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2010-2011 Buick LaCrosse



  • cooleyddcooleydd Posts: 105
    The other evening as I was driving home with my wife a little before sunset at about 30 MPH I heard a thump and assumed I had hit something. Neither my wife or I had seen anything in the street. I continued to drive home (3 blocks) and the car drove normally - no change.

    When I got home I examined the front of the car (drivers side) and saw nothing unusual but noticed the back right tire was flat. I got out the jack and changed to the spare. Upon looking at the tire I found no apparent damage to the tire other than it was obvious I was driving with the tire flat.

    Upon closer examination of the wheel itself I found a gash in the wheel about 6" long and elevated up into the tire area over an inch. Of course all of the air escaped through the gash - no blowout. Went to the dealer (3800 miles on the CXS) and they determined I had hit something in the street - no warranty coverage. Cost for new wheel and tire - $1002.00

    Went back to examine the road (no potholes) and finally found a rock off the side of the road that apparently caused the problem. It was a rock, flat on both sides about 2 1/2" thick and about the size of a red brick only oblong. Have no idea how it hit the back tire and not the front.

    I am convinced that had the tire been an older 15" or 16" tire the tire would of absorbed the hit and not damaged the wheel. Of course it may have blown a tire but the wheel would of been in good shape.

    With the roads becoming so bumpy with potholes I now worry about hitting a bad spot in the road and having the same thing happen again. I carry a $1000 deductible insurance so insurance will not be involved. (In 50 years of driving I have not had an accident that was my fault or any other damage to one of my cars - so I carry a high deductible).

    Just a word of warning to those who have the 19" tires (and probably the 18") that a bump in the road may do more damage to the fancy aluminum wheel that the tire. Of course the wheel is much more expensive.

    And I wonder at the design of the wheel, knowing the tire size and the short distant from the wheel to the tire thread, if the wheel should have a thicker layer of metal than one might expect with the older tires. Seems to be that this might be something which should be turned into the powers that be (GM or the Feds) to have an investigation as to the building of the wheel.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,241
    Most likely you hit the rock with the front wheel. The impact and the tire rolling off of it caused it to jump up slightly and it probably was sitting on end or edge when the back tire got to it.

    This is the same thing that happens with nails in the road. The front tire hits it and it lifts up and part of the time is sitting upright as the rear rolls over it. I recall only one time getting a nail in the front tire and I was behind a semi truck on a rural highway and felt something ping and found a lead ringed roofing nail for metal roofs used on barns in my front Michelin. The nail was still bouncing from the semi's tires when my front tire got there.

    I too don't like the thin tire concept. We can thank those who think that fads are wonderful and criticized car companys who didn't accept the low profile tires as behind the times.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • My LaCrosse would do this on occasion when I backed out of the garage into zero degree temps. Suddenly I would hear one or more loud tapping noises from the rear of the car. In my opinion it was the exhaust heating up and causing the metal to expand. I have not heard it in the warm temps. Judging from the number of posts, it's not an isolated incident. In my case, the noise is best heard from outside of the car and was like someone was hitting a piece of steel with a hammer.

