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The Volkswagen Golf IV



  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    204hp VR6 sounds nice, but it also sounds expensive. What I'd like to see in the Golf/Jetta is the 150hp 1.8T, or better yet, the 150hp VR5. Both would offer a light-weight power plant with plenty of oomph but different power characteristics. 1.8T has a broad torque band in stock form and has great tuning/power potential. The VR5, on the other hand, sounds like the canyon carver's dream: smooth power buildup & wonderfully revvable.

    I understand VW's decision not to let it all out at once, but to release exciting products gradually and consistently to keep the momentum going strong. The $1700 I have built up in my MBNA Volkswagen Visa card is good toward a new VW for another 2-1/2 years. I can wait.
  • diciedicie Posts: 9
    thanks for the advice... i knew that it sounded like BS. The dealer i met with said there was that $95 paperwork fee you referred to. That slimeball showed me an "invoice" that showed these 3 fees (doc prep, port prep, customer concept choice???) on it. It's such bull!

    No worries though... I have no intention to pay any fees.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 6,953
    Doesn't the 1.8T require premium fuel? The idea of putting premium fuel into an economy car just doesn't sound right.
  • In regards to jonathan12's lament about the lack
    of grey (satin silver) Golfs in San Diego, there
    seem to be plenty of such Golfs over here in
    Rockville, Maryland. The dealer nearest me has
    6 assorted Golfs right now, 3 of them are grey.
    I guess it takes a while to get the appropriate
    cars to the right regions. I hope you have had
    better luck finding the right Golf in San Diego since January.
    I am interested in a Golf GLS-TDI. Of the
    possible interiors, I find only the beige to
    be appealing to me. I also desire, even require
    a light, bright exterior color to make the car
    quite visible. I sure would like a red one, but
    alas, they are not available with beige interiors!
    Does anybody have information if VWOA would make
    such a car available next year? Failing that,
    the Jazz blue might be a next best choice, even
    though they may be rare, according to what I have
    read in this Forum. Actually, I have seen
    Jazz Blue '98 GTIs and Cabriolets, but they seem
    to me to be very dreary with those black interiors. If the beige interior doesn't
    brighten and cheer up the Jazz Blue exterior, I don't know what to do!
  • jagat1jagat1 Posts: 31
    The 1.8T(due for Y2K..) can run fine in 87 octane but premium 91 is recommended for maximum performance.

    Even Audis' A4(2.8 V6 and yes the VW 1.8Ts' origins..)A6,and up to the A8(4.2s..)can run in 87;but premium is the way to go...
  • jagat1jagat1 Posts: 31
    BTW,I spotted a uni-black GLS(Golfs IV's are still quite rare around Los Angeles..) morning on the 10W to LA.

    The car looks way cool!Been "tailing" the car till downtown..Am looking forward for a 1.8T GLS for the wife by next year(Or the 115hp TDI?).

    Nothing beats the "Original Euro Hatchback" in looks...

    P.S. Getting impatient with VW Vortexs' crashed server..It's been down for weeks now!! 8-(
  • deeniedeenie Posts: 1
    I bought a Golf GL TDI, 5-speed, indigo blue, a month ago. This is a car that wants to go, a real blast to drive. I still am on the original fill up! It's got a cute butt, but the new Beetle is gorgeous from all angles. The dealer wanted $3K above msrp (market adjustment) for the Beetle, so I relunctantly passed. The Golf is making me happy, so I don't care anymore. Also the dealer chopped 620 bucks off the $16720 sticker price.
  • xeyakxeyak Posts: 1
    Hey folks I am getting ready to buy a 99 New Golf GLS Automatic with the luxury package. I just wanted to know if anyone has something to add to the tips that were listed by Edmunds. Any little extra tip or story is appreciated. I hope to get it 4 about $17,500, are the dealers moving on the MSRP?

