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The Volkswagen Golf IV



  • AaronAaron Posts: 11
    The engine is the one thing driving me away from this car. It combines slowness with low fuel economy unlike any other small car. When I say low, I dont mean SUV atrocious, but look at these numbers:

    Honda Civic Sedan

    1.6L 106 HP 103 lb/ft. 0-60 9.5s 32/27 mpg

    The Civic weighs 2410 lbs.

    Nissan Sentra

    1.6L 115 HP 108 lb/ft. 0-60 9.6s 29/39 mpg

    Or, the optional engine

    2.0L 140 HP 132 lb/ft. 0-60 7.8s 23/31 mpg

    The Sentra weighs 2380 lbs.

    Toyota Corolla

    1.8L 120 HP 122 lb/ft. 0-60 8.4s 31/38 mpg

    The Corolla weighs 2420 lbs.

    And finally..

    VW Golf

    2.0L 115 HP 122 lb/ft. 0-60 10.5s 24/31 mpg

    The Golf weighs 2791 lbs.

    These are all manual transmissioned cars.

    So, what gives? The Golf weighs 300 lbs more than the other 3 (does this really explain the problem?) It is slower than any car on this list, yet it gets the worst fuel economy. (outside of the fast Sentra) This is not something new to VW. The Golf III also sucked in this respect, and any time you mention this to someone from VW at an auto show or a VW salesperson, they give you some fast talk about how torquey this engine is. Then why is the car so slow?

    However, try and find any other small car that has this much cargo space..

    On another note, I am not seeing <<any>> manual transmission Golfs anywhere on dealer lots here. Is everyone buying automatics?
  • odysseusodysseus Posts: 10
    My guess is almost everyone is grabbing the manual transmission golfs, and the ones with automatics are collecting dust on the lots. I remember reading that Over 70% of vw's buyers get manual transmission.
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    I have only three words for you, Aaron;


    The performance is better, it's got more torque, will last longer and has twice the feul economy of the 2.0L gas.
  • aam1aam1 Posts: 26

    Thanks a lot for your help and information. I am test driving a Golf GL this weekend and will let y'all know how it went.
  • jenevievejenevieve Posts: 11
    only problem with the tdi golf is that there aren't any to be had! the vw dealer here told me they're almost impossible to get. are they more common elsewhere (i'm in tx), or do you just have to special order them?
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    Well, there were some 99 and a half model TDI Golf's going around, but they're out of production. So the final batch of 2000's are just rolling off the factory conveyors in Wolfsburg, Germany right about now and will show up in the US by the end of August or within the first two weeks of September. Oh, and yes you should special order one, because they get snatched up as soon as the dealers get them in. I'm waiting for one here in L.A.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Good luck, aam1! Be sure to let us know how it goes for you!

  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    I read posts from two camps - from VW owners who LOVE their cars, and from others who look at the specs (and they don't add up!) I know this sounds funny, but you really do have to own one to appreciate it. My 1995 golf (2.0) consistantly gets 26 mpg in the city, 35 on the highway, and has done so for 68K miles. Oh, by the way, I have spent NOTHING beyond maintenance (including one set of front brake pads at 64K and scheduled oil changes, plugs, timing belt.) I read someone say Golfs are "peppy" but not fast, and though that sounds conflicting, it is somehow true. My car, whose torque peak is at 3200 rpm, not the 2600 of new version, is slow off the line, but comes on strong within 2 seconds. It runs at interstate speeds VERY well. But, in a drag race, it is not quick. You really don't notice it in daily driving. I would like a TDI, but short supply and high prices make the value to me questionable. I can live with the 2.0 power and 26mpg. - you can too.
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    I read that F. Piech, VW chairman, wants to sell more diesels in the US. Does anyone know if they plan to bring more TDIs to the US in the 2000 model year? (they are in short supply in Kansas City this year)
  • weatherdanweatherdan Posts: 28
    The 99.5 Golfs are made in Germany. Don't know about the cost difference vs. 2000 models though.
  • chantreechantree Posts: 5
    How long do you think the new body style for the 99.5's are going to be around before they change again? I just purchased a 99.5 silver gls golf with the 2.0 and lux package and wonder if the 2000 models are going to look better or even the 2001? Or maybe I'm just paranoid. Anyhow I think only because it is a new design this year but the 99.5 golf are the best looking ever. Can the styling get anymore cooler than this without changing the concept?
  • dae3dae3 Posts: 55
    I would guess that they won't change the body style for at least 4 years. I wouldn't worry about them coming out with a new version in the near future.
  • I feel like I was the first with an Golf A4 because I haven't seen them until the past few weeks.

