The Volkswagen Golf IV

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Any views and opinions out there for the new
4rth generation Volkswagen Golf slated to be
introduced at the North American International Auto
Show in January '99? Any first hand
accounts/comments on the car?


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    Have you seen it on the German VW site? It looks good from the front but has an ugly rear. I know that looks are subjective and taste can change over time. A friend from Europe agrees that the rear is ugly but he says that there are many different hatchbacks over there with similar looks and so he is beginning to get used to it. Have you seen the BMW hatchback? It's ugly on first glance too.
    I'm sure it will be a great car. I've been writing to VW to try to get it imported in the wagon version. This would have a little more room.
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    I agree that 318ti rear is kinda ugly, but not so with Golf IV. I think that the whole design is very well executed and makes up a great-looking car. I am looking forward to complementing my BMW 328i with a 2-door GTI...
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    to the front page of is "The New Jetta, Golf and Cabrio are Improved for ’99, But Will Drivers Want Them?" by John Clor.

    Watch for it and let us know what you think!

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    Does anyone know when/where I will be able to get an Edmunds price listing on the new Golf GLS for 1999? I'd hate to start shopping without that valuable info.

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    The 1999 VW Golf prices are in! Just choose "New Cars" on the upper left menu bar, then select "Volkswagon." You'll find all the 1999 VW prices so you can just scroll down and choose your model!

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    Yes I see those 1999 VW Golf prices. But those are for the holdover 1998 Golfs still sitting at VW dealers.

    The "New" 1999 Golfs are premiering now at the Auto Show. I was wondering when those prices would be relected on the Edmunds page.

    Thanks for the quick response.

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    Arnie I don't think so. We have the 1998 car prices for all cars manufactured in 1998 (whether on or off the lot) and I believe our 1999 prices reflect the 1999 models being released now. I'll check and if this is wrong, you'll find my mea culpa here!

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    The current Edmunds review for the '99 Golf says:

    "This 1999 model is due to be replaced shortly by an all-new and completely redesigned 1999
    Golf, leaving two versions of the 1999 Golf available for awhile."

    I also see in that section that there are prices for the 1999 Jetta and a separate section for the "New Jetta."

    At VW's website I can get the MSR on the new Golf... but I hope to be well armed with dealer invoice info when I go to shop as soon as these babies get to the dealerships.

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    ..can be found at This site is a great source of VW information. I wish all VW dealerships were run like this...
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    That scottvw site is sweet. I think the new Golf has a cute butt.
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    Well guys, I just bought the first 99 VW GTI GLS in Texas on Saturday. Unfortunatly, the dealer was NOT willing to negotiate on the car. It was the only one they had and the only one in the state of Texas for that matter (I called every VW dealer in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston and only my dealer in Austin had one). Another thing I noticed was that I knew more than the dealers about this car. I called one dealer and asked if they had any 99 GTIs in. He told me he had one in Blue waiting to be sold. When I told him they didn't come in blue..he was kind of dumbfounded :)

    I also found out that the Tropic Orange color has been discontinued as it was a limited run color only. Luckily thats what I picked up. I drive a 92 Camry and I'm looking now for a car that stands out. Overall I love the car. It has everything I could ever ask for in a car, and best of all its German (Actually made in Germany unlike the Jetta which is made in Mexico). To anyone who is a possible buyer for this car..definitly shop around and see if a dealer is willing to cut the price a little. Of course if you want a model that is rare (Loaded passats, Jetta GLX, Golf GTI), be prepared to pay full sticker.
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    Here's the Edmunds review of the New 4th Generation VW Golf, along with the new Jetta and Cabrio.

    Edmunds says it's "a fun-to-drive, chunky but spunky hatchback." Take a look and tell us what you think!

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    Just checked the Edmunds new car prices for the Golf. They are not the new Golf prices. For example, the Wolfsburg edition is listed which is not new in '99. The '99 models are the GL, the GLS and the GLX. The problem is that VW essentially has two 1999 model Golfs: The ones they have out already which are similar to the '98s and the new ones about to come out soon. A local dealer refers to the new Golf as a "1999-and-a-half" model. From what I've read, the new Golf sounds good and I'm interested in a test drive as soon as they are available!
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    When is Edmund's going to list the prices for the new (4th) generation golf's especially the GTI-VR-6. I passed by one of the local dealers in town and he stated that he has one GTI-VR6 at the port and he expects to have it on the lot within a week.I am interested in knowing what the dealer invoice on these cars are. I know the the MSRP is just over $22K.
    Help anybody !!!!
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    New Golf 4's are arriving at dealers now, but in limited colors. Lots of white & red GL's. -At least where I live, in So-Cal... Waiting for a silver GLS. Unfortunately, the local salesman said he didn't "know jack about it" and when a silver would arrive.
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    my question is when are safety results going to show up for the new model golf? they really confused the car dealers by putting out an old body 1999 golf and now a new body 1999 golf. I've heard that the new body structure is the same as the beetles, so that should mean that it is incredibly safe, which is great news since there were conflicting safety tests for the old body golfs. Does anybody know anything?
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    I see the Kelly Blue Book web page now has the dealer invoice info on the "New" 1999 Golfs.

