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VW New Beetle (GL, GLS & GLX)



  • scarls13scarls13 Posts: 11
    So, can someone please explain why alloy wheels are supposedly worth $310 on a new VW? What good are they over steel wheels, and do they change the *appearance* of the car at all?
  • whitenocwhitenoc Posts: 2
    When will the 2000 Bugs be out?
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    The 2000 Bugs are supposed to start being built sometime in July. I agree about the wheels, the alloys aren't that much different in appearance than the plastic wheel covers, unlike other cars that have a big difference in appearance. Although $310 is pretty cheap considering what alloys can cost after market.
  • clkochclkoch Posts: 1
    I am planning to test drive a '99 automatic New
    Beetle within the next few days but need to know
    if there is any haggling room at all on prices.
    I have been quoted (by phone) a sticker price of
    $19,400 and am wondering if this is too high and
    if there is still little negotiating room on them. Buying "a little red Beetle" would fulfill a very delayed childhood dream.
  • mgrmgr Posts: 40
    I have a 99 automatic. Not as much get-up-and-go as a manual I'm sure, but still very crisp and hands free driving(if thats a plus). Expect MSRP, but no more!

    I also have the alloys. From a distance, you cant see much difference. But get close...I can see why I chose the alloys. And, I can have them chromed when I get tired of the look.
  • elainebearelainebear Posts: 17
    My sister bought a '99 New Beettle GLS in June and paid abotu $19,500 for an auto with alloy wheels and a CD changer. It is hard around here to get them without a markup but the markup on hers only turned out to be about $300 or so. Not bad compared to a flat $2000 markup on a GL. It's depending on what you buy. For a GLS I say that's not too bad (try to haggle) but for a GL NO WAY and look else where.
  • michaellnomichaellno Posts: 4,300
    What part of the country does your sister live in? I was under the impression that most places around the country were willing to let NB's go for MSRP. We got ours in December last year (bright blue GL, gas, stick) and paid MSRP (plus dealer accessories like tinted windows and CD changer). Hard to believe that there are still dealers around who are still tacking on ADM.

    Hope she enjoys her new car!
  • elainebearelainebear Posts: 17
    We both live in Columbus Ohio. I went with her while she was looking and the $300 extra was the best deal we ever found. There are other areas out there that won't let them go for MSRP. They are still in great demand around here and so the dealers can charge what they please. Compared to the $2000 markup the $300 was a steal. But if you compare this to my car search (finding cars for invoice and below) she didn't fare quite so well.
  • BwummerBwummer Posts: 46
    Some good news, kind of. About a month ago our NB was parked in the parking space closest to a dumpster. When my wife came out, the Beetle was six feet out of the parking space with the left front wheel up on the curb!

    Apparently, the garbage truck had "connected" with the rear bumper of the Bug as it was pulling away. It didn't really hit, just pushed, but still!

    Only damage: a small dent on the right side of the license plate holder (where the truck's fork had connected) and a long scrape across the back of the bumper.

    We had it thoroughly inspected, and apparently there's not even any damage to the bumper or subframe. The front wheels are still in alignment, even.

    And still no trunk rattle after 6000 mi.
  • coherencecoherence Posts: 6
    I'm a 29 yr old single male, looking at new cars. The New Beetle is said to be the most eye-catching car out there, right now. However, despite this, does anyone out there think the car is too "cute" to be sexy? ;-)

  • elainebearelainebear Posts: 17
    I don't know what others think but I think this car is incredibly cute. I have a hard time thinking of my sister's as a real car but more as a toy. The upside for you though is that women are usually attracted to "cute" things like kittens, puppies, baby fuzzy animals and Beetles... so you may just get lucky and find a woman who notices how cute your car is... and the rest'll be history :)
  • elainebearelainebear Posts: 17
    I forgot to ask... did you have to be put on a waiting list for one too? My sister did and maybe that adds to some of it, or you pay $2000 extra for a car that doesn't meet your standards. I hope this hype goes down so some can try to save money and perhaps even haggle.
  • michaellnomichaellno Posts: 4,300
    No, we didn't go onto a list. We went into the dealership the Saturday after Thanksgiving last year to see what they had ... lots of red and white, but we were looking for bright blue, yellow or green (it should be noted that we didn't have much opinion about equipment or trim level). The saleslady took our name and number and called us three times in the next week, each time to inform us that a car of the color we were seeking had arrived. Unfortunately, the yellow and green had been spruced up with many thousands of dollars of dealer accessories, which made the price too high. When she called the 3rd time, it was for a bright blue GL with the gas engine and a stick shift, which were our preference. We saw it, we drove it, we bought it! Took a week.

