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The Volkswagen Golf IV



  • dfddfd Posts: 1
    I know that it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer as to when their new year models become available. Some manufacturers already have 2001's available right now for certain models. Typically, it is early to late fall for most new models. Does anyone know when the 2001 Golf/GTI models will be available? Thanks.
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    I remembered a dealer once asked if I am willing to wait for 3 months for my Golf and he could get me the 2001 model. That was in late April/early May. So, I guess maybe the new models come in the June/July timeframe?
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    Does anyone know how to verify if the radio head is programmed to the "monsoon byte coding" for monsoon speakers?? Can anyone WITHOUT the Monsoon tell me what appears on the radio display when you first turn on the radio?? Mine says "MONSOON" when the power is on, but do I still need to tune it to "monsoon speaker mode"? I was told by the Monsoon system people (apparently there is a website just on monsoon) that if the speakers do not sound good, the "byte coding" could be the cause. Help anyone?
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    1/ As pointed out in the forum 'GTI sport susp': I have it confirmed from VW themselves... that the GTI 1.8T will come STANDARD with sports suspension.

    2/ I saw someone 'complaining' that the Golfs have grown larger and larger. It's true, like many small cars from many manufacturers, their smallest line from a year back has gone from tiny, or small, to medium, or large compact...
    Maybe it's time to call the WV POLO to the rescue, which has been sold in Europe for ages and which is considered by many to be the true descendant of the original GTI:

    you might have to do some cut and paste here...
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    in part 2/ from above, please read 'from a few years back'! - No, evolution is not THAT fast! lol
  • aqueenaqueen Posts: 15
    Well, I am pleased by everything on my new Golf GLS except that it turned out to be extremely gas-consuming :-( It is less than 2 weeks old and for the first gas-fill-up, it ate up 12.16 gallons for only 234 miles among which 1/3 of the mileage was on highway. I did a little math and the result is an average of 19 miles/gallon... no better than my previous V6 car, while my Golf is just the 2.0L model. I am not a person who drive cars very hard with sudden stops and starts. I called the dealer and they seemed to have no ideas on this as none of the malfunction lights are on.

    I am waiting for the result of my next gas fill-up, if it continues like this, I will send it to the dealer. But I would like to have your guys' suggestions if there is any.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The car is not broken in yet. You really won't be able to tell true gas mileage until there are about 1000 or so miles on it.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    I am selling my not so great 2000 Honda Accord EX V6 Coupe for either a GTI GLS 1.8T or GTL GLX VR6, Toyota Celica GT-S (6 speed), or Nissan Maxima SE (5 speed). My sister has a 00 Beetle and it has been a great car. My dilema is between the 1.8T and the VR6. I know the VR6 is faster, but I understand that you can get a chip for the 1.8T and make about 200 HP. Has anyone had any problems with their new GTIs? I'm also really big on build quality, which the Accord DOESN'T have. I can't stand rattles. Do any of your Golf/GTIs have any rattles? I'd appreciate any comments. I only drove the VR6 GTI and I really do like the power of it. It does seem to roll a bit in cornering, but that can be fixed. The dealer quoted me a price of $22,500 for the GTI GLX. Is that a fair price? I understand that the invoice of the car is $21,200. Is this such a hot car that they won't deal on the price at all?

    - Anthony
  • weatherdanweatherdan Posts: 28
    I've got 7000 miles on my '99 Golf GLS automatic. I've been getting around 19 or 20 mpg in the city and 25+ on the highway. Once I got 30 mpg on the highway. A bit disappointing overall though.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I checked on and their price is something like $23,500, so $22,500 is not too bad.
    Be warned though, that some have had reliability problems (but mostly the Jettas and not the Golfs and GTIs).

    Also, what went wrong with the Accord? I thought they were the cream of the crop? What happend???
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Ahhh, what's wrong with my "cream of the CRAP" Accord? Heh, if you don't mind mis-aligned body panels, poor paint, and many many rattles, then nothing. My seat moves whenver you stop and go, the seat creakes whenever you move, the rear headliner rattles, the sunroof rattles, the sunshade rattles, the doors creak, and thebumper isn't flush and has a big gap with the body. That's just to say the least. I have streaks and waterspots in the paint, and I'm very dissapointed with my first ever Honda. I do like the GTI, but I think it might be a bit too small.

