro convertible with the 1.0L 3cyl will not run without my help. The injector is not operating. The ignition throws a good spark, but the injector won't spray. When I connect a wire to it and give it an intermitent ground it will spray fuel and run, as long as I keep doing that... :( I looked for a crank sensor and it isn't there. What tells the injector to fire? I think its the ecu but it has to get a signal from somewhere. Please tell me anything you know about this, I don't know what else to do!
  • Hello. First - the engine from Japan are carburated engine.Second - how you are sure this engine is good and also from Japan?
    You paid close $ 450, where you could rebuild your engine for less than $ 400.00.
    Please check the EGR valve and also the exhaust EGR system in the cyl. head. Check also the compression. Good used engine should have around 175 - 190 psi. Check this on cold and hot engine and compare the numbers.
    Remember - disconect the fuse or relay from the electr. pump.
    Also push the accelarator paedal down to the floor whenn you will cranck the engine. YOu must have good battery and each time crank the engine 8 revolution - two times stroke.
    Check the compression and do not release the ccheck valve oin the gauge. Wait 2 or 3 minutes and check if the presssure is going down.
    Any questions, let me know
  • I have 3 Geo Metro's , a Suzuki Swift, all 2 door hatchbacks- all 4 are suffering from headliner failure- I assume the only way to fix this is to remove all the interior trim, and the light, then pull it down- My question is this: what do I use for an adhesive to re-install the cloth liner back (ontothe fiberboard) It surely must be able to withstand heat and frigid cold (Maine)
    Thanks !
  • First of all, does anyone know if the dashboard on my '93 Metro convertible is interchangeable with a dashboard on a two-or-four-door model? I need to replace it and it would be a lot easier to find one from a non-convertible.

    Secondly, my convertible's trunk struts just gave out day before yesterday. I might be able to get a couple of them from a convertible at the salvage yard but they would be 14 years old, as well. Has anyone had any experience replacing them? Were you able to purchase new ones?

    Thanks for the info.
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