    I'm in South San Francisco and I bought my indigo '99 GLS Golf w/auto and no lux package back in May. Had a lot of trouble finding an automatic in indigo. Shopped around and had little trouble with offers of $300, $400 and $500 over invoice.

    The final deal at $300 over invoice was by telephone!!! And they said they'd hold the car for me until I could get out to Walnut Creek (dirito brothers, by the way). I'm happy to say that of all my car dealer experiences, the VW was the most least the dealers in the East Bay: Broadway in Oakland and McNevin in Berkeley.

    The car is the greatest little car around. Nothing corners or drives like it in this size or class. Feels solid like a Benz.

    As for the venerable Honda Civic versus VW Golf debate, my friend, a longtime Civic efficienado, drove my car throughout Northern New Mexico and upon returning to her recent Civic said, 'you mean i have to drive THIS now???' Rumor has it she is unsure of her next car purchase, which previously was a Honda lock.
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    The difference between the 99.5's and the 2000's is not major. Yeah, they're both made in Germany, and the exteriors are exactly the same. There was a list of all the differences on the vwvortex,conm site, but that list has vanished as far as I can tell (anybody see it? it was under a heading "my y2k?). All I remember is that the 2000 comes with the regular stock tape player as well as an empty stereo slot above it where one could put a single-disc CD player (and avoid the cost of a changer) or be even more creative and put in a car Mp3 player. The 99.5 model has only one slot. Well, for some reason that's all I can remember...I know there were a few more changes that were equally small but appreciated...sorry...
  • I thought all the "A" platforms (Golf, Jetta Beetle) were built in Mexico?
  • oops
  • jimlandjimland Posts: 9
    VW of America has announced that the GL, GLS and Cabrio will stay the same price for 2000. There will be a small increase for GTI and the luxury package is going up $175.

    I read that the Golf will not change until 2003 in Europe which means 2004 or 2005 here.
  • hcj13hcj13 Posts: 5
    Hi guys... can anybody help me while i am trying to find a new golf 2 door gl for a reasonalbe price.. i live in baltimore.. what price and which dealer do you recommend?
  • dzuldzul Posts: 9
    I am shopping for a new car and am considering the Honda Civic HX coupe and the Golf GL TDI. I have driven both cars and especially love the TDI. But.... it costs $3,000 more than a Civic HX. ***I NEED HELP***

  • dzuldzul Posts: 9
    I am shopping for a new car and am considering the Honda Civic HX coupe and the Golf GL TDI. I have driven both cars and especially love the TDI. But.... it costs a lot more than a Civic HX. ***I NEED HELP***

  • ecnalabecnalab Posts: 2
    I'm planning on buying a Golf GLS IV in mid August. I know I want black..and automatic, but no Luxury package...

    Will the 2000's be out by then?

    If they are out, will the price of the 1999's go down?

    Also if I do get a 1999 will I be able to get the Monssoon stereo system option VW just announced it would install in 2000 models?

    And one more question, can I preorder a 2000 right now?
  • icabod1icabod1 Posts: 6
    Answer to #172 above: Golfs were made in Mexico until the New Beetle was introduced. This displaced production of the Golf, which in the U.S. makes up a very small part of VW's busines, so now all Golfs are shipped from Wolfsburg, Germany. Interestingly, both the old air-cooled Beetles are still being produced in Mexico, IN THE SAME PLANT as the New Beetle. They actually roll off the assembly line side-by-side; old technology on one hand, new technology on the other. All New Beetles are made in Puebla, Mexico, so some are shipped to Europe as Golfs are being shipped the other way.