    - Anthony
  • aqueenaqueen Posts: 15
    I got pretty much the same fuel economy as you did. today I checked my window sticker and it says "between 18 and 23 in city". I ran about 190 miles today on Highway and it just got something like 26 miles/gallon.

    maybe i really need to be more patient and wait for the car to get more miles on it.

    -- aqueen
  • jss4jss4 Posts: 17
    aqueen: your mileage might get better once it's broken in, but when I was considering getting an automatic vs. a stick, the dealer gave me about the same gas mileage figure as you're getting(20 city/28 highway) so it may not be so off. I decided to go with a stick and I get 23 city/31 highway.
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    My 1.8T is in the shop for the 2 days by now ? :(

    What happened was that the yellow engine check light came on (and stayed on) 2 days ago while I was driving on the highway. I took it back to the dealership where they plug the car onto a computer and realized there is an emission problem. They tried resetting the computer but after a brief test drive, the light came on again. The mechanic first told me (that was yesterday) that they found a hole on some "sealing" host (sorry, I didn't catch the technical name) that is probably a manufactory defect. They then replaced the host this morning but guess what, the light still wouldn't go off!!! The guy then hooked the car onto another computer and now suspect that a EV?? (air) pump was faulty, that they are trying to get a working one from a brand new car and test it on mine. Still, it is only a "trial and error" thing that they are doing to single out the source of the engine light.

    Does anyone has the same problem??? Does anyone know what the mechanic is talking about (or what exactly is wrong with my baby??). I am REALLY distressed!!!! My baby has only 1400km on it and less than one month old (arh!!!!), how could that happen???? Is it a cause for concern???? Do you think I have purchased a lemon??? Oh, there is one thing - when I got my car, there was already 110km on it since the dealer DROVE it down from another dealership instead of bringing it on a flatbed. I complained and complained but only got compensated for 4 free splash guards. Do you think that is the SOURCE of the check light problem???? (if it is, then is there anything I can do?), Or is it a QC problem.

    If (heaven forbids) the problem persists, is there anything I can do to protect myself as a consumer?? Oh dear, I haven't slept for 2 days now and wonder if I really have got a lemon?? The mechanic said he would try to fix it by tomorrow (well, he said the same thing only yesterday), and I am afraid that he would tell me some more bad news again. Could someone give me some advice?? (my car hasn't even past his first month and is already in the shop... my heart is aching, for crying out loud).

    a very sad mnn
  • ajba2ajba2 Posts: 1
    any known problems with this vehicle? i have had the passenger side molding completely fall off the passenger door twice now and it requires complete replacement each time for new glue. is this a mfr. defect and should i have to pay for it to be fixed again? also my a/c is malfunctioning. when on, a loud whining sound comes from the engine, much louder than alternator whine. any theories?
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    Take it to the garage. It's their job to fix cars...
  • jmorrissjmorriss Posts: 10
    Here's the dish I have heard.

    1. The sport suspension should cost $300 with the turbo golf, standard on GTI.

    2. The Golfs are stilll made in Germany, but will be made in Brazil soon. When? Who knows. I bought a 2000 GLS last month(LOVE IT!!) it was built in March, in Wolfsburg(it just sounds cool!)

    3. The 2001 models come out pretty late because VW is a German company. My fiance bought a 2000 Beetle in November, and you couldn't find them, they're everywhere.

    4. The turbo is sweet, but the reason you can't find the one you want is that they only came out 2 months ago, and everyone wants the same car. And like those before me, I get in plenty of trouble with the 2.0. If that ain't enough for you, you have three options: trade-in, steep hills, or the Eaton supercharger from New Dimensions. Blowers are way cooler than turbos.

    5. As a 32-year-old male, full coverage on the GLS, GTI, or turbo made basically no difference to the insurance company, and while I have a relatively clean record, there are a couple of Ninjas and Trans Ams in the auto graveyard on my account.(they can't hold a corner like the Golf. Seriously!) NOTE: It's okay to wreck a Trans Am, but it is bad etiquette to total your Camaro.

    6. Finally, since I should add some value to the board while I rant tonight, let's briefly discuss the VW allocation system.

    When I was shopping for my, how can I say this without being vulgar, RED Golf, no one had them. I was treated like a pariah for asking. Apparently red is dead. But then something strange happened. I started conversing with Bill Knight at South Shore Cars (I hope that isn't naughty, but he deserves the plug) and after telling him exactly what car I wanted, down to the luxury package, interior color, Monsoon system, blah, blah... he said he'd look around. He told me up front that he didn't have, and didn't want, the red Golf, because no one buys them. To his credit, he was able to demonstrate a 1999 red Golf that had been sitting for 1+ years.

