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Chevrolet/Geo Metro



  • m564agm564ag Posts: 15
    Hey I want to thank you 3tech for the help on my 1994 metro.
    It runs the best it has for years. Now may be you can
    help with my 1998 it is a 1.3 auto runs great but for
    this dumb light service Eng soon that I have try ed to
    get to go out I have changed the ecm fuel pump and a
    few other parts why you ask well it stalls at time out
    of the blue it will restart but it may take a few
    turns of the key. It will start for a split sec and
    quit any where from 5-10 times then run fine. I have
    check the codes with a obd II scan tool and get 3 flashes then a few seconds later a 4th then the letter E [error code] I am left to guessing may be a bad ground some where I have been checking all of them one at a time. In my old Chevy it did some thing like this and it turned out to be the module. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Mike
  • Hi all, my 1997 2 dr LSi 4 cyl automatic is near death, gas milage has decreased to around 20MPG, the pick up has died to a crawl- The engine has to 'warm up' after shifting into reverse or drive in order to move.... then it seems ok..
    It has 116,000 miles on the vehicle. The o2 sensors were replaced 10,000 miles ago, a tune up was done less than 5, 000 miles ago, including air, oil and gas filters.
    any suggestions out there? :confuse:
  • I think that in general, the 1.0 liter 3 cylinder suzuki engine is the more reliable of the two. If you drive the crap out of them they will stay with traffic. I put 900 lbs of newspapers in them on sometimes without too many problems. If I ever buy another metro, it will also have the 1.0 liter 3 cylinder engine. Also, much better mpg.
    94 metro hatchback
  • i apologize for not commenting about your subject matter but i've had a 1992 geo metro hatchback for almost three years now and i just love it. the only major work done was to change the timing belt. but i do have a question if that's ok. i should know this but i've spent maybe an hour on the computer trying to find the answer. what is the compression psi for the three cylinder metro?
  • Hi is the compression psi for your three hiccup highway eater (I have two).
    A healthy new engine will have 180-195 psi (dry test )
    and ( 190-200 ) wet test. Any cylinder having a low pressure reading may have a problem. The difference in pressure readings between
    wet and dry, on a good motor is about 10-20 psi. If the pressure is higher with a wet test, the rings are probably worn. If the pressure is low,
    and doesn't come up using a wet test, a valve is probably burnt, or the head gasket may be bad. If 2 cylinders side by side are showing the same pressure reading , it could be a bad head gasket.
    The lowest acceptable reading should be 170 psi.

    Have fun,
    Vanilla Latte (stable companion to Espresso Nero., both 1/4 of a Ferrari and way cheaper).
  • much, much thanks! oh yea, my other car is a corvette :)
  • Ah yes, three quarters of a Bugatti Veyron....
  • I haven't written in a while, but it's great to see so many of us are still out there happily tooling around in our Metros. Mine is a '93 five-speed convertible with 117K miles. I do my own tune-ups but leave the rest to my friendly mechanic. I wanted to leave a bit of advice for those of us who have A/C. Mine had a factory unit when I bought it used, and I had spent quite a lot of money on it to no avail. This last time my new mechanic suggested replacing the entire unit with an after-market system. The whole job cost me only $700 compared with $900 for a replacement factory compressor alone. The system works great - much better than before. I realize it is a power-grabber when it's in use, but here in the midwest there are many days when the humidity prevents open-top driving. I am a total believer in Metros and plan to drive mine for the rest of my life. I just had a new timing belt and water pump intstalled last week and she is running like a top. Hang in there, everyone! I enjoy reading about your cars.
  • Well ... enjoy all you can. I hope that you are 17 and have many years left!
    Did the aftermarket pose any problems in fitting? Special brackets...... weight difference.... I'm curious.
  • yesme2yesme2 Posts: 4
    got a 93 & 94 1.0 metro problems r one was blowing oil in # 1 cyl. & stopd running i pulled head valves burnt out is this also the cause of the oil blowing & fowling plug & out the breather ? or ? cynlder walls look good so i dont think broken ring dont want to pull it if just the valves so.... Ideas ?
    & the other one i bought non running ran compression 2 cyl were low pulled head burnt valves again.... is this a common tin can on wheels problem ?
  • Hi all -

    I've got a '92 convertible 5-speed, and about 2 & a half years ago I put in an after-market AC (the car had never before had AC). I got it from an outfit in Phoenix.

    Since I was going to have my local mechanic install the system (rather than driving to Phoenix from Amarillo, TX), they asked if my mechanic had the special crimping tool required. Mechanic said yes - so I bought the system & had it installed.

    Installation was pretty involved, but, then, the mechanic had never done one before on a Metro. Once installed, it worked fine - then, about 6 months later, it quit - a leak. Happened again to a 2nd hose about 6 months after that. The second time I had the mechanic pull all the all the hoses & have them crimped - voila! No problems since.

    In retrospect I should either have had the mechanic talk directly to the Phoenix firm, or I should have driven to Phoenix to let them install the system.

    I am glad that I did it, though - now I can drive anywhere in the country at any time of the year at 38 mpg or better.
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 127
    bought a '96 Geo Metro LSI with 76,000mi. So far, no problems - knock on wood. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how difficult it is to get parts for these cars when the time comes? I know they don't make this brand any longer and am a little worried about this. Please advise. Thank you.
  • Relax, take a deep breath...let it out slowly.
    Parts are easy to come by, Ebay is here and there are people on the net willing to help out, for instance. Almost all the parts are interchangeable with the Suzuki Swift and/or Pontiac Firefly in Canada. Not really 100% sure but I think that the Firefly was made until your year... Nevertheless, don't worry. My advice, if you just bought your Geo, have the brake fluid flushed and refill with new, this fluid retains the humidity and you may lose braking power.... change your spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor along with the cables. And enjoy your ride. If something happens, parts are plentiful.
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 127
    Thanks, vanillalatte, that's great to know. I was wrong about the miles I reported. It has 67,000mi. not 76,000. :)
    Since I'm here maybe you or someone else out there can tell me if there is any way I can tell if the timing belt has been changed? I'm the third owner and do not have contact with the original owners. The lot which I purchased it from doesn't know. Can you advise? Thanks very much!
  • Does it have cracks in it? For peace of mind have a mechanic look at it.