    We live in Denver, and the dealer we bought from is one of the largest in the Rocky Mtn. region, so they were getting plenty of stock.

    Now my wife is talking about a green Turbonium Beetle when our lease is up (and she goes to bed at night hoping that VW will provide a cabriolet version).
  • michaellnomichaellno Posts: 4,300
    Also, the only dealer added options added to our "Beauty" were the CD changer, tinted windows and a clear bra that was applied to the front of the car.

    The yellow and green ones had custom wheels and fake wood or carbon fiber interior trim that added $1500 to $3000 to the price. They do this, I suspect, in lieu of additional markup.

    Still, we felt we got a good deal, and a great (fun, cute, etc.) car!
  • wleongwleong Posts: 6
    Has anyone heard about the New Beetle RSI model? Any news on when it will come out? I'm trying to decide if I should get a GLX now or wait for the RSI?
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    From what I understand the RSI is going to be built sometime in 2000. VW wants to go after the BMW M3 type of vehicles. They are doing RSI versions of the Golf as well. 250 hp Turbo V6 with all wheel drive. The Audi TT will get similar mechanicals since it shares the New Beetle Platform. The Beetle RSI looks hot, I wonder what one of those bad boys will cost, my guess is at least $35k. VW has a convertible New Beetle for the show circuit to guage reaction for possible production but they are reluctant to build it. I got this info from a site called BeetleBuzz (may not be spelled correctly), I thought I bookmarked it but I didn't, this site had a lot of info on what VW is thinking of doing with the New Beetle. The New Beetle RSI sounds like it is heading for production, the convertible is not. VW is replacing the Golf based Cabrio with a Jetta convertible, a Jetta coupe is on the way as well. Jetta Cabrio is why VW will probably not build a New Beetle Cabrio according to what I read. Apparently VW does not want to compete with the after market conversion companys doing New Beetle convertibles, not enough market according to what I read. There is a company in Newport Beach Calif. that does an absolutley factory like convertable conversion for $10 to $12k, it has a power top and rear side windows.
  • coherencecoherence Posts: 6
    Is that something new? I've been to the VW website, and they show the black bra for the New Bug, but I've never seen a clear one. Is it a third-party accessory?
  • kjaureliokjaurelio Posts: 33
    Early on in these NB conferences, folks were getting 'forced' into these clear bras. I think it was something applied to the paint. I couldn't get any additional info on them at the time. Michaell, please enlighten us on the clear bra. What does it look like, is it applied to the paint, does it change to look of the car at all, etc.

  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I have one on my Audi A6 Quattro Wagon, actually it's more than a bra, it not only covers the paint on the front but the backs of the rear view mirrors and the inside of the door handles (where you tend to scratch the paint with finger nails when you open the doors). It's applied partially up the hood. What it reminds me of is clear adhesive backed vinyl, like contact stuff you line your cupboards with. It is almost invisible, you have to get really close to the car to even notice it. It looks like it could be peeled off if you wanted to remove it. I have a Perfect Fit bra for my New Beetle, I didn't want to put the clear bra on it. I bought the Audi in Colorado, the way they sand the roads in the winter there is brutal to a paint job, this stuff really protected the A6. I got transferred to Florida so I don't think it's necissary here.
  • BwummerBwummer Posts: 46
    Now I admit that I haven't studied chemistry in a while. But I do remember that a fingernail is a mere 3 on the Hardness Scale.... not strong enough to scratch most substances. I can say for sure that fingernails don't scratch the paint on your car. I regularly use mine (fingernails) to remove stubborn bug, bird do-do, and tar stains from my paint, and I've never scratched it yet. In fact, it's tough to even scratch a good carbona wax job with a fingernail.