    Thanking you folks in advance
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Xeyak, if you are referring to tips on getting a better deal, I encourage you to visit our Smart Shopper conference. You can get some excellent help there! Why not use our Search feature on the tool bar below (see the magnifying glass) to see what conversations are already in progress.

    And of course, I know our users here will also be helpful to you.

  • ghoshghosh Posts: 17
    I have made up my mind to get the new Golf
    by July. The looks, options and the price
    combination is irresistible. Can someone put
    my mind at ease about one aspect though? I have
    a commute about 50 miles one way(mostly on highways) and I am told that the 2.0L engine
    is extremely noisy at speeds of 65-75 mph. So much
    so that one has to wear earplugs!
    Anyone cares to corroborate/refute?
  • ghosh,

    I test drove a Golf IV GLS automatic this past weekend. At 60 mph the engine does growl a lot and is noisy (more than I'd hoped for). And the rpms seem rather high. But it certainly did not need earplugs. I'm still probably going to get one. Love the 4-door hatchback concept.
  • ghoshghosh Posts: 17
    Thanks for the info. How about sharing with
    us your impressions of the test drive?
    My local dealer does not have one for test
  • My impression after a test drive was that the Golf was a good car. I drove a GL automatic. Go for the GLS if for no other reason than it comes with a center armrest! I found the GL uncomfortable without one. I thought the climate and radio controls left something to be desired as far as the layout was concerned. The radio controls in particular are small. The A/C worked well on a humid day. I could not try the radio as it was in "safe" mode (had not been activated by the dealer). Seats were comfortable. As for driving, I thought it was nimble. Could use some more pep though. Acceleration was fair. The engine revved fairly high which contributes to the engine noise. My 1984 (!) Honda Accord with 119,500 miles is quieter! Loved the cargo space with the back seats folded down. The middle head rest in the back blocks the view from the rear view mirror; I'd remove it immediately. Brakes were superb! Don't get me wrong about my misgivings, I'll still probably get one. Just disappointed me a bit. And I have some reservations about reliability since it is a new model. I was at a "hassle-free pricing" dealer. Their "rock-bottom" price for an automatic GLS was $18,500 including the luxory package and an in-dash CD. I thought that was too high and they would not budge. That was $700 over invoice. Add in their holdback and they end up with $1000 in profit. I'm in Virginia, BTW.
  • Does VW have an in-dash CD player as an accessory? I was just wondering because I was under the impression from my dealer that only the 6 disc changer was available. In fact, that was one of my major gripes with car. If so, how much did they say it would run you?
  • Yes, they now have an in-dash CD player as a dealer installed option. Dealers are just receiving them now, according to a local salesman.
    Cost is approximately $300 I'm told. Probably slightly over.

  • Thanks for your response. You've given me reason to take away one of those strikes I had against the Jetta.

  • gba2michgba2mich Posts: 22
    what strikes against the Jetta ?? I love mine...and the in-dash CD will fit in the Jetta as well......
  • patton63patton63 Posts: 2
    anyone purchase the 99 Golf IV VR6? If so, your impressions on acceleration, handling, braking, cargo space, gadgetry, etc? And, any budge from your dealer on price. I have found only one dealer in Baltimore/DC area getting one soon and no dealer will work with me on the MSRP. Help!
  • pure911pure911 Posts: 40
    on new GTI VR6
    acceleration is great, interior is like an Audi, looks are more refined than before, structure is Mercedes-vault-like stiff, but it still has a great ride and practical, roomy with large cargo area...quite impressive

    the worst part: terrible clutch and imprecise shift linkage...
  • patton63patton63 Posts: 2

    your time and response was much appreciated

    do you recommend this car for the price or should I spend my 22685 on something else?
    Background: have driven everything from a 91 BMW M5 to a 98 Dodge Dakota Pick-up

  • pure911pure911 Posts: 40
    well for the price I cant think of a more practical and fun to drive new car...the BMW 318ti is a better handling car but its engine is underpowered. The Honda Civic Si is also fun but it is more of a screamer revving to a 8000rpm redline.