    Anyway, the next day, he calls me up(the only callback I got, after test driving the Golf at 4 dealerships, and the Civic Si at 3) and tells me that the car I want is at the port, he quotes me a great price( it starts with inv...) and tells me to think about it and call him back when I have decided.

    So I bought the car from him, and I really love it.

    Back to the allocation system. VW dealers largely get what they get. They can make requests, but you see, the car you want(No, I'm not psychic) is a silver Golf turbo with the stereo and sunroof. Cool, huh? No one has them. If the dealer in your area checks the new inventory system, he/she can find your car. It may take some effort on your part, but it can be done.

    The sad thing is that the guy who sold my fiance her car called me last week and told me that he just got a red Golf that was close to what I wanted, and he thought of me. I told him that the guy that ordered my car from the port thought a little more of me.

    Perseverance, friends. You can get what you want.

    If, after reading this pathetic tribute to my lack of a social life, you are still reading, here's a hint.

    Go to the VW web site, look up the dealers in your area, and, get ready, here it comes, SEARCH THEIR INVENTORY!!! I completely blew away two dealers when I called about cars and then had to argue with them because they insisted that they didn't have a car in stock. Salesmen may be stupid, but computers can count. My experience has been that the VW inventory system is either not used at a dealership, or it is dead on the money.

    Thanks for reading. I won't save up so much next time.
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    And how exactly is a blower way cooler than a turbo (outside of temperature)? Sure, you've got turbo lag, but that's less of an issue now than back in the '80's.

    PS - I love my Flash Red GTI. In a fit inspired by too much beer one night, I came dangerously close to dyeing my hair to match. :)
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Like everything else in the world, turbos and chargers both have advantages and disadvantages. Neither one is inherently better than the other, it just depends on what you're looking for.
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    I'm not trying to start a heated debate here. I just couldn't let the "Blowers are way cooler than turbos" comment go unanswered. :) Good post BTW, jmorriss.
  • eludwigeludwig Posts: 82
    I don't intend to start an argument. I'm just wondering why you bought your Golfs. After all, posts include "break-in" periods, which Japanese made unnecessary years ago; not being able to get the model you want, which is intolerable; 19 mpg for granny-like driving; stereo problems; etc. Given Golf IV's lack of performance and uncertain long-term reliability, did you consider an Acura Integra or Honda Civic or Mazda Protege (these, all listed to fill different needs)? I'll be in the market soon, so as a long time Honda fan, I'm curious what this VW mystique is all about. I prefer cars that offer unquestioned reliability, economy, performance, and utility.
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    Fair enough... let's see if I can answer some of your questions...

    I had a bit of a bind getting the car I wanted, but got it exactly in a few weeks. I've heard horror stories of people waiting for months, but I was lucky enough to not go through with it. Besides, if someone is still willing to wait that long for a car, it says something about how good the end result is. Or that all of us dubbers are boneheads - but I'll go with the former.

    I don't know where you're getting this 19mpg with granny performance. I personally drive a GTI 1.8t, scare my grandmother (I took her out when I first got it), and get in the mid 20's for mileage.

    Stereo problems? It's not the greatest stock unit out there, but it's adequate. My only problems are the less than stellar ergonomics of the head unit.

    I looked at all of the cars you mentioned. Came quite close to deciding on a Civic Si and Celica GT-S. I finally found a perfect car in the GTI 1.8t. Yes, I realize it's not quite the Golf, but it's close enough (especially now that there is a Golf 1.8t on the market). Performance wise it will destroy a Protege. It will keep up with the Honda and Toyota above. Mind you, before any flames come (shields up :) ) that I said keep up - both Japanese cars will outhandle a GTI and the Celica GT-S is a bit faster (but that's a whole other series of posts). However, I can fold down my rear seats and fit 3 keyboards, a stand, a guitar, PA, mixer, and power supply and still cruies in style - something I can't do with the other 2 cars.

    The GTI has been called the most practical sports car on the planet (at least in NA, since we can't grab an S3 or god willing an AUDI RS4). That's why I bought mine. Oh yeah, did I mention that a $500 chip will bump me up to almost 200 reliable ponies and 236 foot-pounds of torque? Torque is tha fun component of engine power that Honda/Acura and Toyota have forgotten about (sorry, couldn't resist a good natured dig :) ).

