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The Volkswagen Golf IV



  • cheesycheesy Posts: 2
    So far I'm looking for a new car to buy and the choices came to be.....Honda Civic or the Golf. I know that the Civic is "very" dependable but I heard stories about the Golf having problems in the couple of weeks off the lot...Are the problems really that bad for the Golf? BTW, I'm a first-time buyer!
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    cheesy, you may want to visit our VW Golf or Honda Civic DX Hatchback discussion. I think you'll find some great comparison data there.

  • vdubbervdubber Posts: 1
    I just bought the next generation Golf after comparing the new Golf GL to the Honda Civc EX Coupe. The Honda was nice but didn't feel as tight , quick or as fun to drive as the new Golf.The Golf also has more standard safety features that contribute to the value equation.The Golf has way more passenger and cargo space than the Honda does and seems to be more versatile . Another deciding factor was the fact that not everybody has a Golf where as it seems everyone has a Civic Coupe. All in all I'm very happy with my choice and after 700 miles in less than 2 weeks not glich anywhere to be found.Good luck in your search
  • dfyg4cedfyg4ce Posts: 1
    It is not what you think though.
    it looks like a baby turd mustard color.
    definatly different. someone wanted a vr6 alful bad. it sold in one week.
    i work across the street from the vw dealer so i see them come and go. i can tell you that this dealer has about 15 jettas to every two golfs on the lot.
    drooling in so. california
  • kulilinkulilin Posts: 1
    With 1.8T engine.. wouldn't it raise base price of Golf significantly high?
    If VW are planning to replace current 2.0 with 1.8T without increasing base price then I'll definitely wait for it to come out!
  • wukwukwukwuk Posts: 17
    Hey kulilin, this is the first I've heard that VW was going to put the 1.8T in the Golf. Is this true? Where did you hear this?
  • tditdi Posts: 1
    Hi Folks,

    I know this is a Golf site, but I just thought I would share with you my experience with the NEW Diesels. I had owned diesels in the past, I liked them for their efficiency, but they were hard to start in the winter and some were real smokers.

    I bought a 1996 Passat TDI brand new and now have 150K on it. Yes, I drive alot. This powertrain is just awesome. Gobs of torque to pull my 3,330 pound Passat, I average 48MPG, regardless of where I am, I have a cruising range of 850 miles!!!!!! This car starts better in -20 F. Weather than my new 1999 Volvo S70. Noise is none existent thanks to great sound proofing.
    I test drove the new Jetta TDI and was impressed at how much it was improved over mine..Quieter, smoother and a better gear ratio...

    O problems..just change oil and fuel up once and a while.

    Happy TDing
  • jagat1jagat1 Posts: 31
    Try to visit the VWVortex site:

    It's the best VeeDubbers info/forum Paradise!!!

    Get infos from the 1.8T Golfs/Jettas for MY2K,etc...and for the TDI lover in you,visit the TDI Forum!!!
  • jimlandjimland Posts: 9
    The 1.8T is only going into the GTI GLS and Jetta GLS and will not be available until the Detroit Auto Show in January 2000 according to VWvortex and BeetleBuzz.
  • jagat1jagat1 Posts: 31
    Not to start a flame here but where did you read that the 1.8T will only be available for the GTI GLS and the Jetta GLS in Vortex? I only heard that "news" from Lisa Stark of BeetleBuzz who also happens to frequently visit and posts msgs onto the VWVortex forums website...and yes from her website(Don't believe the CJ concept/ragtop,
    those are computer enhanced/"rumours" pixs from a German website,even the Vortex Staff knows that..).

    But as per Jaime and George of Vortex,the base 1.8T will be available for the whole A4 Jetta/Golf line,that is after the NAIAS show in Detroit next year..
  • Why is there no sunroof option with the 2-door GL????? :-( I really really want a sunroof but don't want a 4-door, nor do I have the money for one....
  • tradlandtradland Posts: 15
    Just bought and picked up my 99 Golf GLS in Silver
    Mettalic and auto great car. I will add a
    after market P-Flow air intake and Neuspeed muffler to give me about 20 more HP.
    Paid 400 over invoice with CD changer.
    Had to wait a little for the color.
    PS Dealer's now offering 6.9 financing for 60
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    Only the the GTI offers a sunroof with a 2-door, but if you're in the GL price range a GTI is probably out of the question.