    No, most scratches around door handles are caused by rings -- especially the diamond variety. Remember, a 10 (of 10) on the hardness scale: will scratch anything. Which is why my Corrado had a scratch the whole way down the window: my wife had her hand against it as she rolled it down.

    Other culprits of scratched paint include keys, belt buckles, clips and zipper handles on handbags/briefcases, and other similar objects.

    But not fingernails.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I don't mean scratch as in take the paint off the car but they do put marks on the paint, especially womens long painted nails. My last BMW had marks on the paint from finger nails around the handles, they do polish off. I've seen plastic guards available for the New Beetle and old beetles had them too. Why do you think when the Audi dealer did my A6 that they included the door handle area? I didn't ask for it, it was part of the clear bra in front and the mirrors.
  • michaellnomichaellno Posts: 4,300
    You said you bought your Audi in Colorado? Probably the same dealership where I got the NB (was Continental VW/Audi, now McDonald). All the VW's go through the "clear bra" treatment .. as explained above, it's applied to the front of the car (about halfway up the hood and front fenders) and protects the car from gravel, rocks, etc.
  • BwummerBwummer Posts: 46
    Ok, rick, I'll buy that answer.

    I guess I'm lucky in that no one who rides in my car regularly uses nail polish, or even has long nails for that matter. My wife keeps hers as short as mine.

    Of course, because I opened my big mouth, this afternoon I barely stopped my 3-year-old in time. He was bearing down on the door with the car keys firmly clutched in a tiny fist, aiming for the general area of the lock.

    Briefly, I saw my paint's life flash before my eyes.
  • scarls13scarls13 Posts: 11

    I'm working with a large dealership in Detroit on getting a silver/bright blue/dark blue Beetle GLS with auto and far he's had 3 possible cars for me: one was silver but had leather (too expensive), one was bright blue but had no sunroof, and today's was green with leatherette. (no guts to get green) Argh! :-) But on a happier note, they're done selling '99s at this dealership, so it's only a matter of time before he gets what I want in a 2000 model...

    If anybody is having a hard time finding the Beetle of your dreams, try Detroit!
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    It is a small world, My A6 is a 97 and I bought it at Continental on South Broadway. I didn't know the name had changed, wasn't McDonald in Boulder at one time?
  • ejsejs Posts: 36
    Checked out opulus... I can't believe VW thinks there wouldn't be enough interest in a convertible New Beetle! I'm excited about the rumors of a convertible Jetta and VR6 Cabrio. To bad nothing has been confirmed.
  • napalmnapalm Posts: 2
    Yeah, from what I understood though (tell me if I read this right or I'm just imagining things), the VR6 is coming out of the GLS and the 1.8T is going in. Oh well, might as well buy a Passat now. :)
  • ` I NEVER pay sticker for a car, alway a little above dealer cost, but for the Bug, I'm paying sticker (if I ever get one). I guess I was excited to pay sticker at one dealer, when the dealer I just left added $4000 to the turbo and $3000 to the GLS model! How about THAT for greed? I'm on a waiting list in Central Florida for a green GLX, with cream leather and auto. It was a hard decision to make.... I wanted one of each! My only concern is that the dealer in my area said that they do not get any GLX, only GLS 1.8 turbos.... anyone have any info on that? Do they only make a very few GLX's? *The dealer that charged the big bucks over sticker had about 20 beetles on his lot... his story was that they get so many more because they sell so many...? My dealer said they get about 20 per month? Does that sound right?
  • scarls13scarls13 Posts: 11
    I'm really interested in putting an in-dash CD player into my NB when I get it in a few weeks...can anyone offer advice as to how difficult it would be to install such a thing? It seems that the NB's dash has an irregularly shaped hole for the radio, so I'm a little nervous...Any thoughts?
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