    Long term reliability it admittedly a bit uncertain with VW, although don't forget that this used to be the case with Japanese cars. Quality does look like it's on the rise with VW.

    If you're really curious about VW mystique, go out and drive one. Really. It sounds like you've already made up your mind, though. Give it a shot - I've driven Hondas and Acuras and Toyotas. They're fine cars. My friend's Integra GS-R was a blast to drive, but it's not nearly as functional and the interior isn't as nice as my GTI's. I'd buy a twin turbo Supra right now if I could find one and had the money.

    Go out and test drive a VW, preferrably a turbo model, and get a feel for why we like our cars so much.
  • crb1701crb1701 Posts: 3
    Three things, one an answer and two questions.

    MNN, about your engine light, have them replace the emission sensor. I had a Jetta four years ago with the same problem. The third time I took it back they replaced a $200 sensor (it was covered under the warranty, thankfully) and everything was fine. Let me know how you make out.

    Question - For 2001, the Golf GLS 1.8t will have an optional sport suspension. Does anyone having driven a both a GLS 1.8 or GTI 1.8 feel this option will effect handling significantly?

    Question - Alloy wheels. I known they're glitzy, but do they enhance performance or is that just hullaballoo?
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Alloy wheels-First off they're normally lighter than a comparable steel wheel. Second they conduct heat much better which keeps your brakes a little cooler. Third, steel wheels look like junk. Fourth, hubcaps fall off. I don't know if I'd ever buy a car without alloy wheels.
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    The dealer finally fixed the engine light problem. They have replaced a valve (the mechanic told me that the sensor says close while the valves itself stays open), and I thought they also replaced a host (selion?? I can find out about the technical name when I find the service report). I was told that the Golf 1.8T is new to them (I wonder why, since the same engine has been introduced to the Beetle and Passat some years back), hence they do not have much experience with it (oh, and that scares me). Since then the car has been running fine, but whenever I drive pass that particular section of the highway where the light came on, I am still a bit "nervous" (ok, I know it has nothing to do with that stretch of the road), and keep my eyes fixed on the dash just in case?! Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed (and knocking on wood), I hope this is the first and the last time that it happened. The engine light problem did happen to my Civic (the one I traded in) when it was at 3 months. The Honda guys found nothing and just re-set the system, and that never happen again.

    I don't mean to be a hypochondriac or something, but I have somehow "lost faith" (well, a bit) in VW and have been having thoughts about selling my car in a year's time (it is only 1 month old). I baby my cars, and this one I just feel very "protective" about, almost unwilling to run it higher than 3500 revs. I don't know, sometimes I wonder if I am better off with a Japanese car (as a matter of fact, I am looking at the new Nissan Sentra SE) than a German import that is supposed to be superior in quality.

    I used to live in the UK, and over there the VW are reliable, and there are tons of them, even old ones, still running after 10-15 years. I have read all the horror stories about VW on this web but tried to tell myself that maybe things have improved. Now I am not sure if I am just deluding myself or what.

    I think I am giving my car 2 MORE chances - if there are 2 problems in 2 years, I will definitely sell it.(my Civic has only 2 minor problems in the 3 years that I have owned it)
  • kurtb1kurtb1 Posts: 6
    I just purchased a Golf GLS 1.8t this week. I couldn't do the vr6 since there's no Golf model available with the six and no sunroof (I'm taller, and besides, I don't want to get caught leaving it open on a rainy night. It's just one more thing to breakdown anyhow.)

    Here's a question for the 1.8t users. The dealer told me to use regular when I gas up even though the manual says premium. Premium fuel has caused some long-term problems with the 1.8t Passats. Have you guys heard anything about that?
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    I haven't heard jack about problems with premium gas in the Passat. Not to say that there aren't any, but I'd be quite surprised. That engine has been around for a few years and shown itself to be pretty darn tough and reliable.

    Using regular gas will rob your performance - that engine needs to run off of regular. A friend of mine that's had an Audi A4 for a few years now (same engine) tried regular one time and it made the car run terrible.

    Sounds fishy to me, I guess...