    Hey tradland, I'm getting A gl tdi GOLF iv WITHIN A FEW MONTHS. Where can I get an intake and muffler as such to increase the HP?
  • deadogsdeadogs Posts: 1
    I saw a 4 door GLS TDI with alum wheels and sunroof, in silver, at Drew in La Mesa, Ca. a week ago. Drew discounts all their VWs - this one $700.
  • jimlandjimland Posts: 9
    jagat1 is correct. Vortex did say that the Golf and Jetta (period) would have the 1.8T after the Detroit Auto Show. Then Lisa Stark came along and said it was only for the GTI GLS and Jetta GLS in the Forum. However, I can't see where Vortex ever refuted her statement.

    So who's right? Is there a third source? Or does VWofA or VW Germany even know? Seems like they change their mind a lot.
  • dae3dae3 Posts: 55
    If you want to increase power in the TDI engine the best way is to get a new chip for the computer. It is cheaper and easier than all that other junk.
  • tradlandtradland Posts: 15
    Yeah you could change the chip and Nuespeed
    also offers that, but You would void your
    warranty on the car if you do that.
    So I dont think its cheaper.
  • jagat1jagat1 Posts: 31
    Voiding the car warranty due to an aftermarket chip is untrue and full of B.S...a "myth" if you will.Warranty denial,unknown to many is against the law.

    There is a law enacted since 1975 to protect us car consumers from slimy dealers.It is called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.The gist of the law states that the car dealer has to prove first that the aftermarket add-on has caused a failure of such a part/s of a car before such a denial could take place.But otherwise,the warranty claim by a customer should be recognized by the dealer and cannot be denied...The moral: Don't always believe what the dealer says. Fight for your consumer rights!
  • tradlandtradland Posts: 15
    My friend had a chip installed in his 98 Mustang GT and the chip caused a lean condition which led
    to detonation and a kracked piston which the dealer refused to cover because the problem was
    caused by an aftermarket part
  • dae3dae3 Posts: 55
    I think what jagat1 was saying is that in a case like your friends the warranty for that particular repair would be voided but you could still make a warranty claim if something else broke that wasn't related. Power steering for example would still be covered because a chip couldn't possibly cause it to go out.
  • chantreechantree Posts: 5
    I had just bought a silver 99 Golf GLS with luxury package, two problems have occured, the sliding inner panel for the sunroof came off track and the dashboard has 1 bubble that appeared recently in it? And does anyone think that the low beams on the new golf's are pointed too low at night?
  • weatherdanweatherdan Posts: 28
    I can't comment about the sunroof and dashboard problems you have but I definitely agree about the low beams. I am going to ask the dealer to check/adjust them at my 5,000 mile check up. My only other problem is a rear seatbelt that is stuck and can not be loosened.
  • jagat1jagat1 Posts: 31
    Vortex just spilled the beans...

    Seems like the 1.8t as standard engine will show up ONLY for the GTI GLS for spring 2000.Same goes for the Jetta GLS...

    This means a GLS TDI in my wifes future then...
  • AaronAaron Posts: 11
    How is the supply of Golfs right now? We are starting to window shop for something to replace our high mileage Nissan Sentra. We want something that has lots of space to carry junk from the home improvement store now that we have been homeowners for a while, as well as something to carry our bikes and camping gear. No one suggest an SUV, those have to be the most useless vehicles on the road today.

    Anyway, I like the space and (possible) affordability of the Golf, so the Jetta is out. I was after hours shopping at our local dealer, and noticed only 4 Golfs on the lot, all with automatic (yuck!). This is a VW only store that gets quite a bit of cars. The had about 50 each of the Jetta and Passat, so I was surprised to see so few Golfs. I understand that they have switched Golf production to Germany, and left the Jetta in Mexico. That is no doubt the reason for the shortage. This dealer, who has the largest allocation in the area, adds $900 of useless options onto every car on the lot. Needless to say, the things they add range from ugly (pinstripes) to useless (some sort of clear coating). Too bad that the one with the most cars has to be the sleaziest. (I consider adding things like that to new cars to be the lowest of bottom-of-the-barrel dealer tactics)

    We also have our eye on the Subary Legacy wagon. (Not the steroidal SUV wannabe Outback version) CarMax, for example, is offering brand new, not demo, '99 Legacies for 3800 off MSRP. This would bring a very well equipped Legacy to around $19000. To equip a Golf properly, I think you would have to at least add the $1000 package with sunroof and alloy wheels. This brings the Golf to 17300. If you combine that with dealers that wont budge on price due to low supply, this makes the bigger Legacy with nice things like AWD, alloy wheels and sunroof seem reasonable.

    I realize the comparison of the Golf to the Subaru is a bit odd and not really comparing apples to oranges, but this is my decision making process in finding a reasonably priced vehicle that has lots of utility.