    VW also gives a great warranty and the new Golf IV (or Audi A3 chassis) chassis does phenomenally well in crash tests. The only thing I would change in the car is the all-season tires, which dont have a lot of grip in serious handling maneuvers...

    the thing is the new GTI VR6's are sooo hard to find...lucky dealers only get one or two cars...
  • I just test drove a new Golf GLS 5-speed yesterday and fell in love. I also drove 3 other well known small cars and they didn't hold a candle! The dealer will not budge from the MSRP (the same as listed on this site). Is this standard for VW dealers? They are also the only dealer in a 100 mile radius from here (Des Moines).

    I see a lot of posts on here about different colors being hard to get. Does it cost more to order the car you want? I've only bought domestic cars I'm fairly naive when it comes to imports.

    I will definitely buy this car (don't tell my dealer)...but I wonder if it might be worth my time to make the 2 hour drive to Kansas City or Omaha.
  • dae3dae3 Posts: 55
    There is no way you should have to pay sticker for a golf. My dealer here is offering $500 over invoice on Golf on his website. The only car he charges sticker for is the new beetle. He says they will deliver to most of the midwest but I don't know about Iowa. Can't hurt to try though here is a link
    the offers are under the new car section. He has always been very quick to answer my emails. They are "commited to growing their internet program" They also have the highest customer satisfaction rating in Indiana and one of the highest in the nation.
  • dae3dae3 Posts: 55
    I just tried to go to the sight I put the link to above and now it is down. If it doesn't work try again later. I've never had trouble getting to it before. Well hopefully it is back up by the time you go to check it out.
  • I just purchased an indigo blue Golf GLS with automatic, Luxury Package, and in-dash CD player
    for $500 over invoice. Drives great, brakes are superb. Two glitches so far: an "idiot light" that won't go out on the instrument panel and a small rattle/vibration on one edge of the sunroof.
  • Thanks! This makes me feel better about my future purchase but no so good about my dealer.

    I'll e-mail this dealer and at least get more info.

    Thanks again!
  • parisianparisian Posts: 4
    Hello VW community.

    I am a lifelong VW buyer, looking to buy my sixth VW in twenty years. I only strayed once - to buy a 1989 Honda Prelude with a compulsive rusting habit and major mechanical headaches. What a pain.

    Right now I am considering a Golf GL TDI to use for long distance state-to-state commuting. I live in Ohio, but am willing to travel 4-5 hours to find a dealer that will sell me one of these babies for no more than $300 over invoice. I know it is a "hot" engine, but after all, it's still just a hatchback.