    PS - congratulations on the new car, but sounds like you're trying to justify not having a sunroof a little too hard. :)
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    I mean that engine needs to run off of premium. Sorry, the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. :)
  • kurtb1kurtb1 Posts: 6
    Hey Goop

    Yeah, I am overdoing it with the sunroof. But I am tall and it's annoying that the 5-speed/no sunroof is hard to come by with VWs unless you want the base model. Also, I had a friend years ago leave a sunroof open a rainy evening and returned to soaked seats. Also, when the insulation around the edges goes suddenly your roof has a leak. If you want sky get a convertible.

    The Golf, too, is the nicest looking VW out there and always has been. The Beetle doesn't do it for me, the Jetta has never quite gotten it right (the current model is too bubbly from the side) and the Passat is for those upper middle class folks with 1.5 kids. Golfs rule!

    Thanks for you comment on the gasoline. Has anyone else heard of premium problems with the 1.8t?
  • sach1sach1 Posts: 22
    Will acceleration be tolerable? What about mileage, I hear it is not too high?
  • kubbokubbo Posts: 7
    I don't agree fully with your explanation about alloy wheels. I do agree on the "I'd never buy a car without them". But you forgot to mention that the wheels (VR6) are a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] to clean, and they get dirty pretty fast because they conduct the air from the inside to the outside blowing all the brake dust on the outside (= view side)of the wheels. Another often misunderstood item is that they are supposed to be lighter weight. Yes, aluminum is about 3 times lighter than steel, BUT also about 3 times weaker. This means that you'll need about 3 times the thickness of steel to get the same stiffness (Ok, a good design may decrease this number) and thus will the aluminum wheels be the same weight as the steel ones. If you really want lighter wheels you'll need more exotic alloys like magnesium (which can be dangerous if you run flat because the magnesium powder coming off your wheels may catch fire). But yes, they look GREAT on the car.

  • kubbokubbo Posts: 7
    Can anyone tell me what the best option is for a Golf VI GTI VR6, a turbo or a supercharger? And where can I get these gimmicks? Please give me some URL's to look for on the internet.

    Appreciate it,

  • ataieataie Posts: 84
    would anyone know how to reset the check engine light on a 1996 4cyl GTI? I had to replace the timing belt and can not make the darn thing to go off. thanks
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    I'm not sure about the Golf VI (let's wait for the V's to come out first), but the best option is to trade it in and go with a 1.8t. :)

    Seriously though, run on down to and check out the fora. There are lots of great VW enthusiasts there who will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Be sure to try a search, first.
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    I can't believe I'm saying this, but check out the Civic if you're looking for an 4 banger with a slushbox. The lighter weight will equate to better acceleration - check out the EX model, it's quite nice for the money.

    That is unless you're referring to the turbo charged version of the 4 cylinder of the Golf/GTI. That might be tolerable.

    IMHO, if you're looking at a Golf/GTI, there's no reason to go with an automatic and the base 2.0 4 cylinder. Maybe with the TDI due to the efficiency or the 1.8t because of the increased power, but the 2.0 is something to stay away from.

    Just my $.02, I'm sure there are other opinions.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I have driven both the Golf and the Jetta with the 2.0 and automatic (before the 1.8T came out, plus no TDI automatics were available). They both felt kinda flat to me. That's the reason I didn't get one of them. Also, the price too.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    No, acceleration will not be tolerable -- it will be terrible. The TDI will have better mid-range acceleration (though still bad 0-60 time) and better fuel economy. the 1.8T will have good acceleration with the auto and reasonable fuel economy.

  • kubbokubbo Posts: 7

    I'm sorry. I had just been reading in the 0-60 on VW GTI marketplace about time traveling. I think my mind got messed up and fooled me by letting me think I was in the future and saw the Golf VI.

    Now, after waking up again I realize that it must have been Golf X.

    Thanks for putting me back on earth,

  • jromanowjromanow Posts: 1
    Why buy a Golf/VW. Easy. I'm 6'3. Japanese cars never ever have enough leg room, head room or shoulder room. Furthermore my wife is 5'. The only cars with height adjustable seats as standard equipment are the BMW and Volks.

    Current car is a Rav4 4 dr. Still not enough leg room, though enough head and shoulder room.

    2nd reason, yes Hondas in particular are a blast to drive. But somehow they still don't feel as controlled and controllable as a VW. Beats me, but the suspension is tuned differently.

    Thirdly: as mentioned earlier, the Golf has tons of space, more than a Civic hatch anyway, which would be my second choice.