    Looks like the 4 door Hatchback's dealer invoice price is $15,078 compared to the MSRP of $16,350.

    Not a lot of options since most everything comes standard.

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    Ineed a auto golf. is there such a thing?
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    Automatic Golfs are defintiely available other than in the VR6.
  • arnie328arnie328 Member Posts: 13
    Automatic Transmission is an option. Looks like around $875.

    Listings also say that certain colors are an additional $175. But no extra charge for black cars. I never heard of such a thing. Do other autos charge a premium for colors??

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    I,m curious what the colors for the new 99 gti.
  • jagat1jagat1 Member Posts: 31
    Check out the VW site @:

    The Golf "Make Your Own" Infosection has been updated concurrent with the recent intro..
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    I picked up my 1999 VW GTI on Saturday..I LOVE IT!
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    Many manufacturers charge extra for metallic or "limited edition" colors. When we were looking at the Audi A4 last year, there were only one or two colors that didn't cost extra, and there were a couple that cost "extra extra".

    VW/Audi sure isn't consistent about this though, all colors on the Passat are the same price.
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    I noticed that it (the cost of metallic paint) isn't consistent between New Golfs and Jettas either. Check out the Kelley's invoice page on the two.

    Go figure.
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    Does anyone know if a sunroof is available on the 4 door GLS? And, if you would buy a GL with a sunroof from the dealer, how much would be fair to pay. They are quoting me 900 and 550 for a (normal) 1 CD player. Thanks,
    I"m deciding between the Golf GL/GLS and the 99 Cabrio GL for 17,662 with all but CD.

  • jagat1jagat1 Member Posts: 31
    Yes.The sunroof can be had in the GLS by ordering the Luxury Package($875 - 15" VW Avus alloys,wheel locks and the sunroof).

    Better yet,go visit:


    ..for more Golf IV infos.. 8-)
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    Does anyone know what the real world gas mileage is for the Golf IV with the gas engine?
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    As you may have guessed, based on my posts elsewhere, I am trying to decide between a Golf TDI or waiting for the potentially outstanding Ford Focus wagon. Carlady, do you know when Edmunds will update the VW section to include the Golf IV? You have "Jetta" and "New Jetta" but no "New Golf." Can't find dealer cost/invoice info anywhere on the web at the moment.
  • jagat1jagat1 Member Posts: 31
    Try the Kelly Blue Book website at:

    They've just updated the VW menu of prices..
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    lucien2, I've been asking the same question myself and as soon as the new prices are up, I'll put a link here. Thanks for your patience.

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    Out here in Columbus, Ohio, I'm shopping for the new Golf A IV GLS TDI Diesel and finding it hard to even see any TDIs at the dealers. They keep saying they don't know what's coming or when and they are prepared to make it expensive- like over MSRP. I bought the'86 Golf GLS base model TDI when it was new and loved it except for the door hardware breaking. Since then, I've been looking and asking for the Golf TDI and no-body knew anything. Well, they are here finally and it's going to cost us! I have yet to test drive any new VW TDI, but am restlessly waiting!
  • arnie328arnie328 Member Posts: 13
    So this was the week I was hoping to buy a new Golf IV GLS (the 4-door)... when I hear about this VW recall.

    Anyone know anything about it?

  • rocket_sciencerocket_science Member Posts: 8
    The Golf GLS is reviewed in the March '99 Car and Driver, and the GTI GLX (VR6) gets a sidebar in the same issue. Also an aftermarket tuned Euro-spec GTI (with the 1.8L 5-valve turbo) is mentioned in the March Motor Trend.

    The short versions of the review (a review of the review?):
    Golf GLS -- a wonderful, but terribly underpowered car.
    GTI GLX -- a wonderful, but overpriced car.
    Euro-spec GTI -- a wonderful car not available in the US.
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    I like the VR6 engine, but it does add weight... So, maybe I'll be better off putting a turbo or supercharger on the 2 Liter 8V.

    I DO like the fact that the base GL now comes in 2-door. Tires, shocks & springs, some engine mods and I can make my own GTI without all the fancy doodads on the GLX.

  • jagat1jagat1 Member Posts: 31
    Yep.Heard of the recall.There's nothing to be alarmed of,really.

    VW is recalling 13,000+ Golf/Jetta IV from NA about a defective sound absorbing material(in "B" pillars) which might ignite(upon sudden activation of seat belt pretension mechanism..) in a severe accident.