    2010 LaCrosse
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    1) I feel badly for the guy with the vibration - something is definitely wrong and needs to be attended to.
    2) I think Buick should have a fix for those of us who bought packages that included a blind spot alert (that was not delivered). While I personally opted out of some of the Lacrosse add ons, this one is definitely one I wanted and still want. Importantly - I paid for it.
    3) Anybody who lies awake at night worrying about gas being siphoned from his or her car should not buy a Lacrosse. Personally I love not having a gas cap release lever, but obviously others out there feel differently. I tend to fill my own car and I much prefer just tapping the cap than reaching down to hit some lever before exiting.
    4) My seat memory works just fine. You do have to hold the button to go from position one to position two. I'm guessing you might have to keep your finger there for a second (maybe two if there's a big difference in the seat set ups), but in my mind at least, this a another yawner. Maybe that's because I tend to be the driver of the car most of the time and hardly ever need to flip the seat position; nevertheless, flipping it is very easy.
    5) If you have trouble exiting this car, you should not buy a Lacrosse or any other car in its class. I couldn't bang my knees or feet getting out of this car if I tried (and I'm 6'1"). The car slides back when you flip the door handle. It returns to its position when you reenter, but only if you've locked your car and hit the open button on your key. If you left it unlocked you do need to push the side control to slide the seat forward a couple inches. People come in all sizes and shapes, but one thing is indisputable - this car is very roomy, both up front and in back. If you can't fit comfortably in this car and enter and exit with ease, you probably need a car in a different class than the one the Lacrosse is competing in..
    6) You clearly cannot see the front end of the car when you are driving or parking. This is not unique to the Lacrosse but it's a fact. Anybody who can't figure out where the front end is should not buy this car. For me this is not an issue. If you do happen to tap the front end of the car when parking, you'll be tapping the license plate frame and not your car.
    7) There is a trunk release button on the key. When the car is unlocked the trunk is easily opened manually. Opening the trunk shouldn't be an issue for most of you. I know it isn't for me.

    PS I have a CXL. It's possible there are software issues in the CXS that is causing some to experience things that I'm not.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,241
    >People come in all sizes and shapes, but one thing is indisputable - this car is very roomy, both up front and in back.

    I sat in one in a showroom a couple weeks back. I was shocked by how much room there is in the back seat along with the front seat. It was roomier than a Park Avenue for legroom.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,907
    edited July 2010
    In Car Connection's test drive they wrote, “the 17-inch-equipped models rode noticeably more comfortably and quietly than the 18- or 19-inch models, where stiffer sidewalls transmitted more road noise into the cabin.”

    I am not sure when this was written but isn’t the touring package and HiPer strut suspension system with real-time dampening for the suspension supposed to compensate for that? Or is that the classic tradeoff for handling versus cushy ride comfort?

  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    3) Not lying awake. Gas is cheap right now. Someone stealing gas is one issue. Then there are those who would maliciously put something in the tank.
    According to the Myth Busters, sugar does nothing, but they tried several other things as well which some of them killed the car.
    Your wife starts for home in darkness and driving through a secluded area the engine suddenly dies. The perpetrator has been following her the whole time.

    I was merely suggesting using one of those toggles that has the switch built in and running the two wires to the already existing security system.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Certainly the tradeoff is valid as a general condition.
    Were the tires all of the same model? But then even that being so the possibility exists that the design was good for a 60 series tire but not for a 50 series. A good design will overcome much of the disparity when changing sizes.
    I don't remember what is the standard size for each model or to which the optional sizes apply. To the best of my knowledge, only the CXS has the touring package available with H-arm suspension. The "build your own" did show the H as standard on CXL(FWD & AWD) and CXS at the beginning of the year. I can not vouch for that as accurate, but it was a few months later that it showed up at the same site as an option on the CXS. I've seen discussions that say it will be available on CXL 2011.
    So, depending when the review was done and options on that model, there could be a wide mix of possibilities.
    Perhaps the author could give more info?
  • 1ststate1ststate Posts: 9
    I have an early model CXL with 19" wheels and h arm touring package. I can tell you the ride is harsh throughout. I can't see any difference at all between normal and "Sport Mode" I have a love hate relationship.... I love the looks of the 19" wheels on my silver CXS but hate the ride they generate....
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    We picked up our new Lacrosse CXL after months of searching and trying to sort thru the various dealers offers, current rebates and new features choices.
    WOW! What a beautiful great driving vehicle. No miles to evaluate initial driveabilty, butt he first impression is very positive. Low engine speed at 65, due to 6-speed,
    V-6 engine and 2.77 final drive ratio augers well for highway mileage- any ideas on what to expect relative to EPA estimates?
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    "Exactly", what tires are on the vehicle? Tires, regardless of the vehicle, can make a huge difference in the ride quality.
    CXL, CXS, are you saying you have two?
    How does one compare to the other?
    If you can not detect a difference in the modes, you might want to chat with your salesman and maybe he can give you a demonstration. Hopefully he is more knowledgeable than the cashier at WM.
    I have no idea how the sport mode is applied. 1) Thoughts are that it could be special valving in struts that is electrically applied. 2) Air type struts that adjust the height and portion of the strut stroke that is used. Sort of like the vehicle that used to advertise by showing a bar it could not go under at low speed. More stroke for handling potholes, etc. But at high speed it sailed right under that bar. Presumably, if you are driving fast you have good surface and lowering the CG gives better handling at high speed.
    Do you know exactly how it works?
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,907
    As I read through the literature on ride comfort, handling and real-time damping it seems as though they are referring primarily to rear-wheel drive vehicles. So, is the following quote by GM marketing hype or grounded in automotive theory?