    Finally on mileage. I owned a 96 Golf GL. Had lousy mileage until 10,000 Miles: from about 20 to 22 mpg. Then to my surprise from 22 to 24 at the 20,000 mile mark. Using my very rough rules of thumb, that makes the engine a 200K engine with no problems.
    Although all comments on mileage should be taken with a grain of salt. How and where you drive, and how you fill the tank can vary the number by 10% or more.
  • cennis1cennis1 Posts: 30
    Try, they currently sell a supercharger and, I think, are close to having a turbo. Not really sure which is a better option though.
  • lordnoselordnose Posts: 1
    Hi. I have two questions that I thought some folks might be able to help me with. First, I'm wondering what I might expect to pay for a blue 2000 golf GLS 2.0L this late in the model year. I live in Boston, and I'm interested in a manual transmission, and the luxury package. Any ideas? Also, I'm wondering if anyone has tried using "the motley fool" faxathon car buying method? Any success with this? Thanks!
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    I find the suspension on the 1.8T on the soft side, it is possible to have the shocks changed without voiding the warranty? Would the new Sport Suspension for the 2001 be a good bargain that I should wait for?

    Another thing. Does anyone notice an "extra long wire clip look-a-like" wire at the bottom of the car, somewhere running from the B-pillar to the left rear wheel?? I see this in most Golfs. Any idea what it is? Would it come loose and hit the ground, or get damaged (touching obstacles on the road) while driving on bumpy country roads? It seems that the one on my car is getting more and more bent.
  • yungguyyungguy Posts: 1
    Last year my dad bought a green new golf gls w/5spd and luxery pkg. The msrp was $17,975 I think and he got it for $16,5. We brought an advertisement of a golf gls 5sp w/o lux pkg for $15,8. The dealer gave us invoice for lux pkg plus 15,8. So, you should find the lowest ad price of a car w/o lux pkg. Then go to edmunds to find out the invoice for the lux pkg. Have them add that price to the other car.

    Does anyone know why the msrp for the 2.0l golf gls is up to 19, something for 2000?
  • laosunlaosun Posts: 1
    We got a Golf GLS 1.8T for my wife last week. She loves it a lot!

    The dealer said it's best to wait for 30 seconds - to cool down the turbo charger - before shutting down the engine after longer driving, but maybe 10 seconds is enough for around town driving. We check the user manual but there's nothing special about the turbo engine. In fact, it's recommanded for ALL engines to have 2 minutes cooling down after 'extended driving'.

    We also check the web and couldn' find any information. Other 1.8T owners out there, any lights?
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    I have never heard of anything like that, nor do I understand the point of 'cooling down' your turbo!
    Hopefully, someone will shed some light on this 'new issue'... or it may be that your dealer is simply full of it!

    ps: congratulations on your purchase, I will be ordering a GTI 1.8t pretty soon too...
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    The point of allowing the turbo to cool down a bit is to prevent oil from burning and gunking up the turbo.

    Is this mandatory? In stock form, you're not going to kill you turbo by not adhering to this rule, but taking the extra time to do this will only extend the life and reliability of your investment.

    To those who chip or otherwise make engine mods, they know the answer to this one already, but it's recommended to do this. There are devices called turbo timers that run the engine for a minute or so after you remove the key that accomplish the same thing.

    Turbos are much more reliable and robust than they used to be, but it's always good to take the extra step.

    Besides, you're a dubber, be proud and protect your investment. :)
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    a quick link:

    Also, any search on "turbo timer" should give you more info.

    Happy hunting.
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    Thanks for the info. Very interesting... I had no idea!
  • sabethsabeth Posts: 3
    I'm new to VWs, but just finished checking out this car. Yet to consumate a deal, though. The dealer here (Toronto) was decidely short of technical info and had nothing in stock. Delivery is about a month. Questions: does the 1.8T Golf have an intercooler? The 2001s are apparently all coming from VW's new plant in Brazil. Does this make anyone else as nervous as myself?
  • lms67lms67 Posts: 1
    I am also pretty new to VW's, but spent the latter part of today looking at a 97 Golf K2. What a great little car, handled real nice, and even though it was in a good price range for me, I have a few concerns. (1)Very high mileage - 62,967 and (2)The dealership I would be purchasing this auto from is a Honda dealership, and really don't have any information on this or any other VW.

    Should I be concerned with the high mileage? What types of repairs would I be looking at in the next 20,000 miles?

    Any opinions would be appreciated!
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