    It was smart for VW to tackle this early on.In addition,no accidents have resulted from the defect.The defective part was discovered resulting from a controlled/simulated test......(No big issue.Heck,even Hondas have recalls too...Remember the seat belt campaign a couple of years ago?...)

    VW is very careful nowadays(just like any other car co..)...Especially in this "lawsuit conscious" ridden American society of ours...
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    Does anyone know about the two added on non-negotiable fees that I have encountered at 2 VW dealerships called:
    •"port prep fee" - $62
    •"customer choice concept fee" - $25

    (I might have the $ amounts mixed up)

    Do these sound like bull****? They sound an awful lot like the fees that Edmunds tells you not to pay, but the salesman showed me what looked like an invoice (I've never car-shopped before) and these costs were on it.

    It still sounds totally fishy to me. Does anyone know what I am talking about and did they successfully bargain without paying them?
  • mznmzn Member Posts: 727
    While you may get some information from users in this topic, I think your best bet would be to use our Search feature below and see if this has been discussed in our Smart Shopper conference.

  • arnie328arnie328 Member Posts: 13
    Hooray! The Edmunds site finally has pricing for the New 1999 Golfs.
  • arnie328arnie328 Member Posts: 13
    So I've been to a couple of dealerships looking for a new '99 GLS. I want it in "Jazz Blue" but now some of them are telling me that it won't be available.

    Anyone know any more about this color topic?

  • mznmzn Member Posts: 727
    Yes, at last! Click here and then scroll down until you see 1999 New Golf. Then just choose your model to see the review and new prices.

  • 94mx594mx5 Member Posts: 7
    I know your situation is not exactly the same as mine was, but Jazz Blue may be a hard color to find. Last fall my wife and I looked for a new JB Cabrio. We were told that it was a rare color and that there none in Oregon or Washington. Granted, we wanted an automatic which limited our choices. Anyway, we settled on black and are very happy with it, but we still love the blue.
  • lucien2lucien2 Member Posts: 2,984
    When in doubt.... has the answers. Go to the Golf page, click "build your own" and you will get to choose a color. I don't recall seeing Jazz Blue. there was Bright Blue and some sort of dark blue...hope that helps.
  • arnie328arnie328 Member Posts: 13
    There's plenty of Jazz Blue at VW's web site and in all their brochures...

    but it looks like I'm settling on black too.

    Still can't wait to get the Golf!

  • lucien2lucien2 Member Posts: 2,984
    Jeez, I'm jealous. I really am in a quandry about shopping. I've NEVER bought a new car before. My '86 4Runner is starting to nickel and dime, actually more like quarter and dollar (although the argument could be made that it is always worth fixing), and I think I might buy something new this year. Not a truck though, too pricey. The Golf is a strong contender, as is the upcoming Ford Focus. If you get a chance, give us some feedback here about what kind of deal your were able to make.
  • jagat1jagat1 Member Posts: 31
    Good news for folks in the market for the new Golf!(That is if you can wait out a little longer.) Check out:

    A Vortex insider had just interviewed a VWoA insider and confirmed that the new Golf/Jetta for 2000 will have the new 1.8T 150hp as base engine to replace the standard 8V 115hp 2.0.Visit the site for more details.

    Honda and Toyota,look out!...
  • rocket_sciencerocket_science Member Posts: 8
    The obvious follow-up question is will the new VR6 engine rumored on the same page as the 1.8T engine announcement find its way into the GTI GLX to up the horsepower to 204hp from the current 174hp?
  • volfyvolfy Member Posts: 274

    Don't pay those extra fees. The only legitimate add-on fee is what's on the original sticker: the destination fee.

    The dealer from whom I bought my last vehicle told me I had to pay a "Document Preparation Fee" AFTER we'd agreed on the price (about 250 over invoice) because, get this, "Everybody pays it."
    I told him, "Not today!!! Mister." He, of course, waived the fee.

    If you're eyeing a hot-selling car like the New Beetle, then well, bend over. Otherwise, no dealer who wishes to stay in business would refuse to make a quick few hundred buck on a deal. Make it clear to him/her that you WILL take the car TODAY if he/she sells it at your price. What style of haggling you use is up to you, but do your homework before you go. Good luck.
  • jagat1jagat1 Member Posts: 31
    According to Vortex,we might see the 204hp "REAL" twincam VR6 in GTI GLX 4Motion.That is if the AWD iteration comes in our way.

    The current 12V 174hp VR6 might still be with us a lttle longer though as Vortex has gathered..
  • jagat1jagat1 Member Posts: 31
    Don't get "suckered" by these salesmen of add-on fees.

    As volfy's example,a "Document Preparation Fee" is a fee to process the paperworks.That too I didn't pay for my '98 B5 GLX last year.

    Heck,why would I/you pay for something extra that is ALWAYS a PART(paperwork) of DOING BUSINESS(or any kind of business for that matter..).It's BS.. 8-)
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