    The engine choices on the Golf are a real disappointment, too. It would be perfect for me if VW offered the 1.8 20 valve engine w/o Turbo as a base engine, like I thought they did in Europe.
  • dae3dae3 Posts: 55
    You shouldn't have to pay MSRP for a golf. My local dealer advertised $500 over invoice on his website. The reason they don't have as many is because they just aren't in as much demand as the Jetta. Americans just don't like the look of hatchbacks. That's too bad because a hatchback is a very convenient car to have.
  • odysseusodysseus Posts: 10
    Although the 1.8 liter 20 valve engine without the turbo makes 125 horsepower, it's actually slower 0-60 when compared to north americas 2.0l 8 valve. The 8 valve makes most of it's tourque at low rpm's, it's significantly lighter, and less complex. Gets about the same milage too.
  • ndkimndkim Posts: 5
    Hey Aaron...I'm planning to buy a Golf (no automatic please). And I was a little worried when you wrote that you only found 4 Golfs (all auto. ick.) on the lot. What city/state do you live in? I'm hoping that at least 1 md/va/dc area dealer will have my car.
  • AaronAaron Posts: 11

    The only results I have been able to find are published on the BBC Topgear website @ They said the 1.8 20v version,which VW is calling "GTi" in England did 9.9s 0-62 mph. Rather disappointing, I agree. According to Topgear, this is still 1 second faster than the 8 valve engined Golfs. 10.9 seconds is simply atrocious. Did you read the Edmunds test of the Cabrio on this site? They got 10.8 s 0-60. Note that all these numbers are with <<manual>> transmission. I agree with you that the 1.8 is not a cure all. Why are these cars so darned slow? Why cant VW make something like Nissan's 2.0 liter engine? It makes 140 hp, the Sentra still gets better gas mileage with this engine, and the 0-60 is mid-7 second. Oh well, a tradeoff one has to make for the practicality of the Golf.


    I live in the Chicago area. I dont know what the supply is like elsewhere. I would be interested in finding that out. The excuse that the dealer gave is that the Golf is now made in Germany again, and VW is not importing as many as used to be supplied by the factory in Mexico. VW is predicting all of their US customers want Jettas instead. I think they are underforecasting a bit, since this is the only 4 door hatch on the US market, and it does have a small following here.
  • Im trying to get a golf to in live in the Baltimore area. Tell me if you can find any good dealers :)
  • copelandukcopelanduk Posts: 14
    the gti here in the uk has the 1.8t, not the plain 1.8 20v. The 1.8t does 8.5 sec to 60 while the 1.8 20v does put out 10 more hp (125),than the 2.0 in uk spec, they both take about (over) 10 seconds.

    The engine I really want in my golf (or beetle for that matter) is the v5 2.3l with 150 bhp. About as fast as the 1.8t but with a smoother way of going about things, and more character. Of course I could ask vw to sell this in north america but it won't get there in time (even if they did as I wished that is) as I need to buy a car this fall.
  • ndkimndkim Posts: 5
    I've asked around. There's a 2 door Golf TDI. They gave me a quick quote of $400 over dealer invoice. I'm not so sure on whether you can trust "quick quotes", but the lady seemed really nice. The color is flash red. I would have considered it, but I'm really looking for a white one. Check out their website at It's in Waldorf, MD.
  • ndkimndkim Posts: 5
    sorry for the typo
  • ndkimndkim Posts: 5
    When do they come to dealers?
  • wukwukwukwuk Posts: 17
    I'm considering a new Golf (not GTI), and I hear good and bad. Is the acceleration performance THAT disappointing? Isn't the car still an enjoyable vehicle to drive? Is the car comfortable? Handle well? And in case I wait long enough for the 1.8t to come to America, will it be priced super high like the existing vr6 GTI?
  • I called today and plan to go down and look tommorow.
  • i just bought a new golf Gl.
    the acceleration at low speeds is great.
    cause the 122 torque comes at 2600 rpm. i don't think any other car in this class can match that.
    but it's not very fast at high speeds, cause of the low 115 hp for a 2.0L engine.
    but overall, i prefer the golf to any japanese and american car in this price range.
  • dae3dae3 Posts: 55
    Does anyone know if I could get Cruise control for a Golf GL. It is not an option for that car. Is this something that I could have put on as an aftermarket thing? I take long trips and I will not get a car that I can't add cruise to. Any help would be great.
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    You can put cruise control in any car, if you have the time and patience to do the installation yourself ( or have a mechanic friend). Check out the JC Whitney "everything automotive" catalog. In there you'll find a very cheap kit for cruise control. I don't remember the price offhand. Just go to
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Thanks for the answer, alext! And if you click on the JC Whitney link on the sidebar to the left, dae3, you'll be able to request your catalog straight away.