    “CXS with optional 19-inch wheels and Touring Package feature a more sophisticated H-arm design that uses the same attachment points as the four-link system but with the cross member attached via isolated mounts. The lower H-arm replaces the basic trailing link, delivering a greater ride quality and lower noise.

    The Touring Package also includes real-time damping and Sport Mode Selectivity, which uses four electronically controlled dampers to constantly “read” the road and make adjustments within milliseconds.”
  • 1ststate1ststate Posts: 9
    My typo, The car is a CXS, took delivery Aug 2009. It has Goodyear 19" tires on it. Don't know engineering wise how the sport mode works. It shows "Sport Mode" when the shifter is moved to the left. The rides doesn't change at low or high speed. It is interesting in the one post about ride being quieter with H Arm suspension. My biggest complaint is at low speed in town, sounds like there is something loose under the car. Dealer has checked and said it is "just the road".......
  • enphanenphan Posts: 23
    I assume you have front wheel drive. Mine is CXL front wheel drive V6, 18" wheel. I use 91 premium and here is what I observe
    at 65 mile/hour - 30 miles/gallon
    at 75 mile/hour - 28 miles/gallon
    Note I use 91 gas, if I use 87 I expect less mileage/gallon.
    Here is what you should do
    go on highway, drive at constant speed such as 65, choose the trip/fuel from the turn signal on the left (see manual page 4-27) hit reset, then see the mileage / gallon.
    Note: If you don't reset, it will carry over the old data, just average everything from day one and give you a very low mileage / gallon.
  • burnrubburnrub Posts: 7
    edited July 2010
    i also have 2010 cxs with 19inch wheels and touring package. i agree that the low profile tires are noiser over rough pavement, but they are pretty quiet on smooth surfaces.

    i think the car absolutely drives differently in sport mode than it does in touring mode. in sport mode, it feels like the the shocks' "stroke" shortens up and you feel feedback much faster than in touring mode. the ride also stiffens so that there is much less bounce when riding over bumps. an obvious way to feel the difference is to drive the car over a few speed bumps under both modes. you can drive much faster over the bumps without the car bouncing all over the place in "sport mode". and lastly "sport mode" creates much less body roll/lean when travelling on windy roads. and frankly, i think a car as big and heavy as the lacrosse feels a lot lighter on her feet when driven in sport mode.

    the difference between the two modes is real and if you can't feel the difference, either something is wrong with your car or you have an unshakeable sense of equillibrium.

    so yes, the 19's are more noisy, but i think they handle great.... but just in case i change my mind, i've got an extra set of OEM 18inch chrome wheels/tires in my garage that are just begging me to try them out :)
  • 1ststate1ststate Posts: 9
    Funny you should mention that you have a set of 18" wheels. I was ready to press the button to buy a set, but wasn't confident enough that it would solve the concerns. Please let me know if you try them........
  • burnrubburnrub Posts: 7
    i'll put them on in the next few weeks and post the results.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,907
    Just received a call today that the CXS I ordered on May 15 is finally here. Somehow it feels kind of anti-climatic and instead of feeling excited I feel indifferent. Now its my turn to put a little pressure on them so I going to take my time and let them sweat it out.
  • burnrubburnrub Posts: 7
    2 months isn't that long to wait for a built to order vehicle. when i ordered my custom BMW it took 2-3 months to get it. (of course BMW had a pretty nice internet tracking system where you could follow the progress of your order throughout the production process.)