    In my mind, this brings up a good reason for buying a Golf over a New Beetle; the Golf, being built in Germany, will probably be more reliable. Consumer Reports recommended the mid-90's Passat (made in Germany) while the mid-90's Mexican-made Golfs and Jettas were not due to their spotty reliability record...
  • jenevievejenevieve Posts: 11
    the 2000 golfs are already here! i test drove one two days ago here in austin
  • djkoehlerdjkoehler Posts: 1
    Up here in Canada we don't have access to dealer
    invoice prices, making it harder to negotiate a
    good deal, but I've been trying. We want to buy
    a 2000 Golf GLS w/automatic transmission. Based
    on U.S. invoice prices I've estimated that I should aim for about Can$1000 off MSRP. The salesperson I've been dealing with did indeed offer me a discount of about that much, but (of course) there turned out to be a couple added costs, one of which I'm particularly concerned about--they are adding Can$385 for PDI (pre-delivery inspection), which is about US$250. When I asked about this, the salesperson said that it covers taking off all the tape, filling the gas tank, and adding floormats. Does this sound like a reasonable charge, or am I being had?
  • chantreechantree Posts: 5
    The PDI and all the stuff like floormats and gas in the tank and that crap about taking the stupid tape off should be included in the price. i didnt have to pay for that. Only thing I paid extra was for destination charge $525 and documentation fee( which I am not sure if they suckered me into that or not but oh well I got my
    Golf! $180). But $1000 off MSRP in pretty good when the markup from invoice is at $1200. So you are probably getting the car at 200 above invoice( thatis if they haven't added any extra prices of their own!) Good luck
  • chantreechantree Posts: 5
    It is really just a matter of preference. Sure the Golf costs about 3g's more than the Civic, but has is alot more of a sports compact car image with plenty of cargo space with a solid interior and exterior design excellent handling ( better than Civic) which is all solidly put together with attention to detail, and has alot better overall value with the options that comes standard with that you would have to purchase them as an option and pay more being Japanese. Also parts for German cars are less than Japanese cars.
  • dzuldzul Posts: 9
    Thank you for your advice chantree. (Hondas are assembled in the US, though). The TDI (diesel) VW is a rare car to find in the US, while Hondas are everywhere. It's a boring car, I must admit, not nearly as fun to drive as a Golf. I feel that with the Golf, I am paying for all the waranteys as well as many needless gizmos that I don't have a use for (such as a radio, tape player and 8 speaker sound system). But I could put up with a less exhilerating car with slightly less mpg and less options and save myself $3,000. I like the TDI because it gets awsome mpg, comes with ABS brakes, side airbags, and has ample room for four. And if gas prices ever rise again, I'd wish I had a diesel. (Anyone interested in diesel VW's, check out Fred's TDI page at, which I have found extremely informative.) Still confused, however. ***I NEED YOUR INPUT PLEASE***
  • odysseusodysseus Posts: 10
    The golfs body is fully galvanized, with a lazer welding construction process, in other words vw says the golf won't rust for at least 12 years. If you live in cold climates with lots of salt on the roads in the winter, something to consider.
  • gotnadsgotnads Posts: 19
    Can anybody tell me which VW dealers in eastern Massachusetts/southern New Hampshire have been good to deal with? I want to buy a Golf GLS TDI, and being new to the area, I don't want to have to sift through the lousy dealers to get to the good ones. Thanks for the help.
  • jimlandjimland Posts: 9
    The dealer that gets the most praise in the VWVORTEX forums is Minuteman VW in Bedford, MA.

    From what I read, you may have trouble finding a Golf GLS TDI anywhere.
  • Remember me? I'm the guy with the funny name on posts 149 and 151. i was looking at a golf gls without the lux package, and then caught the diesel bug. Lo and behold, a dealer in Hagerstown had ONE GL TDI, black with tan interior, and with cruise. (And an empty slot above the cassette deck -- and I got an aftermarket 8-disc changer already)

    Anyway, I have had it 3 weeks and love it. It has an automatic but has already reached 41 mpg on 1 trip. I had a 1985 Honda Accord and must say the Golf has a much better personality (I did not think cars had personality before).

    The dealer had 1 arrest-me red Golf GLS with luxury package, auto, and 2.0 liter gas. He also had 2 GTI GLSes, one arrest-me red w/ 5 speed, and the other black with automatic (?).
    That is Sharrett VV/Mazda/Olds/Subaru/Etc. in Hagerstown MD. Be careful, they try to charge you megabucks for add-ons like fabric and paint protectors, dealer, prep, etc., which I refused to pay. I paid about $500 over invoice.

    Ok, I'm out of breath now. I'm going for a ride in my TDI. See ya.
  • mhobbsmhobbs Posts: 1
    I just test drove the New Golf and I loved it. I live in New England and need a car that does well in the snow. Can anyone comment on its performance, I don't want to just believe the dealer?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    If you want it to perform well in the snow, simply get a set of SNOW tires. Not the all-season tires it comes with, but real, honest-to-god, SNOW tires. With snow tires, traction control, and ABS brakes, it will do great in the snow.
  • If you want invoice prices just call the APA. Invoice price for Golf GL is 17226 CAD. MSRP is 18950 CAD
  • chellischellis Posts: 3
    I'm looking to buy a 2000 Golf GLS (no luxury package) and was wondering what kind of prices people are paying. I live in New England and would be looking in VT, MA and upstate NY.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    chellis: I just got a 2000 GTI GLX for about $22200, which is about $1200 over invoice. The GTI GLX is relatively rare and in demand, however. You should be able to do better on a Golf GLS. I'd recommend that you offer the dealer a few hundred over invoice and go from there.
  • does anyone know what engine choices are offered on 2000 golf gls. need 4dr..want vr6 or 1.8t power
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    mikeg: The vr6 is only available on the GTI GLX. The 1.8t is not available yet. The current rumor is that the 1.8t will be available after the 2000 Detroit auto show (i.e., after January 2000) and will only be available on the GTI GLS. Presently the only engine options on the Golf GLS are the 2.0 (too slow) and the TDI. You can get more info on the 2000 models at
  • Hello canadian folks,
    I have a quote for a Golf GL 2000 + Air + 6 CD at 20225 Canadian Dollars. Is it a fair price??
  • thanks, nedzel. i'll keep my fingers crossed that folks at v.w. will do something that makes sense. just because you have kids doesn't mean you lose your enthusiasm for driving. besides 4dr makes more sense and is better looking (just my opinion). p.s. i don't suppose there is anyway to increase performance of 2.0l w/o shelling out thousands of $$$!!!
  • only way to increase performance of 2.0 8V is forced induction, turbo or supercharger. Either will run around $3k.