  • breakerbreaker Posts: 8
    My Golf IV is now 5 months old. I've got about 7k miles on it. Yes, acceleration is disappointing. It doesn't FEEL slow, but if there's another car of reasonable performance around you'll notice just how long 10 sec. is. (That is a legitimate estimate of 0-60.) However, my experience is opposite of #141. At high speeds (80mph avg. cruise, 105 mph max, so far) the car goes very well. Lane changes, merges etc. are never a problem . The 2 liter hums along happily at those speeds and low-end weakness is forgotten. Handling is always excellent. Comfort is exceptional, seats are great, visibility and room as well. The ONLY thing I would change is the 0-60 time, but this is not a drag racer. As an overall package the car is a winner.
  • rvallenrvallen Posts: 1
    I just bought a new golf GLS TDI Automatic. I usually drive standard shift cars, but this automatic runs better than the stick. It performs much better than my Passat TDI wagon. If the transmission is strong encough to last, this car will be a big seller. I am getting over 40 MPG on the highway using the air conditioner. You don't have to be a diesel nut to love this car.
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    I've recently contacted a VW dealer here in Woodland hills to see if they had any of the 99.5 Golf IV TDI's. They said they were out of them (didn't get many in the first place) and said they were getting anymore. But, they said they will be getting the y2k Golf TDI's in the last few eeks of August or the early part of September. Is this true for all you out there as well? I thought it was the older 99's that were out of the stock and the 99.5's that were coming in the fall? Oh well, I'd rather have a 2000 anyway, if only to fulfill a double-digit destiny (my first car was a 66, my second an 88, my third a 99, and no I didn't plan it that way).

    Anyway, I'm set on a GL TDI, either satin silver with the light grey interior or the metallic indigo blue with a beige interior. Also want to add a spolier on the back, which is about $250 from VW, and some silver wheels. I would take the VW wheels, but they only have 5-spoke rims for the 5-lug golf, and I prefer 6-spoke.
  • spaghettispaghetti Posts: 4
    I am looking seriously at the 1999.5 new golf (make mine gls but no lux package please) and have heard horror stories about electrical problems in past vws. consumer reports says they were fixed for the most part in 1997. anybody for a yea or nay? any other problems (besides too-low beams, sunroof cover coming out of track, bubble in dash)? thanks for your help.
  • billpbillp Posts: 1
    re: post #149
    I've had a '99 GTI GLS for a couple of months now. The worst problem is that the driver's door squeaks occasionally. Otherwise, the thing exudes quality. The parts man at the local VW dealership says that the electrical system has been changed to multiplex all the signals to a region of the car over just a wire or two. A chip at the destination routes the appropriate signal to the proper component. Cuts way down on the number of wires running around in the car (good), but it all depends on the chips holding up (?, probably OK, seeing how reliable they have become. I'm sure counting on the electricals in my car holding up.
  • spaghettispaghetti Posts: 4
    thanks billp. anybody else? i've read diesel bob's report on his diesel golf and i think i have the diesel bug now. a local (sort of) dealer has a gl tdi which i may snag. it has cruise, which is why i wanted a gls. i'll keep you posted ...
  • aam1aam1 Posts: 26
    Hi Guys:

    Needed a bit of advice. I am thinking of getting a '99 VW Golf GLS (the 4-door version). According to the specs, the engine is 115 hp. Does this hp rating make the car underpowered or do most people think that the car has adequate power of city and highway driving. Would appreciate any help.
  • breakerbreaker Posts: 8
    Check out posts #141 and 146 for a couple of opinions on Golf IV performance.
  • martian15martian15 Posts: 1
    Is the number of Golf IVs (4 Dr GLS, Automatic, Luxury Package) pretty limited? How about in Indigo Blue?

    Do you think it's realistic to get one at $500 above invoice?

    I am in Boston. Thanks to anyone with info.
  • gba2michgba2mich Posts: 22
    The engine is not very powerful but is peppy, and will buzz you down the freeway at 90-plus MPH. It is easily capable of at least 116 mph, not that I have ever done that in my Jetta ;) If you want all out speed, buy a VR6 and chip it....if you want a "spirited" fuel efficient(?) car, the 2.0 is fine.
  • penrynpenryn Posts: 2
    I'm in northern California and just bought an Indigo Blue GL.

    My problem was locating a GL (2-door). There are a lot of 4-doors around here, many Indigo Blues.

    I went through Autobytel and paid invoice+4%+destination. I don't like haggling, so I suppose you could get it cheaper ... but I had been looking for over a month for an Indigo Blue 2-door with beige interior, and Autobytel found it in one day, so I was very happy with the price.

    About the engine, yes, I think it's pretty "peppy" especially on the freeway.
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