    Don't go to sleep with your head full of horror stories. Some of these are propagated by jealous friends or car haters. I would be more concerned by the state of the tires, the brake fluid and the alignment. Then you move to suspension and other tidbits, until you know the age of each component. A second hand car is something that grows on you. If you liked it the first hour, you will enjoy it up to the time that you dispose of it.
    Have fun with your (for you) new car.
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 127
    Thanks again for your reply. I'll make sure I check those items out and have my mechanic look at the timing belt, too.
  • I'm trying to time a 1.0L from 94 metro. They say to short out the check switch( sticker under hood ) what does this mean and where? Or what other tips may I need to get her running right again??
  • Hey dangerdude, If you don't have a splashguard on the pasanger side then you will never get the squealing to stop. Without it, water gets on the belts.
  • I have found out the hard way that the Bosch Platinums are no good in the 3 cylinder. They just don't hold up. I've used them in every other car of mine (Ford, Dodge,Ramblers',and s10). I've used them for about ten years. However, I've had to change the head once because of them in the Geo and my sisters car died on the highway from them. I don't know if it is a heat problem or what. They just don't function properly.
  • Well roguerambler, the correct plug is:
    NGK V-Power BPR6EY-11
    Those are the numbers. I just looked at my tatoo.
  • I have a 1999 Pontiac Firefly 1.3 L Automatic and its speed sensor (the needle) stopped working. I checked everything up to the back of the instrument cluster and it all worked. I removed the instrument cluster and the speedometer/odometer unit. The odometer works fine but the needle only moves a little from the bottom when I back up (turn the cable in reverse). Do you know now or does anyone know how to fix the needle speed indicator? I took it to my local auto wrecker and the fellow quoted me $150.00 for a used instrument cluster (located at distant autowreckers). The fellow said "for the time I take mulling this one over I can just spend a bit of money and replace my junk." That would be fine but I still would like to fix mine if I can and, furthermore, if I do get another speed sensor/odometer I would have the problem of having someone else's mileage on my car (or the expense and certification rigmarole of re calibrating the "new" unit). Any help, or thoughts? My Firefly has 94,000KM on it.
  • First of all, Ebay has odometers for your car for $20 dollars or so. If you want one with a tachometer, it will cost you around $50.00

    Second, they are not hard at all to put the numbers at the correct place. You need patience, that's all. I did several for my own use when I installed a tach cluster gauge and wanted the correct reading. NO, DO NOT USE A DRILL! You have to dismantle it, it' not that hard. Are you in Canada?
  • Dear RougeRambler, Thanks for the message! I appreciate it. Glad there are so many of us out there who recognize the Metro for the "car of the future" that it is. Why in hell did it slip from production. I think car makers must be as insane as politicians(?) It's all about profits I guess. Anyway .. sorry about that, got carried away (again)
    My belt is no longer an issue. I do have the splash shield.
    I tightened the belt bit by bit just until it stopped it's squeal. Didn't want to over stress any bearings. I've just changed the tranny fluid (what came out was unbelievable) Hoping to get smoother downshifts but I gather high mileage tranny's tend to get "notchy" on the downshifts. Just move the shifter slow & easy for success. I Have new bushings on order. I intend to get a million miles outa this little baby! DangerDude
  • Come to think of it my belt does squeal on start up...but it has been raining quite a lot here and I thought that water was the cause....which may be just that also....hum. Does anybody know when to change the tranny oil? I have 40 000 miles on Espresso Nero. Should it be done now or soon? Thanks.
  • Dear VanillaLatte, I think the tranny juice ought to be changed at 36K mile intervals so your pretty close to being on schedule. In my case Pipsqueak (my Metro) came to me with 185K miles already. His tranny "stuff" was waaay overdue. It was obvious! Apparently these gearboxes are pretty tolerant of neglect. But let's not push it like the previous owner did! So to answer your question .. soon should be fine. My Pipsqueak is a 5-speed standard shift. Either way auto or stick, a little maintenance, a little love and we'll all last a lot longer. I've named my three cylinders "Larry, Curley & Moe" - DangerDude -
  • :cry: could someone please help me i am having problems with my 94 geo metro flasher/ blinker unit , however i cant find where the flasher is could some one please help me?
    any info reply to:\

    thanks everyone
    larry m in Ga.
  • The aftermarket compressor is almost identical to the factory one - my mechanic said he had to order a kit for attaching it to the car because the bolt holes are slightly different. I didn't have the problem with the hose crimping because I already had the hoses.

    By the way, I'm 52, but I figure the convertible will last as long as I will, I hope. I just had a new water pump and timing belt installed a couple of weeks ago. It's running better than ever.
  • Thanks for your help. Yes, I do live in Canada - Just outside of Edmonton. I'll check Ebay for a odometer with tach.
  • I have numerous 2 dr Geo Metros, all but 1 are 4 cyl engines. I want to put a low milage 1995 engine in place of a very tired 1997 engine (hi miles) I'd like to swap engines and trany and shafting as 1 package--does that make sense? How much trouble? Will the wiring harnesses be the same?
    ALSO interior roof liners, (cloth) has separated on all but 1 of my cars- how the heck do I get them down and re-glued? what kind of adhesive should I use ? :confuse:
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