    I have looked up all the relevant information on the Edumunds and Kelly websites to get invoice, options, etc. Anybody who has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • abtxabtx Posts: 6
    Got a question regarding the Golf IV. Does anybody know if there are any plans for the introduction of the 1.8 L Turbo engine for the Golf line-up and when if at all. I currently own a 8 valve 1986 GTI and I am seriously considering buying the Golf GL with the 2 L engine, although I would rather wait for the 1.8 turbo if it's not that far away in the distant future. Thanks in advance.
  • ajvdhajvdh Posts: 223
    I've heard rumors ranging from late summer to December of this year for the Turbo motor. Personally I think VW would be nuts for putting it off. It's a nice enough motor in the Passat, it'd be big fun hauling around several hundred lbs less of car.
  • mghurlemghurle Posts: 9
    I'm considering buying a GL TDI for the great mileage, to replace my 98 Accent (already with 23000 miles, in under a year). Question- how is the trim/squeaks/rattles working out with the new Golf? I'm leary of the 24000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty; as I can't stand a car that rattles, or trimwork out of line. Because of this, I'm also considering the Hyundai Elantra just for the better warranty. Anybody that can help???
  • I'm sorry I can't comment on the "fit and finish" on the Golf. However, I would be leary of the fact that Hyundai implemented this warranty this year. They have been known to have reliability problems and have been having financial problems for the past few years. I can't help but think that this may be a last ditch effort to help improve sales and cover up reliability problems. I believe VW also did this a few years ago, but since then, their quality has improved. Take Toyota for example. They have some of the best built vehicles on the road today and could implement a huge warranty like the Hyundai warranty, but they don't need to. I would imagine that the Golf would be much better quality than the Hyundai. Also, if the warranty really bothers you on the VW, you may look into purchasing an extended warranty. I agree with you, though. VW has one of the most pathetic basic warranties on the market. On the plus side, you get 2/24,000 no charge scheduled maintainance. Good Luck!!!
  • jdelayjdelay Posts: 5
    I would definitely go for the New Golf versus the Hyundai. This new Golf is tremendously improved over the old Golf... it has the same quality of construction as the Beetle, but this one is German (the old one was from Mexico). I have gone for a test drive and it is a wonderful car, certainly no squeaks, or anything of that kind. I would not have bought the prior Golf, which did not have a very good safety record either, but I am positive that crash-tests on this one (once they are done) will show how different this New Golf's structure is (which is by the way why in Europe it's considered the safest small car on the market - this version has been there for more than a year).
  • pure911pure911 Posts: 40
    the fit and finish is up to Audi quality, with laser welding and high tech bonding techniques inside and out that help create an amazingly well built car for the price...
  • dstuartdstuart Posts: 1
    Is the New Golf fun to drive? Has anyone tried the GTI, and is it sportier than the 4-door Golf?
  • jason66jason66 Posts: 1
    Anyone know when VW usually rolls out their new model year cars. I am interested in the New Golf GL, and probably won't be buying until August. I am waiting in August in hopes of getting a better deal on the '99 model, but if it will be longer before dealers start clearing their stock, I figure I might as well get started looking for the car I want. Thanks.
  • jdelayjdelay Posts: 5
    I dont know when VW does their clearance, but the new golf just came into the market around October so it might be later than August....

    Try contacting a dealer or VW itself, they have great customer service.
  • jagat1jagat1 Posts: 31
    I too am planning to buy a Golf IV right around that time but if you can wait a few more months,VW will introduce the 150hp 20V 1.8T to the Golf/Jetta lineup from GL to GLS(GLX keeps the VR6).VWoA already confirmed this(as per VW Vortex)and will be formally introduced at the next Detroit Auto Show...or I might settle for the 90 hp/155 lbs.of torque 1.9 long as it ain't the anemic and noisy 8V 2.0 8-)
  • scrdnscrdn Posts: 8
    Due to a pending move to Europe, I find that I have to get rid of my rice burning Mitsubishi Galant. Im looking at the 99 VW Golf/Jetta, reluctantly though. In the past, I owned a 78 Rabbit and a 79 Volvo 264 both of which were euroturds. I swore when I got rid of them, that I would never own any car that came from europe. Has VW truely turned around their quality control???
  • chantreechantree Posts: 5
    Hey yall, I just test drove the new GLS Golf with the 2.0, handles superbly like a BMW, but the engine is slightly noisy and almost not enough power but sufficient. I am buying the car while trading a car in which has $1500 negative equity in it altogether $21010 for an automatic with luxury package. Is that too much? Can someone please tell me what a fair price is with the negative equity added in?
    Thank you
  • jagat1jagat1 Posts: 31
    Hi all! Does anyone own a Golf 1.9 90hp TDI automatic? I'm planning to get one if 1.8T gets delayed or what(ya know VW..)for 2000.

    Real world driving experiences with the automatic "oilburners"? How about the buying/ dealer experience/s i.e. invoice>>>retail??
    Your inputs appreciated greatly!!
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    Waiting for the Golf IV TDI here in L.A....called VW of Van Nuys and they said they should be coming in this fall...anybody hear any different?
  • jagat1jagat1 Posts: 31
    The Golf TDI is in dealer lots for 2-3 months now but mostly in GL 2 dr. trim though some a sprinkle of 4 dr.GLS in 5 sp.The auto just started to trickle in a month or so ago as per posted messages in VWVortexs' Diesel Forums.Give the site a visit!