    Bruce. SmartShopper Host
  • thanks. checked out vwvortex and spoke to vw sales rep and it appears 1.8t is going to be available option on all jetta's and golf's (not just glx's) as early as spring 2000. waiting impatiently...really want that new other car comes close for looks and style!!!
  • New Golf 1.8T 180HP, now available in Europe. Soon, the 210HP version.
  • pipopipo Posts: 36
    My recommendation is to use I've used them twice and was very pleased with the results. They will refer you to a dealer in your area, who will give you a no-haggle low price. The dealers who participate in the Autobytel program are not required to offer the same price uniformly for the same models (that would violate the antitrust laws!), so some dealers will still be higher or lower than others, but you should expect something in the range of $500 to $800 over invoice for the VWs.
  • Does anybody know if the Leatherette option is available on the Golf TDI GL?
  • phlipsphlips Posts: 1
    As a proud 1999 Golf GLS owner, I am dismayed by my car's recent "clattering/ticking" noise when hot. The local dealership indicated that it is a "normal" sound for this model. Hey, maybe I'm not a certified VW mechanic, but it isn't rocket science either! Anyone else experience this noise?
  • ddaleyddaley Posts: 7
    Philps, if you're taking about noise heard after the motor is off and the engine is still hot then it is normal on many cars. It is the sound of metal parts contracting as they cool down. It may be more noticeable on your's because VW's cooling fan will continue to run after the motor is off to help cool it down more quickly. Really nothing to worry about. If you've ever been in a home with hot water heat and heard the pipes creaking and knocking that's basically the same thing. My '00 Golf does it as did my last several cars.
  • swong4swong4 Posts: 10
    Hi everybody!
    Has anyone here leased a 2000 gti vr6? If so,
    could you tell me what the monthly payments would
    work out to be (approximately). I am pretty much
    set on getting the gti vr6, but would prefer to
    lease instead of purchasing it. Also, what would my insurance rates be given that I live in North
    Florida? I'm male, 31 yrs with a clean record. Any
    help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanksin advance!
  • I have a '99 Golf GL. I took it in a couple of times because I heard an intermittent ticking noise from the engine. It sounded like a valve tap in an old chevy. It was finally identified to my satisfaction by one of the VW techs as the "Evaporative Emissions Condenser", he even showed me the part. If you put your finger on it you can feel it working. The ticking is the thing working like a pump. It's part of the emissions system and works as necessary, hence the intermittent nature of my "problem." VW said they get lots of owners in asking about the noise, so the EEC is usually the first thing they think of. Ask your dealer to point it out to you under the hood, it may be the noise you're hearing. You know what, since I found out everything was working as designed I don't much notice the ticking any more.
  • wj27wj27 Posts: 6

    I am interested in the VW Golf GL 2000. However, I am a bit concerned on the reliability of VW's in general (and especially the Golf).

    My reason for this is the fact that VW only offers a 24 month/24,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty while Honda and Toyota offer an extra year of coverage. Why is this?

    I have also read review of VW cars having reliability issues (more than say a corolla or civic) in the past.

    Are parts and repairs more expensive on VW Golfs vs. Toyota (Corolla) and Honda (Civics)?

    I also welcome any comments from VW Golf GL owners (1996-00 model years). Are you happy w/ your purchase? Have you had any problems?

    I really would like to get the Golf GL. Compared
    to the conservative corolla and commonplace civic, it is the only car I get "excited" about. But the above issues make me wonder if I really should go for the excitement (and driving fun) of a GL or stick w/ the boring, yet proven corolla or civic.

    Please help!
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