    it seems like everyone is complaining about having to wait, but that's industry standard for building custom cars. why do we expect the domestic OEMs to produce the cars so fast, but don't expect the same from foreign OEMs like BMW?
  • tomi60tomi60 Posts: 6
    The dealer worked all day yesterday to try to improve the AM reception on our new Lacrosse. The fix was recommended by the factory but resulted in little improvement. I tested the radio in three other Lacrosses on the lot and they all had bad reception. Anyone else have this problem and able to resolve?
  • cleo10cleo10 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the suggestion but I always turn the HVAC system off before I shut off the car. I have had my husband stand outside the car and also have heard it myself with remote start. Sounds like a wrench dropping under the car. I'm starting to think I hear the "clunk" more consistently when the outside temperature if over 90 degrees (which it has been lately)l. I have an appointment for Monday, 7/19, to see if the dealer can find the problem. Thanks for the help.
  • cleo10cleo10 Posts: 6
    I'm starting to think my "clunk" is more prevelant on really hot (90 degree +) days. I kinda agree with your suspicion about the exhaust. The "clunk" is a second after the engine starts -- almost as if it is associated with the first "puff" out the exhaust. Definitely seems to come from under the car and can also be heard on approach with remote start but never if I start the car a second time in a relatively short time sapn. Usually, the car has to sit a couple hours and then it will "clunk" again. I have an appt. Monday at the dealer. Wish me luck in explaining all this!
  • mtwaletmtwalet Posts: 10
    Did you know that when you engage a left or right turn signal on a Buick Lacrosse, the corresponding Daytime Running Light (DRL) goes out until the turn signal is canceled??? Better for frontal visibility I suppose.

    I've never seen this on another car.
  • tbone_raretbone_rare Posts: 96
    WOW! That's quite a list of things you don't like! I'm curious why you purchased it if you hate it so much
  • tom2246tom2246 Posts: 29
    Anyone have any experience of the magnetic steering assist - either negative or positive? :confuse:
  • Do you have HID headlights? I do not have then on my CX and the drl's to not shut off when a turn signal is on.

    2010 LaCrose
  • mtwaletmtwalet Posts: 10
    "WOW! That's quite a list of things you don't like! I'm curious why you purchased it if you hate it so much "

    My wife wanted a car with 'OnStar'. I told her to pick one. Since the Lacrosse was a new design, why not. Then again it's a first year car that needs some bugs worked out.

    We gave up a Toyota Avalon Limited fully optioned for the Buick. The Avalon was an '07 with less than 12k on the clock. I never had any problem with the car and I guess I kinda got spoiled and expected more from the Buick that has received so much hype. Never said I hated the car, just disappointed.
  • mtwaletmtwalet Posts: 10
    "Do you have HID headlights? I do not have then on my CX and the drl's to not shut off when a turn signal is on.

    2010 LaCrose "

    The car does have HID headlights.....very bright!
  • doc15doc15 Posts: 37
    Yes,Yes Yes,
    Please read my old posts. I had same problem with my Lacrosse. Back and forth to dealer. Finally happened when I was with Buick Mechanic. ----- Clunking sound was coming from the long "BAFFLE" on the exhaust system. Would sound like a wrench hitting the floor at times. Had them replace entire exhaust system. Cleared the problem.--Parts had to be ordered. Takes a few weeks. Had them put the info for it in the data base. Let me know if it helps you.
  • kplacerkplacer Posts: 97
    Sort of a hypothetical question: if you had an opportunity to buy a new 2010 CXL with the 3.0 engine at a good price, is it worth taking? I am wondering about the engine since as we know the 3.0 is being discontinued in the Lacrosse in 2011. Is the engine a liability in the car or does it perform reasonably well?
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