    I also happen to be in L.A. At Trans Ocean VW over at Pasadena,they have a Golf GLS TDI auto two weeks ago.The Saturday I visited the dealer,the salesgeek ofered me to a test drive but declined(in a hurry for a Vegas trip..)but is a very nice,practical and economical car indeed and quite rare.

    If VW screws up the 1.8t's arrival for MY 2000 Golfs/Jettas(Look for it around August.)I'll order the Golf GLS TDI Automatic (for the wife)in a heartbeat...
  • dupperdupper Posts: 6
    Just saw two Golf GLS TDI's in Green. One at trend VW in NJ, the other at Gossett VW in Memphis, both Automatics with luxury packages, 34/45 mpg. I'd prefer the 5sp., but at least the TDI's are out there.

    Anyone know of any green or silver Golf GLS TDI's w. 5 sp and luxury packages???
  • janocica1janocica1 Posts: 3
    I got my white Golf GLS TDI with luxury package
    5 days ago $500 above invoice.The dealership was
    great,they really went the extra miles to get my business.I love this car,has a lots of power and
    the drive better as the new Beetle.
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    Hey this is sounding better. I'm looking for the 2-door GL in particular, so that's fine. I don't need the 4 door. But I'm not going to get an auto, I really want a stick shift. As far as colors, I'll go for either silver, gren or the indigo (navy) blue. P.S. - all of you potential VW owners realize that VW offers metaliic paint at no charge? Does anyone know how this is negotiated? I man, do I ask the dealership to find me one that already has metallic paint or can have one "metallicized" so to speak?

    Well, time is on my side right now because I'm not going to be ready to buy until mid to late September, so I've got all summer to look around. But I will check of Pasadena.
  • mghurlemghurle Posts: 9
    I've narrowed my choice down to the Golf GLS TDI. Now for the problem- what color? Has anyone seen the Jazz Blue/Beige or Bright Red/Light Grey combo??? Most of the dealers here in St. Louis have only the black interior, which won't cut it for me (too dark with the dashboard). I've only seen the Jazz Blue in the Golf sales book, but never one in person. Any comments welcomed...
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    The jazz blue looks just like the bright blue on the new beetle (I'm sure you've seen them). It's not my taste, but it is flashy and gets attention. I'd prefer the Indigo Blue, which is pretty much just Navy Blue. Also, I may have asked this before in here, but does anyone know how to go about getting the metallic paint on the new VW's? Do I have to special order it?
  • jagat1jagat1 Posts: 31
    Where did you get your white GLS TDI? That's a great deal for $500 over invoice! What interior color did you get? Driving impressions?...

    Has anyone seen a Futura Yellow GLS TDI? Is it available for the GLS TDI or just for the GTI GLX? Though some might find the color "offensive/loud",
    methinks it's very unique....ya don't see that color often,a least around here in Los Angeles.
  • janocica1janocica1 Posts: 3
    I got my GLS TDI at McKenna VW in Norwalk,CA.
    The interior color is black. The driving is very
    solid and the car behaves like a sport car. I
    slowly get use to the TDI engine and I love it.
  • jagat1jagat1 Posts: 31
    Ah yes,McKenna.I've been there a couple of times before checking out their VeeDubs.But I've heard from a few McKenna shoppers(VW Vortex site) that their C.S. sucks.Some chose to get their VW's instead from Timmons or Circle VW,both in Long Beach....

    But in your case jano,how was your buying experience from them? Yours could be an exception,as getting a great deal.

    Any mention from McKenna that the 115hp TDI will make it this year? How about the 1.8T confirmations for the MY 2000 Jetta/Golfs? Enjoy your car!!!
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